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  • Speaker dissuades Pacquiao from using House gym for training. August 13, 2010, 1:19pm. MANILA (PNA) — House Speaker Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte, Jr. cautioned on Thursday boxing champion and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao against juggling his career as a boxer with his legislative duties. — “Speaker dissuades Pacquiao from using House gym for training”, .ph
  • Finally, the economic downturn delivers a silver lining for America's women: legislators in Utah, who are gung-ho about an abortion ban, aren't going to pursue one in this legislative session because of the cost associated with defending the ban Price Tag Dissuades Utah Legislators from Abortion Ban. — “Price Tag Dissuades Utah Legislators from Abortion Ban”,
  • Reports still are, however, that their customer service remains obtusely bureaucratic and Ebay's reputation tends to be that of a company that is more interested in preserving and. — “The Problem with PayPal -- dan.tobias.name”, dan.tobias.name
  • A Boca Raton woman uses the word of Jesus to talk a would-be robber out of committing the crime. Woman's Jesus Talk Dissuades Would-Be Robber. — “Woman's Jesus Talk Dissuades Would-Be Robber - Video - WPBF”,
  • Bird Control Comparison study for all types of bird control devices, bird control supplies, bird control methods, bird control services, and bird control companies. Goo applied to surface dissuades birds with a sticky mess. — “Bird Control - Bird Deterrent - Bird Control Devices - Pigeon”, birdcontrol.biz
  • Definition of dissuades in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is dissuades? Meaning of dissuades as a legal term. What does dissuades mean in law?. — “dissuades legal definition of dissuades. dissuades synonyms”, legal-
  • Definition of dissuades in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dissuades. Pronunciation of dissuades. Translations of dissuades. dissuades synonyms, dissuades antonyms. Information about dissuades in the free online English dictionary and. — “dissuades - definition of dissuades by the Free Online”,
  • While admitting that Malacañang is powerless to stop them, a Palace official on Wednesday sought to dissuade lawmakers from going to Las Vegas to watch boxing icon Manny Pacquiao mix it up with Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto. Palace dissuades lawmakers from watching Pacquiao bout. — “Palace dissuades lawmakers from watching Pacquiao bout”, gmanews.tv
  • New signs emerged Wednesday that the economic rebound is sputtering. Sales of new homes hit a low last month. And mortgage giant Freddie Mac signaled it will need more federal aid -- and might never repay it. Bernanke dissuades increasing key rates. — “Bernanke dissuades increasing key rates - Pittsburgh Tribune”,
  • How to Get Government Grants for Green Energy. The expense of new technology often dissuades people from converting from fossil fuel technology to renewable forms of energy. However, switching to a sustainable, or green, energy source invests. — “How to Get Government Grants for Green Energy | ”,
  • In a day and age where drug abuse is so prevalent, the Air Force has put a program in place to combat the abuse of such illegal drugs among its members and Air Force community. Drug abuse is defined as the wrongful, illegal or. — “Feature - DDRP dissuades drug abuse”, pope.af.mil
  • On day four of the tumultuous Pirate Bay trial, the proceedings were focused on one defendant, Fredrik Neij. Pirate Bay Jokes With the Prosecution, Dissuades Hackers. — “Pirate Bay Jokes With the Prosecution, Dissuades Hackers”,
  • A 20-year-old Christian mobile phone shop manager in Florida stopped a would-be armed robber by preaching to him. Christian shop manager dissuades robber (video). — “Christian shop manager dissuades robber (video)”,
  • Dissuades: Shopping resources and information at . — “Dissuades”,
  • William Witt on [Diocese of Arizona] How to get more young people in church: I should add one last point about HOW TO attract young people to your [Video] Christian shop manager dissuades would-be armed robber. — “Stand Firm | [Video] Christian shop manager dissuades would”,
  • Carlos Mencia Take A Joke America music CD album in stock at CD Universe, Like many contemporary comedians, Carlos Mencia has a problem with the era of political correctness that dissuades people from. — “Carlos Mencia Take A Joke America CD”,
  • Edmonton *** dissuades attacker. By TONY BLAIS, COURT BUREAU. The Edmonton Sun. An Edmonton *** who was the victim of unwanted groping and a ***ual proposition by a 54-year-old creep avoided further abuse by claiming she was a lesbian. That. — “Edmonton *** dissuades attacker - Crime - Canoe.ca”, cnews.canoe.ca
  • What Dissuades Or Discourages New Fruit Growers. Posted by gonebananas 7/8 (My Page) on Fri, Feb 12, 10 at 12:06. I live in a state (SC) that lags its neighbors one and a few states away in interest in home fruit growing. I can find little experienced. — “What Dissuades Or Discourages New Fruit Growers”, forums2
  • The Stratford Festival usually shows a financial surplus. Not this year, as our dollar bounced and Americans stayed home. 'Climate of fear' dissuades Stratford visitors. — “'Climate of fear' dissuades Stratford visitors - ”,
  • * Cairn India sale to Vedanta seen proceeding as planned * Vedanta's valuation of Cairn dissuades counterbid - source * Vedanta shares fall 2.3 pct after rising on Tuesday * Cairn Energy shares rise. — “UPDATE 4-Indian state firms won't rival Vedanta's Cairn bid”,
  • dissuades. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of Retrieved from "http:///wiki/dissuades" Categories: English third-person singular forms | French verb forms. — “dissuades - Wiktionary”,
  • Made of an organic cotton and stretchy French terry blend, the Mission Playground Trilogy hoodie offers an uninterrupted flow of comfortable movement and dissuades the chill in the air. — “Mission Playground Trilogy Hoodie - Women's at ”,
  • If It Dissuades a Reasonable Person From Complaining, It's Retaliation Retaliation claims differ from discrimination claims in a number of significant ways. — “Lommen Abdo - If It Dissuades a Reasonable Person From”,
  • Not even President Obama's delightful Nobel Prize dissuades Helen Thomas from her view that he still has plenty to learn. — “Craig Crawford: No Instant Presidents”,
  • Video: US Christian woman dissuades would-be robber. Nayara Goncalves, Christian shop manager dissuades would-be armed robber (, 30. — “Video: US Christian woman dissuades would-be robber | News”,

