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  • Just like the title would lead you to believe, this is ambient drones for one guitar. It's divided into two discs, one of long drones & one of shorter drones. The guitar has tons of reverb & other effects as well as loops going on from the era when 2 seconds was still a long loop. — “Internet Archive Search: subject:"Drone"”,
  • Drones are semi-autonomous vehicles launched from larger spacecraft designed to augment the launching ship's capabilities. Drones are stored in the drone bay of the ship and may be launched from there with sufficient bandwidth and skills. — “Drones - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki”,
  • Mission. Contact Us. OK, last year you spent thousands. on that new product brochure, a few thousand more on trinkets and trash. to promote your product and/or service. and still the sales were disappointing. We have a better idea! Call 1-800-983-7036. Drone Communications, LLC © 2009. — “Drone Communications, LLC”,
  • The Navy Model QH-50D Drone (hereinafter referred to as the drone) is a remotely controlled, rotary- wing, weapon-carrying vehicle designed specifically for deployment from the deck of destroyer type ships in antisubmarine warfare (See figures 1 and 2). — “Description”,
  • Drone Manufacturers & Drone Suppliers Directory - Find a Drone Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Drone Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Drone-Drone Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Even many of the percussion instruments are tuned in such a way as to reinforce the drone. Although this may not be intuitive, it is not difficult to understand. A contrast between Indian and Western music is a good way to illustrate the drone's function. — “Drones in Indian Music (Tanpura, Surpeti, etc.)”,
  • Drone definition, the male of the honeybee and other bees, stingless and making no honey. See more. — “Drone | Define Drone at ”,
  • The Drone boasts a powerful weapon, but like the ship itself, it is strange and unwieldy. When the Drone's weapon system is activated, it produces a flood of antimatter which extends outward a short distance in the shape of cone, rapidly deteriorating any form of matter upon contact. — “Drone - Ultronomicon”,
  • Drone music is a minimalist musical style that emphasizes the use of sustained or repeated sounds, notes, or tone-clusters – called drones. Music that is based on drones can consist of very pure drones, of slowly changing drones, or drones augmented with more transient sounds. — “Drone music - Listen free at Last.fm”, last.fm
  • Definition of drone from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of drone. Pronunciation of drone. Definition of the word drone. Origin of the word drone. — “drone - Definition of drone at ”,
  • BBC Pakistan correspondent Aleem Maqbool investigates America's secrecy-shrouded use of unmanned drone planes in the war against militants in north-west Pakistan. — “BBC News - America's secret drone war in Pakistan”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of DRONE. 1 : a stingless male bee (as of the honeybee) that has the role of mating with the queen and does not gather nectar or pollen. 2 :. — “Drone - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Buy drone, Toys Hobbies items on eBay. Find great deals on Music, Collectibles items and get what you want now!. — “drone items - Get great deals on Toys Hobbies, Music items on”,
  • When docked, any ship with a drone bay may load any combination of drones up to the maximum volume of the bay, through a process After undocking, drones are launched via a window in the player's UI (this window is. — “Drone - EVEWiki”, eve-
  • drone n. A male bee, especially a honeybee, that is characteristically stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey. — “drone: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • In music, a drone is a harmonic or monophonic effect or accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded throughout most or all of a piece. A drone effect can be achieved through a sustained sound or through repetition of a note. — “Drone (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • he that gathereth not every day as much as I doe, the next day shall be set beyond the river, and be banished from the Fort as a drone, till he amend his conditions or starve. A remotely controlled aircraft. A low-pitched hum or buzz. 1908: Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows. — “drone - Wiktionary”,
  • Drones are AI-controlled light hovering vehicles that can mount either weapons or shields. Gun Drone Squadrons1,2 are formed of between 4 and 8 Gun Drones. They move quickly and can pin down enemies until the rest of the Tau force arrived. — “Drone - Lexicanum”, wh40
  • The Drone is the Zerg's peon unit. Just like all Zerg creatures they are slaves to the Overmind, but they are used to gather resources such as Mineral Ore or Vespene gas for the hive. Over time they became Drones, engineered with the Larvae's ability to. — “Drone - SC2Pod StarCraft 2 Wiki”, sc2
  • Drone weapons, known more colloquially as drones, are projectile weapons that serve as the primary weapon system of the Ancients. A hybrid energy/projectile weapon, drones are capable of penetrating most shields and armor with ease. A single. — “Drone weapon - Stargate Wiki”,
  • Definition of drone in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of drone. Pronunciation of drone. Translations of drone. drone synonyms, drone antonyms. Information about drone in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. drone on. — “drone - definition of drone by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Drone website is under reconstruction Old site tutorials and plugins that are still of any interest will be added back there Copyright © 2010 Drone - All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress & the Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll. — “Drone”,

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  • AR.Drone Pilot Academy #01 : Indoor Flight Instructions DON'T BREAK YOUR AR.DRONE, FOLLOW FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS. Download the User Guide here : bit.ly Please update AR.Freeflight Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies: Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on: A big thank you to Ixair helicopter team!
