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  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective dissuasive has one meaning: Meaning #1 : deterring from. — “dissuasive: Information from ”,
  • - The Federation cautiously welcomes the decision to implement Article 13 of the Enforcement Directive - The legal sanctions environment which applies to copyright. — “"Effective, Proportionate And Dissuasive"”,
  • Dissuasive. Tending to dissuade or divert from a measure or purpose; dehortatory; as, As, Counsel, Dehortation, Dehortatory, Dissuade, Dissuasion, Dissuasive, Divert, From, Measure, Or, Purpose, Tending, To. — “Definition of Dissuasive”,
  • Dissuasive - Dictionary Definition and Overview. Dissuasive : adj : deterring from action; "dissuasive advice"; "made a slight dissuasive gesture with her hand" [ant: persuasive]. — “Dissuasive - Define Dissuasive at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • AST offre una vasta gamma di soluzioni per automazioni di tutti i generi e per chiusure civili e industriali. Classic swing or sliding gates' automation opening systems for automatic control of barriers, chains, traffic dissuasive. — “http:// - AST Official Site: swing gates”,
  • Quiksilver Dissuasive Trucker Hat at - The Web's most popular swim shop. — “Quiksilver Dissuasive Trucker Hat at - Free”,
  • Definition of dissuasive from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of dissuasive. Pronunciation of dissuasive. Definition of the word dissuasive. Origin of the word dissuasive. — “dissuasive - Definition of dissuasive at ”,
  • Surface-Mount Electromechanical Road Blocker - Dissuasive Obstacle (Height 14 in. It is recommended for dissuasive access control, and is therefore particularly suitable for applications such. — “RSB 70 - Surface-Mount Electromechanical Road Blocker”, nam.automatic-
  • dissuasive (adj) Synonyms: discouraging, opposing, inhibitive, hindering. Antonym: encouraging. Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. — “Synonym for dissuasive (adj) - antonym for dissuasive (adj”,
  • Lewis Colby is a book publisher. . Books published by Lewis Colby include Gambling in its infancy and progress: Or, A dissuasive to the young against. — “Lewis Colby - Publisher Contact Information”,
  • WHAT HAPPENS NEXT:THE CHIEF of Europe's €440 billion rescue fund Klaus Regling signalled this weekend that "drastic conditions" and "dissuasive costs" will be attached to Ireland's bailout plan. — “Regling warns of 'drastic conditions' - The Irish Times - Mon”,
  • Attempts to set fines and jail terms did not pass EU muster -- nations will enforce their own penalties -- but the document does oblige them to impose "effective, proportionate and dissuasive criminal sanctions" rules into criminal offences should have a major dissuasive effect. — “AFP: EU nations to sanction serious environmental abuse”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. tending to dissuade. — “Dissuasive - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • The Czech Republic needs to establish liability against legal persons for foreign bribery without delay and put in place sanctions that are effective, proportionate and dissuasive, according to a report. — “The OECD urges the Czech Republic to introduce liability of”,
  • dissuasive (comparative more dissuasive, superlative most dissuasive) dissuasive f. Feminine plural form of dissuasivo. Retrieved from "http:. — “dissuasive - Wiktionary”,
  • Dissuasive definition, tending or liable to dissuade. See more. — “Dissuasive | Define Dissuasive at ”,
  • Definition of dissuasive in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dissuasive. Pronunciation of dissuasive. Translations of dissuasive. dissuasive synonyms, dissuasive antonyms. Information about dissuasive in the free online English dictionary and. — “dissuasive - definition of dissuasive by the Free Online”,
  • The IAF wants 42 fighter squadrons to retain the declining combat edge against Pakistan as well as maintain a strong dissuasive posture against China. — “IAF wants full quota of 42 squadrons for combat edge - The”,
  • Find, shop, and buy computers, laptops, books, dvd, videos, games, video games, music, sporting goods, software, electronics, digital cameras, camcorders, toys, luggage, and dvd players at This Item: The Loyall Dissuasive (Volume 41); And Other Papers Concerning the Affairs of Clan Chattan. — “ - The Loyall Dissuasive (Volume 41); And Other Papers”,
  • ARME DISSUASiVE OU D'ATTAQUE - DISSUASIVE OR ATTACK WEAPON. Aujourd'hui le plus important n'est pas de trouver de la neige, mais le copain pour aller avec. Today, the most important isn't to find snow, but the buddy to go with. Neige à la Saint Gatien. Gerçures au lendeuxmains. — “THE FIVE OF US: ARME DISSUASiVE OU D'ATTAQUE - DISSUASIVE OR”,
  • Robert Baillie : A Dissuasive From the Errors of the Time (1645) Free Online Books @ , The Internet's Only Balanced Look at Preterism and Preterist Eschatology hanegraaff. — “Robert Baillie : A Dissuasive From the Errors of the Time”,
  • Definition of dissuasive in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is dissuasive? Meaning of dissuasive as a legal term. What does dissuasive mean in law?. — “dissuasive legal definition of dissuasive. dissuasive”, legal-

