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  • Hood Cleaning,rooftop grease containment,Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Facilitec Central is the leading provider of Kitchen exhaust cleaning services and rooftop grease containment products in the central United States. — “Facilitec Central | Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning”,
  • Ducts recommends The Portable MFA in Creative Writing by the New York Writers Workshop (Writer's Digest Books), featuring chapters by two of our own editors, Tim Dear loyal Ducts followers: We regret to inform you that the 2010 writing contest has been canceled. — “: Issue 25”,
  • DUCTS 101 was formed in 2005 as a family owned and operated company who specializes in residential air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. Our mission is to provide quality service at affordable prices with customer satisfaction a high. — “DUCTS 101 | Air Duct Cleaning | Dryer Vent Cleaning”, ducts101.ca
  • Learn about Ducts on . Find info and videos including: How to Replace Ducting, How to Work With Duct, What Is Duct Tape? and much more. — “Ducts - ”,
  • Tears normally drain from the eye through small tubes called tear ducts that stretch from the eye into the nose. A blocked tear duct occurs when the duct that normally allows tears to drain from the eyes is obstructed or fails to open properly. — “Blocked Tear Ducts”,
  • Your duct system is a breeding ground for mold, fungi, germs, and microscopic dust mites. MIGHTY DUCTS specializes in air duct cleaning and is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. — “Mighty Ducts Inc. Home Page”,
  • Visit the Duck Work section of and learn where to look for leaky air ducts, whether asbestos should be something you're concerned about in your air ducts, how to maintain clean air ducts, and ways you can make your air ducts even. — “Duct Work | ”,
  • duct n. An often enclosed passage or channel for conveying a substance, especially a liquid or gas. — “duct: Definition from ”,
  • More than three-fifths of the households in the U.S. heat or cool their homes with ducted forced air systems, so chances are good that air ducts are lurking within your walls, floors, or ceilings. These air ducts move conditioned air to warm and cool your family. — “Home Energy Magazine Online”,
  • Air ducts supply conditioned air from your space heating and cooling equipment to your living spaces. Therefore, uninsulated or poorly insulated ducts in unconditioned spaces can lose through conduction 10%–30% of the energy used to heat and cool your. — “Energy Savers: Duct Insulation”, energysavers.gov
  • Airborne contaminants are drawn through the duct work of the central air conditioning system or the heating system via return air registers. If you question the need for air duct cleaning, take a look behind the return air grills in the HVAC system of your home. — “Mighty Ducts”,
  • Ducts are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air. As such, air ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort. — “Duct (HVAC) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Insulating Ducts for Efficiency - Insulation, HVAC - There's more to efficiency than tuning the furnace. Homeowners must insulate ducts to prevent hea. — “Insulating Ducts for Efficiency - Insulation, HVAC”,
  • aberrant duct any duct that is not usually present or that takes an unusual course or direction. branchial ducts the drawn-out branchial grooves which open into the temporary cervical sinus of the embryo. — “ducts - definition of ducts in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • This heats up the ducts and the air inside them (particularly air leaks into ducts on the return side of the system) Duct systems tend to be ignored during building design and it is the. — “Thermal Energy Distribution”, ducts.lbl.gov
  • Dusty Ducts is dedicated to provide service that is environmentally friendly Read More Dusty Ducts is a full service indoor air quality company. Our number one goal is integrity. — “Dusty Ducts”,
  • Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils,. — “Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? | Indoor”, epa.gov
  • Mite-E-Ducts air duct cleaning is a Residential and Commercial air duct cleaning company located in Zionsville, Indiana. We also provide dryer vent cleaning, deodorizing, Air Duct Treatment, & much more. — “Zionsville, Indiana Air Duct Cleaning | Welcome to Mite-E-Ducts”, mite-e-
  • Bus Ducts - Find listings of Bus Ducts, Bus Ducts manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, traders and wholesalers from , , and India. — “Bus Ducts”,

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  • WORM EXTRACTION FROM BILE DUCTS A 30 YEAR WOMEN WITH INTRACTABLE BILIARY COLIC CASE REPORT: This 30 year women developed severe pain right upper quadrant for last 10 days. She sought many consultations and was given intravenous ***gesics both (nonnarcortic and narcotic). Pain did not subside and she sought my consultation. Examination revealed her to be in agony with severe upper abdominal pain. General physical examination was otherwise unremarkable. Abdominal examination revealed mild tenderness in right hypochondrium with doubtful Murphy's sign. Urgent abdominal ultrasound showed a linear structure in bile ducts making slow writhing movements. The structure had an anechoic tube (alimentary c***) inside suggestive of a large Ascarid. Urgent ERCP was performed and bile duct and pancreatic duct cannulated selectively. Pancreatic duct was normal. Bile ducts contained a long linear filling defect extending from lower end of common bile duct to right intrahepatic duct (see image gallery for ERCP plate). A basket was introduced in the duct (see video clip) and the linear structure was engaged with soft closure and extracted out of the bile duct. Accompanying the basket was a 25 cm thick highly motile Ascarid. To recover the worm, endoscope was withdrawn along with the basket and the friendly catch. While the endoscope was being withdrawn and the basket was in the duodenum with the worm out of bile duct, patient indicated of relief of abdominal pain. A relook cholangiogram showed no more structures in the ...
  • Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning Machine Demonstration Part #1 of 4 This is a demonstration on how to use the Rotovac Duct Cleaning Machine. The Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system is powerful, portable, and able to be run by a single tech. It's a key element of our whole home air-quality and energy efficiency solutions.
  • Sealing Duct Work Leaks To view the next video in this series click:
  • Duct leak on my own HVAC! - Plus misc commentary! Ok so check this out. I went into my attic to pull yet another coax cable to relocate one of my DirecTV boxes to the front room. I get into my attic and find the first Tee-Wye after my supply plenum popped apart and COLD air just blowing into the attic! I am not sure how long this was doing this but a month max because I was in the attic a few months ago to pull another cable and it was ok and we started running the A/C a month ago. Hope I don't get a surprise bill but I haven't noticed the A/C running a lot. But again my system is kind of quiet compared to some of the noise makers I have posted and I don't really hear it stop or start. The video is of me goofing off in the attic and some bonus commentary about the noise level of my Ruud unit vs some of the noisy POS Goodman Desert Series that are as loud as a weedwacker!
  • Indianapolis Indiana Mite-E-Ducts White Vinyl Dryer Fire This video demonstrates the fire hazard of a dryer vent. This dryer vent is made of white vinyl, which is against code in the state of Indiana. It also wasn't cleaned for about 10 years. This dryer vent could have burnt a home to the ground within hours.Mite-E-Ducts air duct cleaning is a Residential and Commercial air duct cleaning company located in Zionsville, Indiana. We are Family Owned & Operated and serve a statewide customer base including customers in Brownsburg, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Noblesville, Zionsville, Broadripple, Fortville, Shelbyville, Franklin, Mooresville, Lafayette, Martinsville, Plainfield, the greater Indianapolis area, and many other locations. We also provide dryer vent cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing, & much more. Mite-E-Ducts was established in 1995. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible, we designed this web site to provide you with information about the different services we provide. If you have any questions feel free to email or call us at 317-733-1012, or Toll Free at 1-877-8-NO-DIRT. Don't forget to visit our website at http
  • Mite-E-Ducts, Inc. Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Zionsville Breathe easier -- and cleaner -- with Mite-E-Ducts in Zionsville, Indiana. Specializing in cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing air ducts and dryer vents in homes and businesses, they clean these air passages and filter the contents outside your home so those with allergies or asthma need not worry. Give them a call for info and an estimate (both free) and start breathing easier. Visit us
  • Cannulation of the Common Bile Duct Revealing Numerous Leaf-shaped Worms A 62-year-old man reported having had fatigue, fever, and cramping abdominal pain for 7 days. He also reported that he had recently eaten raw pond smelt (Hypomesus olidus). The results of liver-function tests were abnormal, showing elevated levels of aspartate aminotransferase (350 IU per liter), alanine aminotransferase (352 IU per liter), alkaline phosphatase (204 IU per liter), {gamma}-glutamyltransferase (434 IU per liter), total bilirubin (6.4 mg per deciliter [109 µmol per liter]), and conjugated bilirubin (3.9 mg per deciliter [67 µmol per liter]). The white-cell count was also elevated (13000 per cubic millimeter), and there was eosinophilia (27%). A computed tomographic scan of the abdomen showed dilatation of the common bile duct without definite filling defects. Given our concern that the patient might have acute cholangitis, a duodenoscopy was performed, and a prominent major papilla was discovered. After cannulation of the common bile duct, numerous leaf-shaped worms popped out (see video) and were subsequently identified as Clonorchis sinensis (also called Opisthorchis sinensis). The patient was given praziquantel and had a quick and uneventful recovery. The clinical manifestations of clonorchiasis tend to reflect the worm burden and the duration of infection. Clonorchis may persist in the biliary tree for decades, and prolonged infestation is associated with the development of cholangiocarcinoma. Acute cholangitis and pancreatitis are rare but important ...
