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  • Dopamine (chemical formula C6H3(OH)2-CH2-CH2-NH2) is one of the best-known neural chemicals, and though it's often thought of primarily as a manufactured substance it's actually produced naturally in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter activating dopamine receptors. — “Dopamine”,
  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Dopamine. Right after you take that first puff on your cigarette or the first sip of your martini or soda, trillions of potent molecules surge through your blood stream and into your brain. A recent finding further associates dopamine and addiction to alcohol and tobacco. — “Tobacco, Alcohol and Dopamine”,
  • Dopamine is a hormone and neurotransmitter occurring in a wide variety of animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. In chemical structure, it is a phenethylamine. — “Dopamine - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Dopamine neurons are involved in controlling movement, regulating memory, ***ual and reward-seeking behaviors and the regulation of pituitary hormones. — “Neurotransmitters: Dopamine”,
  • Remember that the heart is a muscle, too, and too much dopamine will result in increased pulse and blood pressure. 2) Dopamine controls the flow of information from other areas of the brain, especially memory, attention and problem-solving tasks. — “Dopamine, Methamphetamines, and You”,
  • Dopamine levels can be raised by dopamine supplements which are dopamine precursors to increase dopamine levels naturally. — “Dopamine: Natural Ways to Increase Dopamine Levels”,
  • All about Dopamine. View complete and up to date Dopamine information - part of the trusted medication database. — “Dopamine Facts and Comparisons at ”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is Dopamine? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is produced by the brains of many organisms, including humans. — “What is Dopamine?”,
  • A smart dopamine med may do wonders for your depression or mania or psychosis or mental acuity. For two years running, dopamine has received my Newsletter's coveted "Neurotransmitter of the Year" award. — “Dopamine - Serotonin's Secret Weapon”,
  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that occurs in a wide variety of animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. In the brain, this phenethylamine functions as a neurotransmitter, activating the five types of dopamine receptors—D1, D2, D3,. — “Dopamine”,
  • Dopamine increase the natural way using vitamins, herbs and supplements A number of psychiatric disorders are associated with imbalances with dopamine, particularly schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, and mood disorders, including certain types of depression. — “Increase Dopamine with Natural Supplements, vitamins, herbs”,
  • Definition of dopamine in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dopamine. Pronunciation of dopamine. Translations of dopamine. dopamine synonyms, dopamine antonyms. Information about dopamine in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “dopamine - definition of dopamine by the Free Online”,
  • Find out about the science and chemistry of Dopamine (), see colourful images of Dopamine and explore interactive 3D molecules of Dopamine. — “Dopamine, What is Dopamine? About its Science, Chemistry and”, 3
  • Dopamine definition, a catecholamine neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, retina, and sympathetic ganglia, acting within the brain to help regulate mo See more. — “Dopamine | Define Dopamine at ”,
  • Dopamine is classified as a catecholamine (a class of molecules that serve as neurotransmitters and hormones) Once it has crossed from the bloodstream into the brain, it is converted to dopamine. — “Dopamine definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of”,
  • General review with an emphasis on dopamine's relationship to addiction. — “Dopamine - A Sample Neurotransmitter”,
  • "The great American diet is filled with refined carbohydrates which has a negative impact on dopamine levels in the brain and concentration. Dopamine and Serotonin "Since serotonin and dopamine levels tend to counterbalance each other: whenever serotonin is raised dopamine tends to be lowered and when. — “Dopamine”,
  • Learn about the prescription medication Dopamine (Dopamine Hydrochloride), drug uses, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, reviews and patient labeling. — “Dopamine (Dopamine Hydrochloride) Drug Information: User”,
  • Dopamine is a catecholamine neurotransmitter present in a wide variety of animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. Dopamine is produced in several areas of the brain, including the. — “Dopamine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Nutritional facts and information on hormone dopamine, with reviews on the hormonal health benefits, biological functions, and side effects of dopamine. — “Dopamine | health benefits, biological functions, side effects”, vitamins-
  • Learn about Dopamine on . Find info and videos including: About Dopamine, About Dopamine, Stress and Dopamine and much more. — “Dopamine - ”,
  • Dopamine, an endogenous catecholamine that is the immediate precursor of norepinephrine, is a sympathomimetic agent with prominent dopaminergic and β 1 -adrenergic effects at low to moderate doses and α-adrenergic effects at high doses. — “dopamine : Information on Uses, Dosage & Side Effects on”,
  • dopamine ( ) n. A monoamine neurotransmitter formed in the brain by the decarboxylation of dopa and essential to the normal functioning of the central. — “dopamine: Definition from ”,

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  • The Oyster: Dopamine Junkie and Water Quality Hero? How does dopamine help oysters? What does Capt. John Smith (from the Pocahontas history) tell us about the cleansing power of oysters? Watch and learn about the natural history of oysters, as told by David Eggleston, professor of marine ecology at North Carolina State University. Eggleston's oyster restoration research is partly funded by the NC Fishery Resource Grant 06-EP-03, administered by North Carolina Sea Grant ( This is an excerpt from Eggleston's talk (full version here: on the restoration of oyster reefs in Pamlico Sound, NC, part of the American Scientist lunch speaker series hosted by Sigma Xi. Filmed Jan. 26, 2010. Audio courtesy of Sigma Xi staff. Flipcam donated by the ScienceOnline2010 conference.
