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  • Mario Lopez's girlfriend uses a sequin jacket to spice up a basic maternity outfit. Courtney Mazza Embellishes Her Baby Bump. Wed., Aug. 18, 2010 4:00 PM PDT by Sydne Summer. — “Courtney Mazza Embellishes Her Baby Bump - ”,
  • Trash Bagz is a unique handbag company established over a cheap bottle of wine by an artist and a designer who have an extreme passion for fashion and individuality. TraSh Bagz hand paints and embellishes purses as well as revamps old bags that. — “TraSh Bagz - Home”,
  • Explore the bangle`s softer side. Opulent embroidery embellishes velvety suede that`s wrapped over a lightweight resin base. Opulent embroidery embellishes velvety suede that`s wrapped over a lightweight resin base. — “Embroidered bangle bracelet | Coldwater Creek”,
  • Gay Jensen, Award-winning artist, is passionate about textiles. She weaves, dyes, paints, stitches, manipulates, collages and embellishes fabrics, creating art that delights the eye and engages the mind. — “Gay Jensen, Fiber Artist - Home”,
  • bejayes things celebrate life by giving, gifts of love. We offer gift cards, catalogs and a wide variety of gifts and collectibles, for that special person. Traditional Jesus print embellishes the cover; antique gilt edging adds a lustrous touch. — “Religious Gift Items”,
  • Distinctive double row cording embellishes this solid fitted sheet in ultrasoft combed cotton percale. Distinctive double row cording embellishes this solid pillowcase in ultrasoft combed. — “Calvin Klein Home "Flaxen" Bedding Collection - Bedding”, www1
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Women's Slingbacks. Compare prices on Women's Slingbacks. Find Women's Slingbacks deals and save. Read reviews and buy Women's Slingbacks from a wide variety of online merchants. Decorative stitching embellishes an open-toe slingback fashioned. — “Jessica Mcclintock Taffeta Dresses - Women's Slingbacks”,
  • Definition of embellishes in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is embellishes? Meaning of embellishes as a legal term. What does embellishes mean in law?. — “embellishes legal definition of embellishes. embellishes”, legal-
  • Ornate masonry detailing embellishes a 8883-square-foot Italianate-style residence. A lavish display of ornate masonry detailing embellishes this 8883-square-foot Italianate-style residence. — “Manor of Masonry”,
  • The Peekskill, Plan# 780-D A stunning center dormer with arched window embellishes the exterior of this craftsman style home with walkout basement. The dormer's arched window allows light into the foyer with built-in niche. The second floor's. — “The Peekskill House Plan Details by Donald A. Gardner Architects”,
  • Embellishes - Home. — “Embellishes - Home”,
  • CBS News video: Clinton Embellishes Past - Hillary Clinton greatly misstated an experience in Bosnia that has opened the door for her foreign policy experience to be scrutinized. Sharyl Attkisson reports. — “Clinton Embellishes Past - CBS News Video”,
  • Watch Embellishes videos from all over the internet : Clinton Embellishes Past. Hillary Clinton greatly misstated an experience in Bosnia that has opened the door for her foreign policy experience to be sc. — “Embellishes - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • Durwin Rice embellishes an embossed glass plate with clear decoupage and an unusual gold leaf background finish. Host Cindy Piccoli demonstrates how to adhere thin brick tiles to a wall for added texture and dimension. Bunny DeLorie shares how to. — “Metallic-Leaf in Reverse, Brick Wall : Decorating With Style”,
  • The Tri-State Section PGA has a reputation as being one of the best golf associations in the country. Tri-State PGA embellishes reputation. By Mike Dudurich, TRIBUNE-REVIEW. — “Tri-State PGA embellishes reputation - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review”,
  • Embellishes is more than just a gifts and greetings store. It's a goldmine of quirky and wonderful things with personality, flair, humor and attitude—most all of it personally selected by the discerning yet whimsical eye of Priscilla Flynn, the store owner. — “Embellishes - 389 E. Campbell Ave. - Campbell,CA - 95008”,
  • Polish Carrier Embellishes iPhone Queues With Actors Polish peddler for Apple’s 3G iPhone has said that it paid actors to stand in line outside the stores in an effort to drum up some excitement about the product. — “Polish Carrier Embellishes iPhone Queues With Actors”,
  • Us Angels Childrens Apparel - Lowest prices and Sales found at Pricewatch. (Lilac) - Apparel: Lovely fine-spun organza Sash perfectly embellishes the US Angels Sleeveless Organza Dress. — “Us Angels Childrens Apparel at Pricewatch - Lowest prices”,
  • [edit] Verb. embellishes. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of embellish. .org/wiki/embellishes" Category: English third-person singular forms. — “embellishes - Wiktionary”,
  • Embellishes definition, to beautify by or as if by ornamentation; ornament; adorn. See more. — “Embellishes | Define Embellishes at ”,
  • Posts tagged Embellishes at TV Squad Anyone who's seen or heard Larry King over the last quarter-century or so (which includes just about everyone who has cable TV) knows that he's been known to tell tales of his life that are, to put it charitably, less than true. — “Embellishes”,
  • Rosemarie Torre handcrafts and embellishes 1/2 inch (1/24 scale) and 1 inch (1/12 scale) miniature furniture, lighting fixtures, and roombox vignettes. Rosemarie Torre handcrafts and embellishes 1/2 inch (1/24 scale) and 1 inch (1/12 scale) miniature furniture, lighting fixtures, and roombox vignettes. — “Rosemarie Torre Fine Dollhouse Miniatures”,
  • Online meeting place for swingers, lifestyle couples, and singles offers personal ads, photos, email, chat, games, and more. in swinging believe that such comarital *** embellishes and enriches marriages in all areas, especially in. — “CouplesTouch”,

