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  • Carapace strongly emarginate in the posterior median line, carpal and propodal segments of the endopod of the third to the eighth thoracic limbs fused and the fused segment divided into many small subsegments. Outer margin of exopod with strong spines; inner margin of endopod with ca. — “Marine Species Identification Portal : Gastrosaccus spinifer”, species-
  • hook-shaped eighth thoracic endopod of the male, by the slender eighth thoracic endopod of the female, and by the maximum length (Li) of endopod and length (li) of inner. margin of exopod basal article. — “Rhopalophthalmus tartessicus sp. nov. (Crustacea: Mysidacea”,
  • Endopod of uropod may bear statocyst. (syn. endopodite) [Stachowitsch, Single branch of uniramous appendage (e.g., maxilla) may also be interpreted as representing and endopod. — “Crustacea Glossary::Definitions”,
  • In some genera, at least, the maxillules, or first pair of maxillae, possess a backwardly-directed endopod (posterior process) in the form of a palp. In essence, such modifications usually involve shortening of the endopod as well as the development of specialized lobes and setae for handling. — “Lophogastrida (Lophogastrids)”,
  • Ventral keel of eighth thoracic somite sharp (apex of uropodal endopod dark) Apex of uropodal endopod light.L. sulcata, new species. — “Stomatopod Keys: Lysiosquilla”,
  • Thereafter the distal end of the endopod bends posterio-dorso-medially (towards the mouth) ( B-D) Left Mxp3 endopod moves dorso-posterially, lifting up a lump of Sed sticking to the. — “Function and Functional Groupings of the Complex Mouth”,
  • endopod. Endopod, it turns out, isn't in the free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, where you just searched. However, it is available in our premium Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. To see that definition in the Unabridged Dictionary, start your FREE trial now. — “Endopod - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Antenna (Fig. 4) with 2-segmented sympod, proximal segment with ***, slender seta and patch of shorter *** setae, distal segment with robust, *** seta; first endopod segment bearing 7 rows of spinules, slender spiniform seta continuing. — “Bioline International Official Site (site up-dated regularly)”, .br
  • Antenna 2 exopod with 6-7 free segments; 12 setae; basis and endopod separate. Leg 2 endopod with 1 segment, or with 2 segments, or with 3 segments; exopod with 2 segments, or with 3 segments; exopod segment. — “Calanoidea: Families - Temoridae (female)”,
  • Encyclopedia article about endopod. Information about endopod in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “endopod definition of endopod in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Endopod definition, the inner or medial branch of a two-branched crustacean leg or appendage. See more. — “Endopod | Define Endopod at ”,
  • 16. Carpo-propodus of second thoracic endopod with a series of 4-12 spiniform setae on endopod usually with 1-3 (sometimes 4-5) spiniform setae on inner margin near distal. — “Key to the mysids of the South Atlantic Bight”, dnr.sc.gov
  • The mandible has developed an extra' seta on endopod segment 1, absent in Nauplius 1. The segmentation of the second antenna has mandibular endopod segment 1), which could indicate a close relationship among these taxa. — “Larval development of Japanese conchostracans': part 2, larval”, zmuc.dk
  • Definition of endopod in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of endopod. Pronunciation of endopod. Translations of endopod. endopod synonyms, endopod antonyms. Information about endopod in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “endopod - definition of endopod by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The idea is that the crustacean appendage splits, distal to the protopod, into two axes, the exopod and the endopod. The endopod is usually conceived to be a continuation of the main axis. scenario is that the endopod was a swimming appendage, while. — “Palaeos Metazoa: Glossary D-G”,
  • Each pleopod consists of a basal protopod, a small endopod, and a larger exopod (Fig 3) The endopod arises from the basis of the protopod and consists of an ischium, merus, carpus, propodus, and. — “Farfantepenaeus”, webs.lander.edu
  • Maxilla I: The endopod small, 2-segmented and without setae, its line of demarcation from the peduncle faintly visible. Endopod 5-segmented and bent inward at the distal portion. Maxilliped III: Exopod. — “PROCEEDING OF THE WORLD SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ON THE BIOLOGY”,
  • endopod. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 19 December 2009, at 16:09. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “endopod - Wiktionary”,
  • protopod, exopod three times as long as endopod, furnished with five cuspidate setae; male second pleopod. Fig. 7B ) with endopod longer than exopod, endopod. with lateral and two partial medial rows of cuspidate. setae, appendix interna reduced, appendix masculina. — “A new species of Euryrhynchus Miers, with a discussion of the”,
  • Mandible endopod: 1st endopod article with 3 long ventral setae (1 with short spines, 2 with long spines) Second antenna endopod (Figure 4I): article 2 with 2 short lateral. — “PLoS ONE: A Supplementary Description of Cypridina mariae and”,

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  • “[Archive] Which Distro is Right for Me? Technical I wrote a small article pertaining to that subject you can read it here (http:///cgi-bin/endopod/news.cgi) Some thing I forgot to add is chosing based on whether your computer is a 386, 486 or a new athon”
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  • “ Forum. Creationism vs Evolution Debates. Evolution in branching structure of the limb, with an endopod (the foot), an exopod, and of most”
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