  • US drone attacks rise in Pakistan Drone attacks on Pakistan's tribal areas have intensifiedin recent days. The raids come after it was revealed that the US government had granted approval to the CIA to expand drone attacksto lower-level members of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters. But the attacks have caused growing anger in Pakistan, as civilians continue to be killed and homes and villages are destroyed. Jamshed Ayaz Khan, a Pakistan-based defence ***yst, told Al Jazeera that a "hundred per cent [of Pakistanis] are against the drone attacks". "I have not seen anybody who is in favour of drone attacks," he said. Al Jazeera's Kamal Hyder reports from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital. [May 12, 2010]
  • California Drone UFO with Intelligent Spheres (Motion Stabilized) video was taken in California and credit goes to LunaCognita for the Enhancement work done. in this presentation, we will take a closer forensic look at this brief video footage that appears to show several UFOs in the sky. To the best of my knowledge, very little information is available about the origins or pedigree of this video clip, other than it carried a brief description when it was originally posted that stated the footage was "Captured with a digital camera along highway 41 near Lemoore, CA. September 11th, 2009." The original video was posted on Youtube on September 14th, 2009, but has since apparently been removed and the user's account has apparently been deleted. Because this video footage has no pedigree information whatsoever supporting it, I am certainly in no way, shape, or form vouching for it's authenticity here. All I have done is taken a raw copy of the 16 seconds worth of footage and applied "Image Stabilization/Shake Reduction" and some other rudimentary enhancement techniques to it in an effort to improve the viewability of the scene. In these motion-corrected examples, I elected to use portions of the power/utility pole located in the foreground as the target feature to match and mount each successive frame of raw footage to. Because the utility pole is a known stable object and is visible throughout the duration of the scene, it serves as an excellent target feature to anchor each successive frame to. In these stabilized ...
  • Parrot AR.Drone Music by OC Remix-
  • Domestic Spy Drones Raise Legal Concerns Complete video at: fora.tv Author PW Singer discusses the increasingly common "leeching" of advanced and often invasive military technology into civilian life and domestic law enforcement. Do drones engaged on American soil violate our right to privacy? Does the Second Amendment protect our right to "bear robotic arms"? ----- The rate of technological change over the last century has been exponential. According to Moore's Law, computing power has doubled for the price every two years, a trend set to continue or even accelerate. It's a trend that's seen robotics take centre stage in the theatre of war -- and in some cases, saved many lives. But according to political scientist PW Singer, it may be taking us into the ultimate of ethical grey areas. Singer claims "YouTube wars," fought by remote consoles thousands of kilometres away from the battlelines, have profoundly compromised the gravitas that once accompanied the horrors of warfare. For example, unmanned squadrons of "Predator Drones" currently carry out five times the airstrikes in Pakistan that were waged on Kosovo ten years ago. But, as Singer points out, this isn't actually referred to as a "war." As the military becomes increasingly disconnected from the battles they are waging, Singer checks up on the cost to the operators and the targets of our newest "killer apps" -- the unmanned robot armies of the twenty-first century. Peter W. Singer was speaking to the Lowy Institute's Rory Medcalf at the Sydney Opera ...
  • Disarmonia Mundi - Cypher Drone Album's out. Go buy it:
  • AR Drone review iPad-controlled helicopter fun to fly, but has a steep learning curve
  • CES: Battling AR helicopter controlled by iPhone Combine augmented reality, a helicopter and an iPhone and you get the AR Drone from France based Parrot.
  • Parrot's AR Drone does iPhone controlled augmented reality, blows our mind at CES 2010 Parrot was at CES 2010 to show off their new AR Drone quadricopter (basically a fancy name for a 4-rotor helicopter). It's controlled with an iPhone app that streams real-time video from its onboard camera. Using accelerometers, ultrasonic sensors, and a downward facing camera, the AR Drone automatically stabilizes itself in flight. You use the iPhone to control the AR Drone through on-screen controls or by tilting the iPhone. Needless to say, this is awesome.
  • Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Parrot shows me their AR.Drone, a quadricopter that can be controlled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It even has two cameras that can broadcast the images back to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi network (no need for an Internet connection nor a router) at which you simply connect an iPod touch or iPhone. Once the "AR.FreeFlight" application has been downloaded from the APP Store, the iPod touch/iPhone turns into a piloting station. Touch the take-off button on the screen of the iPod touch/iPhone and the Parrot AR.Drone starts its engine, takes-off, stabilizes a few feet from the ground and waits for the pilot's instructions. Parrot AR.Drone moves forward, back or sidewise depending on the inclinations of the iPod touch/iPhone. Another command button on the right of the iPod touch/iPhone screen enables the pilot to make the AR.Drone rise, go down or rotate. If flying this thing isn't cool enough, they added a gaming aspect thanks to augmented reality using the AR.Drone's built-in cameras. There will be games in the app store that complements the AR.Drone. Parrot AR.Drone will be available for purchase at selected retailers in September in the United States for $299 MSRP.
  • iPad pilots the AR.Drone AR.Free Flight App for iPhone/iPod touch running on Apple iPad. Shot at Parrot offices Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies: Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on:
  • Drone Controllers What appears to be a (very professional) simulator display
  • AR.Drone Pilot Academy #02 : Outdoor Flight Instructions DON'T BREAK YOUR AR.DRONE, FOLLOW FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS. Download the User Guide here : bit.ly Please update AR.Freeflight Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies: Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on: A big thank you to Ixair helicopter team!
  • Drone attacks stepped up in Pakistan The US has stepped up a campaign of alleged drone strikes in Pakistan, despite the Pakistani military refusing calls for an operation in the North Waziristan region. But the US Defense Department says Pakistan is not acting swiftly enough against armed groups in the region, and officials say it's hurting US efforts to reverse the Taliban's momentum in the Afghan War. Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr filed this report from Islamabad.
  • Nintendo® Wiimote controlling AR.Drone (via Linux Development Tool) Watch the AR.Drone controlling by Wiimote (Bluetooth) via a laptop with a Parrot Linux Development Tool for AR.Drone users and developers. More info and downloadable installation files here: Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies: Join our Page: Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on:
  • Robot Aircraft Carrier Drone on FutureWeapons (Part 1 of 2) This is a clip (part 1 of 2) from FutureWeapons documenting the Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAS (Unmanned Combat Air System). Recent advances in robotics, sensors and artificial intelligence are used to engineer a drone aircraft that can perform naval missions and land on aircraft carriers autonomously. To develop this system, virtual prototyping and simulations are linked to actual aircraft control system hardware so engineers are able to monitor how the computer will operate the aircraft. This will ensure that the robot will perform as expected before it is built. Part 1: Part 2:
  • Parrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer - RC Helicopters Race www.stuff.tv is the best place to go for all things tech. This week, on the Stuff.tv Show, Jools and Lucy have got their hands on two (very different) R helicopters...but which is best? Clearly, the only way to find out is to build a race course and let them loose.
  • Drone Robocopter See exclusive articles and pictures on ! Everyone in the office helps test a remote control helicopter you control with your iPhone, whether they want to or not. LIKE us on FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: WATCH exclusive videos we can't put on YouTube at:
  • Predator Drones: Joking over innocent deaths? As Washington expands its drone strikes in Pakistan, the number of civilians killed in the attacks keeps rising. Hundreds of people have died since 2004 and critics say the program only helps fuel the conflict and creates new militants rather than eliminating them.
  • AR.Drone : The Flying Video Game (HD Trailer) More info on With super intuitive handling, Parrot AR.Drone achieves spectacular flights and enables consumers to play video games in augmented reality. With its shaped ***pit driven by four propellers with brushless motors, the Parrot AR.Drone offers excellent maneuverability and stability during piloting. Buy an AR.Drone http Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies: Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on:
  • Dogfight between MQ-1 Predator drone and Mig-25 Foxbat On December 23, 2002, an Iraqi MiG-25 shot down a US Air Force unmanned MQ-1 Predator drone, which was performing armed reconnaissance over Iraq. This was the first time in history that an aircraft and an unmanned drone had engaged in combat. Predators had been armed with AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles, and were being used to "bait" Iraqi fighter planes, then run. In this incident, the Predator did not run, but instead fired one of the Stingers, which missed, while the MiG's missile did not.