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  • Dream about Obama - also Russia Attacking Northern California Video response to Entimes777: Dreams from God; night visions. These aren't the type of dreams I usually have, so I think they are important. Note: I don't know when the Russian attack will happen. All I know is what I saw in my dream. I'm not the kind of person who embellishes stories cuz that's dishonest and it's lying. For Barbie Breathitt's book, Dream Encounters - Seeing Your Destiny from God's Perspective, go to: She is also on Facebook Thanks for watching!
  • Ennio Morricone and Dulce Pontes - Your Love (Once Upon A Time in the West) Song from the album Focus This is an impressive album where Dulce Pontes turns cinematic themes from the Morricone repertoire into songs in English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, and she is breathtaking in most of them. Dulce Pontes embellishes Morricone's compositions with an epic grandeur that few other singers could have achieved. Her voice is very potent and playful, yet subtle when necessary. I'm always surprised by how gracefully her vocals blend with the music and succeed in recreating the absurdity, the nuances, and the overwhelming beauty of Morricone's eccentric musical temperament. My favorite songs are those in English, particularly "Your Love" (with music from Once Upon a Time in the West). Dulce's elegant venture into a Brazilian arrangement makes "Nosso Mar" another favorite of mine. Her best achievement, however, is probably "No Ano Que Vem", a song inspired by Jerusalem and set to the strangely upbeat music from the film Maddalena. Focus is a superb accomplishment in Dulce's career. In the end, one could not possibly deny her the classical stature of Ennio Morricone.
  • Raymond Embellishes a high stick
  • Decorate Greeting Cards Made With Embroidery Machine Holly Pike of shows how she decorates and embellishes greeting cards made with her embroidery machine.
  • Feelings performed by Adam Patrick Moore Adam Patrick Moore embellishes on a Richard Clayderman arrangement of Feelings. In the background can be heard Adam's Siamese cat voicing its feelings and joining in song.
  • George's Diploma Lionel's ashamed of his old man. So when he describes his father's education for a company newsletter, the guy embellishes a little. Okay, a lot. George has all kinds of business and street smarts, but please. This lie goes way too far. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TWITTER Tags: Watch Free Video Online Now Streaming Television Tv minisode jeffersons 70s sitcom sherman helmsley louise weezy tv norman lear racisim honkey deluxe apartment school
  • Crosby dodges Ovechkin and embellishes (dives)
  • 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid - Los Angeles Auto Show FOR MORE AUTO SHOW VIDEOS & NEWS VISIT: Officially unveiled at the LA Auto Show, the 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid is the final piece in an impressive transformation saga that began last spring with the introduction of its new-gen conventional 2011 Optima siblings at the New York Auto Show. Kia's first-ever hybrid offering in the US embellishes all of the impressive visual and functional elements that constitute the new Optima formula with an eco-oriented variation the automaker expects will deliver a class-leading 40 mpg EPA highway number along with a Kia-style value story.
  • Luongo Embellishes to draw a penalty
  • create as a child Resurrect yourself as a child. Be the child that you are, resurrect this child that sees with the eyes of innocence. Be the child that you are, resurrect this child that beholds all that it experiences with no expectation, but rather, in awe and wonder of what it beholds, giving it no meaning, but completely open to receiving the meaning IT has to give to you. Be the child that you are, resurrect this child that knows of nothing, yet open to experiencing everything, as there is no expectation and the flow is always coming to you. Be the child that you are, resurrect this child at play, always at play, taking all that is already there, but embellishing it with its playful sacred magic, its IMAGINATION. A child always personalizes its world. A child at play does not complain about what is not there, but embellishes what is there to make it more fun, more alive, more to its present moments desire. Be this child. Be the child the child that you are, resurrect this child that embellishes all that is around you for this is creation, this is creating, both, at the same time. Create the stars at night to sparkle brighter, move and dance, reach out and touch you, sing to you, share great wisdom with you. Allow the moon to invite you into its world, and have you sit upon Her, as you gaze at the stars from Her perspective. Become the child that you already are, but may have forgotten. Let your childhood be reborn this day of resurrection. Be the child that you are, resurrect this ...
