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  • Eating disorders are so common in America that 1 or 2 out of every 100 students will struggle with one. Find out more. — “Eating Disorders”,
  • Personality disorders — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatments of various personality disorders. — “Personality disorders: Symptoms - ”,
  • Mental disorders: Index of symptoms and treatment. These disorders typically aren't diagnosed until an individual is a young adult, often not until their 20's or even 30's. — “Psych Central - Mental Disorders and Conditions - DSM IV”,
  • Disorders and Conditions related to Depression - Mental Health Disorders Factitious Disorders. Patients with this disorder knowingly fake symptoms, but do so for psychological reasons not for monetary or other discrete objectives as in the case of Malingering. — “Mental Health Disorders: Conditions and disorders related to”, depression-
  • Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness. Learn more about this sleep disorder. — “What is narcolepsy, symptoms & causes - WebMD”,
  • The anxiety disorders are the most common, or frequently occurring, mental disorders. The anxiety disorders include panic disorder (with and without a history of agoraphobia), agoraphobia (with and without a history of panic disorder), generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobia, social. — “Surgeon General's Report: Anxiety Disorders”, surgeongeneral.gov
  • List of 35 disease causes of Sleep disorders, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Sleep disorders. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Sleep disorders. — “Sleep disorders - ”,
  • Eating disorders: Eating disorders are psychiatric illnesses that result in abnormal eating patterns that have a negative effect on health. — “Eating disorders”,
  • Psychiatric Diagnoses are categorized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th. Edition. Better known as the DSM-IV, the manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association and covers all mental health disorders for both children and adults. — “Psychiatric Disorders at ALLPSYCH Online”,
  • A mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective distress or disability that occurs in an individual, In biological psychiatry, mental disorders are conceptualized as disorders of brain circuits likely caused by. — “Mental disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Disorders - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Disorders”,
  • Includes information about panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, and phobias. — “Anxiety - MedlinePlus”, nlm.nih.gov
  • personality disorder ( ′pərsən′alədē dis′ördər ) ( psychology ) Any of various disorders characterized by abnormal behavior rather than by neurotic,. — “Personality disorder: Definition from ”,
  • Find out what you need to know on disorders. An overview shows the most common types of disorders and the recommended treatment. — “Disorders - A Guide To Common Disorders”,
  • Good descriptions of common neurological disorders from the University of Washington. — “Neurological Disorders”, faculty.washington.edu
  • The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) is the leading supporter of biomedical research on disorders of the brain and nervous system. — “Disorders Index: National Institute of Neurological Disorders”, ninds.nih.gov
  • A to Z List of Medical Diseases, Disorders and Medical Conditions. Below is an alphabetical list of diseases with information on a wide variety of common medical conditions, diseases, disorders, syndromes, illnesses and injuries. Common Medical Conditions Explained. — “A to Z List of Medical Diseases, Disorders, Common Medical”,
  • A category of mental health problems that include all types of depression and bipolar disorder, mood disorders are sometimes called affective disorders. — “Overview of Mood Disorders”,
  • Information and resources about mental health issues for consumers, professionals, students and supporters, covers a number of mental illnesses including Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Personality Disorders, Suicide,. — “Disorders”, mental-health-

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  • PROMPT: Speech Production Disorders 2003 UC Davis MIND Institute Summer Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders presents Deborah Hayden is the Founder and Executive Director of the PROMPT Institute and an Adjunct Specialist in the Department of Audiology and Speech Sciences at Michigan State University. Her research has been in the field of childhood and adult speech production disorders; phonology, hearing impairment, dysarthria and apraxia. She founded the PROMPT Institute for the purposes of treatment, training and research in speech production disorders. Series: "MIND Institute Lecture Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders" [7/2004] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 8735]
  • Neurofeedback for Attention Deficit Disorder Neurofeedback treatment vs. Ritalin for Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders (Part 1) Overview: Depression causes feelings of sadness, loss and anger that can interfere with everyday life. It affects up to 16 million Americans. Anxiety disorders are also rather common. In this interview, we learn the latest treatments for depression and anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Part One: Symptoms of depression Medications such as anti-depressants Role of therapy for depression Relapse risk factors Seasonal Affective Disorder and treatments Part Two: Anxiety Panic Attacks Phobias, including common phobias Phobias with anxiety attacks Treatments for anxiety and phobias Obsessive compulsive disorder Guest: Dr. Hinda Dubin, psychiatrist at the University of Maryland Medical Center and a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Links: Depression and Anxiety Disorders (Part 1) Depression and Anxiety Disorders (Part 2) University of Maryland Department of Psychiatry www.umm.edu Dr. Hinda Dubin www.umm.edu
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Based on themes arising from real life interviews, TOUCH WOOD looks at the nature of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The action takes place over one night where we see a man preparing for bed. However instead of falling asleep he spends the time checking and rechecking lights, doors and clocks, obsessively securing the house for his night's rest. Stylistically the animation highlights the divide between the character and his attempt to control his increasingly malevolent environment. The film explores the uneasy balance between the man's desire to control his life and the compulsions that try to possess him. Director: Vivienne Jones Producer: Orly Yadin & Gillian Lacey. Production Company: Halo Productions. Contact Information: [email protected] Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, is an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). Repetitive behaviors such as handwashing, counting, checking, or cleaning are often performed with the hope of preventing obsessive thoughts or making them go away. Performing these so-called "rituals," however, provides only temporary relief, and not performing them markedly increases anxiety. Signs & Symptoms People with OCD may be plagued by persistent, unwelcome thoughts or images, or by the urgent need to engage in certain rituals. They may ...
