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  • Prosecutors say a Panhandle woman allegedly embezzled nearly $860,000 from homeowner associations she oversaw in part to fund an expensive Mary Kay Cosmetics habit. Read more. — “Prosecutors: Woman embezzled to fund makeup habit :: EDGE Boston”,
  • Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras - Unusually Stupid Americans: A Compendium of All-American Stupidity - User Rating: 4 stars. Review Summary: This is a fun book, providing many good laughs and interesting stories about the zany things that people. — “"Stolen or Embezzled Money must be Reported in your Gross”,
  • A Chelsea woman who was ordered to pay restitution after being convicted last June of embezzling nearly $1 million from the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association has filed for bankruptcy. Knight pleaded guilty in June 2009 to two counts of embezzlement. — “Woman who embezzled from Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association”,
  • An office manager embezzled $435,837 from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass during the past year, the organization alleged in a lawsuit filed Monday. — “$435,837 embezzled, alleges Big Brothers - Crime - ”,
  • embezzled. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] Verb. embezzled. Simple past tense and past participle of embezzle. Retrieved from ". — “embezzled - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of embezzled from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of embezzled. Pronunciation of embezzled. Definition of the word embezzled. Origin of the word embezzled. — “embezzled - Definition of embezzled at ”,
  • Embezzled. Learn about Embezzled on . Get information and videos on Embezzled including articles on embezzles, embezzlement, imaginative and more!. — “Embezzled | Answerbag”,
  • Indian American Sujata 'Sue' Sachdeva, a former executive of Koss Corp has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for embezzling $34 million from the Milwaukee stereo headphone manufacturer for 'wild shopping sprees'. — “Indian American woman embezzled $34 mn for 'wild shopping sprees'”,
  • Definition of embezzled in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of embezzled. Pronunciation of embezzled. Translations of embezzled. embezzled synonyms, embezzled antonyms. Information about embezzled in the free online English dictionary and. — “embezzled - definition of embezzled by the Free Online”,
  • Imposter embezzled US $7.3 million. Fake 'Saudi prince' stands trial in Australia Yusuf is penniless, having squandered the money he embezzled gambling in Europe. Posted by fudzail at 7:50 AM. — “Fudzail: Malaysian 'Saudi Prince' embezzled USD7.3 Million”, 1426
  • Embezzled gifts from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoon gifts. — “Embezzled Gifts”,
  • Embezzled definition, to appropriate fraudulently to one's own use, as money or property entrusted to one's care. See more. — “Embezzled | Define Embezzled at ”,
  • Kirby Sean McKee, 50, Davis, Illinois, has been charged with embezzling more than $500,000 in funds that had been placed in escrow accounts and The embezzled funds enabled the otherwise insolvent A Title Escrow. — “Mortgage Fraud Blog - Title Company Owner Indicted for”,
  • embezzle tr.v. , -zled , -zling , -zles . To take (money, for example) for one's own use in violation of a trust. — “embezzle: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • 2: taken for your own use in violation of a trust; "the embezzled funds amounted to millions of dollars" puj_sixfour***: Currently in the process of being Embezzled and bamboozled by #oneofmyfollowers smh. — “Embezzled - Define Embezzled at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of embezzled in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is embezzled? Meaning of embezzled as a legal term. What does embezzled mean in law?. — “embezzled legal definition of embezzled. embezzled synonyms”, legal-
  • Embezzled & Stolen Vehicles. How to obtain a consular letter to recover a vehicle. Listed below are the documents needed by the United States Consulate General in Hermosillo, Mexico, to support a request to the Mexican Government under the 1936. — “Embezzled & Stolen Vehicles - U.S. Consulate General”, hermosillo.usconsulate.gov
  • Beirut, Lebanon - Former Syrian Vice-President Abdel-Halim Khaddam said members of President Bashar al Assad's inner circle embezzled $20 billion from Lebanon and Syria and accused President Emile Lahoud of corruption. — “Khaddam: Assad's inner circle embezzled $20 Billion | Ya”,