  • The night Kirk Maltby murdered Sidney Crosby Like a soccer player, Sidney Crosby embellishes a hit, and is right back out on the ice the very next shift.
  • The night Steve Downie murdered Sidney Crosby Like a soccer player, Sidney Crosby embellishes a hit, and is right back out on the ice the very next shift.
  • Malhotra Embellishes a High Stick
  • Miranda Delancey embellishes her maneuvers to get some grapes August 9, 2010
  • The night Maxim Lapierre murdered Sidney Crosby Like a soccer player, Sidney Crosby embellishes a [phantom] hit, and is right back out on the ice the very next shift.
  • Victor of Aveyron Based on the factual account (although this embellishes practically everything, haha).
  • July 7 1980 Berlin Jimmy Page The Last July 7, 1980 is a historic date in music history. Jimmy Page, smokes a joint and embellishes the longest Stairway To Heaven solo in the band's history. This clip highlights his work that day, albeit sloppy playing (you'd be too if you were in his condition). Nevertheless, he is forgiven because he has given all of us the pleasure to listen to his ailing gift. It was momentous, it was historic, it was...THE LAST.
  • Key West Steamplant Towering 70 feet above the edge of the historic Key West harbor, where the fiery sunset embellishes the horizon with brilliant hues of orange, pink and yellow, Key West Steamplant is unlike any other structure on the island. A modern marvel, rising to nearly twice the height of any other building, the unique community offers what no other can—incomparable luxury, exclusive privacy and a lifetime of unobstructed panoramic views of the sunset and harbor. 19 lavish residences were constructed to offer a most unique lifestyle, spacious, elegant and contemporary, just footsteps from the historic seaport. The Steamplant building was built on the site of Key West's original electrical plant and designed to capture the beauty and allure of its Art Deco past. Ceilings of 10 to 14 feet add to the expansiveness of Key West Steamplant, as do living spaces of more than 2800 to just over 5000 square feet. Private elevators transport residents from their personal garage to the different levels of their home; including a rooftop terrace with a private pool and every amenity necessary for entertaining. Key West Steamplant undeniably offers the most luxurious living on the island.
  • An Exaggeration Kristen tells a story. She embellishes a little bit.
  • Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain (Frank Capra) "The Battle of Britain," Chapter IV of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" series, begins after Hitler's conquest of Western Europe. Once firmly in control of the parts of France and Norway closest to Great Britain, the ***s commence their massive air assault on the British isles. Outnumbered six to one, the fighters of the Royal Air Force defend their skies against the Luftwaffe for close to four months. Capra embellishes the British successes, for example the film claims the RAF fought 200 dogfights in the first thirty minutes of the battle alone, and that by the end of the first month they had destroyed 900 German planes. (In truth, the number is closer to 260). However, the success of the British defenses forced the Germans to change strategies, switching to more frightening night raids that terrorized London. But the British resolve won the day, in grand fashion. The film claims total German losses of more than 2700. The real number is closer to 1600. The number of downed British planes equaled approximately half that of Germany.
  • All In The Family: "Archie Sees a Mugging" 1/3 Archie and Mike head down to the store to get some items and on the way out Archie witnesses a mugging. Archie doesn't want to get involved in the matter and refuses to tell the police what he saw. However, when he is forced to get involved, he embellishes his story, citing that the mugging was an attempted mafia hit.
  • *** Symbol Nat, a good-time girl? As if. Watch as Natalie goes on her first real date with a boy and in typical guy fashion, he later embellishes the story to friends. Don't worry, Nat's a big girl and she can take care of herself. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TWITTER TAGS: watch free streaming television tv video minisode Facts of Life Tootie Jo Blair Natalie sitcom
