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  • Cheats, codes, hints, and FAQs for Earthbound (SNES). — “Earthbound cheats, codes, hints, FAQs: Super Nintendo (SNES)”,
  • EarthBound for SNES - GameSpot offers reviews, previews, cheats, and more. Count on us for all of the latest on the EarthBound SNES Game. — “EarthBound for SNES - GameSpot”,
  • An EarthBound / MOTHER blog full of stuff you never knew. — “EarthBound Central”,
  • EarthBound, also known as Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū (MOTHER2ギーグの逆襲, Mazā Tsū Gīgu no Gyakushū?, "Mother 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back"), is a role-playing video game co-developed by Ape and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Super NES video game console. — “EarthBound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Buy earthbound, Toys Hobbies items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Video Games items and get what you want now!. — “earthbound items - Get great deals on Toys Hobbies”,
  • IGN is the ultimate EarthBound resource for trailers, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, release dates, previews, reviews, soundtracks and news. — “IGN: EarthBound”,
  • Includes images, sounds, information, news, rumors, articles, games, links, chat, et al. — “EB Fanfest 2010”,
  • EarthBound is a role-playing game starring a young boy named Ness on his quest to save the world. The game--and the other games in the series--have become cult phenomena with a very large, dedicated fanbase. — “EarthBound (video game)”,
  • EarthBound was released in Japan (as Mother 2) on August 27, 1994, and in North America on June 1, 1995. A sequel to EarthBound for the Nintendo 64DD, titled EarthBound 64, was in development for many years before finally being. — “EarthBound - Wikipedia Mirror”,
  • System: Super NES. Publisher: Nintendo. Developer: APE/Halken. Genre: RPG. Type: RPG w/Modern Setting. Circa: 1995. Alundra 2. OVERALL SCORE: 4.5/5. BACK TO SUPER NES REVIEWS. VISIT MY EARTHBOUND ODDITIES PAGE. BACK TO MAIN PAGE. — “EarthBound Review”,
  • Retronauts 5: Earthbound, Does Nintendo's RPG deserve its loyal following? Pity the poor Earthbound series, then, because its history in America has been beset by both circumstances. — “Retronauts 5: Earthbound from 1”, 1
  • Earthbound SlackJack System Click the image to start the Silverlight application. © 2010 Earthbound Corp., Domestic & Foreign: Patents & Patents Pending. US Patents: 7,762,030 7,. — “The Earthbound System®”,
  • earthbound also earth-bound ( ) adj. Fastened in or to the soil: earthbound roots. Attached or confined to the earth or to earthly concerns: an. — “earthbound: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of earthbound in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of earthbound. Pronunciation of earthbound. Translations of earthbound. earthbound synonyms, earthbound antonyms. Information about earthbound in the free online English dictionary and. — “earthbound - definition of earthbound by the Free Online”,
  • EarthBound - Part 2: Answering the Obnoxious Knock by GCDotNet 366 views EarthBound - Part 3: The Shocking Truths of Pokey and Paul by GCDotNet 312 views. 8:13 Add to Added to queue. EarthBound - Part 4: Good Ol' 19XX by. — “YouTube - Broadcast Yourself”,
  • EarthBound Super NES at GameSpy - Check out the latest EarthBound cheats, cheat codes, walkthroughs, guides, videos and more!. — “EarthBound - Super NES - GameSpy”,
  • Earthbound's website starter packages let you know what it costs – check our website design prices page for a summary. Earthbound offers a range of website packages – from simple one page Websites, Website redesigns, to multiple page small business Websites as well as sophisticated, database driven,. — “”,
  • Earthbound Trading Co. is always on the lookout for dynamic people to join our team. Register and receive news on all things Earthbound, including special offers and coupons!. — “EBT Home – Earthbound Trading Co. & Romancing the Stone”,
  • Earthbound definition, firmly set in or attached to the earth. See more. — “Earthbound | Define Earthbound at ”,
  • EarthBound (MOTHER2ギーグの逆襲 Mazā Tsū Gīgu no Gyakushū) is a console role-playing game developed by Ape, Inc. and HAL Laboratory, Inc. and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on June 1, 1995. It was initially released. — “EarthBound - EarthBound Wiki - Earthbound, Mother 3, guides”,

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  • Earthbound 64 (Mother 3) Nintendo 64 Unreleased Beta http In 1996, Nintendo and HAL Labs planned to release a sequel to the quirky RPG series known as the Mother series in Japan, and the Earthbound series to the US. It was well planned out, and the project was headed by Shigesato Itoi, the same person who was involved in Mother 1 and 2. The game continued in the quirky style of the past games of the Mother series, with various different elements all combined into one game. [...] However, while the story was well planned storyline-wise, the development team was not used to working with 3D graphics. They had trouble developing it, and the game suffered delay after delay. It ran into further delays when, around 1998, it was announced as one of the launch titles for the 64DD, a disk-drive attachment for the Nintendo 64 which planned to enhance games. As the 64DD met it's doom in Japan, Mother 3 moved off of its list of games. Mother 3 made an appearance of Spaceworld in 1999, showing screenshots, a movie, and a playable demo, and with this, it looked as if Mother 3 would finally come out. All these signs of completion showed nothing. The game suffered further delays following spaceworld, when finally, in late summer of 2000, it was announced that Mother 3 was cancelled. The shock hit the Earthbound community hard, but Mother 3 simply had too many problems at the time. It was full of bugs and still not completed. It was also losing interest, as the new Gamecube system made the Nintendo 64 obsolete. More ...