  • Paranoid Personality Disorder Paranoid persons may dwell on the trivial. ; A person with PPD: - feels attacked, even when others don't see it - accepts criticism poorly * Treatment likely will focus on increasing general coping skills, as well as on improving social interaction, communication, and self-esteem. --- www.4 www.diagnose- personalitydisorders.suite101.com www.psychiatric- www.web4 everything2.com *** Personality Quizzes **** music by: Dax Johnson - A Moment in the Life... (originally it was Philip Glass, Metamorphosis Three)
  • 5 Types of Bipolar Disorder (Mental Health Guru) Bipolar Disorder is a complex mood illness comprising several diverse types. Learn what makes each unique.
  • What is Bipolar Disorder? What is manic depression? This video (Episode 1) explains the signs and symptoms bipolar disorder (manic depression). If you suspect that you, or someone you know may be bipolar then you should watch this video. You will learn the common signs and symptoms of this mental illness. More info at:
  • Personality Disorders in Modern Life (Part 1 of 7) Part 2 of 7: What is Personality Disorders? And explaination of different PDs... I made this video from the power point presentation created by I highly recommend you to check out this website for more information on personality disorders.
  • Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders are a major public health concern affecting millions of individuals, families, and communities on a daily basis. We are a chronically overtired country, which often has grave health repercussions. Our host, David Granet, MD, is joined by one of the nation's preeminent experts in the field, Sonia Ancoli-Israel, Ph.D., recipient of the National Sleep Foundation's 2007 Lifetime Achievement award, to discuss this issue that affects us all. Series: "Health Matters" [10/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13294]
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Stress & Phobias, THE Solution www.panic- Do anxiety related conditions dominate your life? Charles Linden, author of The Linden Method explodes the myths surrounding the disorders such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Stress & Phobias and shows sufferers how they can eliminate their anxiety, quickly and permanently without the need for drugs or therapy. The Linden Method has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to permanently eliminate their anxiety. Please watch Charles' intro to The Linden Method and contact us through http should you have any questions or wish to join The Linden Method Program. www.panic-
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia: A Peculiar Voice Disorder Dr. Robert Bastian reviews the various types and subtypes of a rare neurological voice disorder called spasmodic dysphonia--SD. Numerous voice examples are included, along with video of the vocal folds. Spasmodic dysphonia (SD) is a rare neurological disorder caused by laryngeal dystonia, and it interferes with the smooth functioning of the voice. Tiny spasms of the vocal folds may cause the voice to catch or cut out, strain or squeeze away, and sometimes to drop momentarily to a whisper. Those watching this tape will hear examples of the many types of SD.
  • Sleep Disorders Overview Common sleep disorders: signs and treatments. Watch this and more health videos at:
  • 3 Types of Eating Disorders (Mental Health Guru) As many as eleven million Americans suffer from some type of eating disorder. Learn more.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder Abnormal psychology.
  • Genetic Disorders And Diseases Science & Reason on Facebook: Code For Life (Chapter 3): Genetic Disorders And Diseases. --- Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- CODE FOR LIFE: Beginning more than three and a half billion years ago, a tiny, primitive molecule encoded instructions deep within itself. Then it passed these instructions on to its children, who passed it to their children and so on - all the way down through time to all living things today. The human genome, written in a code of just four letters, tells us who we really are - and that generates many questions! Is this process of natural selection coming to an end? Should we choose the best that is in us for our children? If so, who gets to decide what is meant by "the best that is in us"? From amino acids in space to human genes in corn -- this is the story. 1) The Human Genome: 2) The DNA Instruction Manual: 3) Genetic Disorders And Diseases: 4) Pandora's Box Of Genetics: FROM BIG BANG TO MAN: This is the story of the universe and our place within it. And if that's not enough, we will describe how every atom in existence today came into beeing, how galaxies formed, how our own solar system began. We will trace the progress of life on Earth from its humble beginnings to the emergence of mitochondrial Eve. And from Eve until now, we will follow the progress as humankind spread around the ...
