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  • is a human-edited Business Directory, business search engine and professional spam free published directory listing of information of many businesses. Business Directory Listing`s SERP Benefits. With no doubts internet has become a great. — “Business Directory: Claim Your SEO Local Business Listings”,
  • Results from the People directory for A A - Яubi Aoyo. Search Facebook for more People with names like A A - Яubi Aoyo. — “A A | Яubi Aoyo | People Directory | Facebook”,
  • Help build the largest human-edited Catholic directory on the web. Submit a Site - Become an Editor. — “Directory - Catholic Online”,
  • The National-Louis University Online Telephone Directory is derived entirely from data in the Banner Administrative System. To request changes and updates to your information in the Banner database, please email the Human Resources Department. — “NLU Online Telephone Directory”, .edu
  • Directory (databases), a large collection of information primarily Directory service, a software application for organizing information about a computer. — “Directory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Refine directory search: Directory Search Results (See also: Departmental Directory Search) No records found. The directory accepts wildcards. This will help if you are unsure of the correct spelling (for example: george jeffer. — “Directory: : University of Wisconsin–Madison”,
  • Find local business listings, driving directions, maps, people and local information at . Browse the Complete Local Business Directory. — “Yellow Pages Online, Phone Book & Business Directory | DexKnows”,
  • Accounting, Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture and Forestry, Copyright 2003 - 2006 by Hang Fong Electronic (H.K.) Limited. — “Global Tsee Directory, general free and fast approval”,
  • Online Directory. Alphabetical Listing. You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter. Access by: Name | Department View: Faculty | Staff | All. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. — “Online Directory - UMass Dartmouth”,
  • White page and yellow page directory for finding nationwide residential and business phone numbers and addresses. — “Switchboard”,
  • AnyWho White Pages, offering FREE phone number lookup service. Find the number of an old friend or anyone listed in the White Pages with our people search! Our phone directory is updated weekly with the most current White Pages listings to help in your people search. — “AnyWho Directory Services”,
  • Subject-based directory listing web sites in a wide range of topics, from arts, entertainment, and society and culture, to science, education, and health. — “Yahoo! Directory”,
  • Directory. Directory. Music. Movies. News. All Televisions. Directory RealNetworks | Directory. Portions of album content provided by ® © 1948-2004, Muze Inc. — “Real Directory - Home”,
  • Search the UVM Directory. In accord with the restrictions available under the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, information from this directory cannot be used for Tips on Using the Directory. If you're unsure about the spelling of. — “Basic Search : Directory : University of Vermont”,
  • Privacy Notice: This campus directory is the property of UCLA. Information obtained from this on-line directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to University faculty, staff, and/or students. — “UCLA Campus Directory”,
  • It is the property of the Regents of the University of California. In accordance with the California Information Practices Act, neither this directory nor the information contained herein may be used, rented, distributed, or sold for commercial purposes. — “UCI Campus Directory”,
  • Searchable directory based on the ODP, combined with their own PageRank algorithm within each category. — “Google Directory”,
  • How Do I Enter or Update Info in the OCD - Online Campus Directory (AKA Campus Profile)? How Do I Create Links to the Online Campus Directory? How Do I Make Updates to my Departmental Web Page(s)? How do I make a link to automatically (dynamically) lists my department's web resources?. — “Online Campus Directory”,
  • Find and compare real estate, mortgage, and home improvement professionals in the United States using the Zillow Professional Directory. — “Real Estate, Mortgage, and Home Improvement Professionals”,
  • Google's human-edited directory, organizing the web into topics and categories. A joint effort of Google and the Open Directory Project. — “Google Directory”,
  • Printable personnel directory. This site contains the sections for the Caltech and JPL personnel directories in a printable (PDF) format. The sections can be printed on your local printer or purchased in bound form from Graphic Resources (e-mail [email protected]). — “Caltech Personnel Directory”,
  • WVU On-line Directory Lookup. Use the form below to search for people in the WVU On-line directory. Note: This search engine will only return a maximum of 50 results. FAQ | Mail Client Configuration | Departmental Phone Listing | HSC Directory. — “West Virginia University | Directory”,
  • This page provides links to GE's websites around the world, including websites for individual GE businesses. Directory. Meet GE. Behind every GE business card is a GE employee with a story to share. — “GE Directory”,
  • Search the online directory to find general information about people associated with the University. Review the search tips if you have problems searching the directory. — “UT Directory Services”,

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  • Are Directory Submissions Worth It? My view on directory submissions. Watch Matt Cutts' video
  • The Used - I Caught Fire (Video) © 2005 WMG I Caught Fire (Video)
  • Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory - Guided By Voices There are a lot of versions of this song on Youtube but not the original. Here it is - Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory by Guided By Voices from their lo-fi classic Bee Thousand. I took the video from a Roscoe Holcomb "Porch Banjo".