  • Onett Theme: Earthbound Music
  • EarthBound - Part 4: Frank We get into the second (and technically third) boss fights. Not much going on in this one except for a little fighting. We get into the first dungeon in the next part.
  • Earthbound Saga - Chapter 1 Buy EB Saga chapters 1-4 on DVD at /products/ebsaga CHAPTER TWO AVALIBLE HERE: This is the first chapter of the Earthbound Saga, based on the cult classic RPG game, Earthbound. NOTE: This movie is NOT intended to be well made. It was made intentionally poor, as a joke. If you'd like to see our other, slightly better movies, visit We started the movie in 1995, when we were very young. We hadn't gone far before we gave up. In the last year however, we dusted off the tape and decided to continue the otherwise unsatisfying 3 minute video. Take it for what it's worth.
  • Let's Play EarthBound! Part 49: Bob, Otis, Ed & Jesus Christ Another cell phone interruption! Hooray!
  • MOTHER 2 / EarthBound Animation An English version of a really nice Japanese Flash animation by Ao. Original Japanese version: English version: Hacking by Kevin, translation by Tomato -------- Note that the music in this video is out of synch, and some graphical effects are missing. See the Flash animations to see how this video really looks. It's amazing stuff.
  • EarthBound - Part 1: Meteor Ok, I'll just say right now that I ripped off about a thousand people with my Falcon Punch line, but I don't care. Anyway, this is to get the word out about the EarthBound series that you've probably all heard of, but never played. This is my first LP, so it's a little shaky, but isn't everyone's first LP?
  • SuperBound (Superbad EarthBound trailer) I was kinda bored so I got the red band trailer version of Super Bad and made it the EarthBound characters instead. Find the real red band trailer somewhere online to see how right on I was.
  • VG Music Origins: Earthbound/Mother 2 This video is intended to educate viewers the inspiration behind the soundtrack of Earthbound/Mother 2 for the SNES. EarthBound, known in Japan as Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū (MOTHER2ギーグの逆襲 ,Mazā Tsū Gīgu no Gyakushū?, lit. "Mother 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back"), is a role-playing video game co-developed by Ape and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Super NES video game console. It was designed by Shigesato Itoi, who also developed its Japan-only predecessor, Mother.
  • EarthBound Anti-Piracy Measure (spoilers!) NOTE: This does NOT happen with emulators/ROMs! This only happens with bootleg cartridges! LAST BOSS SPOILERS! EarthBound's programming was full of anti-piracy stuff. It would often check to see if the game was on a cartridge copier or on a pirate cartridge and then it'd do all kinds of stuff. This video is an example of one of the last checks it does in the game... and it's also one of the most evil things a designer could do. It's so bad it's genius. Anyway, check it out. More info on other stuff like this is at
  • Earthbound - Battle against Giygas Part One EVERYONE HAS HEARD THE ABORTING GIYGAS THEORY IT'S NOT ORIGINAL OR NEW OR INTERESTING ANYMORE STOP POSTING IT Scariest, most emotionally draining boss battle EVER. You can see that even though I've done this a bunch of times, I still get freaked out and am not sure what to do at points. Adurr.