  • beat eating disorders : Sufferers This clip, made by 5 girls for the eating disorders charity beat, is aimed at people who are suffering or are worried about someone who may have an eating disorder. We all talk openly about our experiences of having an eating disorder, our turning points and how we feel now we are recovering or recovered. We all give advice to people to help others. The clip is very meaningful to me as it represents some of my past experiences.
  • CCHR: Psychiatry—Labeling Kids with Bogus 'Mental Disorders' 20 Million Kids & Adolescents are labeled with "mental disorders" that are based solely on a checklist of behaviors. There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove they are "mentally ill", yet these children are stigmatized for life with psychiatric disorders, and prescribed dangerous,life-threatening psychiatric drugs. Child drugging is a $4.8 billion-a-year industry. Get the facts about this multi-billion dollar industry that is labeling and drugging kids for profit.
  • Anxiety Disorders: Primary Care Management This program provides an update on the primary care management of anxiety disorders. The presentation includes a review of current therapies including oral anxiolytics. Series: "UC Grand Rounds Series" [2/2008] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 13705]
  • eating disorders about Anorexia, Bulimia & Compulsive Overeating. Someone I Once Knew by Dead Celbrity Status
  • Anorexia/Bulimia/Eating Disorders this movie is for those who suffer from an eating disorder...just to kinda relate to all the struggles we have...*warning it is not thinspiration but can be triggering
  • Panic Disorder An informational video on panic disorder.
  • What is Borderline Personality Disorder? (Mental Health Guru) You may not be familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder, but two percent of American adults suffer from this condition.
  • Blood Vessel Disorders (Part 1) About the Video: Blood clots and other blockages in the blood vessels in the legs can have serious health consequences for individuals. In this two-part interview with Ellen Beth Levitt, our expert, Dr. Ziv Haskal, discusses both the symptoms and latest treatments for deep vein thrombosis and peripheral arterial disease, addressing the issue of why both of these conditions can have serious health consequences if they are not treated properly. The specific topics covered in part one of this interview include: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) Pulmonary embolism DVT symptoms, risk factors and treatments Blood thinners Importance of follow up after DVT treatment Post-thrombotic syndrome Interventional radiology treatments About the Expert: Dr. Ziv Haskal is the chief of vascular and interventional radiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He is also a professor and vice chairman of diagnostic radiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Related Links: Blood Vessel Disorders (Part 2) Dr. Ziv Haskal www.umm.edu UMMC Vascular and Interventional Radiology www.umm.edu UMMC Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory www.umm.edu Feature Story: The Importance of Vascular Screening www.umm.edu Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on learning disorders Developmental disorders in children are typically diagnosed by observing behavior, but Aditi Shankardass knew that we should be looking directly at their brains. She explains how a remarkable EEG device has revealed mistaken diagnoses and transformed children's lives.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the "Sixth Sense" wearable tech, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on , at http Watch a highlight reel of the Top 10 TEDTalks at
  • The Truth about Mental Health Disorders - Psychology Be My Friend - The Truth about Mental Disorders. Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist discusses how mental disorders are created by the American Psychiatric Association and listed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders. Disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, etc. are voted into existence by APA committees. The underlying assumption of biological psychiatry is that mental illness is biologically based despite the fact that no solid science has been able to identify biological markers for mental illnesses. Visit Dr. Breedings Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http Copyright ©CAEST 2007. All Rights Reserved. This video maybe displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • BIPOLAR DISORDER MY STORY Bipolar Disorder My Story is an account of the symptoms suffered leading up to an extreme manic breakdown which led to my hospitalization
  • Binge Eating Disorder Video (my secret food addiction) My personal Binge Eating Disorder video telling my story of my struggles with Binge Eating Disorder, the foods I binged on, and how I finally overcame my food addiction.
  • Chromosome Disorder Outreach (CDO) YouTube Video Chromosome Disorder Outreach, Inc. provides support and information to families affected by rare chromosome disorders. This video explains our mission and includes photos of some of the beautiful children of our members. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation funded solely by donations and fundraising projects; we do not receive any government funding or grants. Please learn more at or donate at
  • Understanding Eating Disorders (Mental Health Guru) Most people understand what it is to have an eating disorder, but few realize that anorexia and bulimia are just TWO of the types. Learn more.
