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  • He invested and took Echinus, using extensive siegeworks, having beaten back an attempt to relieve the town by the Aetolian strategos Dorimachus and the Roman fleet, now commanded by the proconsul Publius Sulpicius Galba. Sulpicius and Dorimachus took Aegina, an island in the Saronic Gulf,. — “First Macedonian War”, schools-
  • character named Babyrtas, who was so exactly like Dorimachus in voice and Dorimachus and Scopas, he had somehow or another surrendered his whole. — “The Histories of Polybius Book Four translated by Evelyn S”,
  • During the struggle between Achaeans and Aetolians in 221 B.C. it was held by Dorimachus, who left it on the approach of Philip V. of Macedon. In common with the other cities of Arcadia, it appears from Strabo to have fallen into utter decay under the Roman rule. — “Phigalia - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Attalus index of names: Scopas 220/37 Scopas is elected general of the Aetolian League. 204/23 The revolutionary laws of Dorimachus and Scopas in Aetolia. 200/5 The Egyptian general Scopas invades Palestine. 199/7 Antiochus forces Scopas to surrender after besieging him at Sidon. — “Scopas - in ancient sources”,
  • Search Find Polybius Any Papers - sample results: POLYBIUS, ROME AND THE HELLENISTIC WORLD,POLYBIUS, ROME AND THE HELLENISTIC WORLD,Republicanism Ancient and Lectures, Find Polybius Any Papers - sampl Quote 14: Polybius 4.3.5: Dorimachus of Trichonium was the son of that Nicostratus who. — “ Polybius any papers - first result: "POLYBIUS”,
  • Review of Achaean History Why Begin With This Period of History Dorimachus In the Peloponnese Dorimachus Leaves Messene The Revenge of Dorimachus Acts of Hostility Against Macedonia, Epirus , and Acarnania . Strength and Weakness of Aratus Character. — “Polybius, Histories, book 4, The Site of”,
  • Dorimachus from Trichonium, son of Nichostratus and fearless leader of The Aetolian League Dorimachus from Trichonium, son of Nichostratus and fearless leader of The Aetolian League. — “New Years”,
  • Dobeln, Dobeln, a town of Saxony, on the Mulde and on the railway from Chemnitz to Riesa, 36 m. S. E. of Leipsic; pop. in 1871, 10,078. It has a high The temple was destroyed by the AEtolians under Dorimachus, 219 B. C, but it was rebuilt, and is mentioned by Pausanias as standing in the 2d century. — “Dobeln, - Dog Days”,
  • valuable links through During the struggle between Achaeans and anti-Aetolians in 221 BC it was held by Dorimachus, who left it on the approach of Philip V of Macedon. — “ - Phigalia from Wikipedia”,
  • Die Diagoras, for you can never reach the heavens." Diagoras of Rhodes on the shoulders of Damagetos and Acusilaus. " The death of a good man is Dorimachus. Dorissus. Dorotheus of Rhodes, stadion race winner 216 BC. — “Ancient Greeks”,
  • It measures 22.5 x 16 cm and its vellum is very well prepared, though some rubbing of the tum praetor gentis erat, et Dorimachus princeps Aetolorum adfirmauerunt auctoritate sua,. — “Case Western Reserve University Leaf 39 - Denison University”,
  • On this account it was to Scopas that Dorimachus applied for assistance after the ill success of his predatory expedition against Messenia, and The next year (218 BC) he was sent by Dorimachus (who had succeeded him in the supreme command) with a mercenary force to the assistance of the. — “Scopas of Aetolia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Messenians, however, and especially Sciron, one of their ephori, behaved with such spirit that Dorimachus was compelled to yield, and to promise satisfaction for the injuries done ; but he had been treated with indignity, 220, Dorimachus invaded the Peloponnesus with Scopas, and defeated. — “Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, page”,
  • First Macedonian War - Reference Sulpicius and Dorimachus took Aegina, an island in the Saronic Gulf, which the Aetolians sold to Attalus, the Pergamene king, for thirty talents, and which he was to use as his base of operations against Macedon in the Aegean Sea. — “First Macedonian War - Reference”,
  • PHIGALIA, or PHIGALEIA - Online Information article about PHIGALIA, or PHIGALEIA Achaeans and Aetolians in 221 B.C. it was held by Dorimachus, who See also:. — “PHIGALIA, or PHIGALEIA... - Online Information article about”,
  • Dodona An ancient city of northwest Greece. It was a center of Pelasgian worship dedicated to In 219 BCE, the Aetolians, under the leadership of General Dorimachus, invaded and burned the temple to the ground.[19] During the late 200s BC,. — “Dodona: Definition from ”,
  • The Histories of Polybius Vol. 1 Book by Evelyn S. Shuckburgh, Polybius; 1889. Read The Histories of Polybius Vol. 1 at Questia library. Achaeans by Eperatus; Dorimachus being still Strategus of. — “The Histories of Polybius Vol. 1”,
  • The First Macedonian War (215-205 BC) was caused by the decision of Philip V of Macedonia to form an alliance with Hannibal in the aftermath of his series of great victories against Rome in Italy. The Aetolian general Dorimachus and Sulpicius with the Roman fleet attempted to raise the siege, without. — “First Macedonian War 215-205 BC”,
  • Aetolia Dorimachus, Aetolian general[2] Nicolaus of Aetolia Hellenistic general. Theodotus of Aetolia Hellenistic general. Pyrrhias stadion race Olympics 200 B.C[2] and Pyrrhias Aetolian general in Elis 218 BC[3]. — “Aetolia”,

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  • “Prologue "Mithranes Orontid was a fine man. A fine man indeed, well liked by the senate and by the citizens of Armenia, citizens of the nation that was most advanced country in middle-east." So said his son after the death of his father and”
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  • “Well here is my little prologue for my Aetolian League AAR. I hope to gather up the little greek nations, and possibly challenge Macedon in the hopes of creating a new, unified region. I doubt things will go according to plan however. I'll”
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  • “Page 18- Giorgios Kastriotis aka Gjerg Kastriot Skanderbeg Epirus Forum There was a certain man of Trichonium named Dorimachus, son of that Nicostratus who made the treacherous attack on the Pan-Boeotian congress”
    — Giorgios Kastriotis aka Gjerg Kastriot Skanderbeg - Page 18,

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