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  • Dissymmetry of lift is the difference in lift that exists between the advancing half of the rotor disk and the retreating half. The tail rotor also experiences dissymmetry of lift during forward flight, because of its own advancing and retreating blades. — “Dissymetry of Lift”,
  • IUPAC > Gold Book > alphabetical index > D > dissymmetry in stereochemistry NEXT. dissolution. dissymmetry of scattering. dissymmetry [obsolete] in stereochemistry. — “IUPAC Gold Book - dissymmetry in stereochemistry”,
  • Dissymmetry definition, absence or lack of symmetry. See more. — “Dissymmetry | Define Dissymmetry at ”,
  • Dissymmetry information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Dissymmetry - ”,
  • DESIGN: UniCopter ~ Rotor - Disk - Lateral Dissymmetry of Lift (Drag? Forward Flight: (Lateral Dissymmetry of Lift and Drag) I think that the single advancing blade at 90º azimuth will have a greater thrust than the other rotor's two. — “0871”,
  • Definition of dissymmetry in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dissymmetry. Pronunciation of dissymmetry. Translations of dissymmetry. dissymmetry synonyms, dissymmetry antonyms. Information about dissymmetry in the free online English. — “dissymmetry - definition of dissymmetry by the Free Online”,
  • three main application elds: the study of the normal dissymmetry within a given relative dissymmetry measures of a patient to a population can give more. — “Statistical ***ysis of Dissymmetry in Volumetric Medical Images”, lirmm.fr
  • Founded in 1988, the annual International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD) is the premier scientific conference series focusing on molecular and supramolecular dissymmetry in the natural and life sciences. Don't miss ISCD-21, covering the impact of. — “Chirality 2009 :: 21st International Symposium on Chirality”, chirality2009.org
  • Dissymmetry of lift - Retreating blade stall, Helicopter, Asymmetry of lift, Coaxial rotors, Kamov Ka-50 - VisWiki. — “Dissymmetry of lift - VisWiki”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of DISSYMMETRY : the absence of or the lack of symmetry. — “Dissymmetry - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Dissymmetry of lift in rotorcraft aerodynamics refers to an uneven amount of lift on opposite sides of the rotor disc. The dissymmetry is caused by differences in relative airspeed between the advancing blade and the retreating blade. — “Dissymmetry of lift - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Dissymmetry Enterprises offers small business services in Product Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Web Design, Technical Writing and more. — “Dissymmetry Enterprises - Home”,
  • Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved - Dissymmetry Arts Karanikolopoulos Giorgos. Volos - Greece. Tel: 6932 946311. Email: [email protected]“Dissymmetry Arts | Home”, dissymmetry.gr
  • Dissymmetry of Lift. Cierva began testing with model-sized autogiros. blades capable of bending enough to compensate with dissymmetry of lift, like the rattan blades of the model. — “Autogiro's Legacy: Let's Invent the Helicopter”, evangelidis.gr
  • Definition of dissymmetry from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of dissymmetry. Pronunciation of dissymmetry. Definition of the word dissymmetry. Origin of the word dissymmetry. — “dissymmetry - Definition of dissymmetry at ”,
  • Tail Rotor Dissymmetry Of Lift. Posted on October 13, 2010 by Adam. Igor Sikorsky was the first to use a tail rotor as a way to counter acting torque. To compensate for dissymmetry of lift rotor blades are designed to flap and feather. — “Copter-Blog | Mostly correct information about helicopters”, copter-
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Flickr: DisSymmetry”,
  • Such compensation generates an increase of the drag in addition to the additional drag already induced by the dissymmetry. generating a dissymmetry information indicating on which side of the aircraft is the. — “Method And Device For Automatically Detecting A Lateral”,
  • Definition of dissymmetry in the Medical Dictionary. dissymmetry explanation. Information about dissymmetry in Free online English dictionary. What is dissymmetry? Meaning of dissymmetry medical term. What does dissymmetry mean?. — “dissymmetry - definition of dissymmetry in the Medical”, medical-
  • Register Australia .com.au Domain Name Today, Australian favorite domain name registry, Crazy Domains. . This Domain name is registered and parked with Crazy Domains. — “Crazy Domains”,
  • dissymmetry factor ( di′simətrē ′faktər ) ( optics ) A quantity which expresses the strength of circular dichroism, equal to the difference in the. — “dissymmetry factor: Definition from ”,

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  • Flapping induced washout. Washout is the tendency of a wing to decrease it's angle of attack (AoA) . Shifting the positing of the swashplate linkages moves the hinge line of each blade. Moving the linkage farther away from the blade tips will induce washout (more flapping, less angle of attack - vice versa). If closer washin is induced (more flapping, more angle of attack - vice versa). Induced washout provides: - Improved lateral flight stability: Induced washout helps cancel out dissymmetry of lift. When the helicopter is moving laterally, the advancing blade (moving into the direction of motion) will flap upwards and decrease it's AoA. The retreating blade (moving away from the direction of motion) will flap downwards and increase it's AoA. Keeping the total lift across the rotor constant even though the blades don't have equal speed. - Vibration decrease: The tendency of the blades to remain perpendicular to the rotor shaft helps dampen vibrations. Increasing/decreasing AoA in order to keep the forces acting on them equal. - Slight increase in maximum airspeed. Since dissymmetry of lift is mostly cancelled out, more cyclic control can go into tilting the helicopter, thus pushing forward more.
