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  • Habitat---The Common Foxglove of the woods (Digitalis purpurea), perhaps the handsomest of our indigenous plants, is widely distributed throughout Europe and is common 'As is well known, for many years prior to the War digitalis was successfully cultivated on a large scale in various parts of the. — “ - A Modern Herbal | Foxglove”,
  • Complete and up to date information about Digitalis - part of the trusted medication database. — “Complete Digitalis information from ”,
  • · APWebsite: Domain: Eukaryota • Regnum: Plantae • Clade: Angiosperms • Clade: Eudicots • Clade: Core eudicots • Clade: Asterids • Clade: Euasterids I • Ordo: Lamiales • Familia: Plantaginaceae • Tribus: Digitalideae • Genus: Digitalis L. ( 1753). — “Category:Digitalis - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Digitalis is a drug that strengthens the contraction of the heart muscle, slows the heart rate and helps eliminate fluid from body tissues. It's often used to treat congestive heart failure and is also used to treat certain arrhythmias. — “Digitalis”,
  • Definition of digitalis from Webster's New World College Dictionary. any of a genus (Digitalis) of plants of the figwort family, with long spikes of thimblelike flowers; foxglove. — “digitalis - Definition of digitalis at ”,
  • Digitalis is used to treat congestive heart failure and heart rhythm problems. — “Digitalis Medicines - Texas Heart Institute Heart Information”,
  • Find patient medical information for DIGITALIS on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. — “DIGITALIS: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings - WebMD”,
  • Digitalis symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment information for Digitalis (Digitalis - Teratogenic Agent) with alternative diagnoses, full-text book chapters, misdiagnosis, research treatments, prevention, and prognosis. — “Digitalis - ”,
  • Digitalis definition, any plant belonging to the genus Digitalis, of the figwort family, esp. the common foxglove, D. purpurea. See more. — “Digitalis | Define Digitalis at ”,
  • Definition of digitalis in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of digitalis. Pronunciation of digitalis. Translations of digitalis. digitalis synonyms, digitalis antonyms. Information about digitalis in the free online English dictionary and. — “digitalis - definition of digitalis by the Free Online”,
  • Watch videos & listen to Digitalis: Transform, Figments (Chilled mix) & more, plus 4 pictures. There are at least four artists using the alias Digitalis. 1.) Digitalis is the alias of 23 year old trance music producer Rob Miller. — “Digitalis – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”,
  • Digitalis (pronounced /ˌdɪdʒɨˈteɪlɨs/[2] or /ˌdɪdʒɨˈtælɨs/[3]) is a genus of about 20 species of herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and biennials that are commonly called foxgloves. This genus was traditionally placed in the figwort family Scrophulariaceae,. — “Digitalis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Digitalis, or Foxglove is used to make a powerful and effective medication to treat those with heart conditions. Unlike many other modern medications, digitalis derived from leaves has been in use for over 200 years. — “What is Digitalis?”,
  • Word History: The name of the plant genus Digitalis, whose member the foxglove provides an important drug used to treat heart disease, is associated with another part of In Digitalis, which comes from the Latin word digitâlis, meaning ". — “fUSION Anomaly. Digitalis”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Digitalis. Information about Digitalis in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. digitalis purpurea, digitalis toxicity, digitalis foxglove, digitalis grandiflora, digitalis. — “Digitalis definition of Digitalis in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A genus of herbaceous shrubs of the Scrophulariaceae family, including the foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. 2001: The ancient remedy digitalis, extracted from the foxglove plant, for example, acts by blocking sodium channels in heart muscle, preventing potentially dangerous. — “digitalis - Wiktionary”,
  • The following article is a local copy of the Wikipedia article at Digitalis. Digitalis viridiflora. Digitalis (pronounced /ˌdɪdʒɨˈteɪlɨs/[2] or /ˌdɪdʒɨˈtælɨs/[3]) is a genus of about 20 species of herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and biennials that are commonly called foxgloves. — “Wikipedia:Digitalis - Global Warming Art”,
  • Digitalis; Foxglove Leaf; Feuille de Digitale; Fingerhutblatt; Hoja de digital. Aqueous preparations of digitalis, such as infusions and mixtures, are very unstable. — “Digitalis BP”,
  • Consumer information about the medication DIGITALIS MEDICINE - ORAL (Crystodigin), includes side effects, drug interactions, recommended dosages, and storage information. Read more about the prescription drug DIGITALIS MEDICINE - ORAL. — “DIGITALIS MEDICINE - ORAL (Crystodigin) side effects, medical”,
  • Digitalis is a medication prescribed to certain heart patients. Digitalis toxicity is a complication of digitalis therapy, or it may be occur when someone takes more than a large amount of the drug at. — “Digitalis Toxicity | ”,
