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  • [edit] Verb. distended. Simple past tense and past participle of distend. distended (comparative more distended, superlative most distended). — “distended - Wiktionary”,
  • [ a] abnormally expanded or increased in size; (`swollen' is sometimes used in combination) ; "distended wineskins"; "the need to clean out swollen inventories"; "the raisins were plump and [ a] abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas ; "hungry children with bloated. — “distended (definition)”,
  • Bloated abdomen refers to tummy (belly) distension resulting from accumulation of gases within the stomach, small or large intestine. The belly can be also distended from accumulation of the fluid in the abdominal cavity – this is called abdominal swelling, edema or ascites. — “Distended Belly | ”,
  • Distended stomach refers to an increase in girth of abdomen. Factors like, intestinal gas, indigestion, over eating are more commonly found to be responsible for causing occasional distention of stomach and bloating. However, continuous stomach. — “Distended Stomach”,
  • Distended Bowel Syndrome. Distended bowel syndrome is a condition in which the abdomen becomes enlarged. This condition is sometime painful. While the symptoms of this condition are fairly universal, the causes of the. — “Distended Bowel Syndrome | ”,
  • List of 12 disease causes of Distended neck veins, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Distended neck veins. — “Distended neck veins - ”,
  • Assmeats encompases the region common to the ass. This term is used most in regards to members of the ape family, due to their distended and swolle. — “Urban Dictionary: distended”,
  • Distended Abdomen. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Distended Abdomen. How to Treat Endometritis, Blood in a Baby's Stool, Diagnosing Congestive Heart Failure, 3 Ways to Spot Symptom. — “Distended Abdomen | ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Examples of DISTEND. an abdomen distended by disease. Origin of DISTEND. Middle English, from Latin distendere, from dis- + tendere to stretch — more at. — “Distended - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • 1: abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas; "hungry children with bloated stomachs"; "he had a grossly distended stomach"; "eyes with puffed (or puffy) lids"; "swollen hands"; "tumescent tissue"; "puffy tumid flesh" [syn: bloated, puffed, puffy, swollen, tumescent, tumid, turgid]. — “Distended - Define Distended at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective distended has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : abnormally. — “distended: Information from ”,
  • Abdominal distention is a common condition, which usually results from over-eating, rather than from a serious illness. People who are lactose intolerant cannot properly digest dairy foods, and eating such foods may cause distention. — “Distended abdomen”, health.am
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is a Distended Bladder? A person with a distended bladder will not be able to urinate, even if they feel the urge to do so. — “What is a Distended Bladder?”,
  • Distended definition, increased, as in size, volume, etc.; expanded; dilated: See more. — “Distended | Define Distended at ”,
  • Definition of distended in the Medical Dictionary. distended explanation. Information about distended in Free online English dictionary. What is distended? Meaning of distended medical term. What does distended mean?. — “distended - definition of distended in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the colon that we do not know about. However, one of the things that a lot of people have never heard about is a distended colon. — “Distended Colon”,
  • Top questions and answers about Distended-Stomach. Find 34 questions and answers about Distended-Stomach at Read more. — “Distended Stomach - ”,
  • distended - MedHelp's distended Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for distended. Find distended information, treatments for distended and distended symptoms. — “distended - Symptoms, Treatments and Resources for distended”,
  • Definition of distended in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of distended. Pronunciation of distended. Translations of distended. distended synonyms, distended antonyms. Information about distended in the free online English dictionary and. — “distended - definition of distended by the Free Online”,

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  • Laparoscopy - bowel obstruction (adhesions) Laparoscopy in acute bowel obstruction following previous surgery is a difficult procedure and avoided by most of the surgeons due to the difficulty in obtaining pneumoperitoneum, port placement, lack of working space, adhesions and risk of bowel injury. Here is a patient who had a previous laparotomy for trauma with a midline incision from xyphysternum to pubis; after unsuccessful conservative management he underwent a laparoscopy; a prior CT scan showed adhesions in the left side and a distal-mid small bowel obstruction. The pneumoperitoneum was obtained with the Visiport placed in the right lower quadrant; although the abdomen was grossly distended, under significant tension and distended loops of small bowel were occupying most the peritoneal cavity, with muscle relaxation there is usually enough space to perform a thorough inspection of the abdominal cavity. Port placement has to be done with special care as there is no room to push and usually a blunt trocar directed away from the bowel is employed in my practice. The collapsed loops of small bowel point quickly to the site of obstruction -- it is better to avoid manipulating the distended bowel as it is heavy, oedematous and prone to be lacerated with the instruments; once the pathology is identified, in this case the obstructive band, light packing is performed in order to expose the working space and protect the bowel from instruments like scissors or diathermy. In this case the band adhesion was slightly more ...
