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  • Oregon Department of Corrections Human Resources Division. The Human Resources Division manages the personnel-related services of recruitment, affirmative action, employee development and training, employee safety and risk management, organization. — “State of Oregon: DOC Human Resources Division”,
  • The Department of Conservation is following up leads on who carried out the brutal clubbing of 23 fur seals near Kaikoura last week. — “DoC follows leads on seal slaughter - National - NZ Herald News”,
  • Florida Department of Corrections is responsible for the custody of inmates in state prisons and the supervision of offenders sentenced to probation or parole in the community. Online database for escapes, absconders, fugitives, recent releases. — “Florida Department of Corrections”,
  • Doc visited a local laboratory to see their work and learn more about the company. (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Congressman Doc Hastings (WA-04) released the following statement today about the announcement of a fair trade agreement being reached between the United States and South Korea. — “Congressman Doc Hastings”,
  • Glenn "Doc" Rivers on Hank Raymonds. By Todd Rosiak of the Journal Glenn "Doc" Rivers was Hank Raymonds' biggest recruit, and biggest success story as a. — “Glenn "Doc" Rivers on Hank Raymonds - JSOnline”,
  • What is the Doc Hurley Scholarship Foundation? The Doc Hurley Scholarship Foundation is a Hartford-based organization founded by Walter "Doc" Hurley, Sr. For 35 years Doc has been raising money for scholarships for Hartford area high school students who are about to enter college. — “Doc Hurley Foundation”,
  • Official website for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Due to state budget reductions, DOC Headquarters/Offices will be closed on Friday, December 10, 2010 and employees will be in furlough status. — “Oklahoma Department of Corrections”,
  • DOC leads the country in organizing the largest correctional HIV testing effort, according to Director Devon Brown. The Department of Corrections Achieves Full Accreditation of its Central Detention Facility. — “Department of Corrections”,
  • Doc Hammill's Driving and Farming with Horses in Harness Workshop For information and registration, contact Doc personally at: 406-250-8252 or [email protected]“Doc Hammill Horsemanship”,
  • Ever feel out of the loop when it comes to what's going on in the wide world of health? We rounded up 16 of the latest health stories from the Twittersphere to keep you in the know -- in 140 characters or less!. — “A Tweet A Day Keeps The Doc Away: Today's Top Health Stories”,
  • Welcome to The Hill's evening roundup of the day's health policy news and advance look at tomorrow's schedule. Wednesday's health news: Senate approves 'doc fix': The Senate passed Wednesday night a one-year, fully paid-for fix to. — “OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Senate approves 1-year doc fix deal - The”,
  • "Doc Fix" Kicked Down the Court . Again. Email Jillian Bandes | All Posts By Blogger. President Obama just approved another extension of the controversial "doc fix," which prevents a 25% cut to Medicaid payments from being enacted this January. — “"Doc Fix" Kicked Down the Court.... Again”,
  • The Senate has passed a $15 billion bill that would block the impending 25% cut in the Medicare payment rate to physicians and instead keep rates steady through 2011. Under the "doc fix" deal, that bill increases the amount a person would have to pay the federal government if. — “Medical News: Senate Votes One-Year 'Doc Fix' - in Public”,
  • Provides information to North Carolina citizens, agencies, and department officials. ©2010 North Carolina Department of Correction | 4201 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-4201 | 919-716-3700 | [email protected]“North Carolina Department of Correction”,
  • Provides protection and public safety by managing offenders in secure, humane, controlled environments, and provides work and self-improvement opportunities to assist offenders in community-reintegration. — “Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC)”,
  • Doc Holliday has been trying to move for sometime but to afford a move Do you want to Become a Doc Holliday Dealer? Doc Holliday is constantly looking for NEW. — “DOC HOLLIDAY MOLDS”,