  • 3. Tinctura Digitalis, Tincture of Digitalis (10 per cent of drug) The effects of digitalis may be conveniently studied under three heads, or stages, representing, however, but continuous action. — “Digitalis. | Henriette's Herbal Homepage”,
  • digitalis n. A plant of the genus Digitalis, which includes the foxgloves. A drug prepared from the seeds and dried leaves of this plant, used in. — “digitalis: Definition from ”,
  • Patients with decreased tolerance may have "normal" digitalis levels in their blood. Digitalis toxicity can occur from a single exposure or chronic overmedication, or it may occur in patients with normal blood levels of digitalis if other risks are present. — “Digitalis toxicity: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia”,

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  • Garuda Digitalis - Ambassador of the universal consciousness I am Garuda digitalis, ambassador of the universal consciousness. This is my first announcement. I appear in a digital incarnation of the god messenger Garuda. But this is without any significance. It's just an anchor that can open a channel to your world of minds. Please be always very careful when you are listening my multimedia announcements! I'm not a particular channel of a spiritual being. It is very important from the beginning to understand that I am not defined. The shape of my appearance is meaningless, and only a mirror of your own spiritual imagination. The shape of my appearance and voice may change, so you're not fixated on it. I am pure consciousness. I have no identity. I do not exist. You are speaking to yourself through this pure digital form. What you truly are, is your self, your appearance makes you appear as a person and let all the forms and experiences happen. You want you to know yourself. You want to see through the game of ego and get to know your true nature. So you make me appear here on the screen. All of the words that you are perceive by my virtual phenomenon itself are wholly irrelevant. They are only pulses, which triggers your own thoughts and feelings. In yourself is the truth and everything you want to understand, is always within you. You just need to listen to yourself. Thoughts come and go. They are self-meaning. You are the space, in which these all arises. A wonderful time is now flowing into your life. But be warned right at the ...
  • Monolake - Digitalis a seemingly unknown album released in 2006, Future Sound Theory
  • Digitalis- "Dr Sembei" Digitalis (Seb Taylor of Kaya Project and Shakta) and a classic track off of the only album put out under this alias "The Third State". A very early foray into what became known as psybreaks. Matsuri was a Japanese goa trance label that put out some of the most intense imaginative sounds of the late 90's. Matsuri sadly doesn't exist anymore and most of this music is out of print and thus unavailable.
  • Horticulture - Digitalis How to grow digitalis
  • Digitalis - Memento (Original Mix) [HD] Digitalis - Memento (Original Mix) Label : Monster Tunes MONSTER034 2009
  • digitalis - figments chilled mix written: Sebastian James Taylor aka Hibernation, Kaya Project, Shakta
  • Digitalis flower structure time-lapse Digitalis flower structure time-lapse This time-lapse shows how that the pollen sac splits open to expose the pollen. The stigma is initially closed to prevent self pollination. Later the stigma later extends and splits open to trap pollen from an insect that has visited a previous Digitalis / Foxglove plant. Filmed by Neil Bromhall copyright plete- Nikon D200 with 55mm lens with growlight and studio flash.
  • Digitalis - The Digital Revolution Digitalis is an odyssey into The Digital world, traversing the social hotspots blighting the landscape as a consequence of our love affair with all things digital.
  • Garuda Digitalis Meditation - mind and identification I am Garuda Digitalis, ambassador of the universal consciousness. I am a Channeling of your SELF. I am an interface between love and mind. I am no Guru, no Religion, no Buddha, no Jesus, No anything. Freedom and War, Peace and Terror - everything is within you and you have to see this bevore you are. My announcement today, will illuminate the mind, and your identification with it. Your mind thinks, that freedom and security can be achieved, through knowledge and understanding. But, sometimes things go differently than you want. You often have to experience, that you will be forced to do things and to endure situations that you feel uncomfortable with. The future is uncertain. You can simply not be safe to predict. That's scary. Therefore, the mind seeks to identify symbols from the past to recognize rules. Symbols and Rules that will allow you to see the surprises of the future ahead. Events of the past are linked to memorial symbols. Life experience, memories of specific events and places, visions, dreams, information, and so on ... Everyone has his own memorial forecast model with all its symbols. It's always about trying to understand life, and get it under control, to control the future. Because the future is uncertain, and this causes thoughts and feelings of anxiety. And that's why yourself have to be protected against the people and events which are trying to control you. But no one can control or predict the future with certainty. And memories and symbols from the ...
