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  • - Reviews, Site Info, Traffic Stats and Related Links from Alexa. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to and pageviews on over the past 3 months. — “ Site Info”,
  • Section 92A – Protest. Food & Water Issues. DomPost 2009 Mega Quiz. December 23, 2009. tags: adamsmith1922. Took the DomPost 2009 Mega Quiz only 40 out of 50. from. — “DomPost 2009 Mega Quiz " The Inquiring Mind”,
  • Clarification of DomPost story on Police email. 11 June, 2005 - 15:00. Deputy Commissioner Lyn Provost wishes to clarify some aspects of today’s DomPost story on the Police email inquiry. "It is a misinterpretation to say that up to 40 police staff face charges. — “Clarification of DomPost story on Police email | New Zealand”,
  • In a feature article in today's DomPost entitled The smacking debate needs some correction Bob McCoskrie of Family First makes a number of claims that warrant comment. This is a continuation to our previous article on misleading claims. Misleading claim 10: Mild physical punishment does no harm. — “Dompost | The Yes Vote - NZ Referendum on Child Discipline 2009”, .nz
  • Breaking news, local, national, business and sports headlines from The Dominion Post, Wellington's daily paper and news website. — “dompost (Dompost) on Twitter”,
  • Next Article: Kevin Taylor: Archaic US employment law a paradox. DomPost threatens over use of brand. 5:00 AM Monday Jan 12, 2004 The newspaper uses "We've tried very hard to work with them," said. — “DomPost threatens over use of brand - Business - NZ Herald News”,
  • Servicing the Wellington district, peruse news and views from the region Description of Site: Servicing the Wellington district, peruse news and views from the region's paper. Archive offers items as far back as January 1995. — “Dominion Post, The - dompost”,
  • This was in Saturdays DomPost. ( Front Page) Police are preparing for a spike in violence if the All Blacks lose next year's Rugby World Cup. This follows surges in domestic violence overseas in similar situations. Police Commissioner Howard. — “DomPost Domestic Violence Propaganda at MENZ Issues”, .nz
  • DomPost editor Tim Pankhurst gave a very interesting keynote address at the Jeanz conference called "The Power of Print" The DomPost figured terrorism charges couldn't be laid; the story was. — “DomPost editor says a bunch of interesting stuff | Media Law”,
  • Die Dompost steht am Domplatz in Regensburg über den Relikten des. — “Dompost by Regensburg-3D - Google 3D Warehouse”,
  • Advertising is bottom of the to-do list at designworks, a major shift since the company began in the 1980s. Having started with the company straight out of design school 23 years ago, managing director Sven Baker can attest to the shift in focus. — “designworks :: DW in the DomPost!”,
  • As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the DomPost published an interview with me headlined Passion a crucial ingredient for success on the relationship. — “What is a startup company worth? | NZ Angels”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of The Dominion Post. Get exclusive content and interact with The Dominion Post right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. Dompost top stories | Subscribe | Report. — “The Dominion Post Boxes | Facebook”,
  • Web site for morning newspaper serving the Wellington region. Site also serves as a leisure guide for Wellington. — “Dominion Post, The”,
  • The nzbiz Daily is out! Top stories today by @Giapo @Dompost @Jayson_Bryant @webstock @nzballet - JustinFlitter (Justin Flitter) Twitter conversation. — “The nzbiz Daily is out! Top stories today by @Giapo”,
  • Putting the DomPost right on Wellington's new trains – plus, a call for light rail and a proper road for the Ngauranga – Airport corridor. Jump to Comments The DomPost claimed that the 35 new two-carriage electric multiple unit sets ordered by Greater Wellington. — “Putting the DomPost right on Wellington's new trains – plus”,
  • DomPost Shy on Link Love. posted by Ana Samways at 5:16 pm. Spare Room's story about Ferrit faking its consumer reviews has been picked up by mainstream media over the last few days and most had no trouble attributing the story to Spare Room. — “Spare Room " Blog Archive " DomPost Shy on Link Love”,
  • Based at Tai Poutini Polytechnic, Ecotourism NZ is the country's foremost centre both for ecotourism education and industry-based training, and supporting ecotourism operators. DomPost reports on Ecotourism NZ Conference. — “ - Tai Poutini Polytechnic Greymouth New”,
  • I was asked to be a judge of the New Zealand Qantas Media Awards for 2009. Here's the web awards winners - ta da! : Blog Winner: Moata Tamaira, Winner: (Phil Kitchin and Diego Opatowski) – Jane Loveday exposé. — “NZ: Qantas Media Awards | Laurel Papworth | @SilkCharm”,
  • Shocking figures in the DomPost yesterday showed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there are places in New Zealand with more In each category of horrible horrible crime that will certainly happen to you and destroy your life, the DomPost has looked for the ten regions with the highest rate per capita. — “To hell in a hell basket • OnPoint • Public Address”,
