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  • A selection of articles related to distillation. — “distillation”,
  • fractional distillation is available. Distillation is a separation process that involves heating a liquid to its boiling point, transferring the Successful distillation depends on. several factors, including the difference in boiling points of the materials in the mixture,. — “Destillation”, chem.ucalgary.ca
  • Pronunciation of distillation. Translations of distillation. distillation synonyms, distillation antonyms. Information about distillation in the free online English 1. The evaporation and subsequent collection of a liquid by condensation as a means of purification: the distillation of water. — “distillation - definition of distillation by the Free Online”,
  • If the substance operated upon be practically pure to start with, or the product of distillation be nearly of constant composition, the operation is termed "purification by distillation" or "rectification"; the latter term is particularly used in the spirit industry. — “Distillation - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • (Click to enlarge) distillation simple distillation of water and alcohol (Precision Graphics) distillation n. — “distillation: Definition from ”,
  • Formation of coke would result in plugging the tubes in the furnace that heats the feed stream to the crude oil distillation column. To further distill the residual oil from the atmospheric distillation column, the distillation must be performed at absolute pressures as low as. — “Vacuum distillation - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • Distillation separates chemicals by the difference in how easily they vaporize. In all cases, what must be kept in mind is that distillation involves both equipment and theory. — “The Distillation Group, Inc. Distillation”,
  • Explanation of the process of distillation, a common method used in chemistry to separate substances. — “What Is Distillation?”,
  • Distillation is process of purification of compounds based on their volatility. Different types of distillation are simple, fractional, steam, vacuum and short path distillation. Types of Distillation. — “Types of Distillation”,
  • Distillation is a method of separating chemical substances based on differences in their volatilities. Distillation is used for a variety of purposes. Water is distilled to remove impurities—for example, to remove salt from seawater. — “Distillation - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Distillation is an important commercial process that is used in the purification of a large variety of materials. However, before we begin a discussion of distillation, it would probably be beneficial to define the terms that describe the process and related properties. — “Distillation”, umsl.edu
  • Distillation definition, the volatilization or evaporation and subsequent condensation of a liquid, as when water is boiled in a retort and the steam is condensed in See more. — “Distillation | Define Distillation at ”,
  • Distillation is a method of separating chemical substances based on differences in their volatilities in a boiling liquid mixture. Commercially, distillation has a number of uses. It is used to separate crude oil into more fractions for. — “Distillation”, schools-
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about distillation at . Make research projects and school reports about distillation easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “distillation Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Distillation. The chemical engineer is often faced with complex mixtures of chemicals. In these mixtures some chemicals are valuable while others may be worthless or even hazardous. The trick is to separate the good from the bad without spending too much money along the way. — “History of ChEn: Petroleum, Distillation”,
  • The boiling point of a compound—determined by distillation—is well-defined and thus is one of the physical properties of a compound by which it is identified. Distillation is used to purify a compound by separating it from a non-volatile or less-volatile material. — “Distillation”, orgchem.colorado.edu
  • Simple Distillation. The core refining process is simple distillation, illustrated in a stylized fashion at the right. Because crude oil is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons, this first and basic refining process is aimed at separating the. — “Refining”, eia.doe.gov
  • A distillation is one of the most commonly used techniques to purify liquids. There are different forms of distillation depending on the type of compounds that are being separated from each other. — “Micro-Scale distillation”, chem.ucla.edu
  • A distillation tutorial from Ming T. Tham, of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Distillation is based on the fact that the vapour of a boiling mixture will be richer in the components that have lower boiling points. — “Introduction to Distillation”,
  • Distillation is a method of separating mixtures based on differences in their Distillation is a unit operation, or a physical separation process, and not a chemical. — “Distillation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Fractional home distillation 1 "" To get whole idea please check all my videos, I recently finished the still construction manual and soon it will be available on DVD loaded with step by step photos + distillation manual and video.