  • The Snake Corps - Colder Than The Kiss (Distended) Midnight Music 1990 Barcelona 18 September 2010 Sala Salamandra. The Snake Corps + Sad Lovers And Giants + The Essence. Images & music are copyrighted by their respective copyright owner.
  • Genito-Urinary System - Medi-Vision Films 05 In this short clip, we see the examination of the renal system in a man who had renal colic as presented by Raymund Carroll, FRCS, of Manchester Royal Infirmary. This is taken from our medical teaching DVD where we see the systematic approach to a patient with renal colic and a calculus demonstrated by KUB. Specific aspects are then illustrated on a patient with polycystic kidneys and one with chronic urinary retention and a distended bladder. Technique of rectal examination then demonstrated on a man with carcinoma of prostate.
  • Distended Process
  • Small fish kill at a Great Pond Small fish kill at a Great Pond. Probably Areromonas. Aeromonas infections are caused by bacteria which are present in the water all of the time. Usually, when fish get sick with an Aeromonas infection, something has happened to make them susceptible to bacterial invasion. There are several species of Aeromonas which can infect fish. It is most likely this was the cause. There is no single physical or behavioral sign specific for Aeromonas infections. Infected fish frequently have: small pinpoint hemorrhages at the base of the fins or on the skin, distended abdomens, and protruding eyes. Internal signs include: fluid in the abdomen, swollen liver and spleen, and the intestines are distended and fluid-filled. These fish defintely showed signs of small pinpoint hemorrhages at the base of the fins or on the skin. In Massachusetts, during a fish kill three people could be notified: Steve Hurley (Mass Fish & Wildlife) 508-759-3406; Caleb Slater (Mass Fish & Wildlife) 508-245-8846; Richrad Hartley 508-389-6330.
  • Cynthia Sick Cynthia is currently hospitalized. They're trying to figure out what's wrong with her. She had been feeling really bad for 3 days, and then on Friday I asked her if she had called the VA. She said no, but then she did. She was on hold for a long time the first time she called, and the operator told her that an advice nurse would call her back. Well the nurse did not call, so she called them back later, and was told again that they'd call her back. They never did. I took her to the Memorial Emergency Room that evening, where they were SOOOOOOOO great to us. Awesome care. She was really dehydrated and her tummy was hard and painful and sounded like a watermelon or a drum when the doc tapped on it. They gave her pain medicine, and did some xrays and were concerned about her, so they admitted her. Right now, she has not eaten or had anything to drink for almost a week. They have her on intravenuos fluids, and they have a tube going down her nose into her stomach to provide her with some relief. They think she might have an obstructed bowel, and she might have to have surgery if it does not resolve on it's own. I'm headed to the hospital right now... Update later. 3/4/07 1:23 pm: The doctor ordered a CT scan of her pelvis and abdomen. They're trying to figure out what's wrong. They think that perhaps her Ileum is not functioning properly and is causing her to be very sick. Her belly is still hard and distended, but her pain level is less than on Friday. I just came home really ...