  • Air Duct Cleaning presented by ZION AIR CARE CLEAN AIR INDOOR AIR QUALITY PROBLEM? YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE OUR SERVICE PROVIDES CONTAMINATED AIRITS EFFECT Health agencies, doctors, and scientific researchers claim that airborne dust may be one of the worst causes of health-related problems. Did you know that common house dust is more dangerous than outdoor dust? It has bacteria, pollen, skin flakes, decaying organic matter, fungi, hair, dust mites, viruses, textile fibers, residue from chemicals, and many other contaminants. CONTAMINATED AIR COSTS YOU MONEY INDOOR AIR QUALITY AND YOUR HEALTH Billions of dollars are spent each year to treat the symptoms of contaminated air. THE SOLUTION TO CONTAMINATED INDOOR AIR FOUR QUICK AND EASY STEPS TO PROPERLY CLEAN YOUR AIR SYSTEM. 9197 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92844 (714)995-0404 Contractors State License Board Air-Care Air Duck Decontamination Certificate Authorized dealer of American Standard
  • Sheet Metal Duct Installers - Career Profile As seen on , Anonymously evaluating every job, every day for you. Fabricate, assemble, install, and repair sheet metal products and equipment, such as ducts, control boxes, drainpipes, and furnace casings. Work may involve any of the following setting up and operating fabricating machines to cut, bend, and straighten sheet metal; shaping metal over anvils, blocks, or forms using hammer; operating soldering and welding equipment to join sheet metal parts; inspecting, assembling, and smoothing seams and joints of burred surfaces.
  • Sears Air Duct Cleaning Most homeowners have no idea what goes on inside their home's air ducts. But the fact is, they can become littered with years of accumulated dirt, debris and allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander.
  • Red Dwarf - Duct Soup - Part 2 Kryten gets fussy and jealous thinking that Lister likes Kochanski better than him. When the primary power goes off and they get stuck in a room, they have no choice but to climb into the small ventilation ducts which wind round Starbug in order to escape. Whilst inside the ducts they discover a lot about each other, including the fact Lister is claustrophobic.
  • Air Duct Cleaning Process Explained - Royalty Services Group of Utah This is a video that shows all of the steps invloved in cleaning air ducts in a residential home. Royalty Servivces Group is a NADCA certified clenaing company that services northern Utah.
  • DCR Dacryocystorhinostomy Endoscopic Tear Duct Surgery * California Sinus Centers DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy) - LEFT SIDE Patient with Wegener's granulomatosis, which in the nose causes chronic sinus infections and scarring. There can also be scarring of the tear ducts which drain into the nose. This leads to excessive tearing, called epiphora. The tear ducts are probed from their openings adjacent to the eye, and the probes are brought out through the nose, leaving flexible tubing in the tear ducts to keep them open. The lacrimal sac which drains the tear ducts is opened widely.
  • Mini Duct System The Mini Duct System can use almost any manufacturer's outdoor condensing unit or heat pump in conjunction with a specially designed indoor evaporator fan/coil unit, which distributes air through a high static pressure system of small ducts and plenums...
