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  • Apply today, don't wait. Many schools and organizations offer disabled students financial aid and disabled scholarship programs to help ease the cost of increasing college tuition expenses. — “Disability Scholarships - College Opportunities for”,
  • Now some disability specialists have come up with an alternative to nursing homes that's getting national attention. — “Adapting Home for the Disabled - Watch WebMD Video”,
  • A grassroots,cross-disability network with member organizations in over 110 countries, over half of which are in the developing world. © 2010 - Disabled Peoples' International All Rights Reserved - Used by Permission. — “Welcome to DPI”,
  • Learn about Disabled Persons on . Find info and videos including: How to Talk to a Person With a Disability, Grants for Disabled Persons, How to Assist a Mentally Disabled Person and much more. — “Disabled Persons - ”,
  • Place free disabled classifieds and view disabled classified ads on free online advertising site . — “disabled Classified Ads: Free disabled Online Advertising”,
  • 4510 Disabled stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Disabled Stock Photos and Images. 4510 disabled pictures and”,
  • New and pre-owned adaptive automobiles and equipment for the disabled community. — “Disabled Dealer”,
  • ICQ's online community has 1000s of free forums & groups with social networkign opportunities about any topic you're interested in discussing! Check out these message boards and even open your own groups!. — “Disabled - ICQ Groups - ”,
  • disabled adj. Inoperative: a disabled vehicle. Impaired, as in physical functioning: a disabled veteran; disabled children verb) Physically impaired people considered as a group: the physically disabled. — “disabled: Definition from ”,
  • An individual may also qualify as disabled if he/she has had an impairment in the past or is seen as disabled based on a personal or group The tragedy/charity model depicts disabled people as victims of circumstance who are. — “Disability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Even during good times, jobs for disabled people are hard to get.During tough economic times, employment for people with disabilities are even harder to get. What makes matters worse is that non-disabled job seekers are now competing for. — “Working-From-Home Jobs For Disabled People: How to Work At”,
  • Definition of DISABLED : incapacitated by illness or injury; also : physically or mentally impaired in a way that substantially limits activity especially in relation to employment or education. Examples of DISABLED. The organization is working to protect the rights of disabled veterans. — “Disabled - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of disabled in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of disabled. Pronunciation of disabled. Translations of disabled. disabled synonyms, disabled antonyms. Information about disabled in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “disabled - definition of disabled by the Free Online”,
  • Information about disability benefits including Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Constant Attendance Allowance and Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits - also find out. — “Disability : Directgov - Money, tax and benefits”,
  • Disabled definition, crippled; injured; incapacitated. See more. b. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the disabled. usage Nowadays it is better to refer to people with physical disabilities of various kinds by describing the. — “Disabled | Define Disabled at ”,
  • Work during half the time for the period beginning with the quarter after you turned 21 and ending with the quarter you became disabled. The following table shows examples of how much work you need to meet the "duration of work test" if you become disabled at various selected ages. — “SocialSecurityOnline: Disability Benefits”, ssa.gov
  • Informative disability news health and medical information for seniors baby boomers and people with disabilities including blog and disabled products. — “Disabled World”, disabled-
  • With the help of a supportive community, good education and vocational opportunities, disabled persons can make progress. 80% of disabled people live in developing countries. 20% of the world's poorest people are disabled, and tend to be regarded in their own communities as the most. — “Disabilities | Youthink!”,
  • Disabled Online is an Internet Portal for people with special needs and disabilities. — “Disabled Online - Disabled Online”,
  • Disabled Manufacturers & Disabled Suppliers Directory - Find a Disabled Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Disabled Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Disabled-Disabled Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Definition of disabled from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of disabled. Pronunciation of disabled. Definition of the word disabled. Origin of the word disabled. — “disabled - Definition of disabled at ”,
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) has gone a long way to insure the rights of the disabled. 75% of disabled adults under age 65 do not receive public assistance. They are dependent on the programs that allow them to lead rich and full lives. — “JustGive Guide - Browsing Charities by Category : Disabled”,
