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  • a : to make gradually dry b : to carry away the surface water of c : to deplete or empty by or as if by drawing off by degrees or in increments d : to empty by drinking the contents of. — “Drain - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Call the Drain Doctor for professional drain plumbing contractor services including faucet drain plumbing, toilet drain cleaning and unclogging. Official Drain Doctor drain plumbing service contractors. — “Drain Doctor | Drain Plumbing Contractors, Drain Plumbing”,
  • CSP Drain Cleaning provides professional services to Southeast Michigan. Let our drain cleaning experts get your pipes back to normal. Located in Milford, MI. — “Drain Cleaning Michigan | CSP Drain Cleaning in Southeast”,
  • We provide standard plumbing services and take pride in specializing in Drains, Drain Problems and Investigative Plumbing. Drain-it ® is based in Houston Texas. Our servicie for clients spans across the nation. — “Drain-It”,
  • Races in Drain detailed stats: ancestries, foreign born residents, place of birth Latest news from Drain, OR collected exclusively by city- from local newspapers, TV, and radio stations. — “Drain, Oregon (OR 97435) profile: population, maps, real”, city-
  • Middle English dreinen (verb) from Old English drēahnian ("to drain, strain, filter") from Proto drain (plural drains) A conduit allowing liquid to flow out of an otherwise contained. — “drain - Wiktionary”,
  • Drain cleaner machine - 2,131 results from 117 stores, including General Pipe Cleaners HS400LC NA Hot-Shot- 300/400 Amp Pipe Thawing Machine without Cables and Clamps - US Only HS400LC, General Pipe Cleaners DR NA Drain-Rooter Small Line. — “Drain cleaner machine - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Builds sewer and drain cleaners with the most rugged components, from cutting heads to electrical systems. — “General Pipe Cleaners”,
  • The city was incorporated in 1888, and John Drain was the first mayor. Drain provides a major access to the Oregon coast on scenic State Highway 38. — “Drain Oregon”,
  • Drain definition, to withdraw or draw off (a liquid) gradually; remove slowly or by degrees, as by filtration: See more. — “Drain | Define Drain at ”,
  • Drain-Net | Floor Drain Strainers & Baskets Home Applications Garbage Disposal Replacements Wet Waste Interceptors Grease Traps/Tanks Bacterial Treatments (Green) Storm Water Managment Grease Absorbment & Containment Grease Containment & Dumpster. — “Welcome to Drain-Net”, drain-
  • Definition of drain in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of drain. Pronunciation of drain. Translations of drain. drain synonyms, drain antonyms. Information about drain in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. brain drain, storm. — “drain - definition of drain by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • To draw off (a liquid) by a gradual process: drained water from the sink. To cause liquid to go out from; empty: drained the bathtub; drain the pond. To draw off the surface water of: The Mississippi River drains a vast area. To drink all the contents of: drained the cup. — “drain: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • FLEX-Drain® Landscape Drain Pipe - Perfect for french drains, downspouts and all your residential water draining needs! Flexible and lightweight!. — “Landscape Drain Pipe from FLEX-Drain ®”, flex-
  • drain use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with drain. drain in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. to exhaust someone or something of something, such as energy, motivation, etc. This day has drained me of all my motivation. — “drain - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • RR Enterprises introduces complete line of all natural, environmentally safe drain care cleaner products for the plumbing industry. Plumb-it Drain Cleaner is an all-natural, environmentally safe, drain cleaner, biologically formulated with a powerful blend of scientifically. — “The plumbing industry's most effective, all natural”, draincare.us
  • Manufacturer of geonets, geocomposites, sub-surface drainage composites, sheet-drains, strip-drains, rock shield for pipeline construction, and plastic safety fencing and barrier fencing. — “J-DRain”, j-
  • Your best sewer and drain rooter service for clearing blocked drains, clogged drains and stopped up sewers. — “Drain Cleaning, Sewer and Drain Rooter, Clogged Drain Cleaning”,
  • Care guide for Jackson Pratt Drain Care possible causes, signs and symptoms, standard treatment options and means of care and support. — “Jackson Pratt Drain Care - Care Guide”,
  • Definition of drain from Webster's New World College Dictionary. to draw water or any liquid from gradually so as to dry or empty: to drain swamps. — “drain - Definition of drain at ”,