  • Foam Duct Sealant Installation Instructions for Polywater® FST-250 Caulking-Gun-Style Cartridge Installation instructions for Polywater® FST-250 foam duct sealant. The FST-250 is a caulking-gun-style cartridge that delivers a robust, two-part, closed-cell foam that effectively seals water, gases, acids, insects, rodents, dust, and other debris out of electrical and communications conduits. FST™ foam is compatible with cables and ducts and provides vastly superior blocking strength than typical "open-cell" canned foams. Video demonstrates use of the cartridge and procedures for later removal of the seal, if required. Run time 6 minutes. For additional information visit /ductseal.html.
  • NACA Ducts Wind Tunnel Test: Baja 5B A demonstration of the effect of NACA Ducts on an HPI Baja 5B
  • Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer) Surgery Bile Duct Cancer Tumor Ablated My goal is to get this on U-Tube so I can add the info. on the site to give others hope if removal of their tumor is not possible. I was diagnosed with Stage III Bile Duct Cancer (Cholangiocarinoma) on September 11, 2009 at the age of 47 years old and told I would probably live 2-3 years at the longest.. The tumor was about the size of a softball and was unable to be resected (removed) because of it's location (in both lobes of liver and they thought it was attached to a main artery). I found an amazing doctor at Baylor Dallas who was aggressive but extremely compassionate who did a procedure that saved my life ~~~by the grace of God. The procedure was called microwave ablation (he actually disintegrated the tumor). The doctor who I highly recommend is Dr. Kuhn at Baylor Dallas. After the surgery and chemo, my scans are clear and I am feeling excellent. May this give you hope if you have been diagnosed with this cancer.
  • Toronto Duct Cleaning Clean Air healthy living makes families Happy , Toronto, air duct cleaning, duct cleaning, dryer vents, dryers, duct, hvac, furnace cleaning, dust, pollen, dustmites, dust mites, maintenance, ductwork, natural gas, Toronto Duct Cleaning 1(888)970-9919 or 905.970.9919 http No hidden or extra charges 30-day Satisfaction guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with ... our service within 30 days, we will redo your duct cleaning at no charge.This is a video about air duct cleaning produced by louis,follow regulations National Air Duct Cleaners Association. This video features one of our truck mount units. It is the high power Duct Cleaning Truck. Louis canada, air duct cleaning is a Residential and Commercial air duct cleaning company located in Mississauga, Ontario. We serve a statewide customer base including customers in in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, North York, Burlington, Brampton, Newmarket, Mississauga, Scarborough and GTA area, and many other locations. We also provide dryer vent cleaning, insulation removal, fire restoration, deodorizing, sanitizing, & much more. Louis canada, louis air duct cleaning, louis homecare services inc has been Locally & Independently Owned and Operated since 1995. For five years we have received GTA best Service Award! Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible, we designed this web site to provide you with information about the different services we provide. If you have any questions feel free to email or call us at 905-970-9919 ...
  • Air Duct Cleaning (A-1 Duct Cleaning) This is a home air duct being cleaned. A-1 Duct Cleaning (949) 940 6920 www.A1 We service all of southern Califorina. We also Clean Chimneys, Dryer Vent, Kitchen Exhausts and Rain Gutters.
  • How to Clean and Sanitize Air Ducts w/oHazardous Chemicals with the Green Clean Duct Machine! Pt 1 In this video we interview a duct cleaning Expert; and we cover the hazards of using poisonous chemicals in HVAC systems and air ducts. We show our new product the green clean carpet and duct machine which will allow homeowners to sanitize their ducts in between the 2-3 years NADCA recommended mechanical cleaning.