  • Insurance agency head may have embezzled over Y100 mil from Nipponkoa Nipponkoa discovered the alleged embezzlement by the man in his 60s during an investigation and is continuing the probe with an eye to filing a criminal case against him, they said. — “Insurance agency head may have embezzled over Y100 mil from”,
  • A former school superintendent who awaits sentencing on embezzlement and tax charges has made more than $1 million in restitution to his former school district. If there's a silver lining here, it's that the embezzled money wasn't blown at a casino or race track or on. — “Ex-Marble City superintendent returns embezzled money | Tulsa”,
  • Abraham Alexander, of East Meadow, N.Y. had earlier pleaded guilty to embezzlement of funds from the Cardiovascular Research Foundation partly to pay for sessions with Lady Sage, an Ohio dominatrix, as well as for other personal expenses, Reuters reported. The judge was not pleased. — “Accountant Embezzled to Pay Dominatrix - Buyer's Guides and”,
  • Embezzlement is a kind of financial fraud. For instance, a clerk or cashier handling large sums of money could embezzle cash from his or her employer, a lawyer could embezzle funds from clients' trust accounts, a financial advisor could embezzle. — “Embezzlement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • "Joseph" Giuseppe VIola promised the SV 9 Competizione would be a combination of American muscle and Italian styling. He also promised his investors they were making money. Now Viola's likely prison-bound and investors are likely out millions. — “The Con Man Who Embezzled Millions To Build A Custom Corvette”,

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  • The way of the embezzled money (VT 19) Paraná TV First Edition. Originally broadcasted on April 26th, 2010 (monday). João Leal, a relative, is an Assembly employee at the General Board, the sector which was, until recently, commanded by Abib Miguel. Nair is João's daughter-in-law and Maria José is his mother-in-law. They may have taken responsibility for delivering to him personal documents and for receiving, from his hands, an allowance of 150 Reais (US$ 95). But in bank accounts in their names the Assembly deposited R$ 1 million (US$ 600.000) between 2004 and 2009. It is still unclear who took all this money. ABOUT THE SERIES The series Diários Secretos (Secret Diaries) has provoked the biggest transformation in the history of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Parana, which represents 10 million inhabitants. The series is the result of a creation of a database that took over two years to be built, and was based on the integration newspaper-TV-internet and the collaborative journalism. The outcome is a series of reports unveiling a millionaire scheme with public money, which took at least 30000 people to the streets to protest against political crimes. The work has also been awarded with the most important journalism award in Brazil. RPC-TV and Gazeta do Povo newspaper. Curitiba City, Paraná State, Brazil.
  • Citizens Allege Chinese Red Cross Embezzled Quake Donations WONG: Don't let this keep you from donating to aid organizations—but do play it safe. You can do what other Chinese have done donate to smaller organizations. But shortly after the May 12th quake that killed over 70 people in Southwest China, Chinese citizens in Beijing and all over the country donated money to aid organizations including the Chinese Red Cross - hoping to ease the suffering of the quake victims in Sichuan. But according to one Shop owner, some of the aid workers entrusted with this money have wound up on the take. Here's more: STORY: One shop owner called NTD after aid workers from the Chinese Red Cross asked him to falsify receipts for medical supplies. He says he refused, but the shop next door, didn't. [Unnamed Shop Owner, Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province]: (1st quote, gender unknown) "There were two Red Cross officers from the Zhongjiang district trying to buy $10000 worth of medicine from our shop for the earth quake victims, but they wanted us to write down a number that is five times higher than the true price. We refused, but the neighboring medical retailers gave way to these officers." Falsifying receipts is a common scam in China: party officials can make a quick buck by convincing merchants to double or triple the amount paid for government expenses, and the official pockets the difference. [Unnamed Resident]: (4th quote, gender unknown) "They're even going for the rescue donations and resources. There is no trust left for the communist ...