  • Dissymmetry - Blood Shed DISSYMMETRY - Blood Shed (Remastered from the MiniCD 'Part Two' and on the debut CD 'Inside The Blood Shed' due out early 2011 Cat# KATCD005) /katzenjammerrecords /dissymmetry
  • TRWF - Dissymmetry of Lift NavTech3D produced this interactive 3D content for use by the instructors of the US Army's Primary Flight Course at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. This content demonstrates the physics associated with the Dissymmetry of Lift that rotary wing aircraft experience, and what compensatory measures are place to allow straight and level flight.
  • Semi-rigid rotor rigidizing. In a simple semi-rigid rotor, the blades are allowed to move freely lengthwise. This decreases cyclic authority (making it less effective, as some of it goes into tilting the rotor disk, instead of rolling the helicopter). The wooden helicopter has a semi-rigid rotor. To increase it's effectiveness, blade flapping can be dampened via hydraulics or elastics. Putting some resistance to blade flap, tilting the rotor disk less. It's effect can be varied by changing the strength of the dampers (hydraulics/elastics). The second helicopter has a dampened semi-rigid rotor, cyclic is more effective as the tail boom can be seen moving with changes in cyclic. Another way to increase cyclic response is to limit the flapping. Letting the blades flap freely enough to cancel out dissymmetry of lift, yet allowing greater cyclic authority as the rotor disk cannot tilt as much. This greatly improves cyclic control but increases vibrations drastically when the blades cannot flap. The third helicopter has a limited semi-rigid rotor.
  • Pole Sledding
  • Fully articulated rotor - Initial testing. This is a successful fully articulated rotor head. The blades are allowed to flap (move lengthwise) independently, they differ from a semi-rigid rotor in which the blades flap in unison (if one blade flaps up, the other flaps down). This design is more complex then updated ones as it uses two levers attached to the rotor blades and shaft. The levers movement is limited via advanced ballsocket. Updated versions directly limit the movement of the blades, removing the complexity of the levers. The levers were installed to: - Limit rotor blade flapping. - Remove rotor blade tracking issues (when blade flapping was directly limited, the angle of attack between the blades and shaft were not equal, causing uneven lift across rotor and vibrations) - Rigidly secure blade lead/lag angle (With only a advanced ballsocket securing the angle between lengwise axis of the blades and shaft. The angle between the rotor blades would not stay equal whilst rotating. This would shift the center of mass of the whole rotor, thus creating massive vibration). Although this worked fine, it presented instability during lateral flight, The blades would reach the flapping limit with collective. Allowing only downwards flapping, thus not completly canceling out dissymmetry of lift. It's building was also tedious as the levers required multiple constrains in the same position.
  • Dissymmetry - The Garrotter (Demo) Dissymmetry - Part Two - The Garroter (Demo). Australian death metal.
  • Dissymmetry - Blood Shed (Demo) Dissymmetry - Part Two - Blood Shed (Demo). Australian death metal.