  • Drain may also refer to: Drainage, the natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area. Storm drain, a system of collecting and disposing of rain water in an urban area. Drain STH, a disbanded female hard-rock band from Sweden. — “Drain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • If all the waste from the fixtures in a bathroom backs up into the tub, or water from the clothes washer floods the basement, the trouble probably lies in the main drain and its branches, which channel waste into the sewer. When a clog forms in. — “Unclogging a Main Drain”,

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  • Dyno Rod Rescue Puppy From Drain When the Fire Brigade or the RSPCA cant help who do you call? Dyno-Rod of course! Yesterday Dyno-Rod took a call from a very distressed lady from North London saying Please help me, I dont know what to do, the fire brigade are here and they cant do it. The call was taken by Emma in the Wembley offices who calmed the lady down and managed to establish that a week old puppy had accidentally been flushed down the toilet and was now stuck in the drains. The Fire Brigade and the RSPCA had been on site for around 3 hours but they could not rescue the tiny puppy so of course the next thing to do was to call Dyno Rod for help. Local Dyno Rod Operations Manager, Mark, soon took charge of the rescue operation. Quick thinking Mark, suggested that Dyno Rods CCTV technology could be used to find out exactly where the puppy was stuck within the drainage system and that the neighbours needed to be told not to flush any toilets to ensure the puppy wasnt flushed into the main sewer. The lady was very concerned said Mark she was worried about the puppy and about the cost of the rescue. Mark was able to reassure her that there would not be a charge from Dyno Rod. All we were concerned about was getting the puppy out alive he added. The puppy has now been checked over by the local vet and remarkably is unhurt and recovering well. As a tribute to the rescue team he has been named Dyno! Dyno-Rod engineer Will Craig was at the scene a few minutes later to put the plan into action. CCTV was used ...
  • LoL Epic - Best Fiddle Drain Kill EVER Seriously, I don't think any others can beat this one. . .
  • Rescue 911 - Episode 222 - Lifeguard in drain (Part 1 of 2) A lifeguard becomes trapped underwater when he gets his arm stuck in a swimming pool drain. This segment was taken from Episode 222 which aired on March 19, 1991 on CBS. Vote for Rescue 911 to be released on DVD at and to be put back on television at
  • Head Stuck in Storm Drain. My Twitter: A boy gets his head stuck in a storm drain and I don't think he even got his toy back. Enjoy. Read story at:
  • A/C condensate drain cleaning video HOW-TO A nice how-to for home owners. Comments appreciated!
  • Install Drain Pipes YouToo Can Do host Joe Schmidt demonstrates how to install a drain system and explains different ways to configure it for your own situation.
  • A tool to unclog your drain, kinda gross
  • Cleaning a Bathtub Drain with a lift-and-turn stopper If your bathtub drain is slowing down, it just might be a clump of hair caught on the tub's lift-and-turn stopper. Cleaning the drain regularly may help avoid a truly clogged drain. It isn't hard to do once you know how.
  • Nirvana - Drain You Niravan slideshow with the song Drain You...the only way you can find this song is when they sing it live, but this is the CD version....so yeah, I hope whoever watches this thinks its ok[comment and ratings are always welcomed(hint hint)]
  • I Drain My Cauliflower Ear - Mike Swick I drain my Cauliflower ear so you guys can see another side to being a mixed martial artist.
  • X JAPAN/DRAIN -THE LAST LIVE- 1997.12.31
  • Drain The Blood The Distillers
  • The Rural Alberta Advantage - Drain The Blood The Rural Alberta Advantage - Drain The Blood from the album Hometowns Directed by Ante Kovac
  • Drain STH - Bubble Song Band: Drain STH Song: Bubble Song Picture is from google.I do NOT own anything!!! All rights goes to the original owners!
  • Nirvana - Drain You Music video by Nirvana performing Drain You. (C) 2009 Geffen Records
  • Katy Perry talks "Circle the Drain" Katy Perry talks about the inspiration behind "Circle the Drain", another song off her new album '***age Dream' (available August 24, 2010 in North America and August 30th worldwide). Download the song on iTunes here: bit.ly
  • Drain Two lifelong friends, Gene (Charlie Steak) and Lenny (Jason J Baker) spend their days drifting through alleyways, begging for change and surviving on the streets. When an opportunity arises that could change both of their lives, Gene begins to doubt Lenny's methods of survival. As their journey winds down to a close, Gene must make a decision that will drastically affect both his life and the life of his only friend.