  • Disabled Entrepreneurs. Although many people with disabilities are being employed and remaining employed, the unemployment rate for people with According to the U.S. Department of Census, people with disabilities are almost twice as likely to start a business as non-disabled individuals. — “Disabled Entrepreneurs”,

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  • Welcome to Africa! (Disabled Audio) Ru-Uploaded to YT here: My Website Help reveal a new RE5 trailer! Click here! Dailymotions Upload **************************** It's been like 3 months but I'm back! Kinda. Anyway! Here it is! An RE5 video. I'm sure some of you already know my stand on the upcoming game. For those who don't, here it is: This game is gonna be a cruel joke, just like RE4. Although I must admit I am kind of excited for the whole Sherry thing. Zomg lol! But aside from that, meh. CAPCOM is being lazy and too spontaneous. They just make up *** for the characters to do totally unplanned. So! If this video makes no sense to anyone, it's pretty much how I feel the game may be, in a nutshell. No one REALLY knows why Chris is in Africa. So I assume Chris himself doesn't know. Hell, I don't think CAPCOM even knows why the hell he's there! XD They were basically like "Lololol afrika iz teh beginnin of lyfe so lets put chris ther :D" So I dunno, I guess some Pre-RE5 fans might either love this, hate this, or hate it after they read my opinion. But it's mine and it shall not change :D! So to anyone like that out there, hopefully a few sticks can be removed from a few butts and just enjoy a retarded animation. I got some of the colors/designs wrong cause I started this before there was much info/pictures about RE5. Didn't feel like going back and changing it. And no, to those who might think (for some reason) that I somehow know ...
  • Pacman Call - Lady wants it disabled from google. Very Funny tech support call of an old lady wanting to get PacMan disabled from her "homepage" because she can't use her computer with it there. Download the audio here - Check out my website as well,
  • The Talk - Visitation For Disabled Mom Discussion about a mother who suffered brain damage while giving birth to triplets. Her husband divorced her and refused to let her see the children until finally getting visitation rights.
  • *** The Disabled Greg Walloch live at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater in New York City.
  • Section 504 Equalizer for the Disabled George Zelma Director Section 504 Disabled persons rights edited down from a 1 hour program
  • Justin Figgy Figueroa Stay Gold B-side
  • Disabled Athletes A project my girlfriend and I worked on. It was a brief introduction to her presentation about whether disabled athletes should or shouldn't be given special accommodations.Personally, i admire these athletes and after making this video, have an undoubted respect for their perseverance.
  • JZX 100 cresta team weld disabled drifter CRESTA all hands on deck this lad has some skizzelz.........
  • Josh Blue disabled comedian Context: Josh Blue, a stand up comedian with cerebral palsy and some great talent.
  • disCOVER: Disabled children and their families This is a video in our disCOVER series: where we speak to disability experts, activists and researchers to learn more about challenging disabling society. In this video Dan Goodley interviews Clare Blackburn and Janet Read about their research with disabled children and families. Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) offers disability studies teaching and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the academic departments of Education, English, Law, Psychology, Social Change and Sociology. Critical disability studies at our university aim to understand and challenge exclusionary and oppressive practices associated with disablism and consider the ways these intersect with other forms of marginalisation including hetero/***ism, racism, poverty and imperialism. (c) Critical Disability Studies @ MMU Please visit /
  • You Tube disabled this video... Why??? Title prior to being deleted: May 12th 2011 - FEMA KNOWS WHATS UP - NEW MADRID FAULT - RADIO ACTIVE TENTS... Why would they pull this down? Reason: You have not provided adequate documentation that you have the necessary rights to commercially use all the video material and music Advertisers on YouTube are currently looking to advertise next to family safe content
  • Repair: Registry Editor Disabled, No Task Manager, And Folder Option Disabled by Virus or Malware Repair: Registry Editor Disabled, No Task Manager, And Folder Option Disabled by Virus or Malware Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator. How to restore your Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor, Folder Options and Show hidden files & folders. Registry Fix Download Just open rar file drag EnableRegistry.ini to desktop, right click and install Download Registry Fix Then run this Registry fix to restoreTask Manager, Folder Options, Autorun, Save Settings etc Thanks Britec http
  • Disabled people protest against Atos Origin Thousands are expected to join a series of protests this week against cuts to disability benefits and services. People threatened with losing their benefits took their campaign to the headquarters of Atos Origin
  • Disabled Surfers Association A news item about the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia and quadriplegic surfer Kelly McCann.