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  • Wed 24 Dec 08 HAPPY TRAILS Snowshoe to St Mary s falls ~ Dave Philipps
  • all aspects of the government s impossible big lie of 9 11 Attacking 911 truthers for honestly and logically questioning the government s big lie is the job of the lying government its agents and its dupes and useful idiots The fact that there seem to be so many posters here who fit into those categories neither dissuades nor impresses me Where are the required by law
  • inside the hut but the naughty dog tries to follow attempting to push his way in Kim bangs her flip flops together and that dissuades him Frightens the life out of me as well This young dog seems to be overdosing on energy and testosterone so we give him the name ***age Dog ***age Dog then sets about chewing on a vertical branch that marks the edge of the
  • peu après 21h de se diriger vers la manifestation d extrême gauche mais en ont été dissuadés par l important cordon policier a constaté un journaliste de l AFP Mots clés
  • dissuadés n iront pas pour autant acheter plus de disques et de fichiers Cette loi n augmentera pas leur pouvoir d achat Et elle ne fera pas gagner un centime aux artistes et auteurs L UMP est divisée De nombreux députés de la majorité dénoncent le flicage généralisé l atteinte aux libertés la violation du Droit français et ont déposé des
  • toutefois un peu moins à quelques mètres du sol ce qui ne les a pas dissuadés de retenter l expérience lors d une prochaine sortie Portfolio
  • famille Sa vitesse d évolution sa dentition sa stature de colosse nous ont dissuadés de plonger dans les 14 degrés d une eau nettement moins limpide que celle des lagons des Tuamotu Aujourd hui à Castro capitale de l île de Chiloé nous préparons Morgane pour le grand sud Double vitrage en polyane contre la condensation pompe à haut débit en cas
  • Test firing of Iranian missiles The new US administration said it would reconsider its plans to deploy parts of its missile defence shield in Central Europe if Russia successfully dissuades
  • Raja Ravi Varma depicts Rama s wrath when the ocean disregards his command to become shallow for easy crossing Varuna appears and dissuades him from attacking the ocean and he decides to
  • Quelque peu dissuadés de nager à cet endroit nous changeons de mouillage et allons ancrer devant une plage déserte de l autre côté de l Ile de la Ronde Stéphane et Fabrice vont récolter du petit bois pour y faire un feu Ils renonceront à ce projet après avoir été assaillis par une nuée de moustiques
  • was not a trivial matter with Konqueror Furthermore it definitely dissuades from using Konqueror if you re even mildly inclined toward rich Web media I downloaded Firefox manually and it loaded fine but would not connect to the Internet through the proxy I specified Which is strange since I ve used Firefox
  • intérieure sur le front il s enfonçait dans la galerie avec ses semblables souvent dissemblables et se retrouvait au bord du quai dans l attente de l arrivée de la rame assourdissante Au delà de cette limite votre vie n est plus valable semblait avertir la ligne blanche peinte sur le sol Combien de faux pas avait elle dissuadés Les rails qui couraient en
  • with a few citizens dissuades his fears It s good people like this that he s been fighting for and all Wally wants to do now is run until the next big fight Stating the obvious Yes Jai I think they re mad
  • malgré le fait que certains gambadaient comme des gamins désintéressés on put noter cependant que rien ne les aurait dissuadés de venir nous épier
  • Isolation as a Scientology practice
  • sont dissuadés par des militants plus âgés Après plusieurs minutes la majorité des manifestants reprennent la route de la place de la mairie afin de rejoindre la manifestation interpro Dès 10h15 une foule se masse sur la petite place de la mairie de la préfecture de la Manche Beaucoup d enseignants et de lycéens mais aussi des salariés des entreprises locales une