  • Nirvana - Drain you lyrics One baby to another says - I'm lucky to have met you I don't care what you think Unless it is about me It is now my duty to completely drain you I travel through a tube And end up in your affection Chew your meat for you Pass it back and forth In a passionate kiss From my mouth to yours I like you With eyes so dilated I've become your pupil You've taught me everything about a poison apple The water is so yellow I'm a healthy student Indebted and so grateful Vacuum out the fluids Chew your meat for you Pass it back and forth In a passionate kiss From my mouth to yours I like you You (x5) solo One baby to another says - I'm lucky to've met you I don't care what you think Unless it is about me It is now my duty to completely drain you I travel through a tube And end up in your affection Chew your meat for you Pass it back and forth In a flatulent kiss From my mouth to yours Sloppy lips to lips You're my vitamins I like you
  • Drain You w/ Butch Vig Butch Vig on recording Nirvana's Drain You.
  • Drain STH - Crack the Liar´s Smile Drain STH Video "Crack the Liar´s Smile"
  • Drain Notes - The Ready Set (New song+lyrics:) :D Buy the CD, it's a good cause I don't own any pictures or the song, :) I wanna know how to feel Are you ready to love me? Are you ready to want me, girl? She's got a way with those She's got a way with those Eyes, she can see right through And I'm gonna want all of you I'm gonna want all of-I'm-I'm gonna want all of you, all of you Each note starts with a quick glance Each note's rulin' in my heart This whole time, I haven't been breathing Now it's my time, are you ready to start? Feelings go through I wanna be the witness to your locked door quickness Whatcha think about everything you're telling me This love is not true There's a meaning in the minor notes Are my words gonna make you choke? She said it's only for one night, And everything's alright She's workin' magic like it's meant to be These pyromantics are so right Just so you know that for next time She's gonna run me down Girl, amaze me Then drive me crazy Break my world in two And I will wake up Shaking on the bedpost Whiter than a ghost Once upon a tragic time, There was a boy who lost his mind And fell into a pretty pretty little girl And he never got a chance to learn These notes won't stop These notes won't not And I hated the way Wouldn't get the time of day She said it's only for one night, And everything's alright She's workin' magic like it's meant to be These pyromantics are so right ? For next time She's gonna run me down Girl, amaze me Then drive me crazy Break my ...
  • Circle The Drain - Katy Perry Song: Circle the Drain Artist: Katy Perry Album: ***age Dream. No copyright infringment intended.
  • NIRVANA - Drain You Radio Appearance [ John Peel Sessions ] September 3, 1991, (BBC Radio 1, J ohn Peel Session) Maida Vale Studios, Studios 4 & 5, London, UK They played this along with Dumb and Endless Nameless. On WTLO
  • nirvana drain you a nirvana movie from live and loud
  • NIRVANA - Drain You (Live on French TV) The video response is the same performance but with better quality.
  • Lilly Wood & The Prick - Down The Drain SEE BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS HERE! Written & DIrected By Alex Turvey. http Set deep within a surreal woodland party, Nili And Ben are caught within a scene of bizarre theatrical violence between a gang of melancholy cats and owls. Set deep within a surreal woodland party, Nili And Ben are caught within a scene of bizarre theatrical violence between a gang of melancholy cats and owls. Director - Alex Turvey Executive Producer - Julien Chavepayre Line Producer - Jessica Piergiovanni DOP - Christopher Sabogal Art Direction - Alex Turvey Costume - Helena Turvey Stylist - Laura Clayton Art Department / Design assistant - Christopher Jarratt Make up - Sarah Barrow Flame / Post - La Pac Production Company - La Pac Label - Choke Industries
  • X Japan - Drain [pv] The official "Drain" PV
  • Dir en Grey: Drain Away Dir en Grey's pv for their song "Drain Away" Kyo's outfit is very interesting.
  • The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Drain The Blood" (Live on 89.3 The Current) The Rural Alberta Advantage performed "Drain The Blood" live in studio at 89.3 The Current.
  • Clogged shower drain how to fix that clogged shower or tub drain.
  • David Cronenberg - From the drain - Part 1 From the Drain is a 1967 short film directed by David Cronenberg while he was in film school. The film is centered on two men in a bathtub; it is implied that they are veterans of some past conflict but revealed that they are currently in a mental institution. The first man is paranoid about the drain of the tub, the second indifferent to it. After the conversation between the two men progresses, a vine-like tendril emerges from the drain to strangle the first man. The second shows no emotion to this sudden turn of events and the film ends.