  • About DOC. Goals. Home. News. Policies. Contact Us. En Español. Top Story November 19: News Release: DOC to Close McNeil Island Corrections Center Due to Budget. — “Washington State Department of Corrections Web Site”,
  • In computing, DOC or doc (an abbreviation of 'document') is a file extension for word processing documents; most commonly for Microsoft Word. During the 1980s, WordPerfect used DOC as the extension of their proprietary format. — “.doc”,
  • Created by Dave Alan Johnson, Gary R. Johnson. Directed by Stacey Stewart Curtis. With Billy Ray Cyrus, Derek McGrath, Richard Lea***, Andrea C. Robinson. — “Doc (TV Series 2001–2004) - IMDb”,
  • Doc's Harley-Davidson - Since 1955 - Missouri's Oldest Exclusive Harley-Davidson Dealer. Top Rated for New Purchase Experience - Come Experience the Doc's Difference!. — “Doc's Harley Davidson”,
  • With long time friend and producer Esmond Edwards, (George Benson, Kenny Burrell, B.B. King) Doc has played on recordings with jazz greats such as Blue Mitchell, Eddie Harris, Gene Harris, Red Halloway, Cedar Walton, Harold Land, Paulinho Da Costa and he has shared the stage with many others. — “Doc Dosco -- Jazz Guitar”,
  • Calling all DOC Toronto Members! Come one, come all for our Annual CBC's digital channel documentary and The Documentary Organization of Canada | l'Association des documentaristes du Canada (DOC) are proud to announce the establishment of a documentary. — “DOC Toronto | Documentary Organization of Canada”,
  • The Department Of Conservation (DOC) says it could have been better at communicating with the public about the use of 1080 poison. — “Communication on 1080 could have been better: DOC | Otago”,

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  • MLG: CTF on Havana + Your chance to play with Holiday Doc and PG! Thanks for watching! Hope you like the new intro. My email: [email protected]
  • chuck jones WHAT'S THE OPERA DOC
  • My favorite scenes from Tombstone of Doc Holliday My favorite scenes of Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) in the movie Tombstone. Enjoy Huckleberry "He was the most skillful gambler, and the nerviest, fastest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever saw." -Wyatt Earp speaking about Doc Holliday
  • Doc Watson - 1991 - Black Mountain Rag Doc Watson - 1991 - Black Mountain Rag. I've included Doc's introduction and explanation of his background with this particular tune. I've always loved the interesting anecdote that Doc developed his now legendary flatpicking style while playing a Les Paul (electric solid body guitar) while he was playing in a Rockabilly band in the 1950's. Additionally, I've heard that he actually didn't even own an acoustic guitar at that time. It's interesting that this style has since become associated with, nearly exclusively, acoustic guitars, particularly Martin dreadnoughts. I've always wondered what kind of reception a picker would get at the National Flatpicking Contest in Winfield Kansas if he were to show up to compete with a Les Paul in hand!
  • The DOC - The Grand Finale Track 13 from No One Can Do It Better. Produced by Dr. Dre & features NWA
  • BOON DOC: From Scratch pt. 2 Boonie Mayfield a/k/a Boon Doc returns with another making of a non-sampled beat video, with a neo-soul vibe.... having fun as always.
  • BOON DOC: 2 Beats for 2009 Boonie Mayfield a/k/a Boon Doc returns for the year 2009 with 2 new beats.. one original and one sampled.
  • Doc Watson - 1991 - Deep River Blues (Solo) Doc pickin "Deep River Blues" in his beautiful Merle Travis influenced style. This was recorded in 1991.
  • BOON DOC: Psychedelic Beat In LOGIC PRO (2010) Boon Doc returns... this time without the MPC1000 and decides to convert to Logic. This video shows another piece of Boonie's musical diversity with a 70's style psychedelic rock beat he made from scratch.
  • Doc feat. Guess Who - Calaul
  • BOON DOC: Funky Logic Beat April 2010 Boonie Mayfield zones out with a new beat at his new lab.
  • Doc Martin: Going Bodmin Dr. Martin Ellingham gives up life as a London surgeon, to become a GP in the sleepy Cornish hamlet of Portwenn.
  • Tombstone - Doc Holliday`s Shot Glass "I'm in my prime"
  • Buddy Rich, Doc Severinsen Well Git It Buddy plays along with Doc, Tommy Newsome, Snooky, etc. Oct. 2, 1985
  • The DOC - Doc & The Doctor 1989 Album: "No One Can Do It Better" DOC is one of Illest to bless the Microphone It's too bad he never got a chance to really get the full recognition he deserved.
