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  • From the Center for Research into Expanded Dramaturgies. Performance Research: On Dramaturgy. February 3rd, 2010 3:04 pm. Performance Research, Vol 14, No 3 is dedicated to Dramaturgy, with contributions from Karoline Gritzner, Heike Roms, Hans. — “The Ghost Light Dramaturgy Collective: From the Center for”,
  • Prof. Marc Maufort (University of Brussels), the Editor of PIE-Peter Lang's "New Comparative Poetics" and "Dramaturgies" book series, is seeking proposals for monographs or collections of critical essays from the ICLA membership at large, in French or in English. — “CALL FOR BOOK PROPOSALS | APPEL A SOUMISSION DE PROJETS DE”, ailc-
  • Kutlug Atamam: Mesopotamian Dramaturgies Opens at Lentos Art Museum The Lentos Art Museum presents today Kutlug Atamam: Mesopotamian Dramaturgies, on view through April 19, 2009. — “Kutlug Atamam: Mesopotamian Dramaturgies Opens at Lentos Art”, gg-
  • Canadian Literature is a quarterly of criticism and review published out of the University of British Columbia. Since 1959, we have been publishing critical articles and book reviews on or about Canadian authors. — “Factored Dramaturgies by Alan Filewood (Review of”, canlit.ca
  • Biennale of Sydney (17th) Kutlug Ataman, Mesopotamian Dramaturgies / Journey to the Moon, 2009 (detail), still photography, 31 x 41 cm. Courtesy of Francesca Minini, Milan and the artist. — “Home | 17th Biennale of Sydney”, bos17.com
  • Critical dramaturgies of theatre practitioners are worth more than any committee advice on how a theatre work should be created. Ultimately, if colleagues like what an artist is doing, chances are the artist isn't doing much. — “Critical Dramaturgies and Theatre Presentation1”, .au
  • List of books stored in books-by- the ISBN of which begins with the publisher-specific prefix 978-90-5201. Staging A Cultural Paradigm: The Political And The Personal In American Drama (Dramaturgies. — “Peter Lang Publishing - books from this publisher (ISBNs”, books-by-
  • It forms part of the Mesopotamian Dramaturgies series of visual works, first exhibited in Linz, Austria in early 2009. Other notable solo exhibitions include Mesopotamian Dramaturgies at the Lentos Künstmuseum in Austria; fff at Thomas Dane Gallery,. — “Kutluğ Ataman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 'Dramaturgies #4 will be a national gathering of artists and arts thinkers working over three intensive days to explore new ecologies for dramaturgical practice as we face the challenges posed by shifting theatrical forms in the twenty-first century. — “outlier-nj: Dramaturgy & Dramaturgies #4”, outlier-
  • See what your friends are reading. Keep track of what you've read and organize your books into virtual bookshelves. The Theatre of Form and the Production of Meaning: Contemporary Canadian Dramaturgies by Ric Knowles. — “browse books (showing 3,743,801-3,743,997 of 9,766,143)”,
  • Visit related products for dramaturgy, including CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVDs, Books and other dramaturgy-related products when you use the quick search function at . Siting The Other: Re-visions Of Marginality In Australian And English-canadian Drama (Dramaturgies Series, Volume 1) (Paperback). — “dramaturgy Related Products at ”,
  • Interactive Dramaturgies - Using numerous illustrations and case studies, the author maps out the creative process involved in producing interactive media, such as CD-ROM productions and network applications. Looking at concrete. — “Interactive Dramaturgies”,
  • The catalogue will be the first international publication to ***yze the Turkish artist's 'Mesopotamian Dramaturgies' project as a whole. The project revolves around the artist's reflection on the problematic relations existing between East and. — “Kutlug Ataman. Mesopotamian dramaturgies - Cristiana Parrella”, electaweb.it
  • Alternative Dramaturgies informed by a d/Deaf and Disability Perspective http:///express/alternative-dramaturgies/ A one day symposium at The Drama Department at the University of Exeter on Saturday 18 March 2006, led by disabled and d/Deaf practitioners and academics. — “Alternative Dramaturgies”,
  • Shifting Dramaturgies by Marin Blazevic, Academy of Drama Arts University Zagreb, Croatia. Date: 03 November 2010. Hosted by the Centre for Performance and Creative Exchange. Time: 5.30–7pm. Venue: Room 001, Duchesne Building, Digby Stuart College. Contact: PA Skantze. Study here. Conferences. — “Shifting Dramaturgies by Marin Blazevic, Academy of Drama”,
  • We would welcome proposals that explore the relationship between a particular cultural context or community and emerging dramaturgies. How do new dramaturgies respond to the bombardment of media messages that we experience?. — “New Dramaturgies.doc”,
  • The Dramaturgies Project are pleased to announce the availability of the Dramaturgies IV The Dramaturgies Project are delighted to welcome keynote speaker May-Brit Akerholt. — “ |”,
  • Volume 2 Number 2, 2003. Dramaturgies of Violence in International Relations. Editor: Dramaturgies of Violence. ESSAYS. Christine Sylvester. Global "Development" Dramaturgies. — “b o r d e r l a n d s e-journal”, .au
  • The Dramaturgies Project is a research and development laboratory, established in Melbourne in 2001 by Peter Eckersall, Melanie Beddie and Paul Monaghan. The recent Dramaturgies # 4 in Melbourne brought together international and Australian practitioners and academics to take stock of shifting. — “Out of the Wings " Out of the Wings event”,
  • - Discover Mesopotamian Dramaturgies in Rome This will be the first time that Ataman's Mesopotamian Dramaturgies is shown in full, with the show consisting of eight works,. — “ - Discover Mesopotamian Dramaturgies in Rome”,
  • RealTime plus OnScreen online and print arts magazine covering innovative practices in media art, digital art, hybrid art, performance, dance, visual art, sound and music, film in Australia and internationally The Dramaturgies Project is available as a PDF (276k). — “RealTime Arts - Magazine - issue 70 - The Dramaturgies project”,
  • Museo ***onale delle Arti del XXI Secolo (MAXXI) : Kutlug Ataman: Mesopotamian Dramaturgies: Art show details: Artists, Location, Dates. — “Kutlug Ataman: Mesopotamian Dramaturgies at Museo ***onale”,
  • CRED aims to research and to advocate the development of 'expanded' dramaturgies. In using it, we imply both the diversity of emerging performance forms and structures and contemporary dramaturgical practices. CRED members are committed to. — “Research into Expanded Dramaturgies”,