  • Toronto Duct Cleaning by Louis Canada serving Mississauga, Brampton GTA 905.970.9919 Nobody clean your ducts better thn Louis Canada You are welcome to Louis Homecare Services Inc., Canada. Are you worried about the potentially harmful health effects your family can experience from indoor air pollution? Louis Canada has more than 15 year's experience providing professional air duct cleaning services that improve indoor air quality and reduce the cycling of your air-conditioning system, helping it last longer. Left untreated, your air duct system can build up an unsafe level of fungi, mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens that irritate health conditions such as asthma. Our air duct cleaning service uses a vacuum under negative pressure to remove pollutants and debris from your system. We also take the time to sanitize and deodorize each component of your air and heating unit. If you're ready to breathe clean air in your home again, call or contact Louis Homecare Services inc today 905.970.9919 1.888.970.9919 Toll Free
  • Sacramento Air Duct Cleaners Kleen Air Heating & Air Conditi Air ducts looking dirty? Imagine what you can't see. Kleen Air Heating & Air Conditioning & Air Duct Cleaning in Sacramento, California, cleans the dust and kills the germs. Their vacuum truck removes what you can't see, leaving your air free of allergens and other micro-organisms. Call for a free in-home consultation. Visit us
  • Air Duct Cleaning Raleigh - Air Duct Cleaning Raleigh NC. - Three Reasons You Should Not Put Off Cleaning Your Air Ducts... The quality of air in our home affects how we breathe and live. Many problems occur due to outside contaminants entering the home, such as pollen or dirt. However, when the problem is within the home, your air ducts may be the culprit behind it. It is a big decision to make, but knowing why air duct cleaning is important will benefit you greatly. These are three reasons why you should not put off cleaning your air ducts Health... Designed to help clean the air, ducts can fill up with dead insects, dust, dust mites, and fungi that can trigger allergies. When air ducts are dirty, they do not clean properly and produce poor air quality. Poor air quality can affect how we breathe, feel, and function. One of the signs that your system is not working correctly, is constant visible dust. Dust can cause stuffiness in the house and make furniture look dirty. Faced with regular dusting, you end up spreading it into the air, causing health issues. To eliminate this problem, get a good air duct cleaning. Lower Energy and Heating Bills... Every household tries to lower its bills. You turn off unwatched televisions, lower thermostats, and even take shorter showers. Even after doing such things, bills somehow still seem a little higher. A dirty air system can affect costs. This happens because motors clog with debris and either take longer to cool or heat the home ...
  • DUCTOLOX 419 - DUCT SEALING URETHANE FOAM ARJUNOX INC. 415-462-9853 DUCTOLOX 419. Duct Sealing Foam, manufactured by Arjunox Inc. 415-462-9853. Ductolox 419 is a closed cell, state of the art, two component expanding foam sealant which cures in 1 to 1.5 minutes and full cure in 12 hours. Excellent for ducts, conduits, risers, rodent pathways and much more. Stops active water flow!. Ductolox 419 is packaged in a patented single caulking tube consisting of a special two part compartment and can be used with any standard quality caulking gun. The patented product doesnt require an old technology special static mixer attachment and is mixed internally and automatically ready to be dispensed thereby providing a uniform mix and cure. For use on: Vaults, Wire Chases, Power Generation Plants, Gas Utilities, Pipes, Conduits, Manholes, Central Offices, Wall Penetrations, Floor Penetrations. Advantages:  Patented Convenient Two component in a single cartridge tube.  Uses no static mixer nozzle and thus provides uniform mix and cure  Seals active water flow & gases  Minimal or no out gassing. Stays under the PPM allowed for gas readings at seal locations.  Fast Setting & Low Exotherm  Convenient Patented Packaging  Non-Toxic  Non-Flammable  Easily removable & faster re-enter time  Excellent adhesion of conduits, cables sheaths, metals, concrete, plastics and wood  Made for harsh environments  Flows & Foams around all shapes Usage Directions: Remove dispensing tube, push break seal down twice to break the compartment seal ...
  • Air Duct Cleaning in Austin and San Antonio, TX Visit our website @ www.air-duct- AIR DUCT CLEANING Austin, TX Air Duct Cleaners Offers One All-Inclusive Price for Duct ventilation Cleaning: 1. Clean and Sanitize the Air Ducts 2. Clean the Air Handling Unit 3. Clean the Grilles and Registers 4. Install New Medium Efficiency Filters Our Air Duct Cleaning Company uses Power brush, with high-powered vacuuming that cleans and collects contaminants from your air ducts. BLOWER MOTOR CLEANING Blower Motor Assembly - Part of the air-handling unit responsible for air flow in the system. Good spot to find heavy dust accumulation, which decreases the efficiency of the unit and may cause the motor bearings to cease. Our highly skilled and trained technician will conduct AC blower motor cleaning and inspection COIL CLEANING To ensure your furnace runs its best, your coils needs to be cleaned. Our company will clean your coils using these important procedures: 1. Remove the front grille 2. Vacuum any and all dirt, dust and debris inside the AC coils 3. Degrease and spray AC coils with top of the line AC coil cleaners 4. Vacuum all surfaces including front and back of grille assembly DRYER VENT CLEANING With lint and other debris, drying time increases and can cause the dryer itself to overheat. This increases energy consumption since the dryer has to run longer to dry your clothes and can also cause a fire in the dryer or the dryer duct. Our equipment is specially designed to clean dryer vents because it contains a ...