  • Xbox 360 - The Red Ring of Death - G4 The video for the new hit song by metal band Distended Warranty. For more, go to g4
  • Looking for UTERINE DISPLACEMENT? Yes, UTERINE DISPLACEMENT. It's all here! Top rated uterine displacement reviews and tips. Everything you want to know about uterine displacement is here! WHAT IS UTERINE DISPLACEMENT. This prevalent complaint among the women of America is due, in ninety per cent. of the cases, to constipation, and that is mainly attributable to tight lacing. In the majority of our countrywomen the sigmoid flexure is distended to nearly double its natural size, pressing upon the womb, which necessarily displaces it, but in addition the colon, through impaction, frequently becomes highly inflamed and communicates the inflammation to the womb, making it heavy and relaxed. The ascending and descending colon lie immediately behind the ovaries, and if (as is often the case) it becomes distended to double its size, it stretches the broad ligaments and ovarian Connections, frequently breaking them away from their peritoneal attachments or carrying the peritoneum downward with them. The Fallopian tubes, which penetrate and are attached to the peritoneal sack, together with the uterine broad ligaments, are designed to hold the womb in place, but if the womb and ovaries are crowded down into the pelvic cavity and the womb doubled upon itself, dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation, or amenorrhea, with convulsions, is the result. Perhaps there may even be a complete stoppage, so that Nature menstruates vicariously and casts it off through the lungs or bowels.
  • The Repetitive Adventures of a Distended Plumber 2/2 Returning from another hiatus with this. Enjoy, it's not that good though. Part 2/2 EDIT: Lol I badly typoed the video name. Sorry oo
  • Cake Revenge (part 1 of 4) (part 1) Featuring Alice & Carly again. You need to watch "Carly's Cake" first (look in my vids) as this scene opens at the very end of that video. Alice is still tied to her chair having been force fed a whole cake by Carly - love that bloated belly. Alice's husband / boyfriend comes in holding some big cakes. Alice explains what happens and they concoct a scheme to get back at Carly - and boy does she get it.....enjoy :)
  • Nolan's Famous Distended Stomachs Nolan Bros Exhibit Spontaneous Abdominal Distension
  • Let's Play TRAoaDP P.2 "Singing! Because I'm such a fantastic singer. Totally." Game: Super Mario World Hack: The Repetitive Adventure of a Distended Plumber Maker: The Blue Yoshi Player: Bwarch Played: Blind Link: A rather relaxing hack. Nice to play actually since I haven't played one in about a month I believe :) If I sound a bit derpy or make mistakes in the commentary it was because this was made early in the morning. ALSO, I do not yell or raise my voice at ALL during these videos. Because A) the hack wasn't that frustrating and B) My little sister was sleeping in the next room. So YEAH. Email: [email protected] Send me your SMW hacks and I will LP them! Probably with MUCH better commentary than this since this was an off-the-wall thing to let people know that I do still take hacks and play them :P And also to let people know I'm going to be a lot more professional (hopefully) and not quit anything once I've started it. OR, alternatively, if you've got ANY games you want me to LP, send me a link and a short description! Whether you made it or not I might just LP the game. ;)
  • Belly Rubbing (Male) After all that stuffing, (mostly liquid) all i could do was sit down and rub my distended tummy. it hurt at first how full I was, but then my belly got settled, mmm so stuffed, wish i had a girl to rub my round belly and make me feel better ;)
  • Pron song - MC Frontalot I dont own any of the right to this song. All credit and MUCH love goes to MC Frontalot! Nerdcore can rise up!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ click close you've got to click close just got hard-pressed underneath my desk no jest! it's time frontalot confessed: at the best of times got the worst of rhymes and I don't think I'm the first to find my life devoted less to lyrics than it is to my struggle for pyrrhic victory in the race to be teh intarweb's number one devotee of smutty little things that occur onscreen (risqué to hey! quintuple-x obscene) MILFs who shave themselves so cleanly twins in positions unseemly my spleen ain't the part that gets vented I grabbed a hold and fapped like I meant it distended, probably oughta leave it alone spend more time stroking on the microphone got a boatload of midgets and they're in command of a full-grown woman on her knees and hands got a long hard donkey and a farmgirl too and the braying's so dismaying when he starts to spoo gotta click close put it away 'cause the internet is filthy lurking in #pass chans on the irc got dcc'd unexpectedly with an 80-minute XviD: Nuns In Heat Part Three, Bad Habits. I'm so l337 that I had that one already skipped to the part with the fishnet teddy whipped it out, but to my chagrin one toss from a win and the boss walked in said "nuh-uh Front, that terminal ain't for a latex crucifix spanking a taint in big 32-bit color while them rosary beads get yanked out the cruller" I said "you can't fire me; I quit ...