  • Robert Morey's National Mail Fraud: "Nonexistent Embezzled Gulf Oil Stock" #4 Radio host & theological huckster Bob Morey engages in a national mail fraud con game designed to take the focus off of what he has done & shift attention to gaining public sympathy & financial support. To help him in this criminal scam are two henchmen named Joseph T. Slavitskas as a supposed "CPA" (which he is not) & another hood & front man for Morey named Humphrey Perez posing as a "trial consultant." These two are put forth as "authorities" to determine that the Wessels brothers of Texas are big time "embezzlers." The only problem for them is they are frauds. Perez, who claims in Morey's national mailout to be the official arbitrator in this case, "rules" in Morey's favor, despite the fact that the legal arbitrator is actually Christ Memorial Baptist Church located in Austin, Texas. "Believe me because I say so" Morey & his "Chairman of the Board" wife, Anne Morey, signed a legal document entitled "The Agreement of the Parties" (also signed by the Wessels brothers) which was overseen by a lawyer that states that the agreed to & official arbitrator is Christ Memorial Baptist Church (NOT Humphrey Perez)! This little "fact" did not seem to matter to Morey or Perez at all in their public declarations. Of course, representatives of Christ Memorial Baptist Church ruled in the Wessels' favor against Morey (another little "fact" that Morey happened to leave out of his national mailout). "Trial Consultant" Humphrey Perez would later even go so far as to accuse the Wessels of ...
  • Karega denies 4bn was embezzled www.ntv.co.ke Former Education Permanent Secretary Prof. Karega Mutahi has dismissed calls for him to take responsibility for the misappropriation of funds at the Ministry of Education during his tenure as PS. Prof Mutahi is also trashing the audit report by the ministry of Finance that revealed a loss of at least 4.2 Billion shillings. Mutahi is now calling for concrete evidence to prove that he knew of financial impropriety but failed to take action.
  • What is the criminal charge of embezzlement? Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Hayslett explains what the criminal charge of embezzlement is and why it is one of the more serious offenses. 1-800-529-5655
  • Delaware Online News Video: Police say cashier embezzled $71000 A grocery store cashier was arrested after an audit revealed he had allegedly stolen tens of thousands of dollars during a nearly two-year period.
  • Former school administrator pleads guilty to embezzlement the woman accused of stealing more than three million dollars from a small new mexico school district has pleaded guilty to all counts. kathy borrego entered the plea -- for 11 counts in all -- just about an hour ago in a santa fe courtroom. borrego was accused of writing checks to herself and her family --while working as a business manager for jemez mountain schools. borrego faces up to 41 years behind bars. this case has minute thumbnail 12:00 pm sparked outrage across the state. let's go to jeremy jojola-- he was in the courtroom for that guilty plea-- and has more on reaction. jeremy? today kathy borrego was placed in hand cuffs and lead away to the corrections department after pleading guilty to her eleven counts. borrego stood before the judge here in santa fe and admitted to the charges.... as the former business manager for the jemez mountain school district, she admits she wrote more the 500 checks to herself and her family over a seven year period with more than 3.3 million embezzled. now she is facing 41 years hind bars after pleading guilty today--her sentencing date has not been set yet. borrego did ask the court for a psychological evaluation which could effect how much time she is given behind bars. the judge did grant that and she will be evaluated whil she's in custody. borrego didn't say much in court---only that she was under the care of a psychologist for depression. it's likely her sentencing date will be set in the next several weeks. live in santa ...
  • Lakeville woman allegedly embezzled at Burnsville company-Burnsville Today TV news-June 26 A Lakeville woman is facing eight theft-related counts in connection with allegedly embezzling funds from her real estate clients at a Burnsville company. Kuntee Singramdoo, 49, was charged yesterday with five counts of theft and three counts of theft by swindle, all felonies, in connection with the theft of more than $220000 while she worked as an independent closer for Walsh Title and Real Estate Services, a Burnsville title and real estate company. If convicted, the maximum penalty for each theft charge is 20 years in prison and a $100000 fine. For the full article go to . Weather: Tonight: partly to mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and storms after midnight, lows 65 to 70. This weekend: mostly to partly cloudy with a 70 percent chance of rain Saturday and storms likely, but by Sunday it should clear up, highs up to 80, lows in the 60s. Here's some weekend events happening in your area: Tonight's Friday Night Movie is "Hotel for Dogs," which will be shown at 7:30 pm at Nicollet Commons Park on Nicollet Avenue. Weather permitting, tomorrow the Burnhaven Library will have sidewalk chalk art fun for families to enjoy starting at 10:30 am at the library, 1101 County Road 42. The Red Cross bloodmobile will also be at the library from 10:15 am-2:15 pm Bike Maintenance 101 and a bike ride is 9-11 am Saturday at Sunset Pond Park in Burnsville. The event is free, but you must provide your own bike. Sunday Evenings in the Park will have a Stringwerks ...
