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  • Endometrium. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. Next enter or edit the information that you would like to appear here. — “Endometrium - wikidoc”,
  • Information about cancer of the endometrium, womb or uterus from the BC Cancer Agency. — “Endometrium : BC Cancer Agency”, bccancer.bc.ca
  • Translations of endometrium. endometrium synonyms, endometrium antonyms. Information about endometrium in the free online English endometrium - (pregnancy) the mucous membrane that lines the uterus; thickens under hormonal control and (if pregnancy does not occur) is shed in. — “endometrium - definition of endometrium by the Free Online”,
  • Progesterone is a hormone that can stabilize the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) and minimize menstrual bleeding. The endometrium is the inner membrane of the mammalian uterus. — “Endometrium - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • Endometrium diseases - Images Endometrial cancer and adenomyosis ( Adenocarcinoma of the endometrium and adenomyosis [25] ) Endometrial clear cell adenocarcinoma ( Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the endometrium [2] ) Endometrial cystic atrophy [9]. — “Endometrium diseases - Images”, gfmer.ch
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Endometrium. Wikipedia endometrium (plural endometria) the mucus membrane that lines the uterus in mammals and in which fertilized eggs are Retrieved from "http:///wiki/endometrium". — “endometrium - Wiktionary”,
  • .the allantois is intimately associated with the chorion, contributing blood vessels to that structure as it forms—in conjunction with the endometrium, or mucosal lining, of the uterus—the placenta. role in endometriosis (in endometriosis (disorder). — “endometrium (anatomy) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Overview: Carcinoma of the endometrium is among the most common female pelvic malignancies and may develop in normal, atrophic, or hyperplastic endometrium. Most of the cancers are detected at an early stage, with the tumor confined to. — “Endometrium, Carcinoma: eMedicine Radiology”,
  • Endometrium definition, the mucous membrane lining the uterus. A fertilized egg must embed itself in the endometrium in order to develop into an embryo. See more at. — “Endometrium | Define Endometrium at ”,
  • Thickened endometrium is called as endometrial hyperplasia that results in abnormal bleeding. The following article will cover some information on causes, symptoms and treatment of thickened endometrium. Thickened Endometrium. — “Thickened Endometrium”,
  • The endometrium is the inner membrane of the mammalian uterus. The endometrium is central, echogenic (detectable using ultrasound scanners), and has an average thickness of 6.7mm. — “Endometrium - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • If indeed you do have endometrial hyperplasia, and that's a big "if," it could have a simple explanation. The endometrium grows in response to estrogen in the first half of the menstrual cycle, matures under the influence of progesterone after. — “What does it mean to have a very thickened lining of the”,
  • Endometrial cancer refers to several types of malignancy which arise from the endometrium, or lining of the uterus. Endometrial cancers are the most common gynecologic cancers in the United States, with over 35,000 women diagnosed each year in. — “Endometrial cancer”,
  • Endometrium information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Endometrium - ”,
  • endometrium n. , pl. , -tria . The glandular mucous membrane that lines the uterus. [New Latin endomētrium : ENDO- + Greek mētra , uterus; see The endometrium functions as a lining for the uterus, preventing adhesions between the opposed walls of the myometrium, thereby maintaining the. — “endometrium: Definition from ”,
  • is an educational website for pathologists and health care professionals on the subject of endometrial disease and diagnosis. — “Home”,
  • The endometrium functions as a lining for the uterus, preventing adhesions between the opposed walls of the myometrium, thereby maintaining the patency of the uterine During the menstrual cycle or estrous cycle, the endometrium grows to a thick, blood vessel-rich, glandular. — “Endometrium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Cyclical Changes in the Endometrium. Cyclical Changes in the Endometrium. Management of SIL Weakly proliferative endometrium. Normal proliferative endometrium. Disordered proliferative. Endometrial hyperplasia. Asynchronously. — “Endometrium”, columbia.edu
  • Definition of endometrium in the Medical Dictionary. endometrium explanation. Information about endometrium in Free online English dictionary. What is endometrium? Meaning of endometrium medical term. What does endometrium mean?. — “endometrium - definition of endometrium in the Medical”, medical-
  • Thick Endometrium. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Thick Endometrium. What Causes a Thickening Endometrial Stripe?, How the Reproductive System Works, Herbal Supplements for Fertility, 5. — “Thick Endometrium | ”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is the Endometrium? The endometrium is the lining that is inside the uterus. It prevents the middle layer of the uterus, called the myometrium, from developing adhesions, and provides an area for the placenta to attach to the uterus during pregnancy. — “What Is the Endometrium?”,
  • Endometrium: The uterine lining; the cells that line the uterus (the womb); the inner layer of the uterus. The endometrium then grows back and slowly gets thicker and thicker until the next period when it is once again sloughed off. — “Endometrium definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of”,

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  • Histopathology Uterus, endometrium--Adenocarcinoma
  • Medistem Endometrial Regenerative Cell presentation on Medistem's ERC work
  • Hysteroscopic transcervical resection of the endometrium A short video demonstrating hysteroscopic Transcervical Resection of the Endometrium (TCRE). For more information please visit: This is a minimally invasive procedure in which the lining of the womb (endometrium) is removed using a special instrument called a hysteroscope. A hysteroscopic resection is performed to treat very heavy periods (menorrhagia) in women who do not wish to have more children. TCRF is usually performed under a general anaesthetic as a day-case procedure. No external cut is required, all the surgery is performed via the birth c***. The cervix (neck of the uterus) is gently stretched and a hysteroscope (small telescope) is then inserted through the cervix into the uterus. The hysteroscope gives a view of the uterine cavity and has a surgical loop at its end that is used to remove (or "resect") the endometrium.