  • McKenna Maiorana's Fight [Stage IV Neuroblastoma] McKenna Maiorana was born on November 15, 2008 and was a happy and healthy little baby girl. Her parents Michael and Brittney were thrilled to have such a beautiful baby girl and dreamed of a wonderful life for baby McKenna. McKenna had a great first year of life, was a normal baby girl and loved learning new things and exploring. She had a great personality and loved to laugh and play, but was also shy and reserved. At the beginning of February 2010, McKenna's parents started noticing that McKenna was not eating as much as she used to, was constipated and her energy levels were getting lower and lower. They began adding water to McKenna's milk, giving her suppositories and trying other constipation remedies. McKenna's stomach became harder and harder and then began to become distended. On Superbowl Sunday, McKenna woke up gagging and choking and that's when Brittney realized something was very wrong. Her breath smelled like feces and she was extremely pale and her little stomach was hard as a rock and completely distended. They immediately rushed her to the Emergency Room and prayed it was something minor that could be easily treated. The Dr's immediately did an xray on McKenna and that's when they noticed a large mass on her left Kidney. She was then taken in to have a CT scan of her abdomen and that's when McKenna's parent's learned that it was a whole lot worse then they had expected. The CT scan confirmed there was a large mass on her left kidney but that it was so ...
  • New Project Paracentesis of a hen. She has only layed one or two soft shelled eggs in her 13 month life, plus a couple of odd things we found with her chicken poop. She became grossly distended and less active, with her tail down in the last day or two. 40 cc total of yolk like material removed--it did not really smell--I do not think it was bacterial peritonitis. 5 year old videographer. An 18 gauge 1 inch needle did not get fluid. We had to use a "flavor injector" meant for turkeys. I finally got the fluid much more superiorly (toward the breast) than I thought I would. There was a lot of free space, without air, fluid, or evidently vital organs closer to her vent--I cant really explain that--except for the 18 gauge needle getting plugged or the "turkey injector" being to dull to puncture the individual yolks--or I was just moving around distended intestines (with an ileus/gasseous distention).
  • Introduction The Start of My Gain! 158LBS 5'4"
  • Steve Roach---Oracle (Part I) Part I of my "Artists and Music You've Never Heard Of" series. From the album "Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces," disc 1. Released 2003. My apologies, Steve, I had to truncate it; actual length is approximately 20 minutes but unless you are a Youtube Partner or have a Director's account you can't upload anything longer than 10:59. Visual credits (in order): 1. "Ankhnebula" by theGorer 2. "Something New" by ~Ov3RMinD 3. "Distended Aura" by Ladyrapid 4. "The Silver Lining" by shadowmann Relevant Links: ov3
  • Pos-Tone the Dienamunk - The Sun (Distended) Written & Produced by Pos-Tone the Dienamunk; from the "Love Letters From the Abyss" EP, 2009. Pos-Tone is a Los Angeles-based Rapper/Producer. He is part of RTD (Rezawrekting Tha Dead) & AGOP (Armed Guardians Of the Proletariat)
  • Huge Screen v.2 Review Item kindly donated by darkdriver & the Cult of Lain. Blimey.
  • Goatse; Is It As Distended As They Say? I go investigating on whether or not goatse.cx is indeed a picture of a distended ***. I then fix a wikipedia article. All in the name of science.
  • Lizard with distended tummy poor
  • What's wrong with my little Alexander? This is my little Alexander, age 6. History of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) since birth. He has a G-tube. He recently developed a problem, after feeding either through G-tube or by mouth, he experiences extreme abdominal pain it doesn't seem to matter if you are touching his abdomen or not. His stomach becomes hard and distended, he then sometimes throws up. This pain which is severe enough to make him scream, sometimes positioning himself on his hands and knees panting, typically will last about 10 minutes. The pain does not disappear gradually, it disappears within seconds. The next phase is dizziness, sometimes fainting which he only loses conscientious for seconds. Please take not that this phase occurs regardless if he has vomited or not. Next he becomes pale, slurring words, and confused, which within moments turns into being completely altered, not knowing how old he is, where he is, or what it is going on around him. At first not being able to identify people...such as mommy, within few minutes he is then able to recognize mommy, but still remains altered in all other senses. He is still very dizzy and disoriented during this, unable to walk, stand or even sit up on his own. He remains altered until he falls asleep, which usually occurs between 5-15 minutes after the onset of confusion. When he wakes up, which can be anywhere from 20 minutes later to the next morning, he is back to normal, with no pain, dizziness or confusion. These "episodes" do not ...
