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  • 'Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows' Part One is the beginning of the final chapter of the popular series.12 News movie reviewer Gino Salomone sits down with one of the film's stars Emma Watson. — “Gino Sits Down With'Harry Potter' Co-Star Emma Watson - Video”,
  • The creator of Broadway's Brief Encounter returns to an earlier project, The Red Shoes, now having its U.S. premiere in Brooklyn. Emma Rice, the visionary British director whose adaptation of Noel Coward's Brief Encounter stretches our expectation of theatrical form with the bold use of songs,. — “'S BRIEF ENCOUNTER With Emma Rice - ”,
  • Emma Stones opens up about playing Spider-Man love interest Gwen Stacy. Watch five kickass new clips from Sucker Punch. Three names emerge for the next generation of Ghostbusters. Let's dig into some Turkey Day spoilers!. — “Emma Stone spills all about Gwen Stacy, plus five awesome”, io9.com
  • Emma, by Jane Austen, is a novel about the perils of misconstrued romance. Emma, however, is also rather spoiled; she greatly overestimates her own matchmaking abilities; and she is blind to the dangers of meddling in other people's lives and is often mistaken about the meanings of others' actions. — “Emma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Actress Emma Stone has revealed some of the behind the scenes information about the new 'Spider-Man' movie. — “Emma Stone talks Spider-Man - RTÉ Ten”, rte.ie
  • Holiday design: Emma customers can add seasonal style to their email campaigns with our special holiday design options. Our animated videos show you how Emma can help your email marketing — 3D glasses not required for optimum viewing. — “Emma Email Marketing | Email Marketing Solutions | Email”,
  • An EMMA document can be considered to hold three types of data: The instance and its data model are assumed to be specified in XML, but EMMA will remain agnostic to the XML format used to express these. — “EMMA: Extensible MultiModal Annotation markup language”, w3.org
  • And, she says, if there's one form of celebrity licensing that truly confounds her, it's celebrity scents. "I can't understand this fragrance thing," she tells the British Press Association. — “Emma Watson 'Can't Understand' Celebrity Fragrances”,
  • Thus the work of EMMA will play a crucial role in exploiting the tremendous potential benefits to human health presented by the current research in mammalian genetics. EMMA is supported by the partner institutions, national research programmes and by the EC's FP7 Capacities Specific Programme. — “EMMA - the European Mouse Mutant Archive”,
  • Harry Potter star Emma Watson admitted her drastic new short crop was a symbolic gesture, to mark leaving her character behind. — “Emma Watson cut her hair to mark a 'new phase' - CTV News”, ctv.ca
  • Emma Watson reveals that she has more interest in fashion than releasing her own perfume. — “Showbiz - News - Emma Watson: 'I'm happy doing fashion”,
  • On the first day at her US university - chosen over Cambridge because the latter was 'a bit Hogwarts-looking' - Emma Watson was bombarded by autograph hunters. Emma, 20 - the highest paid actress in Hollywood last year, thanks to her role as Hermione Granger in the. — “Emma Watson on life after Harry Potter | Mail Online”,
  • Emma Stone talks about starring as Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's 'Spider-Man' reboot - as well as her fast rise in Hollywood. — “Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man' Reboot”,
  • Emma Stone has revealed she and Andrew Garfield have had to go back to school in preparation for the new Spider-Man movie. — “Emma Stone's Spider-Man classes - News, Film & TV”,
  • Emma Watson may be one of the most popular young actors, she may be globally renowned at barely twenty but there was a time when she contemplated quitting Harry Potter. That was when she was 16 and had her initial contract got renewed. — “Emma Watson | Wanted To Quit | Harry Potter - Oneindia”, entertainment.oneindia.in
  • Richie Buxo/Splash News Online Harry Potter star Emma Watson may have fans clamoring to replicate her sophisticated style, but unlike some of Hollywood's hot young things, she's notoriously. — “Emma Watson Turns Her Nose Up at Celebrity Fragrances – Style”,
  • Stars in Scarves: Blake Lively and Emma Watson Bundle Up in Style Rihanna, Emma Watson, and Selena Gomez are just a few of our favorite girls who look impossibly cute even when it's unbelievably cold outside. — “From Blake Lively to Emma Watson, Stars are Stylish in”, ***.com
  • Harry Potter star Emma Watson fears her multi-million dollar fortune will put off potential boyfriends, because money can often "complicate relationships." The British actress has amassed an esti. — “Emma Watson Afraid Her Massive Fortune Will Deter Boyfriends”,
  • Emma Watson fears her wealth will put off potential boyfriends - Emma Watson fears that she has become so rich after working for the Harry Potter franchise that her wealth is putti. — “Emma Watson fears her wealth will put off potential boyfriends”,
  • 'FORGOTTEN star' Emma Wilkins has received a Great Britain call-up after almost a year in the international swimming wilderness. Wilkins, one of the. — “'FORGOTTEN star' Emma Wilkins has received a Great Britain”,
  • Emma Watson fears that she has become so rich from the Harry Potter franchise that her wealth is putting off potential boyfriends. — “Emma Watson fears her wealth will put off men - Telegraph”,
  • Emma - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Emma”,
  • Emma Watson has no interest in releasing her own perfume - Emma Watson News at . — “Emma Watson - Emma Watson Doesn't Want Her Own Scent”,

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  • Emma Thompson's Best Actress BAFTA for Sense & Sensibility Emma Thompson wins Best Film Actress BAFTA in 1996 for her role as Elinor Dashwood in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, which also won the award for Best Film. Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay for Sense & Sensibility, for which she won both a BAFTA and a US Academy Award that year.
