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  • These Regulations make provision for cases in which the prohibitions of transplants between living persons under section 17 of the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006 ("the Act") do not apply. Cases in which restriction on transplants of organs are disapplied. — “The Human Organ and Tissue Live Transplants (Scotland”,
  • The Court of Appeal has rejected an earlier decision of the High Court that the UK's pre 6 December 2006 CFC law should be disapplied. Instead, the higher court decided the law stands, albeit with an additional court implied exclusion for EEA. — “Allen & Overy | Areas of Expertise | Vodafone 2 - trimming”,
  • For example, in the case of 14‐year‐olds undertaking a vocational course which replaces a part of their national curriculum Key Stage 4 studies, that part of the national curriculum is said to have been disapplied. discipline - classroom control [next] [back] disadvantaged. — “disapplication - disapplied - National and Curriculum”,
  • Amendments To Agency Fees And Bap Disapplied Rates. — “Amendments To Agency Fees And Bap Disapplied Rates 1”,
  • Clayton's case disapplied again. Lawrence Collins J disapplies Clayton's case on the Barlow Clowes ground that it would make life too complicated in: Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft v IMB Morgan plc [2004] EWHC 2771 (Ch), [2004] All ER (D) 450 (Nov). Not on BAILII yet but available via LEXIS. — “Clayton's case disapplied again (Charles Mitchell, 1 Dec 2004)”, ucc.ie
  • Up to two National Curriculum subjects may be disapplied for any one pupil. For curriculum emphasis and consolidated learning, design and technology and modern foreign languages may be disapplied. — “Revised guidance on disapplication of the National Curriculum”,
  • In certain circumstances an option to tax is disapplied and this includes where an existing building is intended to be converted to residential use. A client did not realise that the option to tax should have been disapplied to another pub purchase and paid VAT' of £100K. — “The VAT People: Case Study - Specific Planning”,
  • will continue to apply, unless specifically "disapplied" in s 22(3) is to be disapplied so we do not need this exemption. 31. exemption for silviculture prescriptions for. — “Stillwater Pilot Project”, for.gov.bc.ca
  • In particular, the option to tax is disapplied for supplies made in relation to buildings In addition, the option to tax may be disapplied where it is not being used "wholly, or. — “United Kingdom, Tax, VAT And Property - New Rules For The”,
  • Teacher assessment - absent or disapplied: The percentage of eligible pupils who were absent or disapplied from teacher assessment. Disapplied pupils: The National Curriculum assessments have been designed to make sure. — “Abbreviations and their meanings”,
  • 1.You are ignoring the complexities of constitutional law. Although the European Communities Act can be repealed Parliament, it cannot be *impliedly* repealed. An act of parliament which is incompatible with ECA can be "disapplied" that was the. — “Should the UK have a Written Constitution and a Supreme Court?”,
  • Premises licence - Designated premises supervisor - disapplied disapplied. Premises licence - Designated premises supervisor - disapplied. The. — “London Borough of Bexley : Premises licence - Designated”,
  • 21 Guidelines come into force if not disapplied. Every guideline comes into force on the date that is 20 working days after the last date on which the guideline could have been disapplied under section 18 or 19 unless that guideline is disapplied under one of those sections. — “Sentencing Council Act 2007 No 25 (as at 01 November 2007”, legislation.govt.nz
  • 2. The Bill of Rights can lead to UK statutes being disapplied by the courts when the statutes are contrary to the Bill of Rights 1972 can lead to statutes and statutory instruments being disapplied. — “Jack of Kent: On the Tory Attitude to the Human Rights Act”,
  • Pupils disapplied. Pupils absent. Speaking and Listening. 2. 11. 63. 24. 0. 0. 0. Reading. 3. 12. 55 Pupils disapplied. Pupils absent. English. 0. 0. 0. 7. 64. 29. 0. 0. 0. Mathematics. 0. 0. 0. 7. 50. 43. 0. 0. — “Teacher Assessment and Standard Assessment Test”,
  • Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, Ealing, London. A successful comprehensive school in West London specialising in Maths and Science. pupils working at the levels of the tests, but unable to access them, formally referred to as disapplied. — “End of KS3 results 2010 - The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls”,
  • In such instances the national curriculum and/or the tests and teacher assessments may be disapplied for a particular pupil. Pupils may be disapplied through a statement of special educational needs or because they are awaiting an assessment of special educational needs. — “House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 16 Oct 2001 (pt 18)”,
  • Instead, the provision as it stands is contrary to Community law and the CFC rules should be disapplied. In these circumstances, the judge has held that the CFC legislation should be disapplied so that no charge can be imposed on Vodafone (or any company in a similar. — “Dorsey & Whitney LLP | Resources | Vodafone 2 -v”,
  • Full school league table information for Silverhill Primary School, Derby. SCIENCE - Absent or disapplied: 0% 89% 85.4% 87% TREND. 2003COMBINED SCORE. 268. 230.5. 234. 2002. 274. 222.8. 234. 2001. 263. 224.5. 233. — “BBC NEWS | Education | League Tables | Silverhill Primary School”,
  • An Act to amend the law relating to roads so as to enable new roads to be provided by new means; to make new provision with respect to street works and, in Scotland, road works; and for connected purposes. s. 53 disapplied by S.I. 2009/3141 Sch. — “New Roads and Street Works Act 1991”,