  • ORGANIC MOISTURISING BODY-CREAM (Special-Dry-Skin) THE LIST OF THE PRODUCTS : AVOCADO OIL @ Regenerates the Skins in lack of brightness. COCONUT OIL @ Embellishes hair giving brightness & strenght and fill your skin of comfort. SHEA OIL @ Calms the irrited skins & embellishes the cutaneous tissue. JOJOBA OIL @ Ideal partener of the sensitive & acned skins. VITAMIN E OIL @ Moisturises dry, problem skin & helps minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. ORGANIC EX-VG BODY WHIP @ Rejuvenates Dry, Ashy, Flaky Skin by totally moisturizing difficul to treat areas like knees, elbows & heels. ORGANIC COCOA BUTTER & SHEA BUTTER @ Softens your skin & soothes dry, ashy areas. 100%AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER @ Is Enriched with all the essentiel vitamins needed ti hydrate & rajuvenate all types of skin. VASILINE @ Temporarily protects minor : cuts, scrapes burns. Helps protect from the drying effects of wind & cold weather. COMPOSTION 1 : I mix 4 tps of each oil by adding a few drops of vitamin E oil & glycerine. (Mix well to obtain a homogeneous mixture) COMPOSITION 2 : With the electric mixer, I mix 2/3 fsps of each cream & vasilines. (mix well to obtain a homogeneous mixture). FINAL COMPOSITION : I combine both mixtures together and once again I remix well to obtain "A RICH MOISTURISING BODY CREAM" INTEREST GENERAL : This cream moisturizes the dry skin thoroughly and leaves your skin soft and smooth. NB : By cons in the list of the oils, I used castor oil by mistake. It is not dangerous for the skin but the castor oil is recommended ...
  • Scramble Campbell Embellishes! Watch Scramble as he embellishes a Giclee Print from a String Cheese Incident Painting at Red Rocks. You will want one for your wall!
  • David Letterman - Harry Connick, Jr's Bad Parenting Skills Oh no he didn't! Watch how Harry Connick, Jr. embellishes a story about his 7 year-old daughter.
  • Russia's Ruling Pair Dance Cartoon TV Duet Sky News Online Russian TV viewers were treated to a surprise cartoon duet from their President and Prime Minister immediately after the latter's official New Year's Eve address. In the two-and-a-half-minute animation, caricatures of President Dmitri Medvedev and his sidekick Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reviewed their year in a jaunty ditty while playing the accordion and tambourine on Red Square. The ruling pair take turns to sing lines in the song, and when one of the men embellishes his performance with a flourish, he is immediately congratulated by his partner. At one point the judo black belt Putin slaps his own bottom with his tambourine. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a cartoon duet reviewing 2009 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in an unusual guise. Pic from 'Mult Lichnosti' Russians are more used to seeing him hunting with a gun or sitting in the ***pit of a fighter jet. When President Medvedev wishes the Russian people "A Happy New Year for the second time", his predecessor gently reminds him that "one of us has done that nine times already". There's an indication that this comedic appearance was not just a one-off. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a cartoon duet reviewing 2009 Putin & Medvedev indulge in a bit of cossack dancing. Pic from 'Mult Lichnosti' The pair have been added to the cast of Mult Lichnosti, a twice-weekly show poking fun at political figures which runs on ...
  • Scott Hartnell thinks Mark Recchi embellishes Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins, 2009-12-14 Scott Hartnell does his best impression of Mark Recchi after he was called for high sticking him.
  • "KK Ragtime" ~ played by Tom Brier @ The West Coast Ragtime Festival - 2008 Everybody gathered around enjoying Tom Brier's piano playing! It was GREAT! This all took place during the Annual West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento, CA in mid November of 2008. "KK Ragtime" is the title of this melody and the composer's name is Kazumi Totaka. The piano arrangement is by Ron O'Dell and Tom Brier embellishes upon it brilliantly as usual! _ november 11 WCRF
  • Tattered Floral Cards using Tim Holtz dies Kate creates two beautiful Asian themed cards using the Tattered Floral flower dies from Tim Holtz. Watch as Kate creates, stamps, inks, paints and embellishes, before turning the pieces into amazing 3D flowers to use on two very special cards. See Kate's blog for a full product list:
  • Hazel Embellishes Snow Lady! That's my mom!
  • Henrik Lundqvist confronts Sidney Crosby | March 4th, 2010 [HD] Sidney Crosby takes a dive and Henrik Lundqvist gets in his face. Crosby then crosschecks Lundqvist which triggers a scrum behind Lundqvist's net. Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Rangers March 4th, 2010
  • Pérotin: Viderunt omnes [with score - original m***cript] Pérotin's Viderunt Omnes (1198), performed by the Hilliard Ensemble. The foundation of Viderunt omnes is a plainchant that likely served the Parisian liturgy for Christmas Day. The text comes from verses of Psalm 98 in the Vulgate's Latin (Ps. 98:3b-4a, 2), jubilantly singing of the moment when God's salvation is made known to all the Earth. (Incidentally, the text naturally seems to call for such a concord of many voices!) Following the responsory form of plainchant, Viderunt omnes consists of a solo incipit, a chanted conclusion, a short verset (also perhaps for solo), and a repeat of the opening section. Pérotin's setting preserves the form and retains the liturgically correct chant melody, but embellishes it by two "discant clausulae," sections of composed polyphony that substitute for the solo chants. For each clausula, the choir sings the notes of the chant melody, but each note is greatly extended. Above this abstracted chant is woven a web of three solo voices dancing about one another in long, metrical melismas on the chant syllables. The most astounding innovation of Notre Dame polyphony was the addition of rhythm to such ornamental voices: the upper voices sing dozens of notes above each step of the chant, regulated by the six modal rhythms. The rhythmic patterns possible (which may shift in each voice phrase to phrase) are each related to a poetic foot: long/short (trochaic), short/long (iambic), long/short/short (dactylic), short/short/long (anapestic), long ...