  • Moth Equals - Distended Skin (Dark Ambient 2007) - Part of the Sinister Project - Dark Ambient music by Moth Equals.
  • Distended Warranty's "iHate Therefore iPad" Music Video Infamous metal band Distended Warranty first blew us away with their single, "Red Ring of Death" and now they bring you their latest single, the "iHate Therefore iPad" music video. For the Distended Warranty classic "Red Ring of Death" click here: For more from AOTS Exclusive, go here: g4
  • My Spermatocele Friend I found a Spermatocele last night. It's not harmless, and unless he gets larger or painful, my new friend "Chris" is mine for life! According to wikipedia, it's "a retention cyst of a tubule of the rete testis or the head of the epididymis distended with a milky fluid that contains spermatozoa (okay that's just nasty sounding). They vary in size from several millimeters to many centimeters, and mine is pee sized. Spermatoceles are generally not painful and aren't treated (but if it hurts or grows you may have something else). Mine is solid like a rock... so I named him Chris. He's camera shy, though, so don't expect him online. TMI? Really? Oh- whatya want at your funeral? I want a jazz funeral, closed casket, organs with people who can use them, and good food and drink.
  • Bill Hicks Adult Video Awards 1990 1 of 2 Part one of Bill Hicks at the Adult Video Awards 1990: Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Opens the show with his infamous Elvis impersonation
  • The Repetitive Adventures of a Distended Plumber 1/2 Returning from another hiatus with this. Enjoy, it's not that good though. Part 1/2 EDIT: I badly typoed the video name. Oops. Also I apologize for terrible sound quality. I shall discover a way to alter this.
  • Ethiopia: The Whole Picture You remember their 1984 famine, parched land, and distended bellies. But have you seen the fields of waving teff, the tropical forests, or the joy of heaven in the eyes of the children? This is a collection of video clips I shot during four separate photo assignments all across Ethiopia during the month of May, 2010. From mini-bus to bajoj and rocky northern deserts to tropical southern mountains... come see Ethiopia the Beautiful. Canon 5D Mark II Kessler Pocket Dolly Music: Ethiopian Millienium Collection
  • Stretchiest skin Garry Turner (UK) is able to stretch the skin of his stomach to a distended length of 15.8 cm (6.25 in) due to a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disorder of the connective tissues affecting the skin, ligaments and internal organs.
  • Repulsion Gel #2 Aperture's second attempt at a dietetic pudding substitute resulted in Repulsion Gel, a much sweeter, slightly less non-toxic form of fiberglass insulation that caused subsequently-ingested food items to bounce off the lining of the dieter's distended stomach and out his or her mouth. For various reasons, this also was pulled from the shelves.
  • Distended aorta LAO projection ascending artogram using pigtail catheter and power injector - huge distended aorta ??? Marfans.
  • Distended Warranty's "iHate Therefore iPad" 9 Mus We got our hnds on the iPad, nd now we will show you wht's inside the box.
  • Muffin' Stuffin' BE STUFFIN ME WIV MUFFIN'S After this, i noticed i had started to get some stretch marks on my belly! =P I will make a Weigh in video Soon!