  • Nirvana - Drain You Nirvana - Drain You Drain You is a song by American grunge band Nirvana, and the eighth track from their 1991 breakthrough album Nevermind. According to Nevermind producer Butch Vig on the Classic Albums: Nevermind DVD, "Drain You" had more guitar overdubs than any other song on the album: one clean track and five distorted tracks. Cobain tended to dislike heavily overdubbed songs, and so Vig had to tell Cobain lies, such as that tracks did not record right or were out of tune, in order to get him to do so many takes. Some of the strange noises during the middle section of the song are caused by children's toys Cobain brought into the studio. In his biography of Kurt Cobain Heavier than Heaven, biographer Charles Cross wrote, "When Kurt was questioned about the song {Drain You} he said he had made a lot of it up on the spot but that the first line... was particularly important to the interpretation of the song..." On the Nevermind version, Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic tuned their instruments a whole step down. In concert, however, "Drain You" was generally played in whatever tuning the band was using throughout the rest of the concert — generally standard tuning in earlier concerts (prior to the 1992 Pacific Rim tour in support of Nevermind) and half-step-down in later concerts. The song's verse is based around a conventional chord progression of four power chords: B, D#, G#, C#, the riff (F#)- E -C# for the choruses, and a chorus ending of B, A, G#. Off Nirvana's ...
  • HVAC (Condensate Drains) This video will show you a very simple way to clean the condensate drain on your air conditioner. IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO USE A VACUUM CLEANER THAT SPECIFIES THAT IT'S A WET/DRY VACUUM CLEANER.
  • Dissolve Glass with Drain Cleaner Using sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner) we dissolve glass. Glass is nearly invulnerable to chemicals and thus why it's the preferred material for chemical containers and reaction vessels. But when exposed to molten sodium hydroxide even glass will dissolve. To perform the reaction a steel container is used as it's resistant to the sodium hydroxide. For more information as well as the reaction equation check out the webpage at:
  • tub drain removal master extractor, removes tub and sink drains and pipe nipples. removes inch in 1/4 to 3 inch pipe nipples. If you would like to purchase call me at 714 883 - 3147. or email oder to [email protected] .com the first 1000 orders get a lower price thank you
  • Drain Cleaner Mike gets dirty as a drain cleaner. Watch Mike handle even more dirty items. Tune in Tuesdays at 9 PM!
  • Sentenced : Drain Me Great song from the album called "The Funeral Album" (2005). Rest in Peace, Miika Tenkula. If you like it, rate and comment! Ville Laihiala: Vocals Miika Tenkula: Lead Guitar Sami Lopakka: Guitar Vesa Ranta: Drums Sami Kukkohovi: Bass Lyrics: Always pretending to want you It's so easy to make you play my game Always deceiving to get you So goddamn easy to make you scream my name No remorse, no repent Still to you I'm heaven-sent Chorus: I don't need a reason to hate you I don't need a reason to brake you Just keep that mouth wide open and drain me, my darling I don't need to care if you want me I don't need to care if you need me Just spread that pink wide smile and drain me, my darling For so many years I've been faking It's so hard to keep lying and smiling in vain For so many years I've been taking Innocence soiled, hey babe, your loss is my gain No remorse, no repent Still to you I'm heaven-sent (Chorus)
  • Nirvana - Drain You (Live At Paradiso, Amsterdam) Music video by Nirvana performing Drain You. (C) 1991 Geffen Records
  • Drain STH - I Dont Mind Swedish Female Metal
  • Drain Notes - The Ready Set All of the content in this video belongs to Take Action and The Ready Set. I do not own any of the things played or seen in the video. Enjoy!

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  • “If you are unsure or need help figuring out which of these issues could be causing your washer to not drain, try the Repair Forum. My kenmore washington mobel #22042100 is adout 6yrs old.It spins but will not drain, I change the pump and still will not drain”
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  • “Hot Water Heater won't drain Page 2 - forum topic Try replacing the drain *** with a full port ball valve. Then open the valve a insert a long screwdriver in as far as you can and break up the sediment. Put a hose on it and flush way. to forum · · 2007-10-28”
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  • “Iraqi Medical Brain Drain. In the Houston Chronicle, Karen Laub discusses the slow return A 'Nature Top 50' science blog by the editors, staff and friends of”
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  • “Brian from Homestars was recently kind enough to point out the fact that Drainworks has an active blog. Plumbing and Drain Services in Greater Toronto Area, Scarborough, North York, East York,”
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  • “Located in Lansing, MI, The Hubbard Law Firm is dedicated to providing clients with quality legal representation, specializing in the areas of municipal and drain law, business and corporate law, family law, real estate, taxation, estate planning”
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  • “I recently moved into a place and the shower wouldn't drain fast enough making it almost flood the next room every time I took a shower. I took o”
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  • “Brain Drain's Blog - Windows Live Brain Drain just got it's 1000th viewing!! : ) Ok, so maybe 896 were me viewing my own site and another hundred or so were from people googling the wrong kind of”
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