  • Shotgun Histology Secretory Endometrium
  • Endometrial Hyperplasia: What is it & What does it have to do w/ PCOS? Endometrial Hyperplasia is a condition in which the uterine lining is too thick and usually results in abnormal bleeding. Of course, I am not a health professional, I'm just sharing what I've learned and I think it's important women with PCOS at least know about this. Thanks for watching and please leave any questions or comments you may have. I will upload a video on my experience with Endometrial Hyperplasia soon. Here are some resources that will give you a lot more information:
  • UTERUS WITH CANCER OF THE ENDOMETRIUM REMOVED BY TOTAL ABDOMINAL HYSTERECTOMY AND OVARIES AND TUBES Endometrial cancer refers to several types of malignancies that arise from the endometrium, or lining, of the uterus. Endometrial cancers are the most common gynecologic cancers in the United States, The most common subtype, endometrioid adenocarcinoma, typically occurs within a few decades of menopause, is associated with excessive estrogen exposure, often develops in the setting of endometrial hyperplasia, and presents most often with vaginal bleeding. Endometrial carcinoma is the third most common cause of gynecologic cancer death (behind ovarian and cervical cancer). A total abdominal hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy is the most common therapeutic approach.
  • Cardiomyocytic differentiation of endometrial stem cells. Dr Shunichiro Miyoshi established a line of endometrium-derived mesenchymal cells (EMCs) with a life span prolonged by a cell-cycle mediated gene. The EMCs began spontaneously beating after induction and showed cardiomyocyte-specific action potentials. Cardiac troponin-I-positive cardiomyocytes accounted for 60-90% of the EMCs in vitro. The EMCs proliferate for more than 250 population doublings without changing cardiomyogenic transdifferentiation ability, and expressed mRNA of GATA-4 and Nkx2.5 before cardiomyogenic induction. Therefore, the EMCs may be called cardiac precursor-like cells. The EMCs were engrafted onto the recipient's heart by using a novel 3-dimensional EMC cell sheet manipulation. Most of the engrafted EMCs transdifferentiated into cardiac tissue-layer in vivo. Our established cell line is quite important for ***yzing the precise mechanism of transdifferentiation of human mesenchymal lineage cells to cardiomyocytes.
  • Untreated Endometrial Cancer, What Are The Long-Term Risk Factors? Dr. Magtibay recalls the long-term risk factors associated with untreated endometrial cancer.
  • What Is Endometrial Cancer And Are There Different Types? - Dr. Magtibay Dr. Magtibay describes endometrial cancer and the different types a woman can develop.
  • Endometrial ressection - Pauls hospital.mpg Hysteroscopic endometrial ressection for excessive uterine bleeding
  • Loop biopsy for suspected endometrial cancer. Hysteroscopy. The patient had a 68-year and by ultrasonography of endometrial pathology was suspected (hyperplastic process, polyposis, or a specific process). During office hysteroscopy flexible in the uterus revealed two polyps. One polyp larger, second - average size. To determine the future tactics patient had biopsy of polyps with a loop. At the same time for histological examination was taken by the tip of a large polyp, and about half of medium-sized polyp.
  • Endometrial hyperplasia
  • Endometrial Ablation - MedStar Physician Partners Endometrial ablation is one treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding explains Dr. Rakhi Gupta, a gynecologist with the Center for Womens Health at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore. Visit for more information.