  • What's lurking in your air ducts? You might be surprised... Click here: Los Angeles based air duct cleaning company, Air Clean Duct Cleaning, has been in the Air duct cleaning business since 1986. Our crews are some of the best in the business. They are prompt, courteous, and they take care to make sure that you get the best duct cleaning job possible. http We do NOT use the rotobrush system and we do every accessible inch of your ductwork. You'll see in the video that sometimes access holes will need to be cut and that's why. Your home won't be innundated with dust because of the negative air system that we use, which is shown in the video. If you, your family or employees are suffering from allergies, or symptoms connected with "sick Building Syndrome", please give us a call for a free estimate. Our prices are very reasonable and the work is beyond reproach. Click on this link to visit our website now. http Give us a call and we'll do the job right the first time. Air Duct Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Grease Exhaust Pressure Washing Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Air Clean Duct Cleaning Company Los Angeles, CA 90210
  • CLIPLINE Wire Duct - Phoenix Contact Learn how Phoenix Contact's wire duct helps you save time and organize cabinet wiring.
  • "Low Price" Duct Cleaning -- beware of Scams March 3, 2010 - Chicago Duct Cleaning CBS 2 Chicago investigates low price duct cleaning companies who charge hidden and/or additional fees but advertise dicsount "low price" duct cleaning services. Beware of disreputable companies who will not provide upfront pricing or detail the work being done.
  • Air Duct Cleaning | Quality Cleaning Solutions- Wichita Kansas Our QUALITY Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Process * We completely remove and thoroughly clean all registers and wash them to remove cooking oils, film and other dust collecting substances. * Meticulously all duct work with our Rotobrush air duct cleaning system technology: o With our Rotobrush miniaturized camera we can view where and how much contaminate has collected. This also helps us see before and after the cleaning process. o A Spinning brush makes contact with the surfaces of the air ducts and accommodates all sizes and shapes of duct work. o As the brush spins a powerful vacuum collects debris and contaminates and scrubs them from the air using hepa filters, which remove the tiniest air borne particles. The brush is a powerful cleaner but it is gentle and wont harm your air ducts. o The Rotobrush will be guided deep into the heating and air conditioning ducts and vents, around corners covering all surfaces. o There is little disruption in your home since the unit is small and can be moved easily to reach all heating vents. * We carefully replace all registers & clean furnace area.
  • Air-duct cleaning using a truck-mount or portable. Small package but big results. Cleaning Ducts a perfect and easy add on for Carpet Cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Machines, Carpet Cleaning Supplies, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Carpet Cleaning Chemicals.
  • Duct Sealing (Part 1) Sealing your HVAC system ducts is a cost-effective energy efficiency action that also improves indoor air quality. This video shows how ducts move air, where common leaks are, and shows how to fix them. The video is for building professionals or do-it-yourself homeowners. Even if you aren't planning to do the work yourself, this video shows why it is important to have it done.