  • Meth & Depression (Dopamine) This video discussed how dopamine, a chemical which causes pleasurable feelings in the brain, works, and how Meth affects that system. The result of this chemical and biological process is depression. The video shows the example of former Meth user Lana and her former dealer Dennis and how this long-term depression is affecting Lana. For more information on Meth and depression: For more information on Meth's effects: NOTE: This video clip is from the Discovery Channel documentary "Meth Nation." As a means of educating the public about the risks of Meth and its potential long-term effects, this video has been copied under Fair Use Guidelines. More information about this documentary, which originally aired on the Discovery Channel in 2009: DVD of full documentary (Narcotics Nation - includes "Meth Nation," "Heroin Nation" and Cocaine Nation" episodes on one DVD) available for purchase at
  • Vitamin C Boosts Dopamine Dr. Benjamin Weeks explains how vitamin C plays a role in the central nervous system health, especially in elderly people, and how it relates to Parkinson's Disease. *Rate - Comment - Subscribe*
  • Dopamine and the frontal lobes This video describes the relationship between dopamine and the frontal lobes. For more information visit or check out the dopamine fan page on Facebook Images: Dopamine neurons and pathways in the brain -- adapted from original, © CNSforum 3D rendering of the chemical structure of dopamine -- adapted from original, © Karl Harrison http
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  • Transmit Dopamine Share this video on Twitter with #TransmitDopamine Please let us know what you think of the video, and send it to someone who might be inspired by it. Click on my name (seethebigc) to go to my channel, where you will find the lyrics.
  • MDTV: Dopamine Agonist Patch for Treatment of Parkinson's Neurologist Dr. Dee Silver discusses a new treatment for patients in early stages of Parkinson's Disease. This transdermal patch slowly releases a drug to create more continuous dopamine stimulation minimizing the fluctuations in treatment effect from oral Dopamine Agonists. Series: "MDTV (Medical Doctor Television) " [11/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 13566]
  • 4. Dopamine's Role in Reward Dopamine's role in hedonic perception. From the DVD "Pleasure Unwoven." For more, go to
  • Dopamine Melting A Chinese Black Metal / Shoegaze band who participate in the album "The World comes to an end in the end of a journey" with other bands of the genre (Onryo, Heretoir, Soliness, Dernier Martyr and Shyy) u can find this song and more information of the band in their my space: Enjoy it!
  • Dopamine - Melting Dopamine is a depressive black/shoegaze band from China. The song is from the Split The World Comes To An End In The End Of A Journey 2009.. Soon I'll upload the other bands that played in the Split.. enjoy it..
  • Frontline Assembly - Dopamine Album: Artificial Soldier (2006)
  • How Dopamine Rules Our Lives PART 1/2 This is an excerpt from an episode of Radio Lab entitled "Stochasticity." This is an amazing show produced by NPR station WNYC in New York, and can be found at . I specifically chose this excerpt because I am very interested in how our brain functions, and this whole idea just blew my mind. I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for listening!
  • Urban Monkeys - Dance Baby (Dopamine Remix) Can you guess what it is ? Win a free hug ... Support this artists and purchase it at
  • -Dopamine
  • Dopamine Longboards This is the first of many video featuring the skills of the dopamine longboard team.
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  • How Dopamine Rules Our Lives PART 2/2 This is an excerpt from an episode of Radio Lab entitled "Stochasticity." This is an amazing show produced by NPR station WNYC in New York, and can be found at . I specifically chose this excerpt because I am very interested in how our brain functions, and this whole idea just blew my mind. I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for listening!