  • DAVID ANGEL - OUTSPOKEN - EPISODE 3 - Embezzled By The Passion Of A Dying Word Enjoy.
  • Thousands of inmate dollars embezzled in Valencia County we've learned learned police are investigating a major emzzlement case at the valencia county detention center. as we first told you yesterday, almost a hundred thousand dollars disappeared from a cash account for inmates. kayla anderson went to valencia county to get some answers. kayla? the detention center won't name the employee-- because the sheriff's office is still investigating-- and the person hasn't been charged. in my exclusive intervew with the warden-- i learned the employee had been with the detention center since 2008-- and has since been fired. warden joe chavez is very disappointed in a former employee. "as the warden, you trust your employees to take care of you and vice versa. your employees trust that the warden will take care of them. just one person that saw something different and the greed took over." investigators will now dig deep into the records for the jail inmate cash account. it's made up of money inmates are booked with... and money that's deposited for them at an atm machine in the jail lobby. they use it for things like phone calls. but chavez discovered late last year the account was 98- thousand dollars overdrawn. and all fingers pointed to the one person responsible for managing the funds. "we at first put the person on administrative leave, pending an internal investigation and then at which time. due to other discrepencies in the job performance, went to the hr accounting policies for termination and that person was terminated." the ...
  • Nun accused of embezzling $850000 for gambling habbit Sister Marie Thornton allegedly embezzled more than $850000 from Iona College in New Rochelle, New York read more at
  • Woman who embezzled millions takes own life the woman who stole millions from jemez mountain schools is found dead -- just two days before she was set to be sentenced. state police say it appears to be suicide. misa maruyama is live in santa fe with our top story. misa. state police say kathy borrego's family found her dead in her abiquiu home at about 7 this morning. borrego was set to be sentenced monday -- after she admitted in court she wrote more than 500 district checks to herself and her family .. stealing more than 3 point three million dollars from jemez mountain school distrct while she was the head of finance. investigators say evidence points to suicide -- but they're still waiting for autopsy results. today - news of borrego's death spread quickly. from all indications, she was looking at a good stretch of penitentiary time. that might have been an instigating factor in her decision. nonetheless, it's a tragic thing that happen. borrego confessed to all 11 embezzlement and tax evasion charges -- and would have faced as many as 41 years in prison
  • Federal Agents Seize Sachdeva's Embezzled Goods Sue Sachdeva's stolen items reach a hefty total of 37 pages.
  • CHINA: 187 mln Yuan embezzled in rail project - CCTV 110324
  • Parents embezzled, daughter charged A daughter is accused of embezzling more $100000 from her elderly parents.
  • Woman Embezzled $68000 From A Church A secretary is charged with stealing nearly 70 thousand dollars from the church she worked for.
  • ACORN Executives Embezzled About 1 Million, But No Prosecution ACORN members pushed off national board for seeking the truth speaks out
  • Angelo Reyes had allegedly embezzled more than $1M from AFP funds. Former Chief of Staff of the AFP
  • weasel award #337 Texas cop morgan embezzled $104000 from cops.wmv WEASEL AWARD #337 goes to San Antonio, Texas POLICE OFFICER " clifford morgan " - GUILTY of embezzling $104000 from cops.
  • Embezzled Persona Identity Theft. Man has Identity stolen and is waiting to buy it back from a late night salesman. RotoScope used in cliche passage of time. Identity is finally returned in a black case as if it was the mans soul.
  • Man Accused Of Embezzling Money From Kids House The Seminole County Sheriff's office said they have evidence that a man embezzled $14000 or more from the not for profit organization Kids House.
  • Funds for Books Embezzled In one village of Maharastra, the school committee decides to buy plates rather than books, embezzling the extra cash. For more information about Video Volunteers, please visit our website:
  • T Inspector Accused Of Embezzling $256K From Union Brian C. Sheehy, the former treasurer of MBTA Inspectors Union, Local 600, and an MBTA Inspector on the Red Line is facing accusations in court from his own union that he embezzled approximately $256000 from the organization.
  • Thousands embezzled from local charity Meals on Wheels provides food to hungry seniors in our community, but an investigation has revealed someone has helped themselves to the charity's cash. KXLY4's Jeff Humphrey reports.
  • Cops: Former league prez embezzled $20K The former president of the South Haven Junior Youth League is accused of embezzling $20000 from the organization.
