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  • Duvetyne Fabric Drapery and Stage Curtains. Sew What? Inc. is a leading national manufacturer of stage curtains and theatrical drapery. Its custom designs can be found across the entertainment and performance industry, at special events and trade. — “Duvetyne Drape Fabrics, Stage Curtains”,
  • Pro Tapes Duve-Pro Duvetyne Felt Tape is a black polyester felt tape used for joining and temporarily repairing duvetyne fabric/curtains/cloth drapes in backdrops. Instantly create matte borders. — “Pro Tapes Duve-Pro Duvetyne Felt Tape at ”,
  • Supplier of photo surfaces and set supplies for the professional photographer 6421Y -Red Flame Retardant Commando Cloth / Duvetyne 54" x yard. — “Set Shop”,
  • Duvetyne has a light absorbing, brushed matte finish on one side. Very similar to duvetyne but heavier (12 oz. and 16 oz.) and available in a variety of colors. Because of its heavier weight Commando Cloth is virtually impermeable to light and is sometimes used as a less expensive (and less. — “Theatre and Studio Fabric Glossary”,
  • Duvetyne has many uses; use it to block out unwanted light or make performance clothing. Our Duvetyne has been tested in accordance with NFPA 701 and meets the requirements of that standard. — “Duvetyne Duvetyn”,
  • Home > Fabric, Stage Curtains & Backdrops > Commando Cloth & Duvetyn (Duvetyne) Commando Cloth, or Duvetyn (Duvetyne), comes in three weights - 8 oz. — “Commando Cloth & Duvetyn (Duvetyne) from Rose Brand”,
  • Duvetyne definition, a napped fabric, in a twilled or plain weave, of cotton, wool, silk, or rayon. See more. — “Duvetyne | Define Duvetyne at ”,
  • We carry Black Duvetyne for fabric, custom made curtains, and rental curtains. We specialize in theatrical drapery. — “Duvetyne, Order Online from ”,
  • Duvetyne & Black Velour - Filmtools stocks 16 oz. Duvetyne, aka Commando Cloth, and duve-pro Duvetyne adhesive tape. — “Duvetyne & Black Velour”,
  • Duvetyne 16 oz Black Commando Cloth 56 x 15ft Expendables, Tape Duvetyne Black Commando Cloth 56 x 15ft Commando Cloth is the heavier style duvetyne. — “Duvetyne 16oz Black Commando Cloth 56" x 15ft - Expendables, Tape”,
  • Felt Tape - 95 products for Felt Tape like JVCC FELT-06 Polyester Felt Tape (1mm thick felt): 3 in. x 25 yds. (Black), CRL 5/8" Adhesive Back Gray Felt Tape, and Pro Tapes Duve-Pro Duvetyne Felt Tape: 3 in. x 25 yds. (Black) and find the best. — “Felt Tape - Compare Prices on Felt Tape at ”,
  • Definition of duvetyne in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of duvetyne. Pronunciation of duvetyne. Translations of duvetyne. duvetyne synonyms, duvetyne antonyms. Information about duvetyne in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “duvetyne - definition of duvetyne by the Free Online”,
  • Shop for Duvetyne. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Duvetyne - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • duvetyne (uncountable) A heavy black cloth used in the motion picture and film industry to block out unwanted Retrieved from "http:///wiki/duvetyne". — “duvetyne - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of duvetyne from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of duvetyne. Pronunciation of duvetyne. Definition of the word duvetyne. Origin of the word duvetyne. — “duvetyne - Definition of duvetyne at ”,
  • Eric & Judy Bagai's home page now including 16 oz Duvetyne(!), and still the best wick prices on the web. FOREWORKS Publications. Tools for the Assessment and Instruction of Exceptional Learners. or for miscellaneous works by Eric Bagai, try. — “index”,
  • 1) What side of duvetyne is treated? "Care to confirm or deny my claim that it is the rough side of Duvetyne that is treated with fire proofing, not the fuzzy side." The process of flame treating fabric invariably includes fully dampening or. — “NAFAA - Myth Busters”,
  • Grosh Scenic Rentals rents Hollywood's best scenic backdrops, theatrical design curtain and drapery rentals ready for your next event or party. D0266 - Black Duvetyne Drape. — “Theatrical Curtain Rentals, Backdrops, and Stage Draperies at”,
  • Duvetyne Cloth. Duvetyne is an opaque, non-reflective cloth used to Duvetyne comes in a 12 oz weight and is fire retardent (NOT fire-proof). — “Duvetyne Cloth”,
  • Offers regular and extra wide scenery, display, and exhibition cloths in a variety of fabrics. Duvetyne *METALLIC Fabrics. Liquid/Ingot Lame. Irrid. Eleganza *VELOUR & ENCORE Fabrics. — “Scenicsource”,

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  • Duvetyn @ [] Are you tired of using an old, stinky, wet towel as your safety cloth? Duvetyne is an essential part of your fire dancing kit. This heavy-duty, fire retardant fabric can be used over and over again to extinguish tools and to smother flame. Each piece is approximately 36" x 54".
