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  • A free throw Coimbra sank after Barkley knocked him to the floor represented Angola's only points in a 41-1 run during a game that emblemized the gap between the American Dream Team and basketball's Third World. August 12, 2008. Angola proves it has come a long way since '92 despite loss to U.S. — “Alexander Wolff: Angola shows it has evolved despite loss”,
  • Meet Prof. Carl Nivale, your Professor Emeritus of all things Mardi Gras! Featuring a cornucopia of information about New Orleans Carnival, Lundi Only the wooden nickles and the emblemized throws done by the 17-some-odd subkrewes are collectible, but the experience is priceless. The Krewe du. — “Welcome to Prof. Carl Nivale's Classroom”,
  • Definition of emblemized in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of emblemized. Pronunciation of emblemized. Translations of emblemized. emblemized synonyms, emblemized antonyms. Information about emblemized in the free online English dictionary and. — “emblemized - definition of emblemized by the Free Online”,
  • This article briefly reviews the history of wheel chair lifts and summarizes their importance. These lifts symbolize the entire spirit of the American people. Upward mobility has never so gracefully emblemized itself. — “Wheel Chair Lifts in History”,
  • The U.S. and California economies continue to struggle in the wake of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression of 1929-1939. The easy availability of credit in the residential mortgage market, emblemized by so called "no documentation" loans, has evaporated. — “The Great Recession of 2008-2009: A California Perspective on”,
  • Our starting point is a new book by social anthropologist Tristram Riley-Smith, providing an absorbing account of America in the era of Bush and Obama. Americans pay a heavy price for their beloved freedom – and this is emblemized for the author by that jagged fracture in the Liberty Bell. — “The Cracked Bell: America and the Afflictions of Liberty”,
  • Josephus' explanation is this [1]: The coat was the symbol of the earth, the upper garment emblemized heaven, while the bells and pomegranates represented thunder and lightning. The ephod typified the four elements, and the of Jesus, and the act of sacrifice emblemized the death on the cross. — “Jewish symbolism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For upcoming holiday season, boost your employees' spirit while promoting your business via promotional products. Corporat Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season. Totes and Bags- Emblemized backpacks, duffle bags, luggage, briefcases, and computer bags are practical and will give you great. — “Corporat Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season”,
  • Definition of emblemized from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of emblemized. Pronunciation of emblemized. Definition of the word emblemized. Origin of the word emblemized. — “emblemized - Definition of emblemized at ”,
  • Home - Quote Topics - Quotes of the Day - Quote Keywords - Author X Y Z. Definition of Emblemized. Emblemized. of Emblemize. Related Definitions: Emblemize, Of. — “Definition of Emblemized”,
  • Additionally, ONLY characters who meet these requirements can WEAR emblemized items. 20 guild member gives a level 19 member an emblemized shield, the emblem will disappear as soon as the level. — “Our guild is about to buy an emblem. Is there anything we”,
  • But the Arts Complex, Speer Blvd. at 1101 13th St., which serves as the arts, performance, and cultural Mecca of the Mile High City, has its importance emblemized in green and white reflective writing. The Arts Complex—the second largest of. — “Denver Performing Arts Complex”,
  • Pheasants Forever MarketPlace! Flush Short Sleeve T-Shirt [5000210] - A clean, bold look that's emblemized with the preeminent name in upland conservation, this shirt makes a statement. — “Flush Short Sleeve T-Shirt [5000210] - $16.95 : Pheasants”,
  • As disasters go, this one was terrible, but not unique, certainly not among the worst on the roster of U.S. air crashes. There was the unusual element of the bridge, of course, and the fact that the monuments like famished gulls are, for the moment, emblemized by the one that fell; so there is that. — “Essay: The Man in the Water - TIME”,
  • Em·blem·ize v. t. [ imp. & p. p. Emblemized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Emblemizing .] To represent by an emblem; to emblematize. — “emblemize: Information from ”,
  • DONALD E. WESTLAKE is a novelist who lives in New York. His latest book, ''Kahawa,'' has just been published by Viking. By DONALD Here are history and religion emblemized, simplified, dramatized, laid out before you like all the materials of a correspondence course arriving on. — “THE TROUBLE WITH ITALY - ”,
  • Emblemized definition, emblematize. See more. — “Emblemized | Define Emblemized at ”,
  • Pope Benedict XVI today lifted a ban on priests celebrating Latin Mass in an effort to heal a 40- year-old spat with Catholic traditionalists. Today Benedict, who as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger emblemized the more conservative wing of the Vatican, dropped a requirement that priests seek. — “Pope Allows Latin Mass in Gesture to Traditionalists (Update1”,
  • From personal to collective to imagined histories, Dameron's poems explore essential, perennial questions emblemized by natural disasters, family struggles, racism, and the experiences of third-world travel. Though she reaches for conclusions. — “DéLana R. A. Dameron :: Books”,
  • Precious stones of the Bible -- those found in the breast plate and in the foundations of the New Jerusalem. 7): The coat was the symbol of the earth, the upper garment emblemized heaven, while the bells and pomegranates represented thunder and lightning. — “Precious Stones of Sacred Scripture”,
  • The Product: It's been so emblemized and overused that it's practically a cliché. The minute its familiar strains fall upon the ear, certain stereotypical emotions well up inside. We think of the dow. — “Amazing Grace : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video”,
  • One employs the methods and ground-level emphasis on experience—emblemized by the likes of Machiavelli and Hobbes—in order to achieve the principled goals of Kant. Ronald Reagan, a successful Wilsonian unlike Wilson himself, deployed Pershing. — “The war on terror. (5) - By Robert Kaplan and Robert Wright”,