  • Insomnia & Sleep Disorders, Better Body Clinical Nutrition Be My Friend Insomnia & Sleep Disorders, Better Body Clinical Nutrition Austin Tired, can't sleep or trouble sleeping? Tips to fall asleep. Better Body Clinical Nutrition Joe Stickland, ACN Applied Clinical Nutritionist Visits Joseph's Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http © Copyright 2008 Better Body Clinical Nutrition. Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Schizoid personality disorder Schizoid personality disorder - Individuals with this disorder may have particular difficulty expressing anger, which contributes to the impression that they lack emotion. - Other Personality Disorders (especially Schizotypal, Paranoid, and Avoidant) often co-occur with this disorder. - People with the disorder show a flattened or restricted range of emotions, and can appear indifferent to what's going on around them. However, their inner life can be rife with a deep emotional need, sensitivity and confusion about the world around them. - web sources: www.4
  • Borderline Personality Disorder I can only speak for myself and from my experience and not for others, every BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) is similar but unique at the same time and it depends on many factors, grade, intensity and so on... so this video can't be applied to everybody and it's not my intention. Despite I'm not 100% ok at all and fully recovered I can say It's been a long fight and there's a very significant difference between how I was in the past (some years ago) and how I am now. I wish this could be of some help or consolation or something to those suffering from BPD and for those who want to try to know what is like despite it's very difficult to understand unless you have BPD Thanks for watching. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a prolonged disturbance of personality function characterized by depth and variability of moods. The disorder typically involves unusual levels of instability in mood; "black and white" thinking, or "splitting"; chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behaviour; as well as a disturbance in the individual's sense of self. In extreme cases, this disturbance in the sense of self can lead to periods of dissociation. These disturbances can have a pervasive negative impact on many or all of the psychosocial facets of life. This includes difficulties maintaining relationships in work, home and social settings. Attempted suicide and completed suicide are possible outcomes ...
  • THIN - Eating disorders - Part 1 THIN, directed by Lauren Greenfield and distributed by HBO, is an exploration of The Renfrew Center in Coconut Creek, Florida; a 40-bed residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders. The film mostly revolves around four women with anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia and their struggles for recovery.
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Week Video About eating disorders Inspired by "eating disorders" by patikotek
  • Panic Disorder Panic Disorder This disorder is marked by the presence of repeated panic attacks: sudden feelings of terror that appear with physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath as if suffocating, dizzy or light-headedness, numbness or tingling in the extremities, nausea, and visual distortions. During these attacks sufferers often fear they will have a heart attack, faint, lose control, go crazy, or even die. The attacks begin to subside within 10 minutes but anxiety usually persists longer. Some of the attacks appear "out of the blue" which leads to a generalized fear of more attacks, but some situations may reliably trigger the attacks. Over time, people often begin to avoid the situations where they have experienced previous attacks. This can develop into Agoraphobia, an avoidance of situations from which escape may be difficult. As this disorder grows it can become severely disabling often limiting people's abilities to travel or even leave their homes. The good news is that panic disorder is highly treatable. With medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, or both, the sufferer is soon on the way to recovery. Remember you are never alone.
  • Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Musculoskeletal Disorders (Vaat Rog) This video contains the treatment for musculoskeletal disorders. The allopathic medicines, mostly painkillers used to treat joint pains, inflammations; ostaeoporosis and rheumatic arthritis have appalling side effects on our health. The yogic asanas and herbal remedies cited in this video will alleviate the pain and help you regain your health in an effectual manner. Click to watch more Baba Ramdev Videos
  • Disorders of Mind and Brain Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Ph.D. makes the case for a cross syndrome, cross-domain, truly developmental way of examining human disorders using techniques like neuroimaging Series: MIND Institute Lecture Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders [7/2008] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 14666]
  • Autism Every Day - 7 minute version Autism Every Day is a film produced by Lauren Thierry and Jim Watkins of October Group and Eric Solomon of Milestone Video. A 13-minute version of the film was screened at A New Decade for Autism, a fundraising event held May 9, 2006 in New York City.
  • THIN - Eating disorders - Part 2 THIN, directed by Lauren Greenfield and distributed by HBO, is an exploration of The Renfrew Center in Coconut Creek, Florida; a 40-bed residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders. The film mostly revolves around four women with anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia and their struggles for recovery.
  • Tricia's Triumph Over Binge Eating Disorder Visit to get your free Jump Start Kit! Tricia Greaves talks about her struggles with binge eating disorder and her amazing recovery! Be Totally Free! is a non-profit organization focused on helping people overcome not just one, but all addictions, obsessions and compulsions - including overeating, emotional eating, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, drug addiction and other compulsive/addictive behaviors. This help is provided by people who have actually overcome these many various addictions themselves.
  • Personality Disorders Information about the ten personality disorders listed in the DSM. 1. Paranoid 2. Schizoid 3. Schizotypal 4. Anti Social 5. Borderline 6. Narcissistic 7. Historonic 8. Avoidant 9. Dependent 10. Obsessive Compulsive

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  • “Eating Disorders blog, article on ifood.tv - food videos and recipes community. Eating Disorders After talking about the importance of having a good body image, I”
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