  • "Doc" - Never Before Seen Trailers (HQ) Its about hope, its about understanding, its about caring, its about fighting..for what you believe in. "DOC" captures the drama and humor of big city medicine as seen through the eyes of newcomer Dr. Clint Cassidy. Actor/musician Billy Ray Cyrus plays the handsome country doctor from Montana who's love for a woman leads him to New York City where he sets up practice at a West Side HMO. He soon discovers that life and medicine are different in the Big Apple. Clint's down to earth style and gentle bedside manner endears him to patients, but he encounters resistance from his colleagues and the bureaucratic system that surrounds him. Never losing his faith, down home values and "fish-out-of- water" demeanor, DOC adjusts to life in his new urban setting. The cast is rounded out by a group of honest, funny, likeable doctors, nurses, patients, friends and family. DOC is award winning and inspiring television at it's best. Since it's debut on PAX TV, DOC has become the networks number one rated drama. "Doc" Season 1 is available on DVD and can be purchased here:
  • Run To You by DJ DOC Original version of DJ Ozma age age every night~
  • Badfinger Doc 1 of 6 To part 2 From Wiki: Badfinger originated with a band out of Swansea, South Wales in 1961 called The Panthers. The Panthers' featured lineup contained Pete Ham (lead guitar), Ron Griffiths (bass guitar), Roy Anderson (drums), and David 'Dai' Jenkins (guitar). After a handful of moniker changes, in 1964 they settled on The Iveys, named after a street called Ivey Place in Swansea. By March 1965, Mike Gibbins had joined as the drummer and the band graduated to backing locally such UK national groups as the Spencer Davis Group, The Who, The Moody Blues and The Yardbirds. By June of 1966, the band had been taken on by a manager named Bill Collins, who was renting a home at 7 Park Avenue, Golders Green, London, where the whole band moved in with another UK act called The Mojos. The group performed briefly as a backing band for David Garrick ("Dear Mrs. Applebee") but continued to perform as themselves across the UK throughout the rest of the decade. In 1967, Jenkins was asked to leave the group due to a lack of seriousness. and he was replaced by a Liverpudlian guitarist Tom Evans of Them Calderstones, the band's first non-Welsh member. As a well-received stage act on the London circuit, performing a wide range of covers from Motown, blues, soul to Top 40, psychedelic pop, and Beatles, The Iveys consistently garnered interest from record labels. Ray Davies of The Kinks auditioned to produce them by recording three of their songs at a demo studio in London ...
  • Badfinger Doc 3 of 6 To part 4 Fr/Wiki: New Badfinger recording sessions commenced in March 1970 with Mal Evans producing. Two songs were completed and submitted for the next single, including "No Matter What." but rejected by Apple. Geoff Emerick then took over as producer; completing the album by late July 1970. No Dice, released in the US in late 1970, peaked at #28 on the Billboard charts. The re-mixed single "No Matter What," peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was another worldwide Top Ten hit. More notably, another track from No Dice, "Without You", as covered by Harry Nilsson, became an international hit in 1972, reaching the Billboard #1 slot. It was eventually covered by hundreds of artists and has become a ballad "standard" in the music business. While in America in April 1970 and scouting prospects for a tour, Bill Collins was introduced to New York businessman Stan Polley. Polley eventually signed the group to a business management contract in November 1970. Although Polley's professional reputation was touted at the time, his dubious financial practices would only later become known to the group and helped lead to their downfall. Badfinger toured America for three months in late 1970 and were generally received well, although the group complained of constant comparison to The Beatles. For example, in his rave review of No Dice in 1970, Mike Saunders, a critic for Rolling Stone opined that "it's as if John, Paul, George, and Ringo had been reincarnated as ...
  • Doc Watson, Merle Watson, Michael Coleman Great stuff.