  • Simple Distillation Organic Chemistry Lab: Simple Distillation
  • SOLAR WATER DISTILLATION Steam Production from 1991 This is a video overview from a series courtesy of SKY PICTURES INC. The amazing thing about this video, it was recorded in 1991-1992. Frank A Simko was WAY ahead of his time. www.patentstorm.us PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE SERIES ON USER SKYPICTURESINC CHANNEL. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3
  • Bourbon Whiskey - distilling and history in USA a little history of Whiskey and drinking of alcohol in America preceeds an exploration of the manufacture of Bourbon whiskey, with visits to the Jim Beam, and Maker's Mark distilleries. Side trip to visit Jack Daniel's distillery, and discussion of the Tennessee whiskey with it's filtering through a thick layer of maple charcoal. Temperance movement and prohibition is discussed, and the writers quite rightly point out one of the main reason prohibition was repealed is that the US goverment was missing out on millions of dollars in revenue....And Prohibition never had that much support anyway. interview clips with: David Wondrich, author "Esquire Drinks" Dale deGroff, author of "The Craft of the ***tail" - he shows how to make a classic Manhattan David Pickerell - the master distiller at Maker's Mark in Loretto, Kentucky Frederick Booker Noe III (Great grandson of Jim Beam) Paul Parcult, editor "Paul Parcult's Spirit Journal" Whiskey rebellion - white oak barrels - Lynchburg, Tennessee
  • Steam distillation Shows one way to set up apparatus to carry out a steam distillation.
  • Fractional Distillation In case you ever wondered... this is the joy of the organic chemistry lab.
  • ACHS.edu Lavender Distillation Part 1 Join the Guerilla Distiller Robert Seidel and ACHS President Dorene Petersen as they distill two batches of Lavandula intermedia (Lavandin) at Sherwood Lavender Farm in Sherwood Oregon. Part 1 introduces you to the still, packing the still, and to concepts of distillation. Be sure to watch Part II for the final product! Australasian College teaches distillation in its Aromatherapy Departments online degree programs, and on campus at the Summer School in Greece program. For details, visit www.achs.edu. Robert Seidel designs and sells essential oil stills, including the unit featured in this video. For details visit
  • distilling oil
  • Song Distillation Sum up your favourite tune! HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SONG DISTILLATION VIDEO: • Think of a song • Try and condense it into one word or sentence Why not make a video response or put it in a comment =) -------------------------- NEWS FLASH Sup people. I'm still staying in the temple, but am back home for the day so I thought I'd upload a video I did before I left! This month has flown by... its the first time I've been online so sorry for the lack of communication. Proper update soon!! x
  • spring project-Destructive Distillation of Wood Destructive Distillation of wood
  • Distillation Tower Animation of a distillation tower, showing the distillation plant, moving to a close up of the internals of the distillation column, showing the bubble caps, trays, weirs and the flow of product. This virtual plant is part of ExplainMedia's Virtual Refinery.
  • Active Steam Distillation After the earthquakes to hit the West Coast and Midwest, finding clean useable drinking water will be difficult. Using this evaporation/condensation concept, you can purify ocean water, brackish water, or just plain polluted water into clean distilled drinking water.
  • Water Distillation Water is essential to life. Finding a source of safe and beneficial water is becoming increasingly difficult. Water distillation is one of the easiest and best ways to remove contaminants from water. Distilling your own water is the right choice and the responsible choice.
  • Distillation Check us out at Distillation is a method of separating mixtures based on differences in their volatilities in a boiling liquid mixture. Distillation is a unit operation, or a physical separation process, and not a chemical reaction. Commercially, distillation has a number of applications. It is used to separate crude oil into more fractions for specific uses such as transport, power generation and heating. Water is distilled to remove impurities, such as salt from seawater. Air is distilled to separate its components—notably oxygen, nitrogen, and argon—for industrial use. Distillation of fermented solutions has been used since ancient times to produce distilled beverages with a higher alcohol content. The premises where distillation is carried out, especially distillation of alcohol, are known as a distillery. Laboratory display of distillation: 1: A heating device 2: Still pot 3: Still head 4: Thermometer/Boiling point temperature 5: Condenser 6: Cooling water in 7: Cooling water out 8: Distillate/receiving flask 9: Vacuum/gas inlet 10: Still receiver 11: Heat control 12: Stirrer speed control 13: Stirrer/heat plate 14: Heating (Oil/sand) bath 15: Stirring means eg(shown), anti-bumping granules or mechanical stirrer 16: Cooling bath.