  • DomPost has scoop on Exclusive Brethren. It was confirmed yesterday that members of the Next week DomPost will report the failure of the Normandy Landings. — “Sir Humphrey's: DomPost has scoop on Exclusive Brethren”,

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  • Today s Dominion Post poster Adam dreads to think what hyperbole the paper would use had Bill English brought down a really tough budget
  • for his songs as one of the low points in dinosaur rock as an example of a band that was never and never will again be cool But that s because people have the lasting image of the headband and wristbands of the neon and pastel of this video and of an album that went from being the high point of 1980s pop to the low point seemingly overnight It s easy to
  • 3240054 jpg
  • from Maartje s first fashion show in Wellington at Wadehouse on 17 October 2005 The show featured a collection of felt on silk shawls felt skirts an evening gown and a wedding dress Dominion Post article about Maartje s fashion tastes 354KB Opens in a new window just close the window to return to this page
  • August Page 77 Doctor Who Tonight 7 30pm The Dominion Post July 7 Exterminate Reality TV ad TV Week July 4 10 Cover Who s Next
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  • Links Feb 10 2005 Feature Story in the Dominion Post Morgantown WV Copyright © Falling Mountain Music All Rights Reserved
  • An article featuring two Year 13 technology students from Queen Margaret College was published in The Dominion Post on 19 October
  • Thanks to the Dominion Post
  • Dominion Post | listener Dominion Post Dominion Post | listener |
  • 3099211 jpg
  • Wellington police are cracking down on 170 offenders regularly failing to turn up at court and breaching bail Wellington s most wanted Search warrants are in place for those facing charges who do not front up for court appearances Police say the initiative aims to ease the strain on
  • Back
  • Here are the respective advertisements as they ran in the Dominion Post Labour on Page A4 Then the National advert page A12
  • Teacher Talk pamphlet pdf 484Kb Radio New Zealand interview The Dominion Post Success article Phase 1 schools
  • REUTERS REUTERS REUTERS REUTERS Reuters Reuters Reuters AP Reuters AP Reuters Reuters Reuters
  • The Dominion Post TV Week August 14 20 Cover Dr Who TV Week August 14 20 Page 3 Keeping with tradition September 4 page B7 Review of The Shakespeare Code Listener
  • an article about Joseph Poloie a former Wellington College student who currently attends Natcol Joseph received a technology scholarship for this featured project Read the article here latest news resources may joe poloie dompost 8 6 07 jpg Education Review Education Review printed an excellent article written by John Keenan from Rangiora High School John makes a very
  • Source Dominion Post Pearce Cup Winners Eastern Suburbs 2007 2008
  • Manukau Harbour entrance Iframe support is required to view this content
  • Comments 0
  • Dominion Post Feature | In The Mood for Change
  • Right click on your preferred file type to save the file to your computer The GPS Map where we went by road
  • Article by Diana Dekker in the Indulgence pullout in today s Dominion Post The Painterly Soldier Posted in
  • PABLOS ART AUCTION world famous in Wellington Great art Great fun
  • Dominion Post February 2004
  • TV Week July 4 10 Cover Who s Next TV Week July 4 10 Page 2 Hot 10 Television TV Week July 4 10 Page 4 New Time Lord clocks on TV Week July 4 10 Page 11 No Payoff for Piper NZ Herald
  • The Dominion Post July 7 Exterminate Reality TV ad TV Week July 4 10 Cover Who s Next TV Week July 4 10 Page 2 Hot 10 Television
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  • It is safe to say I took a bit of a gamble on our first overseas trip together There was mild trepidation in her sparkling eyes is that impending rage or blossoming romance I see as I imparted my brilliant plan to land at Melbourne throw all our luggage into a four wheeled miniature apartment with no shower or toilet and head out into the Aussie hinterland for a couple of
  • DomPost jpg
  • TV Week August 14 20 Cover Dr Who TV Week August 14 20 Page 3 Keeping with tradition September 4 page B7 Review of The Shakespeare Code Listener Listener August 18 24 Page 66 The Runaway Bride
  • In the press Dominion Post First Anniversary Quads
  • locked in a resource consent battle threatened to build a large gang house ringed by a two metre security fence when told residents would get the right to object to a townhouse development Read the full developers letter An unimpressed Wellington City Council is taking the threat outlined in an outrageous letter seriously regardless of whether it was meant as
  • Tairua Iframe support is required to view this content