  • Halo 3: ODST Video Doc Bip.Bap.Bam Trailer [HD] Halo 3: ODST Video Doc Bip.Bap.Bam Trailer [HD] Developer: Bungie Software Release: 9/22/2009 Genre: FPS Platform: X360 Publisher: Microsoft ODST focuses on their drop into new Mombasa and their search for clues behind the Covenants attack on the city. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:
  • BOON DOC: Choppin' 2 BEATS Boonie Mayfield a/k/a Boon Doc (Denver, CO) is back to show the making of two sample-chopped beats on the MPC 1000. Thanks for all the support and encouragement!!!!!
  • The DOC Dr Dre - The Formula HD 720p HD 720p Artist: The DOC Title: The Formula Year: 1989 Producer: Dr.Dre Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap Video enhanced for youtube by KNOFG-GFONK
  • BOON DOC: Drum Programming Tips (To Quantize Or Not To Quantize) PART ONE Boonie Mayfield shares some tips on drum programming; from quantizing, not quantizing, swing, ghost notes etc.
  • The DOC - It's Funky Enough | *Best Quality* (1989) As You Can See Real Hip Hop Is Not On The Radio.
  • Doc Rivers' crazy timeout call! (HD) Doc Rivers saved the play by calling a timeout [NBA 2010 Finals, Boston Celtics @ Los Angeles Lakers Game 2] Copyrights: , NBA TV Broadband
  • The DOC feat Mc Ren, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg & 6-Two - The *** This song is from Doc's album Deuce (Silverback Records), released in 2003. It was more of a compilation album than a solo album, as his protege Six-Two has more vocals on it than the Doc himself. This song is the only one where he raps. Produced by Jazze Pha Enjoy!
  • Doc - Muzica feat. VD , Deliric , Cedry2k , Nwanda
  • No Mas Presents: Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden In celebration of the greatest athletic achievement by a man on a psychedelic journey, No Mas and artist James Blagden proudly present the animated tale of Dock Ellis' legendary LSD no-hitter. In the past few years we've heard all too much about performance enhancing drugs from greenies to tetrahydrogestrinone, and not enough about performance inhibiting drugs. If our evaluation of the records of athletes like Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, and Barry Bonds needs to be revised downwards with an asterisk, we submit that that Dock Ellis record deserves a giant exclamation point. Of the 263 no-hitters ever thrown in the Big Leagues, we can only guess how many were aided by steroids, but we can say without question that only one was ever thrown on acid. Sadly, the great Dock Ellis died last December at 63. A year before, radio producers Donnell Alexander and Neille Ilel, had recorded an interview with Ellis in which the former Pirate right hander gave a moment by moment account of June 12, 1970, the day he no-hit the San Diego Padres. Alexander and Ilels original four minute piece appeared March 29, 2008 on NPRs Weekend America. When we stumbled across that piece this past June, Blagden and Isenberg were inspired to create a short animated film around the original audio. www.nomas- buy Rufus Thomas (Do The) Push and Pull - Part I and II here:
  • Choppin' With BOON DOC This was supposed to be featured on Smacktube back in February, but I guess they decided to post a different video up. SO... I re-edited this a tadbit and decided to post it. Boon Doc back in action. Peace!