  • Distillation tower
  • Distilling Lavender Oil - Life with Herbs - Emelie Tolley Emelie joins Brent McKay to explore essential oils and the distillation process. Visit
  • Fractional distillation Crude oil is a mixture of many different hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are separated using a process called fractional distillation.
  • Distillation II | MIT Digital Lab Techniques Manual Distillation II: Vacuum Distillations Do you need to purify a liquid that boils above 150°C? This video shows you how to perform a distillation under vacuum. Created by Dr. Sarah Tabacco and Aaeyesha Siddiqui View the complete resource at: ocw.mit.eduLicense: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu WARNING NOTICE The experiments described in these materials are potentially hazardous and require a high level of safety training, special facilities and equipment, and supervision by appropriate individuals. You bear the sole responsibility, liability, and risk for the implementation of such safety procedures and measures. MIT shall have no responsibility, liability, or risk for the content or implementation of any of the material presented. Legal Notice - ocw.mit.edu
  • Distilling Alcohol at Home Using a Pot Still I show you guys how to distill your own alcohol at home using nothing more than a few basic household items.
  • Distilling Gasoline Here in Costa Rica there is no way to get Coleman Fuel or white gasoline, so I was forced to search an alternative to such fuels. Due to the fact that importing original Coleman fuel would be super expensive the only way to go was getting white gasoline, or.....obtaining it by destillation. This because the last thing you want to burn in your lantern are those nasty Gums, Aromatics and additives mixed in gasoline. These are ok, to burn it in your car motor but not in your lantern.
  • Pedal-Powered Dirty Water Distillation Device Four person team distills water by boiling contaminated water and condensing purified vapor. A bike, used as a generator, creates current, which causes Nichrome wire to produce heat. Environmentally friendly, pedal-powered device uses no combustible fuels, and therefore can only have positive impact on environment. The device would effectively create safe, drinkable water free of pathogens, salinity, pollutants, and/or harmful particulates by separating the good from the bad.
  • Distilling spirits Distillation
  • EXTREME SOLAR DISTILLATION (No. 02) I had completed the base of the stand and the holder of the Fresnel Lens to be able to turn vertically and horizontally. I currently faced the problem of mounting the holder to the base of the PVC stand...I need to get more L-Brackets to tie down to the stand and mount the holder down with screws. The rest is still work in progress hence not updated here yet but soon it will be up! :) To follow this project go to my blog at the following URL
  • My home distillation setup, easy homebrew alcohol. running a "duplast 28 litre column still" using a sugar wash (8kg sugar) and "alcotec pure super turbo yeast" to get high quality spirit. My current setup is producing about 5.2-5.4 litres of high qaulity alcohol at 82-85% or 164-170 proof (for americans). due to using pumps and a cooling system, there is no need for running water supply, so can be done anywhere there is a power supply, and it also keeps the cost of production right down as there is no water wasted. This is compleatly legal in New Zealand, and you can make as much as you like! I' also making my own Fruit wines, Lagers and beers. Try it, it's loads of fun. And you get PISHED too!