  • Skyfire #18 - Sean Spins Poi, Double Staff Guy Spins Double Staves I learn about safties, duvetyne cloth. Also witness Sean doing an orbital at 2m30s, which I think this was the exact moment I realized "wow, I want to do that!"
  • Dan Fogler and Chris Pratt crack up! Chuck the Movieguy interviews Dan Fogler and Chris Pratt for the movie Take Me Home Tonight. Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired and translated into all languages.
  • My fifth time fire hooping So I've been hoop dancing since August and began fire hooping shortly after. I've decided to not be ashamed of my noobness and use youtube to document my progress! I appreciate critique/tips/etc. During this burn: - I tried out that strange, around the body intro that looks really cool with a day hoop. Maybe it will look better with a fire hoop once I make my duvetyne clothes and can fire dance bravely. - I did that one-handed isolation while spinning around! Glad I attempted and succeeded. - I finally got the courage to do step-throughs, although I didn't remember to do them until most of the flames were out. =[ - I LOVE the thing where I bring the hoop up to my chest and kind of hold it in front of me while spinning around. Pretty scary though...gotta land it right in between the spokes. - I brought the hoop behind my back without catching my shirt on fire! ^__^ - Managed to do a decent duck-out while the flames were still pretty big. Goals: - ACTUALLY DANCE WITH THE HOOP. I feel like this is my biggest weakness. I wish so much to dance with the hoop like the people who inspire me. - Make smoother transitions, especially from on the body moves to off the body...grr getting into those isolations! - Stop tripping over leaves and crap. - Master the step through during full flames! -Get the figure 8 down and jump back into the hoop. - Bring the hoop behind my back quickly and safely. 8-)
  • Hooping - Wiki Article Hooping generally refers to artistic movement and dancing with a hoop (or hoops) used as a prop or dance partner. Hoops can be made of metal, wood or plastic. Hooping combines technical moves and tri... Hooping - Wiki Article - Original @ http All Information Derived from Wikipedia using Creative Commons License: Author: Unknown Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 ) Author: Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 ) Author: Unknown Image URL: ( This work is in the Public Domain. ) Author: karol m from arizona, USA Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 ) Author: Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 )
  • STAR TREK BLOOPERS 1960`s Bloopers from the original series from the 60`s.
  • Cinematography Tutorial: Using Flags to Control Shadow and Light More lighting tutorials on our blog at: Cinematography Tutorial: Flags are pieces of black duvetyne held together by metal frames. Flags are generally held up by c-stands in an effort to cut or shape light and provide "negative fill". It's important to mention that when using c-stands you should first position your flag exactly as you want it with the c-stand joints loose. Then when your flag is ready, tighten the c-stand joints in order to secure the precise position of the flag. This will not only help you precisely establish where your shadows will fall, but it will also save you a lot of time during your setup. Many independent filmmakers rather than using black fabric flags and c-stands, will instead use tripods, clamps and black foam core. A large piece of black foam core can be purchased from an art supply store for around $10-$15 and it will have essentially the same impact. In fact, virtually any opaque object can be used to flag light. Where to position your flag? Continue reading on our blog:

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  • “A lot has been written about the Trek'09 Engine Room about how it seems out of place seeing it — based on any number of aspects), or did they at least duvetyne it over?”
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  • “November 22, 2010, 01:37:50 PM. Frank Doorhof FORUM | Frank's space | THE OLD BLOG and NEWS | 23 March 2007. 0 Members and 1 Guest Also known as duvetyne or velourette, it is a cotton fabric with a light absorbing napped surface”
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  • “So why can't the background be flat black -- cheaper paint, and Duvetyne if you absolutely have to? You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Powered”
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