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  • discharge ( ) v. , -charged , -charging , -charges . v.tr. To relieve of a burden or of contents; unload. — “discharge: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Definition of discharge in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of discharge. Pronunciation of discharge. Translations of discharge. discharge synonyms, discharge antonyms. Information about discharge in the free online English dictionary and. — “discharge - definition of discharge by the Free Online”,
  • Discharge in the context to expel or to "let go" may refer to: A patient discharge, when a patient leaves a hospital after his or her medical treatment is completed. — “Discharge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn how to identify whether changes in vaginal discharge might be a problem. — “Vaginal Discharge - ”,
  • List of 773 disease causes of Discharge, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Discharge. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Discharge. — “Discharge - ”,
  • Information on causes and symptoms of vaginal discharge such as STDs, yeast, or bacterial infections. Vaginal discharge may change in color, have a foul or fishy smell, and be thick like cottage cheese. — “Information About Vaginal Discharge Causes and Symptoms by”,
  • Vaginal discharge is the result of secretions produced from small glands in the lining of the vagina and the cervix. — “Vaginal discharge”,
  • a : to let or put off b : shoot c : to release from confinement, custody, or care d : to give outlet or vent to : emit 3. — “Discharge - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The normal vagina produces a discharge that is clear or slightly cloudy, non-irritating, and odor-free. An abnormal vaginal discharge is one that is different from your normal vaginal discharge, and one which may or may not have an odor, it can. — “discharge..? i have this stuff... its very uncomfotable. i”,
  • Watch videos & listen free to Discharge: The Nightmare Continues, Protest And Survive & more, plus 22 pictures. Discharge are a British *** punk band formed in Stoke On Trent, UK in 1977. They are one of the world’s first. — “Discharge – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”, last.fm
  • Your discharge might change color, become heavier, or smell different. What infections cause vaginal discharge to change? There are a number. — “Vaginal Discharge”,
  • Discharge definition, to relieve of a charge or load; unload: See more. — “Discharge | Define Discharge at ”,
  • Vaginal discharge refers to secretions from the vagina. Such discharge can vary in: Consistency (thick, pasty, thin; Color (clear, cloudy, white, yellow, green; Smell (normal, odorless, bad odor. — “Vaginal discharge Information on Healthline”,
  • Brown discharge can occur when ovulating, generally mid-cycle of your periods. Learn more about brown discharge, its causes, effects, and treatment. Brown Discharge. — “Brown Discharge”,
  • Definition of discharge in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is discharge? Meaning of discharge as a legal term. What does discharge mean in law?. — “discharge legal definition of discharge. discharge synonyms”, legal-
  • Having some amount of vaginal discharge is normal, especially if you are of childbearing age. Vaginal discharge that suddenly differs in color, odor, or consistency, or significantly increases or decreases in amount, may indicate an underlying problem like an. — “Vaginal discharge”,
  • Definition of discharge in the Dictionary. Meaning of discharge. What does discharge mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word discharge. Information about discharge in the . — “What does discharge mean? definition, meaning and”,
  • Conditions causing symptom Discharge including possible medical causes, diseases, disorders, and related symptoms. — “Symptom: Discharge - ”,
  • Basic information on normal discharge from the vagina and conditions that leads to abnormal discharge. Includes home care, when to contact a doctor, and diagnostic tests. — “Vaginal Discharge - MedlinePlus”, nlm.nih.gov
  • Vaginal discharge is normal and varies during your menstrual cycle. Here are some descriptions of different discharges. — “Vaginal Discharge”,
  • In operational settings, most women complaining of vaginal discharge will have no other associated symptoms (pain, bleeding, fever, vulvar lesions, etc.) You can solve 95% of these vaginal discharge complaints by asking two questions: Does it itch? Does it have a bad odor?. — “Vaginal Discharge”,

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  • #68 - Question/Answer: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Q. How do you remove the static electricity in your body before you touch computer hardware so you don't destroy it? A. The best option is to purchase an anti-static wrist strap. Alternatively install your PSU and connect power cord to outlet and touch a metal non-painted part of the case. Provided of course your home or office is properly grounded.
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  • Discharge - Doomsday This video was made after I had dusted off a few tracks in iTunes. I think this song makes for a great video, and i tried making it a bit more dynamic than i usually do. Please rate/comment!

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  • “Vaginal discharge can be caused due to pregnancy, douching or certain soaps. There is increased amount of discharge, bleeding, inflammation or foul odor”
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  • “One of the most frequently experienced medical symptoms of girls and women is abnormal vaginal discharge. It can be pretty scary if you don't know what is causing it. Below is a list of the major causes of vaginal discharge along with the”
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  • “Student loans may be discharged if you have a total and permanent disability (TPD). The Department of Education considers you to have a TPD if you are unable to”
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