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  • Title: Complementarity, distillable secret key, and distillable entanglement This clarifies the distinction between two entanglement measures, distillable key and distillable entanglement. — “Front: [arXiv:0704.3661] Complementarity, distillable secret”, notable.math.ucdavis.edu
  • Now, what does it mean for a multi-partite state to be distillable? Consider now a state ρ of N qubits which is not N-partite distillable. — “Violation of Bell's inequalities and distillability for N qubits”,
  • By using distillable, but crackable, stocks such as VGO as quench, overcracking of VGO in the base of the riser is prevented or at least minimized. It is preferred that the quench stream be at least 90% distillable, and preferably 95 % distillable, and most preferably 100 % distillable. — “(WO/1995/013337) A CATALYTIC CRACKING PROCESS”, wipo.int
  • States with private correlations but little or no distillable entanglement were recently reported. key, even though the amount of distillable entanglement of the untrusted states can be. — “Citebase - Quantum key distribution based on arbitrarily-weak”,
  • Capable of being distilled; especially, capable of being distilled without chemical change or decomposition; as, alcohol is distillable; olive oil is not distillable. Related Definitions: Chemical, Decomposition, Distillable, Distilled, Especially, Is,. — “Definition of Distillable”,
  • There are operational entanglement measures such as distillable entanglement, distillable key and entanglement cost, as well as abstractly defined measures such as ones based on convex roof For example relative entropy of entanglement is an upper bound for distillable entanglement and distillable key. — “Entanglement measure - Quantiki | Quantum information wiki”,
  • The viscosity and conductivity of the dialcarb ionic liquids, which are "distillable" at low temperature, are comparable to those of some conventional room-temperature The physical and electrochemical properties of five "distillable" room-temperature ionic liquids from the dialcarb family. — “Electrochemical Study of Dialcarb "Distillable" Room”,
  • distillable (comparative more distillable, superlative most Capable of being distilled, especially capably of being distilled without chemical. — “distillable - Wiktionary”,
  • We found 12 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word distillable: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "distillable" is defined. General (9 matching dictionaries) distillable: Wordnik [home, info]. — “Definitions of distillable - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • DCC Distillable Chemistry Cleaner New Generation Precision Vapor Degreasing Systems by Stoelting, Stoelting. — “DCC Distillable Chemistry Cleaner New Generation Precision”,
  • Definition of Distillable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Distillable. Pronunciation of Distillable. Translations of Distillable. Distillable synonyms, Distillable antonyms. Information about Distillable in the free online English. — “Distillable - definition of Distillable by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of distillable in the Medical Dictionary. distillable explanation. Information about distillable in Free online English dictionary. What is distillable? Meaning of distillable medical term. What does distillable mean?. — “distillable - definition of distillable in the Medical”, medical-
  • US5338322: Process for converting heavy oil deposited on coal to distillable oil in a low severity process A hydrogen donor can be added to the oil prior to deposition on the coal surface to increase the yield of distillable oil. — “Process for converting heavy oil deposited on coal to”,
  • (i) removing any distillable solvents to form a final residue; and These distillable solvents are the alcohol promoters, water and the diluent solvent, providing the diluent solvent is distillable. — “A process for making overbased calcium sulfonate detergents”,
  • Dictionary > Dim-Dis > Distillable. Distillable Meaning and Definition (a.) Capable of being distilled; especially, capable of being distilled without chemical change or decomposition; as, alcohol is distillable; olive oil is not distillable. Distillable: words in the definition. — “Distillable Meaning and Definition”,
  • Given a large number of Bell states the amount of entanglement present in a pure state can then be defined as the ratio of n / m, called the distillable entanglement of a particular state , which gives a quantified measure of the amount of entanglement present in a given system. — “Entanglement distillation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • : Introduction to Quantum Information Science (Oxford Graduate Texts) (9780199215706): Vlatko Vedral: Books classical relative entropy, quantifying entanglement, distillable entanglement, typical subspace, maximally entangled state,. — “: Introduction to Quantum Information Science”,
  • Dis·till·a·ble a. (d ĭ s*t ĭ l' ȧ *b'l) (Chem.) Capable of being distilled; especially, capable of being (dĭs*tĭl"ȧ*b'l) (Chem.) Capable of being distilled; especially, capable of being distilled without chemical change or decomposition; as, alcohol is distillable; olive oil is not distillable. — “distillable: Information from ”,
  • distillable definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “distillable - Definition”,
  • Patent Abstract: A process for the simultaneous conversion of waste lubricating oil and pyrolysis oil derived from organic waste to produce a synthetic crude oil by means of contacting the combined feed with a hot hydrogen-rich gaseous stream to. — “Process for the simultaneous conversion of waste lubricating”, patentstorm.us
  • generates stationary distillable entanglement of asymptotic states. itive after this operation and such states are not distillable [12]. Hence all entangled states can be divided into two classes,. — “arXiv:1005.0687v2 [quant-ph] 17 Aug 2010”, arxiv4.library.cornell.edu
  • experimental value and theoretical value for the distillable oil were basis of 1 metric ton distillable oil –DO, 1 metric ton distillable oil. — “Co-Coking: Distillable Oil ***ysis”, anl.gov
  • At present, the behavior of the non-distillable fractions must be extrapolated from the distillable fractions, and the validity of such extrapolations is questionable. of which 10 will typically be distillable and 10 non-distillable. — “Characterizing Heavy Oils to Optimize Solvent-based”,
  • A coal liquefaction process is provided in which a solvent is used to at least partially liquefy the coal. The process is maintained in solvent 1. In a coal liquefaction process wherein (a) a distillable coal solvent is used in a hydroextraction zone to yield a product from which a slurry. — “Maintenance of solvent balance in coal liquefaction process”,

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