  • Chemistry Experiment: Distillation of Ethanol ( Ethyl Alcohol) Chemistry experiment: Ethanol is distilled for further purity as a first step in ether synthesis
  • Solar Distillation #1 of 3 Purify Water Make Steam Solar Distillation Purify Water Make Steam Energy. this was made in 1992 here it is 15yrs later and its still not out there
  • Chemistry Experiment: Ether Synthesis by Distillation Diethyl Ether is Synthesized by Catalytic Dehydration of Ethyl Alcohol. Sulfuric Acid is Used as the Catalyst in This Acid Base Reaction. Sulfuric Acid Forms the ester Ethyl Bisulphate and Generates Water. The Alcohol in the Reaction Bath remains Bound and Very Little Ether is Generated. When Excess EtOH is Added to the Reaction Bath at 140C, Ether is Formed and the Sulfuric Acid Regenerated. Water Generated in the Reaction is Distilled over with the Ether. The Reaction Mixture Becomes Black Due to Oxidation/ Reduction Side Reactions. The Reaction Bath Consists of: 20g of Clean Sand, 180mL EtOH, and 160mL of 96.4% H2S04. An Additional 750mL of Ethyl Alcohol is Slowly Added by way of an Addition Funnel. The Reaction Bath is Kept at 135- 145C while the Still Head Temp is 55-85C. The Second Distillation is Done with a Water Bath Due to the Extreme Flammability of Ether which has an Auto Ignition Temp of 170C. The Water Bath is Maintained Below 60C. The Ether Comes Over at a Remarkably Steady 35C Leaving the Excess Water Behind in the Calcium Chloride ~200g.
  • Organic Chemistry Lab Demo: Distillations A demonstration of several distillation techniques (simple distillation, fractional distillation and steam distillation) used in Organic Chemistry labs. Demonstrations conducted by: Dr. Scott Allen Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Physics, University of Tampa Directed by: Gordon McClelland Computing and Information Services, Vassar College Produced by: Cristian Opazo Academic Computing Services, Vassar College Production Assistants: Ken Bolton and Steve Taylor Academic Computing Services, Vassar College Post-production by: Becca Marcus Vassar College, class of 2008 and John Santos Vassar College, class of 2007 Thanks to Ed Wroblewski, Film Department, Vassar College Copyright © 2007, 2008 by Vassar College. Do not reproduce, download or edit without permission.
  • Distillation I | MIT Digital Lab Techniques Manual Distillation I: Simple & Fractional Distillations Learn how to separate or purify liquid mixtures that boil below 150°C with or without a fractionating column. Created by Dr. Sarah Tabacco and Aaeyesha Siddiqui View the complete resource at: ocw.mit.eduLicense: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu WARNING NOTICE The experiments described in these materials are potentially hazardous and require a high level of safety training, special facilities and equipment, and supervision by appropriate individuals. You bear the sole responsibility, liability, and risk for the implementation of such safety procedures and measures. MIT shall have no responsibility, liability, or risk for the content or implementation of any of the material presented. Legal Notice - ocw.mit.edu
  • Crude Oil Distillation Process Part 1 An oil refinery or petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is processed and refined into more useful petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene, and liquefied petroleum gas. Oil refineries are typically large sprawling industrial complexes with extensive piping running throughout, carrying streams of fluids between large chemical processing units. In many ways, oil refineries use much of the technology of, and can be thought of as types of chemical plants. The crude oil feedstock has typically been processed by an oil production plant. There is usually an oil depot (tank farm) at or near an oil refinery for storage of bulk liquid products.
  • Distilling Free-Form Natural Laws from Experimental Data For centuries, scientists have attempted to identify and document ***ytical laws that underlie physical phenomena in nature. Despite the prevalence of computing power, finding natural laws and their corresponding equations has resisted automation. A key challenge to finding ***ytic relationships automatically is defining algorithmically what makes a correlation in observed data important and insightful. We have developed a technique for extracting the laws of nature from experimental data by identifying invariant and conservation equations. We demonstrate this approach by automatically searching motion-tracking data captured from various physical systems, ranging from simple harmonic oscillators to chaotic double-pendula. Without any prior knowledge about physics, kinematics or geometry, the algorithm discovered Hamiltonians, Lagrangians, and other laws of geometric and momentum conservation. The discovery rate accelerated as laws found for simpler systems were used to bootstrap explanations for more complex systems, gradually uncovering the "alphabet" used to describe those systems. For more information, visit ccsl.mae.cornell.edu -
  • Crude Oil Crude Oil video 5mins
  • Wood gas distillation Hello, Here is a video I made of my apparatus of trying to distill wood gas. Wood gas is made by boiling wood, sticks twigs, without oxygen in a hot fire. So here I have a paint bucket sealed and a copper tube coming out of it. I filled it with "dry" wood chips, sticks, ect. Then I put it over a fire and it boiled out gases and goes thourgh three loops of copper coil in a cold water bath. And then comes out and drips into a cup. The way it looks to me, it seems that this makes a bunch of tar. The liquid that comes out is really smelly and icky looking. My goal was to make methanol fuel as an alternative energy. But it seems that the whole messy liquid only has a little alchohol in it, because I poured it on the fire, and it seemed to put it out, hehe. Please help tell me what this stuff is, and how I may use it. And be careful, this stuff is toxic and dangerous if in the eyes, skin, or ingested. Thank you very much for watching, and comment.