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  • Jimmy My Man.mov from my Songbook, 1969-2009 (search tom ferguson, ) Jimmy My Man is a lil' ol' song about working people emblemized by Jimmy.
  • President Obama Presents Medals in Arts and Humanities The President presents the National Medal of Arts and the National Humanities Medal for 2009 in a ceremony in the East Room of the White House. February 25, 2010.

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  • “Posted by: Scribner in Cultural History, European History, Fashion History, History Blog, History Today, Modern History, Pop Culture History, World History The social and fashion elite of the aristocratic class were emblemized by the Macaronis and, so too, caricatured by them”
    — History Blog " ostentatious fashion,

  • “This year's annual CFN retreat was held earlier in the semester than in previous years, and turned out to be one of the more meaningful retreats in recent history. Stillwoods Retreat Centre, not always so still' (depending on whatever groups”
    — Fall Retreat: CFN Style @ CFN Bible College Blog, cfnc.ca

  • “Andres has been following Latino preferences for the presidential race consistently on our blog. As will be emblemized elsewhere across the country, the amplified youth turnout could be especially important in Connecticut's toss-up Fourth”
    — Shana Hurley's blog | NDN,

  • “His three-zone play and versatility has emblemized Boston, and helped catapult the Bruins from eighth place Back to: Blog " Home. COMMENTS. Most Popular This Week. 1. Speaking up for urban nature. 2”
    — - Local news and entertainment for Boston's,

  • “Click here to subscribe to our email list and receive a daily summary of our top blog stories. Home | Blog | Disengagement | Terror charts | Security maps | Israel size maps. PLO background | PLO quote sheets | Did Israel Offer Too Much?”
    — Fix the 'Mediocracy' - IRIS Blog, .il

  • “Spotlight on VOX: Steven Potter / NYC Opera be easy to affirm human society only if it had stayed close to nature, a situation emblemized for her by dry rubble masonry in rural Ireland”
    — Spotlight on VOX: Steven Potter / NYC Opera,

  • “Make real art with Pop Art Machine's online studio ~ acrylic paintings, canvas transfers and art poster prints. Blog. From POP TRIUMPHANT: A NEW REALISM. Bruce Altshuler . The rise of Pop can be emblemized in Oldenburg's transition from The Street to The Store, from the site of debris to the site of”
    — From POP TRIUMPHANT: A NEW REALISM : Pop Art Gallery,

  • “In many ways, he emblemized the legislative branch of our government, and his presence Kevin Bondelli's Blog. Young People For. RSS Feed. YDA Facebook Page. YDA YouTube Channel”
    — The Pace | The YDA Blog " YDA Statement: Mourning the Loss of,

  • “Time for a section on the true context of "racism" in history -- as extra-specially emblemized by the behavior of liberals, do-gooders and vicarious racial messiahs now and in the dark* pre delete your posts in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this”
    — American Nationalist Union Discussion Board: Liberalism's,

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