  • iPod AR. Drone flying spy camera at Brookstone and Apple Computer DRONE by Parrot This AR Drone requires an iPod, iPhone or iPad to fly. It is a cool gadget that allows for hours of fun. I attached an iPod camera and recorded video. iPod available at Apple Computer Stores, AR Drone available at Brookstone. Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter iPhone/iPad/iPod Remote Control
  • AR Drone - WipeOut 2011 Mod See my AR Drone with light and hull modding, airbrushed in WipeOut Style. Airbrush and Weathering done by www.ok- This is a short Movie about my AR Drone Modding. 18 LED's / 4 flashing LED's / Hull Modification / WipeOut Style Airbrush / 1500mAh Batteries / Comments please!
  • Parrot AR.Drone RED PROTOTYPE flight demo with iPhone (2008) SEE NEW VIDEOS ON !!! It was our first demo with video streaming on the iPhone. AR.Drone PROTOTYPE Proto B, 2008, with removable plastic hulls
  • * Police use DRONES to spy on AMERICANS!! Police, Stop the ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES ON AMERICANS! PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! Watch my other GREAT videos! DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL AND BECOME A LIGHT IN THIS WORLD. DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO and any other youtube or google video quickly and easily using the FREE player from
  • Rise Against - Drones The Song "Drones" by Rise Against. Enjoy and comment plz! =)
  • The Drones - Jezebel Formed in Melbourne, The Drones are a magical but terrifying ride toward the edge of danger...sometimes chaotic and stern, sometimes melodic and joyful. Emerging as one of the best new bands in Australia, the combination of Mike Noga (drums) Fiona Kitschin (bass) Gareth Liddiard (vocals/guitar) Rui Pereira (guitar) have released the follow-up their 2005 album Wait Long By The River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By, entitled Gala Mill and released through ATP/Recordings. Recorded in a mill on an isolated 10000 acre farm on Tasmania's east coast, Gala Mill is an album full of extremes - moments of stark, ghostly beauty set against outbursts of the dark, intense noise for which the band is renowned. The album's sense of place is palpable - barking dogs and birdsong are heard between tracks, and the island's history and atmosphere resonate through the songs. Infused with a rich sense of history and yet utterly modern, both thought-provoking and viscerally compelling, Gala Mill marks the welcome return of one of Australia's most intelligent, innovative and important bands. .au
  • Duel AR.Drone: AR.Pursuit the 1st augmented reality video game (Short version) AUGMENTED REALITY video game for 2 AR.Drone. Available on the App Store: Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies: Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on: Shot on location at the AIR & SPACE MUSEUM of Paris - Le Bourget Airport, France with their kind authorization. Every shot in this video is real (no special effects). Scenes over Parrot AR.Drone ***pit view were shot using a GoPro camera on top of AR.Drone hull. Aerial shots were done using a Polecam. Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Sony Alpha 55, GoPro Hero HD.
  • AR.Drone Outdoor Flight Parrot AR.Drone is designed for flying inside and outside. For a flight outside, a shaped hull reduces the area to the wind and offers an extreme maneuverability of the quadricopter. Three hulls are available: - orange and yellow - orange and green - orange and blue More info on Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on:
  • Parrot AR.Drone : Flight Demo (Prototype) January 2010 SEE NEW VIDEOS ON !!! January 2010 AR.Drone : The First wi-fi quadricopter that can be controlled by iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. Augmented Reality games! Follow us on twitter @parrot & @ardrone Learn more on and http
  • CES Gadgets: IPhone Drone Parrot unveiled its AR Drone Airfoil at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It turns your iPhone into a remote control that flies a UFO-like drone with a camera mounted on it, allowing operators to see what the drone is seeing. (Jan. 6)
  • Drone - Theopractical (live Wacken 2006) Drone live...
  • Drone - Dark Mindz [FULL] The full HQ and HD video of my track "Dark Mindz". I'm pretty satisfied about it, what about you?! Also it's a test of my new video layout, tell me what you think of that too.