  • Bon Iver - for Emma from the "Bon Iver: for Emma, forever ago"
  • Emma 2009 Episode 1 Part 1 BBC's 2009 production of Jane Austen's Emma. Episode 1 part 1. All rights go to BBC. Sorry about the bars on the top and the sides of the video. Windows Movie Maker automatically did that, and I don't know how to fix it. The video is larger if you watch it in HQ.
  • 10 Questions for Emma Watson Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premieres Nov. 19. Emma Watson will now take your questions.
  • EMMA BUNTON - MAYBE Emma Bunton - Maybe (2003)
  • Emma p6 Emma 6/12
  • BBC's Emma (2009) promo
  • When Emma Thompson Pretended To Be Jane Austen Emma Thompson's win for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes (1995). Instead of speaking as herself, she read a speech from the point of view of Jane Austen, and what Jane might have thought if she'd attended. This is one of my favourite things. Full speech is as follows (with my sincere thanks to futurefighter2008 for transcribing it): Thank you very much. Good Heavens. Um, I can't thank you enough, Hollywood Foreign Press, for honouring me in this capacity. I don't wish to burden you with my debts, which are heavy and numerous but, um, I think that everybody involved in the making of this film knows that we owe all our pride and all our joy to the genius of Jane Austen. And, um, it occurred to me to wonder how she would react to an evening like this... This is what I came up with. Four am, having just returned from an evening at the Golden Spheres, which despite the inconveniences of heat, noise and overcrowding was not without its pleasures. Thankfully, there were no dogs and no children. The gowns were middling. There was a good deal of shouting and behaviour verging on the profligate, however, people were very free with their compliments and I made several new acquaintances. Here was Lindsay Doran of Mirage, wherever that might be, who's largely responsible for my presence here, an enchanting companion about whom too much good cannot be said. Mr. Ang Lee, of foreign extraction, who most unexpectedly appeared to understand me better than I understand myself. Mr ...
  • Emma Watson Harry Potter Interview The star of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix gets candid with ReelzChannel. Daniel Radcliffe, Eamma Watson, and Rupert Grint star in this 5th installment of the Harry Potter franchise.
  • Emma Shapplin - Spente Le Stelle (English Translation) This is the extended version of the song, with english translated subtitles. So that all the english-speaking tubers will know what the beautyfull song is about.
  • Emma Bunton - What Took You So Long? (Full Video)
  • Serge Devant feat. Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You Serge Devant feat. Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You from Ultra Records. Directed by Ryan McPherson & Bertrand Pare: Shoot to Kill Media Buy his album 'Wanderer' here: bit.ly
  • Emma Smith: A Mormon Woman of Faith - Joseph Smith has more details about the life of Emma Smith. Music from A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet Joseph Smith; purchase at http This video is meant to show the faith, dedication and courage of Emma Smith, wife of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith. Emma is one of the unsung heroes of the Restoration.
  • Bon Iver - For Emma (Myspace Transmissions) Bon Iver performs For Emma in the Myspace studios.