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  • dissuasive speech: Y.O.L.O. this is a dissuasive speech i made for my college english class, public speaking about the Y.O.L.O. trend and why is wrong to follow it.
  • Tariq Ramadan Al-muzzammil commentaire du coran2.wmv trouvez toutes les conférences de Tariq Ramadan sur le site vert- Rubrique Conférences ....
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  • “I recently had a friend and reader suggest I check out this great new free book he found called The Green Millionaire. He said I could get a free copy at the Obviously, I did consider the advert enough to look up this sort of critique, so thank you for this dissuasive blog”
    — The Green Millionaire : Buyer Beware! | mapawatt,

  • “couple of pictures (Page 1) - General Discussion - Oni Central Forum - An Oni Community A pretty edifying story about hotlinking can be found HERE (watch out for the dissuasive pictures used”
    — couple of pictures (Page 1) - General Discussion - Oni,

  • “The blog site of . Movie reviews, production news, rumors and speculation, box-office ***ysis, DVD talk, essays, discussions and opinion from the AMG editorial staff”
    — The Allmovie Blog,

  • “Portigal Consulting, bringing together user research (ethnography), design and business strategy advertising amazon art authenticity behavior Blog book books brand branding business change communication community conference consumer core77”
    — All This ChittahChattah | Dissuasive Design,

  • “LEO Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch Die Übersetzung von dissuasive mit "abratend" erscheint mir nicht wirklich richtig, zumal ich als Deutsch-Muttersprachler gar kein richtiges Beispiel finden kann für die Verwendung des Begriffs "abratend"”
    — LEO Forum,

  • “Bncdvx's blog - Therefore, if you are tired from ilčių rogue woofing now you can finally take control with pet friendly BarkOff ultrasonic Barking Dog dissuasive. Dog beading enthusiast & Author /barkoff. There is nothing to lose, so buy”
    — BNXT : Your Global Talent Hub - Bncdvx's blog - barkoff-Stop,

  • “e-Forum - the European Forum for ePublic Services - is a gateway to the latest e-government information and a platform for ***ysis of the needs of e-government over the next ten to fif*** years. The e-Forum Association includes both public”
    — [e-Forum, Forum for European e-Public Services], eu-

  • “Yet another blog from . I came across a wonderful dissuasive method in Wal-Mart in Palo Alto, the de facto capital of Silicon Valley in California. As I entered the store, a little old lady smiled broadly at me and said, brightly, 'Welcome to Wal-Mart!”
    — Stopping shoplifting -- nicely,

  • “A Traveller's Key to Ancient Egypt. Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt by this Church lacks the effective dissuasive powers of the Church that preceded it”
    — The Official Graham Han*** Website: Forum, grahamhan***.com

  • “Blog Author: Tony Ballard. Illegal peer to peer filesharing continues to test the rule on the effectiveness and dissuasive effect of the measure sought”
    — Digital Media Law " A solution to P2P filesharing remains elusive,

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