  • Results of my Bile Duct, Gall Bladder Flush Gall Stone/Bile Duct Stones I flushed out of my digestive system on Saturday, January 17 and Sunday, January 18, 2009 This video is dedicated to my late father (see my video tribute) who succumbed to complications of Bile Duct blockage. He needlessly suffered most of his adult life with this affliction. I could never convince him to do a Bile Duct cleanse or flush. I hope this video motivates everyone who views it to do a flush on a regular basis. I laughed after showing a doctor who, after seeing photos of my stones, replied, "I don't have stones...maybe some sludge"....Typical of most doctors who are way over paid to 'heal'. You service your automobile oil filter & clean or change your home air conditioner filter on a regular basis. However, you've been overlooking the most important filter in your life: your liver Take time to view the following video series to understand how important this cleanse or flush is to your well being: (I do not endorse nor use the Glytamins product): I eliminated these stones simply by reading & applying the information found at the following 2 web sites: I intend to do a kidney flush in the very near future:
  • Duct Blast Testing Prior To A Remodel My company is about to remodel this 10 year old house and prior to construction we're doing a duct blast test to see how leaky the house's ducts are. Tim Brown of Pioneer Designs walks us through the process of testing the duct work. This is the same test that's now required of all homes prior to selling here in the City of Austin. This is a great test for overall home efficiency. -Matt
  • Red Dwarf - Duct Soup - Part 1 Kryten gets fussy and jealous thinking that Lister likes Kochanski better than him. When the primary power goes off and they get stuck in a room, they have no choice but to climb into the small ventilation ducts which wind round Starbug in order to escape. Whilst inside the ducts they discover a lot about each other, including the fact Lister is claustrophobic.
  • How to seal home air ducts and save money! Reduce your energy bill by 5-10% per month by spending 1 hour sealing your air ducts. Many ducts leak air, so they are not as efficient as they could be. Pat Cafone from Energy Saver will show you how to seal your ducts and save money.
  • WARNING! Watch This Video on Air Duct Cleaning in Denver! Choosing a Denver air duct cleaning company is not easy. That's why at Advanced Power Vac by Allied Home Services we offer the strongest guarantee in the industry. You Get The Most Thorough Air Duct Cleaning Ever in Denver or It's FREE!. You can't lose when choosing Advanced Power Vac by Allied Home Services. Call today and get $150 off your air duct cleaning service. 303-791-5100 http
  • Insulating heating ducts in the crawl space under the house I insulated the heating ducts under my house. I was getting cold air blowing through the vents in rooms furthest from the furnace. I had to seal all the leaks...that was causing low flow of heat circulation. Using mastic and fiber reinforced tape(like the kind you use on drywall or cement board, I sealed all the leaks. Also I insulated the heating ducts completely. Now I am feeling like the house is warming up when the heater goes on. What a difference. For the cost of about $220, I got everything at home depot. Reflectix insulation, Nashua tape, Master brand air duct sealant "MASTIC", and I used fiber reinforced tape that I already had - the kind you use on durock cement board. I am not an expert. There are not a lot of videos on insulating heating ducts so I made one. I am positive that what I have done here will save money in the future. The house is warmer than it was - noticed it right away. Everything used can be found at home depot. Be inspired to save on heating bills. Instead of sitting around watching TV or wasting away like a zombie in front of the computer...it feels great to do a job to completion, and reap a money saving result. OK you've heard it before on the home depot commercials - you can do it; we can help. O' and it is quite a workout crawling around on hands and knees for about a week. Enjoy :)
  • Laura Imbruglia - Tear Ducts Animated music video by Halo Productions
  • CleanCraft SpinVax Air Duct Cleaning System See why professionals choose the SpinVax Air Duct Cleaning System by CleanCraft for cleaning air ducts.
  • Duct sealing warm air vent Here in this video we remove a small duct vent register and seal the boot inside. Venturi is the principle at play here. Look at this video from another youtube channel and see what it might look like when your heating system kicks on. I didn't make that video but it gives you an idea of how air pulls on the leaky edges and gaps. When your heating ducts, or a/c ducts, push air out they also drag air out of the cavity formed above the ceiling, or below the floor. Removing one a/c or heat register will reveal the same gap between the sheet metal boot and the drywall or sub-floor. This problem is the reason many people suffer from allergies, mold, fiberglass problems and dusty indoor environments. Using latex sealer is pretty simple, brush on, water soluble and dries flexible to form a rubber (latex!) seal to close that overcut gap. Email me to discuss this if it's not clear how we do it. Note; sometimes we discover the duct is installed wrong and extra sheet metal work is necessary. Don't try this if you're not skilled in the inner workings of duct work or a duct design specialist.

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