  • Distended Process3
  • Laparoscopy -- perforated DU and septic shock A 40 years old female recently diagnosed with Child C liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension was brought to the Emergency Department with an acute abdomen; she was in septic shock, anaemic (Hb 82), acidotic, hypotensive, tachycardic, tachypnoeic, hypoxemic, dehydrated, anuric, febrile, jaundiced (Brb 160), coagulopathic (INR 2.1), hypoalbuminemic (18); LFT's were elevated; on examination she was lethargic and had a grossly distended abdomen. She was rushed to the operating theatre and underwent a laparoscopy ( a Visiport was used through a right paraumbilical approach to create the pneumoperitoneum and three 5mm trocars to complete the procedure laparoscopically): free fluid, collections and fibrinous deposits were found throughout the abdomen; the large and small bowel was grossly distended; the liver was rigid with cirrhotic appearance and the veins in the falciform ligament were of impressive size; the gallbladder was also distended. After aspiration of the fluid and drainage of collections, the gallbladder was lifted and loops of small bowel were removed from early adhesions in the right upper quadrant; a punched out perforation was identified on the anterior wall of the duodenum. This was sutured with a figure of eight 2/0 Vicryl and patched with omentum; the abdomen was further lavaged and drained. The patient condition improved immediately and in spite of low Hb she did not required postoperative transfusion; she required a tracheostomy to be extubated, but a week ...
  • Jesus, is that your distended abdomen or are you just happy to see me? Eye on Religion The source material for this weeks newscast: Story 1 A heart warming family story Submitted by viewer sapunec7854 Story 2 Limbaugh and the volcano Story 3 Noah's Ark Story 4 Just say no to the tanning bed. Story 5 Jesus, is that your distended abdomen or are you just happy to see me. Submitted by viewer SSJ3Ulcer http
  • Let's Play TRAoaDP P.1 "So I herd..." Game: Super Mario World Hack: The Repetitive Adventure of a Distended Plumber Maker: The Blue Yoshi Player: Bwarch Played: Blind Link: A rather relaxing hack. Nice to play actually since I haven't played one in about a month I believe :) If I sound a bit derpy or make mistakes in the commentary it was because this was made early in the morning. ALSO, I do not yell or raise my voice at ALL during these videos. Because A) the hack wasn't that frustrating and B) My little sister was sleeping in the next room. So YEAH. Email: [email protected] Send me your SMW hacks and I will LP them! Probably with MUCH better commentary than this since this was an off-the-wall thing to let people know that I do still take hacks and play them :P And also to let people know I'm going to be a lot more professional (hopefully) and not quit anything once I've started it. OR, alternatively, if you've got ANY games you want me to LP, send me a link and a short description! Whether you made it or not I might just LP the game. ;)
  • OIL BEETLE Large distended Oil Beete (I think?) located on the North Cornwall coast. We've seen a lot of these on the Cornish Coast in particular fro some reason. Can anyone tell me why they become so distended? Are they pregnant?
  • Distended Process2

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  • “To The Editors of The New York Times, a response to Duplicating Federal Videos for an Online Archive" Blog. March 17, 2010. A Distended Note on the Vagaries of Access and Preservation (A preliminary note to the following distended note: As a public response to the named article, this was”
    — A Distended Note on the Vagaries of Access and Preservation,

  • “Home | Forum | Event Calendar | Live Chat | | | Free Shopping Guide. HealthCastle.com. Help Search Castle Forums > Nutrition & Health Forum. Child with distended stomach, eats NO fruits or”
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  • “Distended stomach. Author. 5 Posts. crazyserb. Forum Senior. Topics: 15 On physical examination, her abdomen is distended and the uterus is large by palpation”
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  • “Question: I have been reading fervently and cooking with your book Nourishing Traditions. Recently I have gone off birth control pills and have started taking DIM (Di-Indole Methane). My abdomen is so distended I look like I am carrying a bowling”
    Distended abdomen :: bone broth :: calcium deposits :: hemp, .au

  • “Distended - abnormally expanded or increased in size. Categories + English , Glossary. Leave a comment. Name entry in this blog. Lisa Perry - Nurse of the Night is the next entry in this blog. Find recent content on”
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  • “Metal band Distended Warranty has given AOTS an exclusive copy of their new video for the song "Red Ring of Death". Be sure to check it out on Attack of the Show or your 360 will”
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  • “acute chest pain-suspected diagnosis no trauma history”
    — 70 yrold with distended neck veins and inc cvp - USMLE Forum, naslov.hr

  • “Blog I will not work for you, buy from you, fight for you, or die for you, until the criminals are gone from the halls of our government. distended”
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