  • How To Add a New User to Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain how to add new user to windows 2003 domain and check the domain password policy.
  • XBMC Tutorial 2: Directory and File Naming Conventions To get the most out of XBMC one should name their movie folders and files in a way that XBMC can add those movies to its library. This video will show you how to set up those directories and files. I made this video to support the second tutorial in my XBMC series on my blog, The Long Story Short ().
  • What is Active Directory ? Active Directory Training Tutorial JiJi windows AD Tutorial What is Active Directory Active Directory Training Tutorial JiJi windows Active Directory Tutorial What is Active Directory Ou What is Active Directory Objects What is Active Directory Structure. ,http Active Directory is a type of directory services, which is a Software system that stores, organizes and provides information from directory. Active Directory is a technology created by Microsoft that provides a variety of network services, including: * LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) * Kerberos-based authentication * DNS-based naming and other network information * Central location for network administration and delegation of authority * Information security and single sign-on for user access to networked based resources * The ability to scale up or down easily * Central storage location for application data * Synchronization of directory updates amongst several servers Various Active Directory Tools: There are tools available to perform various functions in Active Directory. Some of the main functions include: 1. Report Generation 2. Clean unwanted data form Active Directory 3. Export and Import data 4. Active Directory Security Tools 5. Active Directory Group Policy Tools . To know more about Active Directory and related tools visit
  • How to Backup Active Directory + DNS with NTBACKUP This tutorial teaches you how to backup your Active Directory and DNS server using NTBackup, a free and included utility with Windows Server.
  • PHP Tutorials: Display Images from a Directory Quickly and easily display all images found in a specified directory.
  • Active Directory Password Management in Windows 2003 Visit LearnItFirst, our new channel with over 100 videos! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many administrators who are working on Windows 2003/2000 domains often wonder if there are Best Practices for managing passwords and/or tools that are available to enhance the Windows domain model's password management. This video shows you multiple techniques for managing password complexity and setting Best Practices. Highlights from this video: * Password policies * Password compliance and SOX (Sarbanes Oxley)-type compliance * Tools for password management in Windows domains
  • Operation Master - FSMO - Active Directory
  • Preparing Active Directory Setting up the Domain Name Prefix. Installing DNS Service. Configure Forward/Reverse Lookup. Configures and Verify TCP/IP settings. Domain Naming Prefix: Is the default domain name used when only the hostname is given. In order for Dynamic Domain Naming Server (DDNS) to work correctly, you must have the prefix preconfigured. By default, the prefix is not set. Forward Lookup Zone: Used to resolve a FQDN (ie dc01.altriox.local) to an IP address (ie Reverse Lookup Zone: Used to resolve an IP address to FQDN, and is used for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Windows Server 2008: add an Active Directory group Short, simple video on adding groups to active directory users and computers on Server 2008. Also describes how to properly use AGLP and nest groups in active directory. A ccount G lobal L ocal P ermissions Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • San Jose California Lawyers & Attorneys Directory www.san-jose-ca-lawyers-attorneys- The San Jose California Lawyers & Attorneys Directory lets you select a local San Jose lawyer by their legal speciality. Also, you will find local San Jose legal resources and an extensive legal article database. Many of the San Jose California...