  • How's Your News? Comedy/News by Disabled People (BB Video) Hows Your News is a documentary news series which features reporters with various disabilities. It began at a summer camp over ten years ago. Humor is important in everyone's lives, so it's good to laugh at this material!
  • Police: 2 Suspects Id'd in Disabled Abuse Case Los Angeles County Sheriff's detectives have identified two suspects recorded on tape ***ually assaulting profoundly disabled women. The images were gleaned from over 100 hours of video delivered to deputies. (Jan. 7)
  • TSA Discriminates against disabled people then violates rights to privacy Humiliation! Discrimination warning over airport body scanners- The equality watchdog has called on the government to explain its plans for the use of body scanners at airports, citing concerns about racial profiling and privacy. This weekend the Equality and Human Rights Commission said it had written to the Home Secretary Alan Johnson to urge the "utmost caution" over such technology. Backscatter X-ray body scanners, which produce a ghostly *** image of their subjects, are currently in trials at Manchester Airport. The UK's largest airport operator, BAA, has said it will install machines "as soon as is practical" at Heathrow. "The Commission is concerned that that the proposals to introduce body scanners are likely to have a negative impact on individuals' rights to privacy, especially members of particular groups including disabled people, older people, children, transgendered people, women and religious groups," it said. "Under the Human Rights Act, any infringement of the right to privacy must be justified, necessary and proportionate." The Commission was set up to independently monitor Human Rights Act compliance. In the wake of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's failed Christmas Day bombing of a transatlantic airliner above Detroit, Gordon Brown said the government would "examine a range of new techniques to enhance airport security systems... these could include advancing our use of explosive trace technology, full body scanners and advanced x-ray technology." Johnson ...
  • Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled (34) Judi Hindman, Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled www.bridgew.edu/cpdc
  • Fighting for a Disabled Mother's Right to See Her Children Myrtle Beach, SC - Growing up, Abbie Dorn always dreamed of becoming a mother. Abbie Dorn endured brain damage following childbirth and lost her kids. Now, at age 34, she is the mother of three healthy toddlers. Her home is filled with pictures of the children -- triplets named Esti, Reuvi and Yossi. But in the four years since her children were born, Dorn has not been able to talk to them. She can't hold them or watch them play. That's because Dorn suffered severe brain damage following their birth. Now, while her children run and play in their Los Angeles home, Dorn's family -- more than 2500 miles away in Myrtle Beach, SC, is locked in a legal battle with the children's father to grant Dorn the right to see her children. The family's lawsuit, which could make it's way into a courtroom as early as next month, could become a landmark legal case defining what it means for someone to be a parent, especially when that parent is disabled. Dorn's story began happily in 2002. After graduating from college in Ohio and becoming a chiropractor in Atlanta, Dorn married Dan Dorn, a devoutly religious man who shared her orthodox Jewish beliefs. They settled in Los Angeles near his family and began planning a family of their own. But they struggled to conceive. After turning to fertility treatments, the couple finally received word in the fall of 2005 that they were expecting triplets. "She was so excited to be pregnant -- she was beginning to say 'I don't know if I'll ever get to be ...
  • TSA Terrorize A Disabled 4 Year Old Boy By Removing His Leg Braces, Then Forcing Him To Walk
  • Don't Be Afraid of the Disabled Job Candidate It's the one form of hiring discrimination that seems to be the hardest to overcome. I once heard someone liken being disabled with being an "invisible minority". During this episode of Employee Hiring and Managing Tips hiring series, I discuss the "elephant in the room". Get more hiring and managing quick tips and your free report: "Giving Your Employees What They Really Want" by clicking here: .
  • Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT (10 days AFTER vaccination ) WASHINGTON, DC - A few weeks ago, Desiree Jennings was training for a half marathon. Now, she's struggling to walk, talk and even eat. According to the Loudoun Times-Mirror , Jennings, who has been working with the Washington Redskins as an ambassador in hopes of becoming a cheerleader since April, developed severe and possibly life-threatening side effects from getting a seasonal flu vaccine seven weeks ago at a Safeway in Reston. Twenty-five-year-old Jennings says she was healthy and active and was not in a high-risk group at the time of her shot. She says she received the vaccine to earn points for her work health plan that gives perks for each level of wellness that is attained. It was not until ten days after she received the shot that she began to experience flu-like symptoms. Her physical therapist at Johns Hopkins Hospital say she is suffering from dystonia, a neurological movement disorder where sustained muscle contractions cause body jerks, and abnormal or repetitive movements. People who suffer from dystonia often are required to re-learn even the most basic routines. It is a rare disease and is not completely understood. You realize your life is never going to come back the way it was, Desiree told the Times-Mirror. My goal in life was to one day be a CEO. Now, I dont know if I can ever return back to work. Source: Loudoun Times-Mirror -- The Flu, & a 'Shot to the System' and
  • Inside the bench With mark Howell - Nick Prindell Inside the bench. Mark Howell interviews Nick Prindell. An ex-Marine who lost his hands in Iraq. And wants to become an UFC fighter. As seen on SprtsDome @ Comedy Central
  • The IT Crowd - Series 2 - Episode 1: Disabled toilet Roy has to think on his feet when he has to explain why he is using the disabled toilet
  • Barack's Message for the Disabled Veterans Convention Barack's message for the Disabled American Veterans annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe deaf people dancing. It's nice
  • Disabled Boy's Dream Comes True. A disabled boy's dream of playing soccer has come true. Nicole Jacobs has from Yadkin county.
  • Vintage Sinbad! - A Comedy Tribute! Funny performance featuring Stand-up Comedian SINBAD for "COMIC STRIP LIVE" TV Special, 1990. The show was a tribute to all members of the US Armed Forces serving during Operation Desert Storm. The audience included Sailors and Marines from "FIGHTERTOWN USA" Naval Air Station Miramar -Miramar, California. Other comedians in the show were: Jeff Altman, Kevin Pollak, Larry Miller, and Pam Stone. Hosted by: Gary Kroeger (Performance's are individually posted.)
  • MDA Telethon 2008 - Chinese Disabled Arts Troupe (Hr. 1) The internationally renowned China's Disabled People's Performing Arts Troupe entertains during the first hour of the annual Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.
  • CPS Michigan Starved 10YO Disabled Johnny to Death After Mom Sought State Help Disabled 10 YO Boy Starved 10YO Disabled Boy to Death by CPS After Mother Asked for Help; Financial Incentives Encourage States to Kidnap and Withhold Children, Johnny's Story Pt 1/2 April 2010, ABC7 Detroit Investigation into Michigans tragically-flawed foster care system. The heartbreaking story of a 10-year-old boy who starved to death while a facility banked cash to care for him. The state is quick to take kids from parents and put them in foster care, especially poor parents. The state makes it very hard to get them back. Experts say the state has a financial incentive to keep kids away from their families. Johnnys mother, Elena Andron, dedicated her life to caring for her wheelchair-bound son. All she wanted was a little help. The states answer was to put him in a foster care facility. One year later, Johnny starved to death. Johnny, who was nine at the time, could not walk, talk or feed himself. He had cerebral palsy and epilepsy. When she lost her factory job she turned to the Michigan Department of Human Services, a decision she will regret for the rest of her life. The foster care facility where the state sent Johnny failed to feed him enough food. Andron says she watched her son waste away as she begged for help. Why? Some say its because the state gets a lot of cash for foster kids. Termination of parent rights is very high in Michigan. But its also very high nationwide and it happened because of some laws that were passed by the federal government and ...