  • I m developing a theme here the concept of humour As I get older more cynical and supposedly wiser I find myself getting a bit more discerning when it comes to entertainment I posted last about Sacha Baron Cohen and pondered whether his rampaging fame is based on something humorous or something a whole lot sadder The feedback was about 60 40 in favour of Baron
  • Wairapapa Times Age 12 11 08 Capital Times 12 18 11 08 The Dominion Post 13 11 08 Le Vif L Express Belgium 14 11 08
  • Ruapuke Iframe support is required to view this content

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  • DomPost DBT training 1, 28 Feb 2012 DomPost Dragon Boat Team training 1, 28 Feb 2012, Wellington harbour
  • The drama of the muster Behind the scenes with the Kaimanawa horse musterers and the herd's vet. Full story and photos at (
  • Secrets of the Third Planet - Rain Month (Live in DOM) 6.06.2009 Art of Sound Vol. 2 Sound mixed by 121
  • Tunnel hit-and-run victim on his feet Critically injured when he was hit by a car in the Mt Victoria bus tunnel in Wellington, New Zealand, in January, Earl Krauskopf is up and walking after more than 100 days in hospital. Doctors expected him to be in hospital for a year - now he is hoping to be released within three weeks. Full story on (
  • Dom Post Global Scholarship vid.wmv A Cricket Cameraman Abroad
  • Abused kittens recovering Nine-week-old kittens Oliver and Twist are recuperating in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, after having their hind left legs amputated. The surgery followed the kittens having their paws cut off - believed to be by children using a knife or scissors. Full story on (
  • Record-breaking beatboxer King Homeboy King Homeboy is the new world beatboxing endurance champ after beatboxing for 35 hours straight starting Friday 22 May. Here he demonstrates his skills. Full story on (
  • Burlesque dancer Eva Strangelove Burlesque, the grandmother of modern stripping, is back and it isn't just for the boys. Eva Strangelove demonstrates her dance routine. Video by Loren Batson. Full story at
  • Inside the New Zealand pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo A tour of the New Zealand pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo as the visitor sees it.
  • High-speed Rubik's Cube solving Wellington call centre worker Frank Grieve demonstates the skills he'll be using at the 2010 Rubik's NZ Speed Cubing Championships. Video by Diego Opatowski. Full story on
  • Three cars get crushed by Christine Three cars are compacted by 'Christine the Crusher' at Strong Honda in Auckland, NZ. Full story on (
  • DomPost training 6 march 2012 Dominion Post Dragonboat team training 6 March 2012 - race start practices
  • Carmen's memories of Wellington Carmen, the one-time stripper, drag queen and mayoral candidate, reminisces about her time in Wellington. Full story on (
  • Prime Minister John Key on Cabinet Minister Phil Heatley's resignation (1 of 2) At a press conference this afternoon, Prime Minister John Key said Cabinet Minister Phil Heatley, who resigned this morning, was 'untidy and careless' in his handling of ministerial expenses. More on
  • # Occupy LSX (commonly known as dom) Free dom's post trial report 2 Free dom tells us of his experience at what is now called the general assembly this is a clip of doms when he and some friends went to ask about finances in Occupy LSX
  • Peter Dunne replies to DomPost (funny) Peter Dunne thanks the DomPost for the constructive feedback on his podcasts. Also, talks about the trials of dealing with bald-headed journos, plastic-haired 'media celebs' and simpering staff.
  • 90 at 9am: Jackal celebrates Strategic receivership; Bryers secret trust; US trade deal Bernard Hickey details the key news over the weekend in 90 seconds at 9am in association with the BNZ, including news that Strategic Finance was put into receivership late on Friday. Campaigners who had been pushing for receivership were happy, including John Lacey, known as 'The Jackal' for his tireless campaign. Here's what he told the Sunday Star Times. "I worked hard for this," he said. "I don't drink, but I'm taking my wife out for a steak." He heard the news in the car park of Work & Income in Nelson, where he has worked as a security guard since his savings were frozen by Strategic in August 2008. The former accountant, nicknamed "the jackal", had campaigned for 18 months to have receivers appointed and felt vindicated. "The jackal's done his job," he said. "I had their arses in a thorn bush and they had nowhere to run." Lacey, who is owed NZ$379000, believes investors will see less than 50 cents in the dollar back. Here's what he told the DomPost. The receivers should appoint a liquidator and forensic accountant to investigate Strategic's transactions and sell the company's assets in a "timely manner" rather than in a firesale, he said. "If people aren't repaying their loans, get someone in there who's an 800-pound gorilla to start kicking the little chimpanzees' derrieres and make them pay." Meanwhile, there's more news on where some of the money behind Mark Bryers and Blue Chip Investments might have gone. The Herald on Sunday reports that Bryers had a secret ...
