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  • Definition of endospore from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of endospore. Pronunciation of endospore. Definition of the word endospore. Origin of the word endospore. — “endospore - Definition of endospore at ”,
  • An endospore is a dormant, tough, and temporarily non-reproductive structure produced by certain bacteria from the Firmicute phylum. The name "endospore" is suggestive of a spore or seedlike form (endo means within), but it is not a true spore (i.e. not an offspring). — “Endospore”,
  • An endospore is a dormant, tough, and temporarily non-reproductive structure produced by certain bacteria from the Firmicute phylum. The name quot endospore quot is suggestive of a spore or seedlike form , but it's not a true spore not an. — “Endospore Information (Endospores, Vegetative) @ ”,
  • Do not mistake green stuff' that may be present on the slide after staining for endospores -- endospores are symmetrical in shape and appearance, and smaller than the vegetative cells (several are indicated with black arrows) few endospores remain within cells (an example of an endospore in a. — “Kligler”, marietta.edu
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  • Aspects of the topic endospore are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Among Cohn's most striking contributions was his discovery of the formation and germination of spores (called endospores) in certain bacteria, particularly in Bacillus subtilis. — “endospore (biology) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The most important endospore-forming bacteria are members of the genera Bacillus and Clostridium, both of which are Gram-positive rods. Because the endospore coat is so tough, the malachite green dye is steamed into cells/endospores. — “The Virtual Edge”, uwyo.edu
  • endospore ( ) n. A small a***ual spore, as that formed by some bacteria. The inner layer of the wall of a. — “endospore: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of endospore in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of endospore. Pronunciation of endospore. Translations of endospore. endospore synonyms, endospore antonyms. Information about endospore in the free online English dictionary and. — “endospore - definition of endospore by the Free Online”,
  • 1) to learn the structure and the functions associated with bacterial endospores; 3) learn the role of endospores play in a few specific bacteria in transmitting infectious disease. — “Prokaryotic Cell Structure: Endospores”, student.ccbcmd.edu
  • The endospore stain is a differential stain used to visualize bacterial endospores. Bacteria can form endospores in approximately 6 to 8 hours after being exposed to adverse conditions. — “Welcome to Microbugz - Endospore Stain”, austincc.edu
  • Endospore. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 15 September 2009, at 01:35. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “Endospore - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology presents information on Gram-positive aerobic endospore=forming bacteria, including members of the genus Bacillus. — “Bacillus and related endospore-forming bacteria”,
  • A variety of different microorganisms form ·spores· or ·cysts·, but the endospores of low G+C Gram-positive bacteria are by far the most resistant to harsh conditions. Endospore Structure: The resilience of an endospore can be explained in part by its unique cellular structure. — “Bacterial Endospore”, micro.cornell.edu
  • Definition of endospore in the Medical Dictionary. endospore explanation. Information about endospore in Free online English dictionary. What is endospore? Meaning of endospore medical term. What does endospore mean?. — “endospore - definition of endospore in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • An endospore is a dormant, tough, non-reproductive structure produced by a small number of bacteria from the Firmicute family. The primary function of most endospores is to ensure the survival of a bacterium through periods of environmental. — “Endospore”,
  • Endospores are tough, resistant structures that allow the bacteria to essentially exist in suspended animation.' Endospores do not metabolize and do not reproduce but merely exist, much like plant seeds, until exposed to environmental conditions suitable for bacterial growth. — “virtualmicrobiologyclasslaboratory2322 - scienceprofonline”,
  • An endospore is a dormant, tough, and temporarily non-reproductive structure produced by certain bacteria from the Firmicute phylum. The name "endospore" is suggestive of a spore or seedlike form (endo means within), but it is not a true spore (i.e. not an offspring). — “Endospore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Endospore definition, the inner coat of a spore. See more. endospore (ěn'də-spôr') Pronunciation Key. A rounded, inactive form that certain bacteria assume under conditions of extreme temperature, dryness, or lack of food. The bacterium develops a waterproof cell wall that protects it. — “Endospore | Define Endospore at ”,
  • Endospores are objects made by bacteria for survival purposes. An endospore will actually contain all of the important parts of the bacterial cell, such as its DNA. — “Endospore - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Endospore staining involves application of a series of dyes. Malachite green stains endospores and safrinin dyes vegetative cells pink. Here's endospore stain procedure. — “Bacterial Endospore Stain Protocol: Differential Test to”, suite101.com

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  • Anthrax Smoke Detector A fully automated anthrax smoke detector (ASD) has been developed and tested. The ASD is intended to serve as a cost effective front-end monitor for anthrax surveillance systems. The principle of operation is based on measuring airborne endospore concentrations, where a sharp concentration increase signals an anthrax attack. The ASD features an air sampler, a thermal lysis unit, a syringe pump, a time-gated spectrometer, and endospore detection chemistry comprised of dipicolinic acid (DPA)-triggered terbium ion (Tb3+) luminescence. Anthrax attacks were simulated using aerosolized Bacillus atrophaeus spores in fumed silica, and corresponding Tb-DPA intensities were monitored as a function of time and correlated to the number of airborne endospores collected. A concentration dependence of 10^210^6 spores/mg of fumed silica yielded a dynamic range of 4 orders of magnitude and a limit of detection of 16 spores/L when 250 L of air were sampled. Simulated attacks were detected in less than 15 min.
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  • NASA Tech Know: Endospore Detection Rapid endospore detection has applications in homeland security, planetary protection and even food preparation and sterilization. At the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology, we have developed an automated endospore detection instrument that can assess the efficacy of sterilization procedures in 15 minutes. We are also working to apply this technology to detect life on other worlds, such as Mars or Europa.
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