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  • The Dutch Empire is the name given to the various territories controlled by the Netherlands from the seven***th to the twentieth century. The Dutch followed Portugal and Spain in establishing a colonial global empire outside of continental Europe. — “Dutch Empire - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • We have gathered together here a number of free language lessons and language courses for those learning Dutch, along with some other Dutch language resources, such as Dutch online newspapers, Dutch dictionaries, Dutch internet radio sites, and. — “Free Dutch Lessons and Dutch Language Courses”,
  • Definition of Dutch in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Dutch. Pronunciation of Dutch. Translations of Dutch. Dutch synonyms, Dutch antonyms. Information about Dutch in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. pennsylvania dutch,. — “Dutch - definition of Dutch by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Dutch language West Germanic language spoken by more than 20 million people in The Netherlands, northern Belgium, and a small corner of northern. — “Dutch language: Information from ”,
  • From Middle English Duch German, Low Countryman', from Middle Dutch dūtsch, duutsc (mod. obsolete Dutch Diets Dutch', German Deutsch German', Old English þēodisc of the people'), from *þeuđō folk' (cf. — “Dutch - Wiktionary”,
  • Dutch () is a West Germanic language spoken by around 23 million people, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname, but also by smaller groups of speakers in parts of France, Germany and several former Dutch colonies. It is closely related. — “Dutch language | ”,
  • Shop for dutch at Target. Find products like dutch oven, dutch dvd and more. Choose from Giada De Laurentiis™ for Target® 6-qt. Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, Kitchen Essentials® from Calphalon® Hard Anodized Nonstick 5-qt. Covered Dutch Oven and other. — “dutch : Target Search Results”,
  • palabea is a social network site for practicing, learning, teaching and otherwise communicating in foreign languages Dutch. 970 Hits. 1:43. Name: Les 3 - Janneke bij de ba Language: Dutch. 669 Hits. 1:16. Name: Les 2 - Michiel. — “ :: Dutch Learning for free: Courses, Lectures”,
  • as Afrikaans, albeit derived from Dutch, considered a separate standard language, in South Africa and Namibia. Native: 23 million: 23 million speakers of Dutch as first language, plus 4 million with Dutch as second language, there are also 7 million speakers of Afrikaans as first language, plus 10. — “Dutch language”, schools-
  • Dutch is the parent language of Afrikaans and of several creole languages, most of which are now extinct. refers specifically to Belgian Dutch, Dutch as spoken in Belgium. — “Dutch language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • ABRAHAM m English, Hebrew, Dutch, Biblical, Biblical Latin ALBERT m English, French, German, Slovene, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Ancient Germanic. — “Behind the Name: Dutch Names”,
  • Definition of Dutch from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of Dutch. Pronunciation of Dutch. Definition of the word Dutch. Origin of the word Dutch. — “Dutch - Definition of Dutch at ”,
  • Over twenty million people around the world speak Dutch. It is the primary language of the Netherlands and an official language in Belgium, Suriname, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: About the Netherlands. — “Dutch”,
  • Revealing mistakes: In the scene where Dutch & Doyle stop for gas and fireworks, you can Basic Plot: Dutch (O'Neil), is dating a beautiful rich woman who is. — “Dutch (1991) - IMDb”,
  • New Netherland (Dutch: Nieuw-Nederland, Latin: Novum Belgium or Nova Belgica; see below), 1614–1674, was the territory on the eastern coast of North America in the 17th century which stretched from latitude 38 to 45 degrees North as originally. — “Dutch in Netherlands and NY? Why did the Dutch colonize New”,
  • Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe. New version. More immersion. It's the best way to learn Dutch. We guarantee it. — “Learn Dutch - Speak Dutch - Learn Dutch Software - Rosetta Stone”,
  • Dutch—rarely called Netherlandic—(in its own language: Nederlands) is a West-Germanic language spoken by roughly 20 million people in the Netherlands and in Flanders (northern Belgium and extreme northern France). It is also widespread in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. — “Dutch language - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • Dutch is a West Germanic, Low German language spoken worldwide by around 21 million people. The Dutch name for the language is Nederlands or less formal Hollands and Dutch is sometimes called Netherlandic in English. — “Dutch language - Definition”,
  • Information about Dutch (Nederlands), a Germanic language spoken mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. — “Dutch language, alphabet and pronunciation”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Dutch. Information about Dutch in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. pennsylvania dutch, dutch language, dutch painter. — “Dutch definition of Dutch in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Dutch definition, of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the natives or inhabitants of the Netherlands or their country or language. See more. — “Dutch | Define Dutch at ”,

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  • The Dutch This line pretty much sums up the current situation.
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  • Dutch Oven Techniques A couple of different ways for camp cooking with a Dutch Oven. The first technique demonstrates how to use coals from the campfire by cooking an inexpensive beef roast. The second technique shows how to use charcoal brickettes by cooking a potatoes recipe. Either technique could be used to cook either meal an obviously a whole array of other ones. Be sure to checkout our ( website www.camping- - don't forget the hyphen ) and get our free cookbook along with a camping checklist, meal plan system and other free stuff.