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  • Applied Science, UITM Shah Alam. Uitm, Shah Alam, classmates from DIS, Applied Science batch 85-87. To all my long lost friends, I miss you so much. Credit to Omar Taib and Roystan "Akukah Terlewat"

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  • “All children in secondary education in Wales have to be taught Welsh up until they leave school unless they are disapplied. Children with severe learning difficulties will be disapplied from Welsh from the outset, as will pupils joining us who speak”
    — Is welsh compulsary up to 16? " Singletrack Forum,

  • “ | Blog. You are here: blog. Archive for October, 2010. Is an Option always Effective? Thursday, October 7th, be for the vendor if its option to tax is disapplied as it may suddenly find that HMRC can legitimately claw”
    — October 2010 " VAT Consultants Blog,

  • “Input Tax and disapplied option to tax. 2 posts • Page 1 of 1. by Aldur Copyright © 2000 - 2010, Tax Forum :: Free Tax Advice. Terms and conditions | Disclaimer”
    — Tax Forum :: Free Tax Advice • Input Tax and disapplied,

  • “Raw, R (on the application of) v London Borough of Lambeth EWHC 507 (Admin) This case is a vivid illustration of the difficulties of challenging a Local unlawful policy was initially applied but subsequently disapplied, let alone disapplied by the Council after proceedings for judicial review”
    — Probably wrong but wholly academic | Nearly Legal,

  • “"The CFC legislation, which depends on Section 747 and Section 748 for its effectiveness, must be disapplied so that, pending such amending legislation or executive action, no charge can be imposed on a company such as Vodafone we have already mentioned in our blog and I look forward to get the”
    — July " 2008 " taxprecision, konsilia.es

  • “ is your resource for the formation of hedge funds both domestic and offshore. Form a hedge fund, start a hedge fund fast and easy”

  • “Pearson May news blog Pearson May publications. introduction registration personal adviser business forum tax centre online services calculators content map companies Under certain circumstances, an option to tax is disapplied if the person occupying the relevant property does not intend to use”
    — Occupation' of a building for purposes of disapplying option,

  • “Interview with Paul Cooper â€" Part 3: The pros and cons of academies and free schools for students with SEBD " JKP blog except, it was decided as an after thought â€" certain pupils for whom this entitlement' could be disapplied'”
    — Interview with Paul Cooper â€" Part 3: The pros and cons of,

  • “[Patch] Speed bonus (local) and obsolete running costs - UPDATED 5 JAN '09 since there won't be enough of a disincentive to use obsolete vehicles for local journeys if the speedbonus is disapplied there”
    — [Patch] Speed bonus (local) and obsolete running costs,

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