  • Mucuna Pruriens Benefits Dopamine, Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone Production #133 (CLICK THE DOWNWARD POINTING ARROW "︾" For More Info →→→→→→→→→ ➚➚➚) GET THE BEST MUCUNA PRURIENS EXTRACT AROUND AT THIS LINK: READ MORE ABOUT THIS AMAZING HERB HERE: www.secrets-of-longevity-in- You can set up a PHONE OR EMAIL CONSULTATIONS with Zak by clicking here: www.secrets-of-longevity-in- FOLLOW SECRETS OF LONGEVITY ON TWITTER: CLICK LIKE ON THE SECRETS OF LONGEVITY FACEBOOK PAGE:
  • What is dopamine? This video describes some of the cognitive functions of dopamine in your brain. For more information visit or check out the dopamine fan page on Facebook Images: 3D rendering of the chemical structure of dopamine -- adapted from original, © Karl Harrison www.3 Dopamine neurons and pathways in the brain -- adapted from original, © CNSforum Projection patterns from the ventral tegmental area -- from Fields et al (2007) VTA Neurons in Learned Appetitive Behavior and Positive Reinforcement. Reprinted, with permission, from the Annual Review of Neuroscience, Volume 30, © 2007 by Annual Reviews, , http Relation between dopamine levels and cognitive performance -- from Cools & Robbins. Chemistry of the Adaptive Mind. Philos Transact A Math Phys Eng Sci. 2004 Dec 15;362(1825):2871-88, © The Royal Society Intracellular pathways from dopamine receptors -- from Lindskog et al (2006) Transient Ca & DA Increase PKA Activity & DARPP-32 Phosphorylation, Creative Commons Attribution Licence
  • Eelke Kleijn - "Dopamine Theory" (Yvel & Tristan Remix) Diep (Tech) House "Dopamine Theory" (Yvel & Tristan Remix)
  • Dopamine Jackpot! Sapolsky on the Science of Pleasure Complete video at: Robert Sapolsky, professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University, compares dopamine levels in monkeys and humans. Sapolsky argues that in both, "Dopamine is not about pleasure, it's about the anticipation of pleasure. It's about the pursuit of happiness." Unlike monkeys however, humans "keep those dopamine levels up for decades and decades waiting for the reward." ---- Dr. Robert Sapolsky is a professor of Biology and Neurology at Stanford University. He is a research associate at the National Museums of Kenya. Dr. Sapolsky is the author of several works of nonfiction, including A Primate's Memoir, The Trouble with Testosterone, Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers and Monkeyluv: And Other Essays on Our Lives as Animals.
  • Dopamine Trailer dir. Mark Decena - Is love real or just a chemical reaction? Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival, Winner Alfred P. Sloan Prize, San Francisco Int. Film Festival, Maui Film FestivalHowl Film Festival To stay updated with the latest news and thoughts of Kontent Films, join our conversation! Facebook: Twitter: Vimeo: YouTube:
  • Dopamine / Spunk - vid: Movement Exclusive full DVJ video content for Dopamine's Spunk track on Lot49 Records. Video produced by Movement for Ne1co. Fully downloadable video and audio only on
  • High Dopamine - FSX Wataha We are glad to present our new HD textures for Zlin Z50. Video contain few shortcuts from our trainings: examples Formations - schody, kite, grot, amazing, gwiazda etc Last figure - rozeta Visit our site for more info about us!
  • Dopamine Movie Trailer More Information at John Livingston, Bruno Campos, Sabrina Lloyd, Rueben Grundy Dopamine, the natural amphetamine our bodies produce when we're falling in love, is at the center of the question: is love chemical or chemistry? Rand and his two friends, Winston and Johnston, are passionate and driven computer programmers who have designed an artificial intelligence life form name Koy Koy. When forces by their investors to test Koy Koy in a kindergarten classroom, Rand meets Sarah, the teacher to whom he was inexplicably drawn, at his favorite bar one evening. Sparks fly and Koy Koy becomes the catalyst for Sarah and Rand's spirited dialogue on the nature of romantic attraction and attachment.
  • Dopamine Larvae - Hukkle FOOTAGES from [[[ György Palfi´s HUKKLE ]]] MUSIC [[[ Dopamine Larvae ]]] VISUAL EDITION [[[ M. Quiroga ]]] TRACK WILL APPEAR ON THE FORTHCOMING ALBUM [[[ " Not a Hidden Place " ]]] Format & Label to be Announced ... 2011 [email protected]
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  • Space - Dopamine WARNING! this is wierd and it flashes so beware APOPLECTICS. Rights owned by hug music/perfect songs = Mutant records ltd A song by Brit pop band Space from Liverpool. Space also sang Female of the species.
  • Meth Dopamine Effects Describes the effects on the brain from methamphetamine use. A short version
  • -Dopamine
  • Iommi-Dopamine This is the song Dopamine from the Tony Iommi 2005 album Fused with Glenn Hughes on vocals.

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  • “So this is the second installment for general information on the things I like to blog about. Today's topic: DOPAMINE As you might be able to tell from many of my older and newer posts, I like dopamine. It's one”
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  • “People with more dopamine receptors were more likely to have a higher social status and more social support, in a small NYU study”
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  • “From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society side effects. An early stage human clinical trial using the same dopamine gene therapy approach is now underway”
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  • “Hey guys, After some due research on dopamine precursors, yesterday I bought a bottle of L-Tyrosine from Vitamin Shoppe. After taking 1000 mg, I was”
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  • “Video games increase the amount of dopamine being released in the brain, so when kids games is that they release so much dopamine that there isn't enough of the chemical”
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  • “Guest Blog. Rewards, dopamine and the brain: Could pennies and pills help you learn better? By Lynne Peeples Jul 27, 2009 6. Give a dog a treat, and she just might learn that new trick. Could the same concept also help a human and challenging. The guest blog is a forum for such opinions”
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  • “Your potential for enjoying dopamine isn't dependent on your relationship status. biobeer blog book chemistry chocolate cocaine cortisol creative”
    — Feynman's Flower " Blog Archive " Dopamine Day,

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