  • Cameron Diaz loves Dutch Balls Cameron Diaz is offered a Dutch delicacy at the European talkshow JENSEN
  • Awesome Dutch Commercial Hilarious dutch commercial where you see voodoo on Bill Clinton, check it out! Commercial by centraal beheer achmea.
  • DJ Jean - New Dutch Shuffle (Official Music Video) Holland, get those wooden shoes back on and start shuffling! A new Dutch movement is coming your way, so you better be prepared. Leader of all this, is DJ Jean. The Dutchman thats been moving the floors for over 20 years and is known for legendary hits like The Launch, Love Come Home, Every Single Day, is back with New Dutch Shuffle. A cheeky, eclectic house track with a big boom-electro feel, playful and about to make you move. MC Boogshe delivers the right vocals with an attitude, giving New Dutch Shuffle that extra bite. The official music video will introduce you to the new Dutch shuffle dance, with the full focus on everything Dutch. Just so you know: if it aint Dutch, it aint much! If the red-white-blue doesnt do it, maybe the barrel-organ will! Check the video now, and start practicing The New Dutch Shuffle! Music video by Dancefoundation ()
  • Ed Roth interviewing Von Dutch Sorry for the poor quality but this is pretty unique, you have to admit. Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth interviews Kenny 'Von Dutch' Howard about how he got started in pinstriping. Short but timeless. (Greets to Bob Burns from WizDforums, btw).
  • Let's Learn Dutch! (Lesson #1) **Read me!** Thanks for watching! Leave a comment. MORE DUTCH LESSONS: Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Lesson 3 Pt.1: Lesson 3 Pt.2: Lesson 4: Lesson 5: Lesson 6: Lesson 7: Lesson 8: Lesson 9: ADD ME! /ericossie FOLLOW ME! /ericos CHAT WITH ME!
  • Raw Video: Dutch Celebrate Win Against Brazil Football fans celebrated across the Netherlands on Friday as they watched their team come from behind to record an unexpected 2-1 win against Brazil in the World Cup. (July 2)
  • Dutch Master - Recalled to Life - Official HQ release Dutch Master - Recalled to Life - Official HQ release. Dutch Master Works #52. Release date: 29 March 2010. Video with party footage of the first weekend this track was played. Soundhaus Glasgow - Scotland. 6 February 2010. DMW #52 A. Dutch Master - Recalled to Life B. Dutch Master - Now is the Time
  • Learn Dutch, The alphabet and its pronunication 1/2 This is part 1 of 2, of a video I made to help people learning the Dutch alphabet and its pronunciation. lesson 1 part 2/2: lesson 2: lesson 3: lesson 4: extra lesson: vocabulary 1: estra lesson: vocabulary 2: lesson 5: lesson 6.0: lesson 6.1: lesson 6.2: lesson 6.3: lesson 6.4: lesson 6.5: lesson 6.6:
  • Hacked the Dutch Railways - subtitled I hacked the database of the Dutch Railways. Listen carefully to the speaker :)..
  • Nick Clegg speaking fluent Dutch in tv interview with NOVA 05-05-2010, Dutch tv channel Nederland 2
  • Eurovision Songcontest Dutch tele-votes Paul de leeuw gives the Dutch Tele-voting points in his own special way :).
  • Dutch Theatrical Trailer [HQ] Theatrical trailer for the 1991 hit comedy, Dutch, starring Ed O'Neil, Ethan Randall and JoBeth Williams. ©1991 20th Century Fox Productions
  • Dutch Commercial
  • Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch Music video by Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch. Missy Elliott's first single from her fifth studio album entitled "This Is Not A Test!" Goldmind, Atlantic Records 2003.
  • Dutch: Languages of the World: Introductory Overviews Alexander Arguelles presents a series of videos to provide introductory overviews of the languages of the world. Working diachronically through various language families in turn, he demonstrates how to identify each language, translates a text sample to show how it works, and discusses its genetic affiliation and cultural context. For further information about the series, please refer to
  • Attacking Chess #1 - The Dutch Defence Stonewall Variation Explores a couple of attacking chess games in the the Dutch Defence Stonewall variation opening (ECO A95). The Dutch Defence in general creates a very dynamic and tactical game for both sides of the board as the position is imbalanced very early in the opening. Feel free to visit my personal chess site at for a variety of chess resources.
  • Saba travel video, Dutch West Indies 'Saba - The Unspoiled Queen' promotional film from the Saba Tourist Bureau See our Definitive Caribbean guide - "Saba is a small and extremely quiet and mountainous island, not that well known and quite hard to access (mainly via St Maarten), English and Dutch speaking. Real island charm with extremely pretty houses and gracious islanders. No beaches to speak of but good natural life onshore with hiking and excellent scuba diving. A handful of small and charming, very low key hotels, most with island character, some less expensive guest houses, and some private villas. Just a few restaurants and bars. Ideal for independent travellers interested in the traditional Caribbean. ..."