  • Inside Gaming: Halo Reach Vid Doc & Uncharted 2 at DICE: 2/24/10 (Machinima Video Game News) S06E13 Click here to watch Inside Gaming from 02/17/2010! Inside Gaming: Halo Reach Vid Doc & Uncharted at DICE: 2/24/10 (Machinima Video Game News) S06E13 Halo Reach video documentary, Uncharted sweeps DICE, Call Of Duty is going to 'Nam, and Final Fantasy VII's remake debacle. This is Inside Gaming for February 24th, 2010. ----------------------------------- Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Inside Gaming IG news machinima dead pixel video games trailer twitter youtube yt:quality=high wii xbox ps3 Dice Awards Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Seananners sea nanners karima Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 UPC 47875333376 047875837492 0047875333376 PS3 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision Duty 6 CoD MW two SCEA Naughty Dog 00711719812326 EAN 0711719127451 theives Final Fantasy XIII 13 Square Enix microsoft sony 662248910024 662248910017 MPN 5050053016584 Halo Reach
  • Halo Reach - Official Video Doc Trailer [HD] Title: Halo: Reach Release Date: Fall 2010 Platforms: XBOX360 Label: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: First-person shooter Age Rating: M (Mature) Subscribe Now:
  • Doc Severinsen Doc Severinsen on the Jack Jones Show (THE PALACE PRESENTS) from 1977 playing 'McArthur Park', then 'I Can't Get Started'
  • The DOC Interview [Part 1] Early career The DOC contributed lyrics and vocals to NWA's first album, Straight Outta Compton and to Eazy E's debut, Eazy-Duz-It. He was recruited as a member of Fila Fresh Crew which turned out successful until he went to California for NWA. When Ice Cube left the group, the group remained impressed with The DOC's work and kept him on board. In 1989, The DOC released his Dr. Dre-produced debut album, No One Can Do It Better. The album was very well received by critics, and sold very well, peaking at #20 on the Billboard 200.[1] Allmusic gives the album a five-star rating and describes it as "an early landmark of West Coast Rap" as well as "an undeniable masterpiece" [2] [edit] Accident Not long after his debut album was released, his vocal cords were damaged in a car accident[3], which would prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for his continued career as a vocalist. In 2006, Jerry Heller of Ruthless Records stated that The DOC could have had his voice recovered up to 90% but was suffering from depression and was "lazy", causing the voice we now know today. However, The DOC remained important to Dr. Dre, who used his talents as one of the writers for his debut solo album The Chronic, contributing to the tracks "Lil' Ghetto Boy," "A Nigga Witta Gun," and "***es Ain't ***". He also appeared on the skit track "The $20 Sack Pyramid." He is referenced by name in "Nuthin' but a G Thang," and appears in the song's video as well. The liner notes to The Chronic say, "I ...
  • AV Club Inventory: Rock-Doc Dicks The Onion's pop-culture-focused sister publication, The AV Club, is debuting a new weekly video series called "Inventory," based on its popular lists of the same name. For week two of Inventory The Video Series, we're happy to present what we call Rock-Doc Dicks--those documentaries about rock stars that show their true (and ugly) colors. If you've ever wondered why people hate Bono, look no further than Rattle And Hum. If you cherish Lil Wayne's lyrics but don't understand him as a person, there's The Carter. And if you think rockers with comparatively few fans can't have massive egos, there's Dig! Enjoy.
  • Tom's LA mini-doc part 3 Third part of Tom Chaplin's documentary about Keane's trip to LA at the end of 2008.
  • Halo Wars - Video Doc 2 Title: Halo Wars Release Date: 3 March 2009 Platforms: X360 Label: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: Real-time Strategy/Sci Fi Age Rating: T (***)
  • The Clinic Ep 2: Host Advantage - What and Why? Thanks for checking out the video - Comment and Thumbs if you enjoy the series!
  • Doc Watson-Deep River Blues Doc Watson Performing Deep River Blues YOU GOT TO WATCH IT!!!!!

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  • “blog. forum. games. our sponsors. Customize your page, meet other pet owners, and post questions by logging in Embrace Pet Insurance blog. Wag'N Enterprises. Search Blog. Chat with owners. PetDoc Poll. What do you do with your pet when you are”
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  • “Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Official Documentation to a general forum. Are there other ways in which the forum is integrated? And can it be accessed directly, that is, without clicking a "discuss" button? Sidebar. Doc Menu. All the”
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  • “Doc's Deer Scents and Doc's Team Extreme are proud to unveil their new blog! Posted in Doc's Deer Scents, Team Extreme | Leave a comment. Search”
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  • “by Doc MacNab on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 8:56am Doc MacNab's approach to working in the studio is to make the whole process as easy as possible. From the agreements before the seesion starts,”
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  • “By Doc Searls | Dec 01, 2009. Can we liberate tweeting from Twitter? By Doc Searls | Sep 19, 2009. Why is it that Linux distros divide and multiply? And do we”
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  • “Thus the reason I love me a little Doc in the morning with my coffee. Doc (09:08:10) : Blowing hot air on a blog is one thing, but this guy has air time on”
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  • “I will continue to blog my responses and reflections on that process. By this weekend I should have reviewed my drafted proposal As I drifted off to sleep last night thinking about my return to the Doc Blog and the months ahead I realized that I had no plan”
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