  • Endometrial Function Test® (EFT)® The soil test for the endometrium. Before you do an expensive IVF cycle, make sure the lining of your uterus, the soil for your embryo, is healthy and ready to receive the embryo.
  • Histopathology Endometrium--Endometrial polyp
  • Histopathology Uterus, endometrium--Proliferative endometriu Histopathology Uterus, endometrium--Proliferative endometrium
  • Removal of endometrial polyp. Postmenopause. An elderly woman in the performance of office flexible hysteroscopy endometrial polyp was identified on the basis against the background of atrophic endometrium in postmenopausal women. The head and part of the body of the polyp was removed by electroscission. Was then performed monopolar coagulation of the base of the polyp special endoscopic electrode. Histological conclusion polypectomy: glandular polyp with atrophic glands. The intervention was performed without general anesthesia. Hysteroscopy patient underwent fine.
  • HISTEROSCOPIA -HYSTEROSCOPY - ENDOMETRIAL ABLATION AND PARTIAL MYOMETRECTOMY Operative Histeroscopy made by Dr. Marcos Lyra. Realized an endometrial ablation for treatment of adenomyosis. In this case, is necessary a partial removal of myometrium, after endometrium removal. The observation of deep vessels are the limit of resection. More information [email protected] or
  • Shotgun Histology Proliferative Endometrium
  • Endometrial Cervical and Vaginal Cancer Treatment Information Lecture Part 1 Endometrial Cervical and Vaginal Cancer treatment therapy cancer prostate breast vaginal cervix tongue lip carcinoma information lecture medicine lung smoking disease penis vulva vulvar larynx laryngeal skin
  • Endometrial Hyperplasia office.mpg Perimenopausal bleeding is a complain of women around the age of menopause,Regular periods are the result of a precise hormone balance causing regular ovulation. In perimenopause changes in hormone levels interfere with ovulation. If ovulation does not occur, the ovary will continue making estrogen, causing the endometrium to keep thickening. This often leads to a late menstrual period followed by irregular bleeding and spotting. This can also result in endometrial polyps, a greater thickening called "hyperplasia," or in extreme long-standing cases, cancer of the lining of the uterus.
  • Histopathology Endometrium --Senile atrophy
  • REMOVING THE ENDOMETRIUM VIA HYSTEROSCOPYستئصال النسيج المبطن للرحم.mp4 Endometrial resection and ablation versus hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding Destruction of endometrial tissue by either TCRE (transcervical resection) or ablation is an effective alternative to hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding. Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is excessive menstrual blood loss (sometimes defined as a loss of 80mls or more of blood per menstrual cycle) which interferes with a woman's quality of life. Hysterectomy is effective in stopping HMB permanently, but also ends fertility and has all the risks of major surgery including infection and blood loss. Endometrial resection and other methods of ablation are less invasive methods of surgery that aim to remove the entire thickness of the endometrium (lining of the uterus). The review of trials found TCRE or ablation is an effective and possibly cheaper alternative to hysterectomy with faster recovery although re-treatment is sometimes needed.
  • Histopathology Endometrium --Hyperplasia
  • Endometrial Waves.wmv Endometrial Waves or Contractile Waves The uterus frequently contracts throughout the entire menstrual cycle, and these contractions have been termed endometrial waves or contractile waves. These waves are governed by steroid hormones and they appear to involve only the sub-endometrial layer of the myometrium. In the early follicular phase, these contractions occur once or twice per minute and last 10--15 seconds with a low amplitude of usually 30 mmHg. The frequency increases to 3--4 per minute towards ovulation. During the luteal phase, the frequency and amplitude decrease, possibly to facilitate any implantation. If implantation does not occur, the frequency remains low, but the amplitude increases dramatically to between 50 and 200 mmHg producing labor-like contractions at the time of menstruation. These contractions are sometimes termed menstrual cramps, although that term is often used for menstrual pain in general. These contractions may be uncomfortable or even painful (as in this patient), but they are generally significantly less painful than contractions during labour. A hot water bottle or exercising has been found to help. A shift in the myosin expression of the uterine smooth muscle has been hypothesized to avail for changes in the directions of uterine contractions that are seen during the menstrual cycle (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The thickened hypervascular endometrium in this retroflexed uterus was suspicious for malignancy but the ...