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  • “Issues in the green building sector; environmental health, finance, international movement, sustainable materials, alternative energy, politics”
    — RESCUE Green Building Blog,

  • “Fast Company has a terrific cover piece this month about Jeff Bezos. My favorite part is when he talks about asking other people (experts, even) for their opinion about new projects. Inevitably, people say no. Don't do it. I don't”
    — Seth's Blog: Maybe you shouldn't ask,

  • “How to Spend the Money from the Pollution Fee As a true liberal, I distrust the government holding large sums of money. However, in this case, I feel that a pollution fee is necessary in order to create a market that dissuades pollution. But”
    — Campaign For Liberty — Ecology of the Free City II,

  • “Share your photos, blogs, and journeys online. Browse thousands of destinations from across the World. This property alone dissuades consultants from suggesting these type of lenses more recent lenses might be safer”
    — Wegor - Travel Community,

  • “Finally, the economic downturn delivers a silver lining for America's women: legislators in Utah, who are gung-ho about an abortion ban, aren't going to pursue one in this legislative session because of the cost associated with defending the ban”
    — Price Tag Dissuades Utah Legislators from Abortion Ban,

  • “Green foods including organic green barley and wheat grass powders. The Shopper's Guide to Pesticides dissuades people from eating fruits and vegetables?”
    — Eat your pesticides () ― ,

  • “The world's largest online music catalogue, powered by your scrobbles. Free internet radio, videos, photos, stats, charts, biographies and concerts”
    — Christian shop manager dissuades would-be armed robber – In, last.fm

  • “Military Review provides a forum for the open exchange of ideas about military matters of importance to the U.S. Army with a focus on the concepts, doctrine, and warfighting at the tactical and operational levels of war”
    — Toxic Leadership: Part Deux - Military Review, usacac.leavenworth.army.mil

  • “Review Requests: Please let us know what you would like reviewed on BST performing systems will be the ones whose nature prohibits or dissuades the vast majority from using them”
    — Review Requests written by laytheodds,

  • “Organizers of the Edinburgh Film Festival, which begins next week, are trying to avoid controversy by creating some. They sent an email to Israeli fil”
    — Edinburgh Dissuades Israeli Filmmaker - The Moviefone Blog,

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