  • Clinton Embellishes Past (CBS News) Hillary Clinton greatly misstated an experience in Bosnia that has opened the door for her foreign policy experience to be scrutinized. Sharyl Attkisson reports. ()
  • Emma Embellishes Her Konad French Manicure 11 year old Emma uses Konad Stamping Nail Art supplies to embellish her Konad French Manicure, using image disk M5 to put a dragonfly on her thumb, in violet pearl special stamping polish. Emma also adds some stars in white special stamping polish. See Emma's kids only page at /kids.htm
  • Rangers Penguins Scrum March 4th, 2010. Crosby embellishes a play, Lundquist calls him out, Crosby crosschecks Lundquist, Dubinsky goes after Crosby in a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers on March 4th, 2010 at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.
  • Is it a Trip or a Dive? Umberger / Ovechkin I say its definitely a trip...though Ovy might have been a little lenient on his encouragement to stay up he did definitely lose footing from the slew.
  • Phantom of the Opera - Medley - Adam Patrick Moore Pianist Adam Patrick Moore embellishes using the choral parts and accompaniment from Ed Lojeski's SATB medley arrangement of various songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera including in order Think of Me, Angel of Music, Phantom of the Opera, All I Ask of You, Wishing You Were Here Again, and Point of No Return.
  • Perfect Highlighter - YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT Hola Chicas! this is my review on YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT. I have used it for past five/six years. I thought I would share my experience of the product with you. Hope it helps! Here is what the YSL website claim the product does: "A cult beauty product used by celebrities and models, often copied but never equalled, TOUCHE ÉCLAT captures the light, banishing signs of fatigue and fading out imperfections. In just one click, this moisturising and ultra-fluid emulsion eliminates shadows from the side of the nose, the corners of the mouth, the hollow of the chin and expression lines. It embellishes the eye area, making you look rested and bright-eyed. The pure magic of TOUCHE ÉCLAT can also be applied to the lip contour to create fuller looking lips, or to the side of the nose to give your face a touch of radiance. The very handy format means you can pop it into any size handbag... For all skin types. Tested under dermatological control.." From my experience I agree with those claims made. I love love it! YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT 2.5ML can be purchased from any YSL counters and boots drugstore in UK for £24.00. However the cheapest reputable company selling it is feel unique for £17.50 including free P&P, Hope this video was of use to you. Do comment, rate and subscribe. The comments help for me to know how I can improve my reviews, videos to benefit you, and I always endeavor to reply to any comments left. The rating enables me to know whether that particular video was ...
  • samuelsson Embellishes a slash
  • Embellishing Buttons with Permapaque and 3D Souffle Ink As seen on Scrapbook Memories, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer embellishes ordinary buttons using Permapaque and Souffle 3D ink by Sakura Color Products of America.
  • Tom Brier sight-reads ragtime One of the most phenomenal sight-readers of ragtime, Tom Brier fills out and embellishes a tune as he reads it from the page. The only error made is on the repeat of the final strain when an unusual chord change was missed (which is why he points at the score when he finishes -- after the video ends, he proceeded to play the strain again). The tune is "Fly-Swatter Rag" composed by myself (Ron O'Dell) in 2007. Download the sheet music for free: www.keeper1
  • Meego - "Liar, Liar" part 1 of 3 - unaired episode in the US In this episode.....When Trip lies to get a date with college girl Amanda, Meego embellishes the lie with his antics; Meego encounters snow for the first time. From 1997 - Meego is a 9000 year old alien whose spaceship crashes on Earth and is discovered by Alex, Maggie and Trip Parker. The three children take a liking to Meego and convince their single father to take him in as a nanny. Meego agrees to stay until his ship is fixed, but eventually grows attached to the children and stays 13 episodes made, with 7 unaired including this one.