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  • LIAA 2009 Georges Schwizgebel - Geneva Dramaturgies Watch full presentation and more on: www.liaa.hslu.ch To be creative people we need two things: a completely free fantasy and a very calm, absolutely ***ytical way of thinking.
  • Bowling am Tiber by Carp/Sonntag (D) Performance CYNETart_03transit, 11.10.2003, Festspielhaus Hellerau (UA) A performative installation for three-channel high-solution digital video, two-channel digital sound and two actors Idea/concept/direction/ video: Peter Carp, concept/video-sound-space installation: Jan-Peter ER Sonntag, programming/ cut: Thomas Plöntzke, costumes: Gertrud Rindler-Schantl, actors: Anna Stieblich and Henry Meyer, composition: Jan-Peter ER Sonntag, tenor/ bass trombone: Marsyas, double-bass: Andre Neygenfind, guitar: Harry Kügler, drumset: Oliver Sonntag, soundscaping/ programming/ electronics, production: Jan-Peter ER Sonntag, processed parts of songs by MINA studios N-Solab (Berlin), Musikplant (Lübeck), software development/ realisation of the installation N-Solab technical assistance: F18 (Hamburg), Jens Bakenhus, Harald Kügler, images a series of six postcards from the 1960s showing sites in Arezzo parts of text/ sketches for films never realised by Michelangelo Antonioni production Carp/Sonntag, steirischer herbst (Graz) co-production hARTware-Projekte (Dortmund), Gare du Nord (Basel), Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau eV All soundscapes were recorded in June 2003 at the original sites in Arezzo displayed on the postcards. Supported by the Culture foundation of Germany (Kulturstiftung des Bundes). The guest performance is supported by the City of Dresden, Culture Office. The starting point of the installations are Italian postcards showing housing estates in Arezzo in the 1960s, songs ...
  • 2010 09-27 WEB DuBois Lecture: Achille Mbembe Achille Mbembe is one of the world's leading critical theorists. His work on power, violence, and subjectivity has shaped and challenged contemporary scholarship on the postcolonial in Africa and beyond. Born in Cameroon, Mbembe obtained a PhD in history from the Sorbonne, and a political science degree at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (IEP). He is the author of "On the Postcolony" and the essay "Necropolitics", and founder of the Johannesburg Theory Workshop. He is currently a visiting professor of romance studies at Duke University. The unique erudition and theoretical impact of Professor Mbembe's work on contemporary political practices and dramaturgies ensure his stature as one of today's most compelling scholarly voices.
  • LIAA 2009 Jerzy Kucia - Storytelling and Dramaturgy in Animation Watch full presentation and more on: www.liaa.hslu.ch The presentation concerns the method with which creative expression is shaped in animated films.