  • Part 2 - LDAP Based Corporate Directory via Cisco IP Phone Services SDK - Part 1 In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Cisco IP Services SDK to search Microsoft Active Directory without having to integrate Unified Communications Manager with LDAP. This can be useful if you have a multi-tennant environment or if you want to use an existing Active Directory database as an additional directory. Part 1 includes - Installing IIS - Installing the Cisco IP Phone Services SDK - Using Adsiedit to customize the localizeddirectory.asp script
  • Part 1 - LDAP Based Corporate Directory via Cisco IP Phone Services SDK - Part 2 In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Cisco IP Services SDK to search Microsoft Active Directory without having to integrate Unified Communications Manager with LDAP. This can be useful if you have a multi-tennant environment or if you want to use an existing Active Directory database as an additional directory. Part 2 walks you through creating a custom xml file to include the standard personal directory, the corporate directory and the new ldap directory on your Cisco IP Phone
  • Lecture - 34 DNS & Directory Lecture series on Computer Networks by Prof.S.Ghosh, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT,Kharagpur. For More details on NPTEL visit
  • Directory Assistance - A Prank call or not? I found this audio file from a call center where im working. though this is just an audio recording of a directory assistance call, i just added some pictures for you to look at while listening to this stupid call.
  • Twitter Directory for Your City - - Seattle Social Central is a website I recently helped to launch. It's an aggregator for all of the tweets coming in, around and through people and businesses in the Seattle area. Even if you don't live here, I'd like you to take a look at this and give us your feedback. If this works well for Seattle, we're considering creating the site for cities all over the world! - http
  • Active Directory installation Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2003.
  • Promote Your Article Directory www.article- - Thousands Of Free Incoming Links.
  • Active Directory Administrative Centre - Windows Server 2008 R2 This tutorial will look briefly at the Active Directory Administrative Centre built-in to Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008: modify active directory users with powershell This is a video about how to modify users in Active Directory Users and Computers in PowerShell. This is a simple script, but they can be much more complex. The trick is to get to be more familiar with it and then you can crank out scripts on the fly. I made this video on Windows Server 2008, but you can use powershell on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, and Server 2003. Commands used... $objUser=[ADSI]"LDAP://cn=Stavro Mueller, ou=people, dc=my, dc=domain" $objUser.put("company","Wingnuts, inc") $objUser.setinfo() Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory: Implementing Group Policy is excited to announce the release of a new free video webcast on Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Implementing Group Policy. This free video webcast is led by one of the expert instructors featured in our award-winning courseware. This video webcast is part of a course that prepares you for Microsoft exam 70-640: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory. We have invited the best security trainers in the industry to help us develop the ultimate training and certification program which includes everything you will need to fully prepare for and pass your certification exam. This webcast will address the topic of Implementing Group Policy and features a live demonstration. For additional Server 2008 training and other courses in IT Certification, Security, Software Developers, and Office Users, visit us online!
  • Installing Active Directory Domain Services - Windows Server 2008 DOWNLOAD LINK: In this tutorial I will show you how to install Active Directory Domain Services and DNS on a server running Windows Server 2008. The next tutorial will look at how to install DHCP.
  • Fonejacker | Directory Enquiries | E4 I'd like a number. And a name. And an address... | Watch Fonejacker FREE on Catch-Up Download on iTunes Visit the official website on
  • Windows Server 2008: PowerShell Script adding Active Directory Users This is how to use a PowerShell Script to add users to an Active Directory Domain Controller. I enter the commands manually and use both PowerShell / Visual Basic scripts. You can create, modify, and view users though these methods. Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • Concept of Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory This Video is about Concept of Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory
  • 70-640 Server 2008 Active Directory Training This training tutorial is an excerpt from Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration (70-640) LearnSmart Video Training. It discusses new features of Server 2008, installing and configuration. For more Server 2008 videos and tutorials please visit
  • Installing Active Directory - Windows Server 2008 R2 This tutorial will show you how to install Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) on Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • How To Install Windows 2003 Active Directory how to install active directory in microsoft windows 2003 server
  • Dilbert: Chips and Dips and Company Directory Video by Scott Adams Dilbert's pointy haired boss creates a new department and Ratbert finds the secret to consulting success In Chips And Dips, The Boss says, Well need a name for the newly reorganized department. The name should reflect how Ive seamlessly integrated engineering with food services and procurement. Dilbert says, How about Chips and Dips? Wally says, Blind Ambition. Ted says, The unled. In Company Directory, Ratbert says, Heres my final consulting report on your company. Iv listed all the deadweight employees who should be fired. The Boss replies, This is the company directory. Ratbert says, Finding that was a real time saver.