  • Earthbound - Final Battle + Ending Credits + Giygas Beginning of Giygas battle music DOWNLOAD: If you haven't yet, pick up the Mother 3 English Fan Translation Patch: mother3 It's Earthbound! Someone reached that 100k mark. At 6:00, after Giygas' shield becomes unstable, look at the screen and see the baby....
  • EarthBound [Enemy: New Age Retro Hippie] New Age Retro Hippie? hum... anyway XD I just wanted to show how, EarthBound is an exceptionnal RPG! =D This is my first video of EarthBound, and not the last...
  • Earthbound - Battle against Giygas Part Two Add &fmt=18 to the end of the url to cut down on distortion near the end. YES IF YOU LOOK YOU CAN SEE A FETUS AT THE END WOW THAT'S SO CREEPY CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON
  • Smiles and Tears: Earthbound Music
  • Connor Reeves Earthbound Cool Tune
  • Earthbound intro This is what happens when you don't immediately start playing Earthbound. Earthbound is one of my all-time favorite RPGs.
  • EarthBound Saga - Chapter 3 Buy EB Saga chapters 1-4 on DVD at /products/ebsaga This is the epic 16 minute THIRD chapter of the Earthbound MOVIE Saga, based on the cult classic RPG game, Earthbound (Mother 2). In this chapter: Ness finds himself in trouble with the Onett Police, He also has been picking...
  • Snorlax Owns: The EarthBound Version Something quick I made in about a day. Remember those two guys who argue over Snorlax? Well this is the EarthBound version! ^_^ EarthBound/Mother © Nintendo
  • What is Earthbound?! OK FINE. I didn't actually "Make the animation" it's just a colored in .gif that I used in movie maker and slapped on the music, but I added the funniest part THE ANNOTATIONS. Happy now? What is Earthbound 2 is Finally Finished.
  • EarthBound Supremacy Here's a music video of a game called EarthBound for the SNES. Some of you might recognize Ness from Super Smash Bros. Melee because this is his orginal game. EarthBound is an RPG that was released in the mid 1990s with small success here in the states. Although much more popular in Japan and the North American fanbase for this game is very dedicated. I made this video in order to intrest potential gamers in giving this classic SNES masterpeice a well deserved playthrough, it may seem weird and but you'll be glad you did. More information about EarthBound and related news can be found at . Hope you enjoy the video! The song is called Bouff by Machinae Supremacy.
  • The Music of Video Games [130] EarthBound Entry 130 in an on-going video series that offers a selection of musical tracks from various titles throughout gaming's history. EarthBound Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu (jp) Mother 2: Revenge of Gigyas! (tjp) Mother 2 ギーグの逆襲 (jp) Year: 1995 Platform: SNES Developers: Ape, HAL Laboratory, Inc. Publisher: Nintendo of America Inc. Video source: Artificialraven For more info on the game, follow these links: Watch this video with 44 KHz stereo sound: Using this link may affect video quality. Music composed by Hiroshi Kanazu, Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka.
  • EARTHBOUND! - Video Games AWESOME! EarthBound FanFest! We'll be broadcasting LIVE from Fourside on November 10th! Stay up to date on our shenanigans on TWITTER: OR FACEBOOK! Video Games AWESOME is playing the most AWESOME game of ALL TIME! It's EarthBound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System! Special Thanks to this guy for the hi res EarthBound logo: p0lar-
  • 16-Bit Gems #10: EarthBound - A History [1/3] This is part 1 of 3 in our comprehensive retrospective of the EarthBound (Mother) series. Part 2: Part 3: You can see more of our content at For his 10th 16-Bit Gem, Roo celebrates by taking a thorough look at the history of perhaps the most overlooked video game series of all time. He'll explore the twists and turns of how a poor-selling, quirky Japanese RPG gained a massive following - culminating in perhaps the most devoted video game fanbase on the internet. Be sure to also look for our next episode, which will be a review of EarthBound itself. For now, enjoy the in-depth story of the EarthBound series.