  • GH Jax Alexis Sonny discuss Carly embezzling Money_pt1 Jax tells Alexis that Carly embezzled $100,00 from the club and needs Alexis to draw up Carly's termination agreement. Alexis also brings up Skye. Sonny comes to talk to Jax and finds Alexis in his office. Sonny wants Alexis to file an injunction against Jax. Jax tells Sonny the truth. (I did not clip this myself)
  • KNUT on Embezzled FPE funds The Kenya national union of teachers is now calling for the resignation of senior ministry of education officials led by Minister Prof Sam Ongeri and PS Prof Karega Mutahi over the disappearance of millions of shillings meant for the free primary and secondary education programs. Infact, KNUT claims the unaccounted for money runs into billions of shillings and not 103 millions shillings as claimed by the government. Sylvia Chebet reports.
  • Investigation widens in charity embezzlement The investigation into embezzlement of a local charity has revealed the extent of loss went on for several years before it was discovered and ran into the tens of thousands of dollars. KXLY4's Jeff Humphrey reports.
  • Flinders Uni embezzled of $27 million Former Flinders University finance clerk Wayne Foohs has pleaded guilty to embezzling mre than $27 million between January 2008 and 2010.
  • $28M Embezzled In China Rail Project A report says more than $28 million has been embezzled from the Beijing to Shanghai high speed rail project.
  • Henry Quillian on use of Georgia RICO law to recover embezzled assets WSB News features Taylor English attorney Henry Quillian
  • Liu Embezzled 2 Billion Yuan Follow us on TWITTER: Become a Fan on FACEBOOK: on.fb.me After Ex-Minister of Railways, Liu Zhijun, was sacked, Chinese media reported details of his corruption. High Speed Rail project has over 1 trillion yuan in debt. It has rampant safety issues and quality problems. Liu alone has embezzled 2 billion yuan. How did Liu put the 2 billion yuan to use? Let's take a look at the detailed report. During Liu's term as the Minister of Railways, a retired engineer from the ministry announced 「I will not ride high-speed trains in my life." High-speed rail is plagued by construction issues, eg inadequate quality inspection of raw materials, The Invited German experts were infuriated and left. Now the high-speed rail project's debt has exceeded 1 trillion yuan. German-based engineering expert Dr. Wang Weiluo: Construction quality is determined by people's morals. Reliance on the system is just an alternative. In China, 1/3 to 2/3 of construction projects' funding goes into the pockets of large contractors. At the same time, media reports revealed Liu and female millionaire Ding Shumiao colluding for illegal profits through railway construction tenders. Liu used his power to handpick the bid winners. Ding obtained commissions from these companies, totaling 822 million yuan. She compensated Liu by getting him women. The media reported that Liu embezzled 2 billion yuan. Liu told Ding, "I will have a big use for the money." What did Liu Zhijun, 58, want to do? It is an ...
  • "That Sucks" Chronicles - An Embezzled Prize "An Embezzled Prize" - Created by Sasquatchen Studios Starring: Jasmine Hopkins - Henchman Sarah Perkins - Failed dictator Stunt Double: Anna Perkins - Fighting scene; in place of Sarah Perkins Sasquatchen Studios does NOT own any of the music used in the making of this film. Full copyright credit is given to owners.
  • Cops: Luna County worker embezzled A southern New Mexico woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing thousands from a Luna County charity fund.
  • Two arrested after nearly $200K embezzled from Lilac Lanes The top two employees at Lilac Lanes Casino have been arrested for embezzling nearly $200000 in cash and then trying to hide their profits with purchases of luxury items. KXLY4's Jeff Humphrey reports.
  • Blood bank embezzlement case A Neenah woman has been ordered to stand trial on charges she embezzled money from a blood bank.
  • Court: Couple embezzled from her work A 30-year-old mother of three and her 34-year-old husband are being charged with embezzling as much as $400000 from her former employer. Erica Nienhuis, employed by a company called Lakeshore Partnership of Zeeland until recently, and her husband, Dean, a self-employed building contractor with a criminal record, were arraigned Thursday afternoon in 58th District Court in Hudsonville.
  • pd: woman embezzled $1.4 million
  • New Orleans ACORN Embezzled $5M

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