  • Worldwide Brands: Dropship Directory or Disaster? A visitor of mine poses the question: "Why should I spend money on a product like Worldwide Brands Onesource or Worldwide Brands Dropship Focus when I can go and find the suppliers myself?" The simple answer, is yes: You can source your own products, but as I show in this video, you may be wasting a lot of time and money (especially if your dropship supplier is not legitimate!). Full Review of Worldwide Brands Onesource (and $20 Coupon) and Worldwide Brands Dropship Focus at
  • Active Directory: group policy precedence It's important to understand the sequence that group policy uses. I'm creating this video on Server 2008 domain controller, but it could've been done on server 2003 or 2000. Group policies affect all Microsoft operating systems. (2000, xp, vista, 7) ou=organizational unit gpo=group policy object requires a domain controller (active directory) Group Policy Precedence 1. Computer turns on 2. Local GPOs for the computer 3. Site GPOs for the computer 4. Domain GPOs for the computer 5. OU GPOs for the computer 6. Enforced GPOs for the computer 7. User logs in 8. Local GPOs for the user 9. Site GPOs for the user 10. Domain GPOs for the user 11. OU GPOs for the user 12. Enforced GPOs for the user Rule A user policies are more important than computer policies Rule B If a policy has Blocked Inheritance, it does not apply. Rule C Unless it is enforced. Then it does apply. (More than all others. Rule D Unless you deny read permissions to a user/computer for that GPO. Rule E You should never give a deny permission. Rule F Group policy loopback can make computer GPOs over rule User GPOs (computer configuration\policies\admin templates\system\group policy\user group policy loopback processing mode) Rule G Computer policies are updated every 90-120 minutes after the computer is turned on. User policies are updated every 90-120 minutes after the user logs in. Rule H Never get involved in a LAN war in Asia Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • Windows Server 2008: add Active Directory users Short, simple video on adding a user to active directory users and computers on Server 2008 Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • Installing Active Directory - Windows Server 2003 R2 DOWNLOAD LINK: ce5 This tutorial will show you how to install Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and Routing and Remote Access on a Windows Server 2003 R2 server.
  • Windows Server 2008: install software through Active Directory's group policy This is a video about how to install software through group policy. I install Firefox 3.0 through a MSI (Microsoft Installer Package) that is accessible through a local share. To do this it requires a GPO (group policy object) be applied on the domain (Server with active directory). You may assign the program to specific users or computers so that it will be installed. You can also publish the software so that the user may decide to install the software. You can do this on Server 2008 domain controller and Windows 7, but it also available for 2003, 2000, XP, or Vista. Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • MCSE Certification Training: Active Directory In this week's MCSE Certification Training video, from MCSE 2003 Upgrade for MCSE 2000 LearnSmart Video Training, veteran Microsoft pro Aaron Spurlock discusses the functional levels of Microsoft Server 2003 including domain levels and forest levels. Visit us at
  • Inuyasha - Fukai Mori - Do as Infinity Piano Cover Facebook - So.... I lost my camera, and found it again. I seem to do that often. This song is Called Fukai Mori and it's by Do as Infinity, but most of you know it as the ending theme in some Inuyasha season. I myself didn't really watch all of Inuyasha since it kind of got dull for me. I do love the music though. I didn't know how the whole song went so I just played that little bit. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Windows Server 2008: create an Active Directory Domain Controller This is a video on how to promote your Windows Server 2008 to a domain controller. A domain controller contains a single sign on for all Windows machines that are able to join a Windows domain (active directory). This allows single sign on for any Windows machine, Exchange email account, or many of the other wonderful services that Microsoft offers. It's also part of why they are so popular in an office environment. It also enables a service called Group Policy which I hope to cover in later videos. Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • Next Directory and Interfit Strobies portrait kit for Nikon sb900 Interfit strobies portrait light modifying kit and next directory video

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