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  • A controlled bubble of cavitation is formed within the distilland by opposed centrifugal and centripetal forces in the plane of an afferent mesial passage. Thus a distilland surface forms around the a. — “Rotary vacuum distillation and desalination apparatus”,
  • Filming of distilland for vaporization. 154. 203/88. Flash vaporization Spraying of distilland into vaporization zone. 100. 203/DIG.7. Start up or shut down. 25. 203. — “Distillation: processes, separatory > Patents - Class: 203”,
  • (b) wherein the lyophilic coating is positioned adjacent to the distilland; and distilland evaporates on the distilland of the pores of the lyophobic layer and condenses on the liquid distillate side of the pores of the lyophobic. — “Apparatus and method for thermal ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • A method of condensing a vapor of a distilland on a surface of a membrane that includes a portion which is substantially vertically oriented and that is substantially unwettable by, and impervious to, the distilland, the method comprising the steps of:. — “Method of operating a still (US5062927)”,
  • Distilland definition, a substance that undergoes distillation. See more. — “Distilland | Define Distilland at ”,
  • A single effect solar distillation apparatus of the tilted or inclined floor type is disclosed which absorbs solar energy to evaporate a liquid distilland more efficiently. The distilland is evaporated in the present solar distillation apparatus substantially without turbulence especially at the. — “Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #6277234”, osti.gov
  • Distilland: the sample in the pot flask to be distilled. Equilibrium: state of which maximum vapor-to-liquid contact is achieved and the low boilers are extracted from the distilland with the high boilers remaining in the pot. — “Solvent Recycling Glossary- Solvent Recyclers”, solvent--
  • The process in which the distilland is heated under pressure high enough to prevent ebullition (usually above atmospheric pressure) and the heated distilland is then introduced into a zone of lesser pressure resulting in the volatilization of at least a position of the distilland. — “US PATENT CLASS 203-- Class Notes”,
  • The compressed vapour loses its temperature and heats up the distilland and in the process condenses to liquid which retains the first still, it heats up the distilland in the next still and in the. — “Preparation of apyrogenic water | Nik”,
  • The material in a distillation apparatus that is to be distilled. distilland. The material in a distillation apparatus that is to be distilled. — “distilland”,
  • 9. A distilland applicator for use in applying distilland between the upper portions of two adjacent heat exchanger plates with gap between them, comprising: an applicator bottom plate means located between said adjacent heat exchanger plates,. — “(WO/2003/074959) STRUCTURE FOR MULTIPLE-EFFECT DISTILLATION”, wipo.int
  • Patents and inventions related to 203006000, Distillation: Processes, Separatory - Addition Of Material To Distilland To Inhibit Or Prevent Reaction Or To Stabilize. — “Distillation: Processes, Separatory - Addition Of Material To”,
  • Autothermic distillation, in which the distilland, either by combustion of a portion of itself or by other Thermolytic distillation, in which a compound or compounds found in the distilland undergo chemical decomposition, thermolysis, and form different chemical compounds, at least some of which. — “Class Definition for Class 202 - DISTILLATION: APPARATUS”, uspto.gov
  • Patent Abstract: A liquid product (4) leaving a furnace (2) is introduced into a series of cyclone separators (5, 6, 7). The liquid product to be distilland treating devices202/205, Vacuum202/254, Offtakes202/261, Residue offtakes202/262, Feeding and discharging203/100, PARTICULAR TYPE OF. — “Method and apparatus for distilling liquid hydrocarbon”, patentstorm.us
  • The distilland then passes through a series of coils (3) to extend Thus it is apparent that the present invention provides a much more reliable method of separating distilland under simple distillation conditions by minimizing the effect of distilland flow rate and heating bath temperature. — “Distillation apparatus”,
  • Ethanol/Water Distillation Question: Distilland Composition However, in looking through my old P-Chem notes, I found that the professor noted that the distilland will be composed of pure water. — “Ethanol/Water Distillation Question: Distilland Composition”,

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