  • Dutch Treat to treat me instead of going Dutch! Going Dutch requested by nighteye.
  • Middle Dutch: Languages of the World: Introductory Overviews Alexander Arguelles presents a series of videos to provide introductory overviews of the languages of the world. Working diachronically through various language families in turn, he demonstrates how to identify each language, translates a text sample to show how it works, and discusses its genetic affiliation and cultural context. For further information about the series, please refer to
  • What pleases a Dutch girl?? This girl sure knows how to get there!
  • Dutch TV presenter wont stop laughing Dutch TV presenter can't stop laughing. Or could he be Belgian :)
  • Double Dutch Bus, Raven-Symone, College Road Trip Raven-Symone Music Video for the single "Double Dutch Bus" from her new movie College Road Trip. RAVEN-SYMONÉ (Melanie) is one of Hollywood's most powerful and talented young stars. She is best known for her role in the Emmy® nominated comedy series "That's So Raven" for the Disney Channel. She played Raven Baxter, a ***age girl who periodically received brief psychic visions of the near future. Trying to make these visions come true resulted in trouble and hilarious situations. Her role as Raven garnered two NAACP Image Awards and a third nomination this year for Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's series/special, two Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for Favorite Television Actress and a Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Performer. "That's So Raven" was nominated for two primetime Emmy Awards® for Outstanding Children's Program in 2005 and 2007 and was nominated this year for a NAACP Image Award. Raven-Symoné was named producer for the series' fourth season which aired in 2007. On April 22nd, she will release her fourth solo album, "Raven-Symoné," on Hollywood Records. Raven-Symoné's film credits include: Garry Marshall's "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement," opposite Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, "Dr. Dolittle" and "Dr. Dolittle 2" opposite Eddie Murphy. Her role in "Dr. Dolittle 2" earned her two award nominations, a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress and a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite Female Star. On television ...
  • Typically Dutch/Typisch Nederlands A view of whats typically Dutch - Een filmpje over wat typisch Nederlands is. Some pictures aren't the right pictures. Sorry for that!
  • Ducktales Opening Theme (Dutch) The second greatest cartoon theme song ever...in Dutch!
  • MISSY ELLIOTT!PASS THAT DUTCH! missy elliott pass that dutch!
  • Riding Bikes with the Dutch - Movie Trailer 2 Riding Bikes with the Dutch is a fast-paced introduction to the bicycle-centered lifestyle in Holland. In comparison to our clogged freeways and parking lots here in the United States, the Dutch are miles ahead of us. Sit back and relax as this short film whips you right out of your lifeless car seat and into a pedal-powered symphony on two wheels. Stay tuned for the full-length documentary next year. Find out more at
  • Wesley Sneijder - Dutch Master The whistle blows for a free kick just outside the box. You're handed the ball. So what's it going to be? Power or placement? For Wesley Sneijder, the answer is easy. Don't choose between the two when you can deliver a killer combination of both. Give Sneijder a set piece and his brain's already whirring. How far out is it? How hard is the ball? What's the angle? The wind speed? What boots is he wearing? Being one of Europe's dead ball masters isn't easy. But when free kick magic happens this often, you know it's not coincidence anymore. It's next level skill.
  • Double Dutch Holiday Classic In the contest at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, teams competed to see who could make the most jumps in two minutes and performed routines to music.
  • Dutch force - deadline enjoy... and check my other videos too
  • Dutch Master - Million Miles Away Official video! Dutch Master - Million Miles Away (video edit) Release date: 30 August 2010 Music: Copyright Dutch Master Works / Olaf Veldkamp Video: Copyright Olaf Veldkamp / Dutch Master It's not permitted to distribute the music in this video at any possible way. Video footage shot at: Disco A4 - Poland - 30 July 2010 Dance Valley - Netherlands - 7 August 2010 Electrocity - Poland - 14 August 2010
  • Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus (HQ) (1980 Promo-Video). Yes, there was an official video made for this track .. but apparently for Dutch-Tv only .. (as it was a HUGE hit over here in Holland). Enjoy!.
  • Bloopers Dutch Enduro 2007 Dutch Enduro 2007
  • TNT - Double Dutch Darkies Double Dutch Darky Take kisses back to Africa They dipped you in a vat At the wacky chocolate factory
  • Dutch bollard runners
  • Dutch troops in Uruzgan, Afghanistan CNN-reporter spends some time on the front lines with Dutch troops in Afghanistan.

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  • “About FORUM. The Institute for Multicultural Development FORUM is the largest non the Dutch multicultural society in general, and to the integration of (ethnic) minorities”
    — Factbook. The position of muslims in The Netherlands: facts,

  • “Leaders from the 16 major economies are to participate in a "preparatory session" on April 27-28 in Wa < Dutch news | Expatica The Netherlands”
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