  • EMMA FROST is Gold MY FACEBOOK: MY TWITTER: Did You Like Today's Show? Tweet it OUT!: ------------------------------------------ Check out Today's New Vloggity: youtu.be Check out the new awesome stuff @ PhillyD.tv Today's Stories ---------------------------- January Jones to Play Emma Frost bit.ly Ted Williams and his Golden Voice: bit.ly Animals Dying: bit.ly bit.ly bit.ly bit.ly bit.ly NetFlix Remote: bit.ly Glen Beck dropped by Radio Station: nydn.us How some people in America see Europe: bit.ly Robot Ping-Pong: bit.ly
  • Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Disarm Yourself (Official Music Video) Follow Armada Music @ Facebook! on.fb.me Buy this video on iTunes! bit.ly Download on iTunes: bit.ly Download on Beatport (Exclusive!) bit.ly After officially being awarded as the number 15 DJ in the world in the highly respected DJ Mag Top 100 poll, the 'Flying Dutchman' is about to rock the global Trance floors again in 2011. Dutch DJ Dash Berlin is back with a brand new, future classic to add to his hit-filled discography. The debut single from his forthcoming, second artist album is the first glimpse on the exciting things to come. The epic anthem entitled 'Disarm Yourself' is the result of his fan-anticipated rendezvous with Australian singer Emma Hewitt and contains an inspiring message. "I believe it was President Roosevelt who said; "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself" and that concept is exactly what this song is about", says the humble DJ when asked about the lyrical theme on his latest collaboration. "It's about the anxiety you can feel when you are confronted with the new and the unknown. Sometimes disarming yourself and actually feeling the fear, while doing things anyway, can be the only way forward". The track premiered on episode 486 of Armin van Buuren's legendary ASOT radio show and immediately caused a major stir all around the web. The preview quickly found its way to the fans via Dash Berlin's Youtube channel and gained a massive 160000 views within days after upload. Dash Berlin's eagerly awaited, brand new single with Emma Hewitt is out now ...
  • Emma p9 Emma 9/12
  • MASTERPIECE CLASSIC | Emma -- Coming Jan 24, 2010 | Preview A fiercely funny four-hour adaptation of Jane Austens delightful love story stars Romola Garai (Atonement ) as a young woman whose attempts to play Cupid go disastrously awry.. MASTERPIECEs Emma premieres Jan 24th at 9/8C. Only on PBS. For more, go to:
  • Emma p8 Emma 8/12
  • Emma 2009 - Proposal My favourite scene. Sweet, tender, involving, moving. I had mixed feeling half-way down, but finally watching the last two episodes, " I examined my own heart and there ...Mr Knightley was"! I love JLM's mild, benevolent , tender version. And Romola Garai is such a passionate Emma. I love them both! Would you like to compare all the proposals in the different adaptations of Emma? 1. Emma 1972 2. ITV Emma 1996 ( Kate Beckinshale/ Mark Strong) 3. Emma - 1996 Film ( Gwyneth Paltrow / Jeremy Northam) Which is your favourite one?
  • Rupert Grint talks about KISSING Emma Watson (Hermione & Ron kiss) Harry Potter star Rupert Grint talks to Paul Byrne for www.Movies.ie - Subscribe & watch all 6 of our Potter interviews! With Harry Potter and the half blood prince now out Paul caught up with Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley in the film. Here he talks about his future career, his next movies, life after Harry Potter and that kiss with Emma Watson, who plays Hermoine Granger. For more Potter features visit http
  • David Letterman - Emma Watson Needs a Band-Aid "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson tells how the British and Americans still have a language barrier.
  • EMMA STONE ZOMBIELAND ANS INTERVIEW Emma Stone talks about the real destruction caused by filming Zombieland, her next project, and who in the cast wanted to be a zombie.
  • Emma (1996) - Trailer I don't own the copyright. For pleasure of viewing.
  • Dylan LeBlanc - Emma Hartley (DUMBO Sessions) Dylan LeBlanc plays an acoustic rendition of 'Emma Hartley' the new single taken from his debut album 'Paupers Field', which is released on 23rd of August. To obtain a free download of 'if Time Was For Wasting' and to pre-​order Paupers Field visit bit.ly
  • Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Acoustic Version) Download here: Download on Beatport: The latest Dash Berlin single is still taking the world by storm, fueling his rocket-ship ascent, which took him straight to the 105th position in the annual DJ Mag Pol. Unbelievable! says the humble Dutchman about the news; this is more than I ever expected to happen so early in my career. My thanks goes out to all the fans that decided I was worth their precious vote this year. The collaboration with Australian born singer Emma Hewitt climbed all the way to number one on the global Trance charts. Both the original and the recent hype-filling Dash Berlin 4AM Mix are finding their way into the sacred record bags of the world biggest tastemakers with the speed of light. The pearl inside every great vocal Trance track is of course the song itself. When removing the epic wall of sound, with nothing left but vocals and an acoustic guitar, the *** song can reveal itself as a strong piece of genuine song writing. Dash Berlin: During the studio sessions with Emma and her brother Anthony we often used the guitar as the main instrument in the song writing process. Its interesting to get away from the synthesizers and the beats in the first fragile moments of creating. In this way you can really focus on the song itself without being distracted by technology. Once the basic idea is finished you can get creative with the recorded vocals like you can when doing a remix. Its that creative freedom that ...
  • Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Save Me (Original Mix) A State Of Trance #452
  • Emmanuel Jal - Emma for more. Album - Warchild Emmanuel Jal - Emma Emmanuel Jal was born in war-torn Sudan, and while he doesnt know exactly when, he believes it was in the early 1980s. He was taken from his family home in 1987 when he was six or seven years old, and sent to fight with the rebel army in Sudans bloody civil war. For nearly five years, he was a child warrior, put into battle carrying an AK-47 that was taller than he was. By the time he was 13, he was a veteran of two civil wars and had seen hundreds of his fellow child soldiers reduced to taking unspeakable measures as they struggled to survive on the killing fields of Southern Sudan. After a series of harrowing events, he was rescued by a British aid worker (Emma McCune) who smuggled him into Nairobi to raise him as her own. To help ease the pain of what he had experienced, Emmanuel started singing. In 2005, he released his first album, Gua (peace in his native Nuer tongue), with the title track broadcast across Africa over the BBC and becoming a number one hit in Kenya. Gua also earned him a spot on Bob Geldofs Live 8″ concert in the UK. Jal performed at Nelson Mandelas 90th birthday celebrations in Hyde Park, London, June 08, he shared a stage with Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox, Damien Marley and Stephen Marley at the Black Ball in London in July 08 and also addressed delegates at the UN in New York in the same month. Jal has also performed with Razorlight, Supergrass, and Faithless in Europe.
  • Emma p11 Emma 11/12
  • Emma Czikai - Britain's Got Talent - Show 5 Britain's Got Talent: Emma claims her singing ability has moved people to tears, and she's about to prove it with the judges - but not in the way you'd think!
  • Emma p1 Emma 1/12
  • Bon Iver - For Emma (a cappella) Cut from the La Blogotheque podcast. Spontaneous a cappella version of "For Emma" in a Paris hallway before a house show. From the album "For Emma, Forever Ago". Performed by Justin Vernon, Sean Carey and Michael Noyce. By popular demand! Downloads! Two versions, the second a little louder, but you might get a bit of static.
  • Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago - A Take Away Show Bon Iver playing "For Emma, Forever Ago" in Montmartre, Paris, France Read the whole article and see more videos here: "[Justin] immediately responded that this is kinda what he dreams of: that his album is meant to be played in front of small crowds, and that he was looking forward to it..." Directed by VIncent Moon http
  • Emma Bunton "What I Am" Emma Bunton's first solo music video produced by Tin Tin Out. The song reached #2 on the charts and went on to be one of the years biggest sellers.
  • Emma Watson on the David Letterman Late Show (2009) Actress Emma Watson on the David Letterman Late Show on 8th July 2009, discussing education, grades, driving, wardrobe malfunctions, Harry Potter and others.
  • Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Official Music Video) [High Quality] Follow Armada Music @ Facebook! on.fb.me Download this track or the whole 'The New Daylight' album on iTunes: Download on Beatport: 2009 has been an exciting year for Dutch producer Jeff Sutorius. Not only did he start the Aropa label at Armada Music and release mega hit 'Man On The Run', he also spend his time working on a first artist album. After a year of hard work, all the Dash Berlin sounds were released on 'The New Daylight', an album that lights all different angles of dance music; trance, progressive, house and even a little slice of techno. 'Waiting' is the highly anticipated third Dash Berlin single off the album. In collaboration with Australian singer Emma Hewitt, who's voice appeared on tracks by Cosmic Gate, Chris Lake and Serge Devant, Dash Berlin brought a sugar sweet trance ballad. Strong and tender at the same time, 'Waiting' hits in with Emma's tear-jerking, angelic vocals and the pure Dash Berlin sound: big room fit, synth-driven and hitting in right where it's supposed to.
  • emma watson timeline of emma watson
  • Hot Chocolate - Emma music
  • Emma Watson (Hermione) talks about KISSING Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) in Harry Potter Harry Potter star Emma Watson talks to Paul Byrne for www.Movies.ie - Subscribe & watch all of our great Harry Potter interviews! With Harry Potter and and the Deathly Hallows on the way Paul caught up with Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in the film. Here she talks about her future career, going to university to study English and that kiss with Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley. For more on Harry Potter visit http
  • "For Emma" Performed by Justin Vernon and MHS Jazz I 4/19/2009 Jazz show at Memorial High School. Eau Claire, WI. Justin Vernon and the MHS Jazz I ensemble perform Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever Ago". For more info:
  • Emma Mindy Gledhill performs the Pearl Award winning song Emma from "Joseph - A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet"
  • Touré Kunda emma Concert

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  • “If you want to read more about this book, read this article: http:///2010/07/john-freeman-ex-marvel-editor-bets-on.html”
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  • “Thank you for your support this year I couldn't have done it with out all the great emails and blog comments! Wanda: one of my favourite blog posts Emma we shot our very first wedding with Naghmeh in 2008 - beautiful”
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  • “Our Blog. Get Started. or call 1-800-595-4401. Emma throws a party in the Emma blog. She's the proud new owner of a $100 gift card to use at Emma customer”
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