  • Eleanor Lisney: Cuts 'taking disabled people back to Victorian age' Eleanor Lisney from Disabled People Against Cuts on why, despite the obstacles facing them, people with disabilities are turning out to protest
  • Developmentally Disabled Man Sucker Punched A Metro bus surveillance video shows a man punching a developmentally disabled man as he got off a Seattle bus -- and nobody stopped and help the victim. The King County Sheriff's office released the surveillance tape from the September 17th assault. The attack took place at Rainier Avenue South, near Mount Baker Station. The two were on the No. 7 King County Metro Transit bus. The 55-year-old victim is seen getting off the bus, then is punched from behind by the suspect, who walked away. The victim crashed head first on a window ledge of a store and then fell to the sidewalk. As the victim lay on the ground, three bystanders could be seen standing nearby, but none of them did anything to help the man. Two of them, instead, boarded the bus. Before the assault, the surveillance video showed the suspect walking up and down the aisle, even talking directly to the surveillance camera. "I'll punch you, on camera," the suspect says. He is also seen yelling at the victim. The suspect, 32-year-old Raymel Curry, is charged with second-degree assault.
  • Lazy legs Disabled breakdancer Amazing disabled breakdancer "Lazy Legs"
  • YouTube - china's Got Talent A disabled boy playing piano by his feet ----- LIU WEI.flv A Disabled Chinese boy without his arms but he has been touching thousands of people in the world by all of his talent,Good luck to you Liu Wei!
  • How To Restore A Disabled iPod/iPhone This video will walk you through on how to restore your disabled iPod/iPhone! (PLEASE IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS REREAD THE INSTRUCTION AND TRY ALL THE METHODS -------------------------- ---- IF YOU STILL HAVE PROBLEMS AND DECIDE TO ASK ME FOR HELP, GIVE ME AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE, SUCH AS A DESCRIPTION ON WHAT WENT WRONG, ANY ERROR CODES/MESSAGES, !!!!!!!!TELL ME WHAT IS ON YOUR DEVICE'S SCREEN!!!!!!!! -------------------------- ---- YOU DID NOT DO IT RIGHT IF YOU SO CALLED RESTORED IT AND THE PASSCODE IS STILL ON THE DEVICE, TRY IT AGAIN, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS OVER, YOU DIDNT RESTORE IT IF THE PASSCODE IS STILL ON THE DEVICE!!! (WARNING: This method will delete everything on you device, there is no other way to un-disable a iPhone/iPod without restoring) (ATTENTION: If you know the pass code to the disabled device but you can't enter it in because you device is disabled then all you have to do is connect the device to the computer that it was first set up with, the disabled screen will disappear and you will be able to enter the pass code!!!) Make sure your iPod/iPhone is completely turned off and plugged in this is very important! (Then Follow These Steps)(I Demonstrated In The Video) This Will Put Your Phone In DFU Mode (Recovery Mode) DFU & RECOVERY DOESNT MATTER WHICH ONE How to put your iPhone in recovery mode : 1. Turn the device completely off and disconnect it from cable/dock. 2. Hold down the home button. 3. While holding down the home button connect to a computer ...
  • Best Commercial Ever - Que Sera Sera (Disabled children from Thailand) The most powerful and poignant commercial ever, brilliant! Read the story at www.thailand- to learn more. How can Doris Day, the late Princess Mother of Thailand, and a Thai insurance company combine to bring national attention to a very special school for disabled children? In the Thailand Travel Online article you can read a special story about The Princess Mothers Volunteer Foundation and the Srisangwan School. Heartfelt thanks to Thai Insurance Company for bringing us this beautiful television commercial, Doris Day for popularizing one of the most recognizable songs in the western world, and Thailands Princess Mother for her love and generosity and for leaving the people of Thailand with many precious gifts, including the Princess Mothers Volunteer Foundation and the Srisanwan School. If you are able to help the Princess Mothers Volunteer Foundation and Srisanwan School they will gratefully accept donations of money, food, stationary, clothes, or medical devices and equipment that can be used to treat the disabled. Please just use the Contact form at and we will send you more information.