  • DRONE - STRANGE CRAFT musicvideo Music video of "Strange craft" by DRONE. Video done by Kris Avery. Samples taken from the earthfiles podcasts by Linda Moulton Howe. http
  • AR.Drone Indoor Flight Parrot AR.Drone controlled by iPhone with live camera view. You are piloting a one-of-a-kind quadricopter, where real and virtual worlds meet to offer unparalleled gaming experiences... Flight with indoor protective hull. More info on Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on:
  • Drone - Welcome to the Pit A German Thrash Metal Band who won the Metal Battle Contest of 2006. very good
  • Predator Drones The future of warfare lies within what looks like an overgrown toy airplane. Watch as we dissect the Predator system, from the Ground Control Station in Las Vegas to a Ku Band satellite in orbit, then back down to the Predator in-flight over the battlefield. Find more at www.geospatial21.org
  • US Navy Laser Weapon Shoots Down Drone in Test. This silent video shows during a recent test, a Navy laser using a tracking system from Raytheon to shoot down the unmanned aerial vehicles with lasers.
  • Parrot AR.Drone : Augmented Reality Video Games Demo (HD version) SEE NEW VIDEOS ON !!! AR.Drone : wi-fi quadricopter controlled by iPhone and iPod touch. Games with Augmented Reality. Learn more on
  • Should Obama Continue Drone Attacks In Pakistan? - Hamad Mir Complete video at: fora.tv Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir criticizes President Obama for continuing unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas, a policy started under the Bush administration. Mir claims that the drones have killed many women and children, but no top al-Qaeda or Taliban leaders. ----- Best known internationally as the sole journalist to have interviewed Osama bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks, Mir is a prominent Pakistani journalist who specializes in investigative reporting in Pakistan and abroad. Mir has exposed various corruption scandals and has put major political figures, including Pervez Musharraf, Condoleezza Rice and Hamid Karzai in the hot seat on Geo TV, Pakistan's most popular TV station. He has been called the media face of the Taliban, a CIA agent and more. Find out what he knows about the state of the Pakistan government, the effectiveness of US foreign policy in the region and what it's like to be an investigative journalist in one of the most turbulent regions in the world. - Commonwealth Club of California Hamid Mir, Executive Editor, Geo TV; Osama bin Laden's Authorized Biographer Best known internationally as the sole journalist to have interviewed Osama bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks, Mir is a prominent Pakistani journalist who specializes in investigative reporting in Pakistan and abroad. Mir has exposed various corruption scandals and has put major political figures, including Pervez Musharraf, Condoleezza Rice and Hamid ...

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  • “U.S. drone attack in Pakistan's northwest kills seven 2010-10-28 12:06:42 GMT+7 (ICT) ISLAMABAD (BNO NEWS) -- A U.S. drone attack on”
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  • “Visit Denzel Drone - Big Ten Blog for information, in-depth ***ysis and discussion about Denzel Drone”
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  • “when will I stay forever? Each EP by Drone Records appears as if it's a tiny part from an What constitutes a drone? To begin, sustained intonation that establishes a harmonic”
    Drone Music | Muziek (MUZ) | FOK!forum - Het Grootste forum,

  • “But back to my earlier Blog post and the original post by Carrion that referenced the (2007 California) Drones but more specifically it referenced the Open Minds Forum (OMF) and Carrion implied that a couple of administrators may forum who didn't renounce Drone-scepticism and profess their belief”
    — UFO Blog, blog.ufo-

  • “Trance Forum " " Forum The Workshop - Drone. Author. Drone. bandarlog. Bandarlog. Started Trance Forum " " Forum The Workshop - Drone. Copyright © 1997-2010 IsraTrance”
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  • “ACE Forum: A Look at CIA Drone Killings V. Part Five in a discussion Forum: A Look at CIA Drone Killings V -- on ACE Forum: A Look at CIA Drone”
    — Vanderbilt Political Review || Online " ACE Forum: A Look at,

  • “Generates lengthy, random weblog entries. BLOG DRONE UNIT #0189837-R3 ([email protected] This script, updated as of 2004, uses the infamous Catty v3 engine and a database of phrases from and blog.pl to write long and compassionate web journal / diary / blog entries for you”
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  • “The AR.Drone games page :Exclusive AR.Drone games developped by Scenes over AR.Drone ***pit view were shot using a GoPro camera on top of AR.Drone hull”
    — Parrot Blog " AR.Drone,

  • “[These are Frequently Asked Questions about the current state of UAV regulation in the US] Q: Are UAVs legal in the United States? A: Under certain condition Forum. Start a Forum topic. See all Forum topics. Blogs. Create a blog post. View all blog posts. ArduPilot. The ArduPilot Project. ArduPilot home page”
    — Regulatory FAQ - DIY Drones,

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