  • Lavender Guide : Distilling Lavender Distilling lavender involves loading the retort with the lavender buds, filling it with purified water, monitoring it for two to three hours and separating the essential oils from the hydrosol found in the steam produced. Distill lavender withtips from a lavender-farm owner in this free video on lavender. Expert: Lila Avery-Fuson Bio: Lila Avery-Fuson owns and runs a Lavender farm with her husband and daughter in Paso Robles, California. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves
  • Distillation A short video summarizing the process of distillation
  • ACHS.edu Lavender Distillation Demonstration Pt 1 of 2 Australasian College of Health Sciences annual open house with demonstration of how to distill lavender by President Dorene Petersen. ACHS is now the American College of Healthcare Sciences as of May 2009 to celebrate 20 years in the United States!
  • EXTREME SOLAR DISTILLATION (No. 01) This is a my new project on Solar Water Distillation, I had seen many distillation projects out there that are not very efficient in creating pure distill water. This project is to have a high target of distilling lot's of water in the shortest possible amount of time. Idea is very simple, use a big lens to concentrate the sun light onto a small frying pan and drip rain water or drain water or any water onto the frying pan. The resulted steam will be sucked into a copper pipe above and it should go through a series of copper pipes to cool down and condense the steam into pure distilled water. The setup is relatively simple...but I haven't got all the stuff yet...this is a video on the list of items that I had acquired over a period of 2 weeks. To follow this project go to my blog at the following URL
  • Graham Barnes Distilling Watch Austin small-business owner Daniel Barnes tell the story of Graham Barnes Distilling, a micro-distillery that uses Texas agricultural products to produce premium spirits. Check out the complete profile at
  • Fractional distillation Shows one method for setting up apparatus to carry out a fractional distilliation.
  • The Distillation of Ledum Groenlandicum Hydrosol A Rotating Column Alembic was used for this distillation. It is ideal for the distillation of hydrosols and essential oils as it employs both steam and hydrodistillation depending on the plant material in question. This distillation was performed by Mr Thomas Grunfelder one of our esteemed clients and winner of our distillation contest. Mr Grunfelder runs a small organic farm and distillery, he is dedicated to promoting well being by the use of organics and essential medicines. The proximity to a natural wild source of Ledum Groenlandicum also known as Greenland Moss or Labrador Tea sparked his initial interest in the innumerable properties of this plant. The plant material used by Mr Grunfelder for his top Quality Hydrosol is "wildcrafted" that is to say the leaves where gathered by himself in its natural habitat in the wild. Interest in this plant continues to grow and supply often fails to meet demand. The plant itself is an evergreen shrub which may grow up to 1 m tall. Small five-petalled white flowers occur in clusters at the branch tips. The leaves are narrow 2 to 5cm long with furry undersides. It is found in colder northern climes of the North American Continent in moist acidic soils and cold bogs. It has a pleasant slightly spicy and floral fragrance and is said to be a powerful detoxifier. It has traditionally been used for its properties such as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antitumor, ***gesic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, diuretic, depurative ...
  • steam distillation separation of clove oil from clove leaves in o chem

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