  • DDP and YRG help disabled veteran walk again. Video description Watch Arthur Boorman's amazing journey -- filmed and edited by his 19-year-old son Warren -- as he sets a goal to walk again and to reclaim his life. An Army veteran who was hurt in the first Gulf War, Arthur suffered for 15 years with the effects of a botched surgery that left him unable to walk without the assistance of leg braces and canes. By February 2007, he had ballooned to 297 pounds and, by his own admission, was waiting to die. In looking for a yoga program to alleviate some of his constant pain, Arthur found the YRG workout created by Diamond Dallas Page. He gained inspiration and strength from DDP and other members of Team YRG to propel him toward his goal -- "I Will Walk Again!" -- and, ultimately, to blow past it. Watch here as Arthur vividly demonstrates that life is not about how many times you fall down -- it's about how many times you get up. Personal Message Everything happens for a reason and Arthur Boorman coming into my life was no mistake ... We met online when I sent him a follow-up e-mail after he bought the YRG Workout ... We talked about how he had lost control of his life and how his wife and kids were on a path to losing him for good ... After a few weeks of doing YRG, Arthur sent me an e-mail with an update that ended with the goal he had set for himself: I WILL WALK AGAIN! ... Even I, the guy they call "Mr. Positivity," wondered if it was possible ... But as you'll see from this video, Arthur proves that anything is ...
  • Program Helps Disabled Kids Ride Bikes A program called Lose the Training Wheels in Mandeville allows children with disabilities to learn how to ride bikes.
  • A Better Computer Mouse Cursor for the Disabled This is the VOA Special English Technology Report, from | http Using a computer mouse or trackball can be a little tricky. You choose the object you want and move it to where you want it, only to have it end up in a different position. This happens to all of us sometimes, and we think little of it. But for people who have a difficult time controlling their movements, this little navigational issue can be a really big problem. Now, researchers at the University of Washington have developed new cursors that make activating objects easier for people with motor disabilities. Jacob Wobbrock is an assistant professor at the University of Washington. He leads the AIM Research Group that developed the cursors. Professor Wobbrock says mouse cursor operations are complex processes that assume things about computer users. He says, "For many people who have poor dexterity, the inability to control their fingers well, maybe pain in their wrists or hand, maybe arthritis -- those assumptions of the average user, they don't hold." The AIM Research Group has developed two cursors. One is called the Pointing Magnifier. Professor Wobbrock says it uses a large circular cursor instead of the traditional arrow pointer. Users can make the circle as big as they like. When the circle is positioned over the target, everything in the circle appears larger, almost filling the whole screen. This makes it easier for the user to click on the object. Inside that magnified view, the ...
  • Waterbury church comes together to help disabled parishoner There should be more Jo-Anne Plunske's in this world, and there should be more parishes like St. John's Episcopal Church in Waterbury.
  • Interview w/ Broly, Disabled Super Street Fighter 4 Chun-Li Player At Southern Impact in Laredo, TX, we met a talented SSF4 Chun-Li player named Mike Begum (aka "Broly" or "Legs") who has a condition called arthrogryposis. Despite his circumstances, he became one of the top Chun-Li players in Texas after playing the game for just 6 months, and is also one of the best Super Smash Bros. players in the state. In this interview with Gootecks, Broly talks about how he plays without using his hands, why and how he uses Chun-Li, and his advice for others in similar situations. UPDATE: Broly's friends have begun a fundraiser so that he can travel to Evo 2011 in Las Vegas - the biggest fighting game tournament in the world! He can use your help! More info here: www.crosscounter.tv

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