  • Histopathology Uterus, endometrium- -Secretory endometrium
  • Histopathology Uterus, endometrium--Secretory endometrium
  • UTERUS SUBSEPTATUM S BICORNUATUM & SIMPLE ENDOMETRIAL HYPERPLASIA This video was created with Full HD video endoscopic system, patented by Dr.S.Pustovarov. Price for full HD video unit is USD2200,00. Endoscopic equipment by Karl Storz.
  • Endometrial carcinoma. Hysteroscopy in Cherepovets. Hysteroscopic video seven years ago. A woman aged 48, one year, located in menopause, the results of ultrasound was found endometrial hyperplasia. The woman did not care. During office hysteroscopy was detected endometrial cancer. Diagnosis of moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometrium was timely. Woman was operated on and now she lives a full life.
  • Separation of myoma from endometrium.mpg Myomectomy is a procedure in which uterine fibroids are surgically removed from the uterus. Uterine fibroids (also known as myomas) affect 30% of women. While many fibroids do not need treatment, others can cause abnormal uterine bleeding, pressure, pain, or other symptoms. Removing the entire uterus (hysterectomy) is frequently done to treat fibroids, but many women are looking for alternatives to hysterectomy if they wish to have children or simply do not want to lose their uterus. Unfortunately, many gynecologists are hesitant to recommend myomectomy.
  • What are Endometrial Regenerative Cells? Medistem has discovered a new stem cell, the Endometrial Regenerative Cell (ERC). This stem cell is unique because it is derived from the only part of the body that renews itself every month as part of the menstrual cycle. In this video we briefly talk about the ERC and what we are doing with it: clinical trials for heart failure and critical limb ischemia.
  • Meridian Momtourage - Endometrial Ablation -Less Invasive Option to Control Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Some women experience extremely heavy menstrual periods or bleeding between periods. In some cases, bleeding may be so severe and relentless that it interferes with a woman's daily activities and can lead to chronic anemia or low blood count. This may result in fatigue more significant medical problems. By Alynn Alexander, MD, Ocean Medical Center Obstetrician/Gynecologist For more on this topic visit: bit.ly
  • Healthwatch: Endometrial ablation Dr. Brian Dobbins, OB/GYN at Aurora BayCare Medical Center, explains how a new, minimally invasive procedure is helping women overcome severe periods -- without a hysterectomy.
  • Endometrial Cancer: Endometrial Cancer Is Treatable mesothelioma- Endometrial cancer is a cancer that forms in the endometrium, which is the fine inner lining of the uterus, or the womb.This type of cancer is said to be the fourth largest type of cancer among women and is most often diagnosed in Caucasian women rather than African American women. Endometrial cancer can develop when the body does not produce a proper balance between the two hormones. Who is at risk? Women with excessively high levels of estrogen. Estrogen levels are increased in women that exceed their weight limits and become obese. Other conditions that increase the risk of developing endometrial cancer include untreated high blood pressure and women who dont use progestin along with estrogen therapy. http
  • What Causes Endometrial Cancer And What Are The Symptoms? Dr. Magtibay describes the causes of endometrial cancer and its symptoms.
  • Zoladex. Endometrium after treatment. Hysteroscopy. Complex atypical endometrial hyperplasia was detected in the patient at the age of forty-one years as a result of separate diagnostic curettage in July 2010. After three injections of Zoladex was held office flexible hysteroscopy with endometrial biopsy at the end of December 2010. Conclusion, histological examination: among the mucus into smaller fragments of the endometrium with dense cellular fibrous stroma, few small glands lined by indifferent epithelium.
  • Endometrium.flv vika, Shakthi Hospita, Chennai. Endometrium treatment.
  • Endometrial Biopsy of the Uterus To download FREE medical animations of pregnancy and birth, visit If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: This 3D medical animation shows an endometrial biopsy of the uterus procedure, typically used to test for endometriosis, precancerous cells or infertility problems. In the animation, a small pipelle device is used to harvest tissue from the lining of the uterus. ANCE00189
  • Microwave Endometrial Ablation Technology (MEA) This is the most effect technology available for endometrial ablation. Gentle, therapeutic mircowaves are used to heat the uterine lining to resolve heavy periods. MEA has the best clinical results in FDA PMA trials with the Highest Amenorrhea Rate (61%); Highest Success Rate (96%); and Best Patient Satisfaction Rate (98%). MEA is effective in a wider population treating both large and small cavities from 6cm to 14cm. It is the only treatment labeled in the presence of fibroids and can treat irregular cavities. This technology is well tolerated by patients both in the office or hospital settings. Quick (2-3 minutes) and Safe (.04% adverse event rate)

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