  • Best VGM 76 - Earthbound - Battle of Final Destiny (Giygas) / Pokey Means Business See also: Earthbound Music: Town Edition - Earthbound Music: Battle Edition - Best VGM 165 - Best VGM 234 - Best VGM 288 - Best VGM 318 - Best VGM 401 - Best VGM 484 - Best VGM 573 - Best VGM 670 - Best VGM 774 - Best VGM 830 - A collection of my favorite videogame music. Note that most of them are from games I played so I might miss some great ones from games I never played. SNES Earthbound The Battle of Final Destiny (Giygas) / Pokey Means Business
  • Earthbound / Mother Medley on Mario Paint =+= MP3 DOWNLOAD! =+= This video was my submission to 's PK Tube'N Earthbound contest. At the conclusion of the contest, this video received 44247 views, 392 comments and was favorited 612 times. It came in first place, but not without the help of all of you, so THANK YOU very much!! A huge thanks to Marco and Brandon for their awesome support from beginning to finish. You guys are great :-) This video is a medley of as many Earthbound/Mother themes I could possibly squeeze into Mario Paint's limitations. This goes out to all of our fellow Earthbound/Mother supporters as well as all of you who support me and my music on YouTube. Without you, my channel would not have been recognized. This medley contains the following 9 songs: 0:00 ~ Eight Melodies 1:02 ~ Twoson 1:40 ~ Pollyanna 2:34 ~ Runaway 5 Bus 3 2:58 ~ House 1 3:10 ~ Hotel 1 3:37 ~ Onett 4:12 ~ Because I Love You 5:38 ~ Smiles and Tears
  • Earthbound hacking This hack of Earthbound was something I made a while back. It's nothing too special, and it's actually kinda glitchy at points. But you can get a glimpse of what you can do with the game if you know a little about the inner workings. I don't know why I didn't put this in the video description earlier, but I don't have the hack available for download, since I lost it on a hard drive that broke, sorry.
  • Earthbound - Fight with Ronald McGiygas. You cannot grasp the true form of McGiygas' happy meals. I hacked the game so it would look like you're fighting McGiygas and then put the actual McGiygas video over the game footage.
  • EarthBound - Part 3: Freebees! We go through Onett to get some equips to power us up in preparation for the next boss fight. Not the most exciting part, but it shows off some cool items.
  • Mother and EarthBound Music on Piano The Pollyanna and Sound Stone songs from the Mother (EarthBound in the USA) series, played on piano. I arranged sheet music for both Pollyanna and the Sound Stone theme. You can get it at You can get a lot more stuff like this, including more sheet music, at
  • EarthBound Saga - Chapter 2 Buy EB Saga chapters 1-4 on DVD at /products/ebsaga This is the SECOND chapter of the Earthbound MOVIE Saga, based on the cult classic RPG game, Earthbound. CHAPTER THREE HERE: NOTE: This movie is NOT intended to be well made. It was made intentionally...
  • Draconian - Earthbound Gothic Doom Metal Band From Sweden Album: Turning Season Within
  • EarthBound - Part 7: Cops Attempt to Murder Child Coming down to the end of Onett with some fourth-wall breaking
  • EarthBound - Part 2: Starman Jr. All right, we get into some combat in this one. Still a little shaky, but I think I'm getting better. In the next installment, we get more into the real game.
  • Craig Shoemaker - The Lovemaster Cometh Music video by Craig Shoemaker performing The Lovemaster Cometh. (C) 2007 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Earthbound - One Nation Trance Nation video clip
  • Games You Don't Play #7 - EarthBound (SNES) This is a re-upload of episode #7 PK Tube'N contest entry 2nd Place At time of deletion this video had 26199 views. Please feel free to watch, rate and comment once again!
  • Earthbound Fortress 2 — The Heavy Weapons Zombie (pilot) Rushed out this idea in just under 4 hours of work — new record. I'll be making more of these some day, seeing how popular it became in less than 24 hours :v
  • VGA LIVE! - EarthBound FanFest - Part 1 On Nov.10th we did a live play through of the Fourside/Moonside portion of EarthBound in participation with the EarthBound FanFest. To our surprise, over 1100 people showed up, and stayed to watch us play for over 3 hours! Check it out!
  • Go to McDonald - (Earthbound gigyas's theme RONALDver.) from niconico douga RAN RAN RUU!
  • Machinae Supremacy - Earthbound Another Great Song By MaSu
  • 3D Onett - Earthbound Recreated the city of Onett from Earthbound in 3D. Reference image: Song from Child's Play 2008: Good CD, and goes to charity.. so GO GO GO!

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