  • Another Landing in the CH-7 Angel Helicopter Landing again at a property north of Brisbane. If you look carefully at the touchdown you may be able to see that the left skid makes contact with the ground first followed by the right skid. This is due to the translating tendency caused by the thrust from the tail rotor pushing the helicopter to the right. Helicopters with main rotors that spin counter clockwise require a left input of the cyclic in the hover to compensate for this, which causes the left skid to hang slightly lower than the right. This is also further exaggerated here due to the slope of the ground where the landing is performed, though not as apparent in the video.
  • DISSYMMETRY - The Garrotter DISSYMMETRY - The Garrotter (Remastered from the MiniCD 'Part Two' and on the debut CD 'Inside The Blood Shed' due out early 2011 Cat# KATCD005) /katzenjammerrecords /dissymmetry
  • Heading hold stabilization. Heading hold stabilization "holds" an object in a specified orientation. It works via accumulating the angular velocity of a object. This applied to helicopter control yields excellent results, it relieves pilot stress by tenfolds. The pilot only sets the orientation the craft should retain, letting the stabilization system hold said orientation. This is especially for beneficial for lateral flight, as it compensates for dissymmetry of lift by offsetting the cyclic. This allows the helicopter to reach critical airspeed to the point of retreating blade stall. Where one blade increases angle of attack to the point which it no longer produces lift or has very little airspeed. Something which would be very hard to achieve manually. Links to download the wood and gray helicopter: Wood: Gray:
  • Fully articulated rotor. Further testing. Further tweaking simplified the rotor. Blade flapping is directly limited via av. ballsocket, the limiting levers were removed. To coax with lead/lag issues, an expression 2 (is invisible in the video) which turns the rotor is placed in-line with the root of the rotor blades . The blades are av. ballsocketed to it. This removes major vibrations and simplifies the rotor. In order to increase stability and cancel out dissymmetry of lift. The blades can flap independently from each other under a certain angle which is less then the maximum flapping angle of each. This greatly increased stability and performance. They also present flapping induced washout which can be seen in the video. A fully articulated system offers three advantages from a semi-rigid: - Increased cyclic authority (for the same swashplate inclination, more torque is developed). Increased lateral flight stability (During lateral flight, the craft will be less prone to roll without pilot input). - Increased hover stability (due to independent flapping, the blades will turn the rotor disk into a cone. This acts as dihedral on a airplane. If the helicopter is not level with the horizon, one blade will push more against gravity. The drawback of this is lateral movement, as the blades will also push sideways)
  • Semi-rigid rotor head. Initial tests. All previous successful helicopters I have made used a rigid rotor, meaning the blades weren't allowed to flap up and down lengthwise (although there is some flexing of the rotor, it is too little). This means that most of the forces acting on that axis of the blade get directly transferred to the shaft, and thus the airframe. This means that any small uneven forces in the blades go directly into vibrations. During lateral flight, dissymmetry of lift causes extreme torque upon the airframe given certain conditions, although this can be corrected with cyclic, controlling the craft is not pleasant. Allowing the blades to flap in unison means that uneven forces act mostly on the blades and not the airframe (decreasing vibrations drastically), it also allows the uneven forces experienced during forward flight to go into flapping the blades (tilting the rotor disk) and do not affect the airframe. This is a great improvement over a rigid design. Cyclic control is slightly less effective though. Another major advantage is the fact that there is very little load on the swashplate now. Unlike a rigid rotor where the swashplate has to carry much more load.
  • Dissymmetry - Rejuvenation Recreation (Intro) Dissymmetry - Part Two - Rejuvenation Recreation (Intro). Australian death metal.
  • Helicopter Aerodynamics - Dyssymmetry of lift Depicts scalars and vectors of a single blade during rotation and discusses difference in AoA on advancing and retreating side.
  • Dissymmetry of Lift
  • Dissymmetry - Vociferation Of Despair (Outro) Dissymmetry - Part Two - Vociferation Of Despair. Australian death metal.
  • Leading Edge, Rotorblade In Flight, Rotorhead View eDVR This edited video was taken with a $60 eDVR solid state rechargeable USB video camera AN-Duct Taped to a rotorhead. The video shows the leading edge of my Twinstarr's 30 foot SportRotors from taxi to flight in the pattern.
  • 3 No Lift Areas

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