  • Ep 10 2009 (pt1) Dom Post editor bows out Dominion Post Editor, Tim Pankhurst, bows out of the top job at the country's second biggest daily newspaper.
  • DomPost training 2 28 Feb 2012 DomPost Dragonboat team training in Wellington Harbour 28 Feb 2012
  • Ladi6 - Walk Right Up Music video for Walk Right Up from Ladi6's debut album Time is Not Much. Directed by Oscar Knightley. ladi6
  • Dom's Post-Games Interview Part 2 FC Edmonton's Dominic Oppong's post game interviews continue when he speaks with Niko Saler and Paul Craig on their first game against UNM Lobos. We continue to delve into the mystery of Niko's hair and find how Paul would improve FCE's offensive touch.
  • Infinite's winning hip-hop routine Members of the Wellington hip-hop crew Infinite perform the routine that won them a national competition and got them a ticket to the Fisaf World Hip Hop Dance Champs in Holland. Video by Stacey Wood,
  • Dom's Post Game Chat with Matt Lam FC Edmonton's Dominic Oppong's post-game interviews continue with Matt Lam, yeah.
  • Jacob Dom Post Wash State.m4v
  • Protesting Media Transphobia - Marching into the DomPost Office Queer Avengers marching into the Dominion Post office to protest against transphobia in the media.
  • Scrap Dom post.MOV me raping on scrapyard
  • Freezing street stunt Wellingtonians freeze in the street to mark World Environment Day. Full story on (
  • #Occupy LSX(commonly known as dom) Free dom's post trial report 1 Free dom tells us of his experience at what is now called the general assembly this is a clip of doms when he and some friends went to ask about finances in Occupy LSX
  • Wellington's Braille Trail A new Braille Trail at Wellington's Botanic Gardens provides anything but a bumpy ride according to Lisette Wesseling, a Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind consultant who helped to get it established. Full story on (
  • The Deep - 2 man - 11 minutes All time 2 man Deep record done by Joel and Dom (post scroll nerf). IGN: Onward We Spike
  • DomPost 13 March.wmv DomPost Dragonboat Team training 13 March 2012
  • How far can a man swim without a breath? Wellington office worker David Mullins, 29, shows off the skills he intends to use in a world record attempt, swimming underwater at Porirua Aquatic Centre, then reflects on the successful practice swim he completed the previous day as he smashed his national record for dynamic apnea with fins. More on
  • Piri Weepu Victory Dance Halfback Piri Weepu explains the unorthodox post-try celebratory dance he performed in the Hurricanes victory over the Reds. (Clip from
  • 90 at 9: Power firms profit gouging; Fed downgrades economic forecasts Bernard Hickey details the key news from overnight in 90 seconds at 9 am, including a scoop in the Dominion Post that the major power companies have overcharged New Zealanders by NZ$4 billion or NZ$1000 each in the last 6 years, while the US Federal Reserve downgraded its economic forecasts overnight and said it may increase its money printing.
  • Cycling in Wellington Dominion Post reporter Kiran Chug rode from the Wellington suburb of Berhampore to Boulcott St in the central city one recent weekday. Her journey - which took around 20 minutes but was condensed for this clip - illustrates the situation for many cyclists in the capital. See more on
  • DomPost Push Pull 6 March 2012 DominionPost Dragonboat Team training 6 March 2012, push me, pull me in the lagoon, Frank Kitts Park, Wellington
  • Lewiston-St. Dom's Post Game Handshake and Team Picture
  • Dom's Post-Game Interviews Part 1 FC Edmonton's Dominic Oppong interviews Kevin Hatchi and Michael Cox after their first game against University of New Mexico (UNM) Lobos. We discover Kevin's ability to speak English (without knowing that he is) and Michael's Dutch impression.
  • NZI Sevens TV - DomPost Fashion Parade Before we get into the Stadium Cynthia and Jamie check out the annual Dominion Post Fashion Parade!

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  • “BLOG, New Zealand (NZ) Stock Photography by Rob Suisted of Nature's Pic Images UPDATE: Wellington's DomPost newspaper has just licensed this image to run across a page tomorrow (23 Feb 2010)”
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