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  • “Past talks Forum for European Philosophy thu 28 may & thu 18 june | 7. 00pmThe Forum is an educational charity which organises and runs a full and”
    — Past talks | Institut français du Royaume-Uni - French, institut-

  • “Visual theatre: dramaturgies and translations of light, sound, space facilitation, postdramatic' dramaturgies, queer dramaturgies, disability arts,”
    — Translation Studies Forums :: Translation Studies News,

  • “Mesopotamian Dramaturgies. All in all something that is not to be missed for the lovers for all the readers of the MR blog: an exclusive video interview with Claudio Bignazzi”
    — Events - Marina Rinaldi Experience,

  • “Composer Forum presented by Liza Lim - Pop Musicology Ex Pat Im Port is a project for the dissemination of dramaturgies developed by Australian artists living in Europe who have immersed themselves in other processes and come up with something of their own”
    — Composer Forum presented by Liza Lim - Pop Musicology,

  • “MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZIN. After the jump, you can enjoy a couple of pictures of Kutlug Ataman's exhibition "Mesopotamian Dramaturgies", visitable until September in the fluid spaces of the Roman museum. And here's a link to an extra content in which the Turkish artist explain his most ambitious”
    — Roma – Kutlug Ataman at MAXXI / Blog > MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY, moussemagazine.it

  • “Kutlug Ataman, Mesopotamian Dramaturgies / Journey to the Moon, 2009 (detail), still Our Opening Week Forum is unfortunately fully booked, but we'll have some audio and video”
    — Opening Week Forum | 17th Biennale of Sydney, bos17.com

  • “Barba illustrates the different dramaturgies that need to be considered in all creative read more | email this blog | 337 reads. User login. Username: Password: Create new account”
    — Shadow House PITS's blog | theatre australia, theatre.asn.au

  • “Just another Blog.co.in weblog. Home. About. Contact. Subscribe. Posts. Comment. Harbin Medical University. Head Office – Gwalior (MP) the art under the direction of famous film directors, operators, dramaturgies, producers”
    — MBBS IN RUSSIA, zonegwl.blog.co.in

  • “About this Blog. This is the official project blog of the AHRC-funded research project Out of the Wings: Spanish and Spanish American Theatres in processes and facilitation, postdramatic' dramaturgies, queer dramaturgies, disability arts, collaborative writing processes,”
    — Out of the Wings,

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