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  • “Read updated news, stories, and facts on jewelry, handbags, and fashion accessories at the Max and Chloe blog. The four gold ball studs on the 18k gold-plated CC Skye Gold Ball Stud Cuff takes the theme of raised accents, and embellishes it with style!”
    — Max and Chloe Blog - Jewelry, Handbags, and Fashion Accessories,

  • “%post_excerpt Sherwood Community Centre embellishes at the jain warehouse of the branch on Mansfield Road, single Woodthorpe Grange Park. Fat burning workout: university alley, where a month of the”
    — Hair Loss Drugs | We Are The Most Reliable Online-Drugstore,

  • “Blog. Archive for April, 2010. Virtual Classroom Technology. Wednesday, April 21st, 2010. For effects emphasize important moments; narration embellishes the story or adds key points”
    — April " 2010 " The Phoenix Group,

  • “Beauty And The Blog. Friday, November 19, 2010. Product Patrol – This Week's Hottest Deliciously perfumed with violet, it subtly embellishes the face, body, and hair with a”
    — Beauty And The Blog: Product Patrol – This Week's Hottest,

  • “Cake blog offering hundreds photos and videos of unique specialty cakes, wedding cakes and cupcakes. Gold roping embellishes the base of each tier. The entire cake is covered in hot pink fondant and the cake was coconut with lemon cream cheese”
    — Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more,

  • “Album Review - Live In Australia by David Sigler. Being a die hard Elton fan is sometimes James Newton-Howard embellishes the most appealing moments from these early tracks (Paul”
    — Eltonography Blog - Album Review - Live In Australia by David,

  • “Berry Fit Company is the nation's largest maker of western horse show clothes and other custom horse show apparel. We design and produce jackets, leather chaps, blouses and other custom clothing and accessories fom many materials, including”
    — Berry Fit Company Blog,

  • “Xixi Haha's blog - If you want to outburst womanly that cartier necklace choice has streamlined the design styles of jewelry. Cartier classic hexagon star series, Cartier chain has hanging refined Cartier pendants, embellishes some diamond”
    — Club Force - The F1 India Network | Force India, Formula 1, clubforce.gp

  • “Blog. Calling all Brooklyn Designers! The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the release of Did you know that Danby Marble embellishes two significant Brooklyn institutions, the Brooklyn US Post Office and the Brooklyn Courthouse!”
    — BKLYN DESIGNS™ 2010 | Blog,

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