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  • This model takes into account the fact that virtually all of the Andropogonoid grasses (the group to which maize belongs) have distichously arranged sessile-pedicellate pairs of spikelets. the apical meristem first produces distichously arranged primordia, each of which. — “BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA”, agron.missouri.edu
  • Encyclopedia article about distichously. Information about distichously in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “distichously definition of distichously in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Shrubs deciduous or semievergreen, procumbent, usually to 50 cm tall, sometimes taller, with horizontally spreading, distichously much branched stems. Branchlets blackish brown, terete, initially strigose, glabrous when old. taller, with horizontally spreading, distichously much branched stems. — “Cotoneaster horizontalis Decne. - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • Definition of Distichously in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Distichously. Pronunciation of Distichously. Translations of Distichously. Distichously synonyms, Distichously antonyms. Information about Distichously in the free online English. — “Distichously - definition of Distichously by the Free Online”,
  • the sides and lower surface of the twig spreading more or less distichously in a horizontal plane, normally sized, those borne on the upper surface the twig spreading more or less distichously in a horizontal plane, normally sized, those. — “Flora of the Carolinas and Virginia: Tsuga”,
  • 2. Distichously arranged floral scales [floral scales oriented 2 ranks] 3. Leaves with 2. Distichously arranged floral scales [floral scales oriented 2 ranks] 3. Leaves with. — “Introduction to G T Grass Taxonomy”,
  • Glumes arranged either distichously or spirally on the rachilla of the spikelet, one or Glumes more or less distichously arranged in the spikelet; hypogynous scales flat, not. — “PlantNET - FloraOnline”, plantnet.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au
  • Definition of distichously from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of distichously. Pronunciation of distichously. Definition of the word distichously. Origin of the word distichously. — “distichously - Definition of distichously at ”,
  • Stem distichously or radially branched, sometimes nearly unbranched; cortex of small and incrassate cells; When shoots grow erect, these are radially rather than distichously branched, except in species that are sparsely branched. — “#template_BFNA_ProvPubl”,
  • Distichously definition, arranged alternately in two vertical rows on opposite sides of an axis, as leaves. See more. — “Distichously | Define Distichously at ”,
  • A. aequinoctiale is a perennial shrub, sometimes considered a herb, that may be scrambling or erect in habit. The leaves and their leaf-sheaths, arranged distichously on the stem, are pale green and covered in fine, hooked hairs that give a "sticky" feeling. — “Aneilema aequinoctiale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Leaves alternate, often crowded into sessile rosettes, less often spaced along stems. Inflorescences usually much branched, often flat-topped, rarely capitate or spikelike; ultimate branches forming spikes with (1- or)2--13 rarely more distichously. — “A Simple Report”, www3.isrl.illinois.edu
  • Detailed on-line species information for Calamus meghalayensis Palm Tree distichously along the rachillae; calyx 1.5 mm long, tubular except for the 3-lobed apex; corolla 2 mm long, with 3 valvate petals free to the. — “Calamus meghalayensis Species Information”,
  • Inflorescence a spike, multiple spike or large compound, crateriform anthelodium; glumes spirally or distichously arranged. Spikes distichously arranged (3-18 sessile spikes, 5-8 mm). — “Cyperaceae in Flora of Pakistan @ ”,
  • Gramineae ( grə′minē′ē ) ( botany ) The grasses, a family of monocotyledonous plants in the order Cyperales characterized by distichously arranged. — “Gramineae: Definition from ”,
  • A new plant variety of the Bromeliaceae family was developed as an inter-specific cross between Aechmea dichlamydea Baker var. trinitensis L. B. trinitensis the leaf scales are whitish and translucent and the spiked are polystichously flowered instead of distichously flowered. — “Bromeliaceae plant - Patent # PP6979 - PatentGenius”,
  • distichously. distick. distiguous. distill. distillationismtakings distichously isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their. — “Urban Dictionary: distichously”,
  • Indeterminate axes terete or slightly compressed and alternately and distichously producing determinate pseudolateral branch systems from every other polysiphonous segment. at first subdichotomously, then alternately and distichously branched,. — “Dictyurus Bory de Saint-Vincent in Bélanger & Bory, 1834: 170”,
  • Definition of Distichously. Distichously. In a distichous manner. Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Inquire | Submit | Privacy | Terms. — “Definition of Distichously”,
  • Arranged distichously around the rhachis, but sometimes twisted one Leaves laxly arranged distichously, to 12 cm long, stem longer. mallemontii. 6 mm long, 5. — “AN AMATEUR'S GUIDE TO THE GREYISH LEAVED TILLANDSIOIDEAE”,

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  • Buy Rare ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia House Plant 6 quot Pot http://bit.ly/1nUuGen Strange but beautiful. A caudex-forming aroid from Kenya has 3in, shiny-green leaves arranged distichously along bottle-shaped stems, g...
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  • “The bracts and florets are arranged distichously, i.e. on opposite sides of the rachi (or The bracts and florets are arranged distichously, i.e. on opposite sides of the rachi (or”
    — Cyperus sp? - The Corroboree, shaman-

  • “epiphytic, or lithophytic, autotrophic or rarely mycotrophic. herbs (or rarely scrambling distichously arranged. Flowers small to large, often quite. showy, usually zygomorphic,”
    — www-efloras-org.pdf, univie.ac.at

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