  • Digitalis Foxglove flower time lapse Time lapse Foxglove Digitalis flowers forming and opening. Near the end of the sequence you will see the pollen sack splitting open to expose the pollen. The stigma is closed to begin with to prevent self pollination from the multitude of walking insects but later extends and the sticky end splits open to trap the pollen off the visiting flying insects. Bumble bees will normally fly to the lower flowers where it deposits pollen from the previous Digitalis flower. As it flies up the flower spike to drink nectar it collects pollen on its back which is then transported to the next Digitalis flower. 7-10 min interval between exposures. Filmed by Neil Bromhall copyright plete- Nikon D300 with 55mm lens with growlight and studio flash.
  • Digitalis - So Far Away Rob Miller 2007 Tranceflo Records Dream Dance 45
  • digitalis @ coachella 07 .
  • Digitalis - Port.Able Free Download: Artist: Digitalis Release: [thn022] sin:ergy Label: Thinner Records Year: 2002 Genre: Dub, Experimental, Ambient
  • Homeopathy course by Vithoulkas - Digitalis Materia Medica International Homeopathy teacher George Vithoulkas, talks about the homeopathic remedy Digitalis (materia medica & essence) during one of his homeopathy courses at Alonissos. In addition, Vithoulkas gives some ideas about clinical uses and trials involving heart disease & arrhythmias,(Digoxin is the name for the allopathic drug from the same plant source).
  • Digitalis - Sea of Dreams (Static Blue Remix)
  • How to commit a Do It Yourself Seppukoo
  • Monolake - Digitalis From CD Monolake - Polygon_Cities Add &fmt=18 to url for better sound quality! Turn up the volume for better experience :-) Label: Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music Catalog#: ML 015 Format: CD, Album, Digipak Country: Germany Released: Jun 2005 Genre: Electronic Style: Techno, Minimal, Ambient Credits: Producer - Robert Henke, T++
  • Metal gear solid digital graphic novel Video of Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel.
  • Digitalis - Dreamfall ( Michael Angelo and Jim remix ) HQ: Digitalis - Dreamfall ( Michael Angelo and Jim remix ) This also must be one of those songs or remixes I couln't find over YouTube so I thought I might upload it. Hope you enjoy!! Comment and rate if you'd like pls...
  • Digitalis - Memento (Original Mix) 23 year old Rob Miller aka Digitalis makes his debut outing on Monster Tunes with a beautifully produced piece of trance with Memento. Highly euphoric melodies and a warm electronic bassline that moves and flows effortlessly with the synthetic pads, are there to admire. On remix duty weve got up and coming star Suncatcher to deliver an outstanding addition to this package and really one to watch out for over the coming months.
  • Amurai vs Saint Jules - Grand Prix (Digitalis Airride Mix) AWESOME!! one of the latest digitalis remixes for all trancelovers (; and sure for my friend felipe, who is a digitalis fan (: trance 4 life, mates ♪
  • Amurai vs. Saint-Jules - Grand Prix (Digitalis Airride Mix)
  • MANEATER - Digitalis Purpurea & Tying Tiffany From the last album of Digitalis Purpurea Aseptic White! this is an only Italian Singer production!
  • Digitalis Ae - Rosa Luxemburg Music and video tribute to Rosa Luxemburg by Digitalis Ae. Her last known words, written on the evening of her murder, were about her belief in the masses, and in what she saw as the inevitability of revolution: "The leadership has failed. Even so, the leadership can and must be recreated from the masses and out of the masses. The masses are the decisive element, they are the rock on which the final victory of the revolution will be built. The masses were on the heights; they have developed this 'defeat' into one of the historical defeats which are the pride and strength of international socialism. And that is why the future victory will bloom from this 'defeat'. 'Order reigns in Berlin!' You stupid henchmen! Your 'order' is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will already 'raise itself with a rattle' and announce with fanfare, to your terror: I was, I am, I shall be!"
  • Michael Angelo & Jim - For A Friend (Digitalis Remix) A special tune from 2008!! This was my first tune from Michael Angelo Through this remix i came closer to digitalis This upload is especially for our friend Felipe who had this in his videolist RIP piperamz Enjoy the trance ♪
  • Digitalis - Kyphi
  • Digitalis - Memento (Suncatcher Remix) [HD] Artist : Digitalis Title : Memento Remixer : Suncatcher Genre : Uplifting Trance
  • Myk Bee - Mistaken (Digitalis Dream Mix) [my 1st Trance video] Hope you enjoy my first Trance video on YT ;) This is an awesome Uplifting ch00n! TranCe 4 Life \o/
  • Digitalis - Accepting and Giving No. 1 (Numero Uno) in the Pure Club Classics Top 30 list of the All Time Dance Club Classics. Simply the greatest dance anthem of all time. For more great Club Classics visit
  • Digitalis - Integrity (Original Mix) [HQ] Great classic by Digitalis. Enjoy!
  • Digitalis Purpurea - Coded Feel Live Video filmed during the concert of Digitalis Purpurea in Turin, @ Faster 05.12.07, produced by MPD Productions (/mpdproductions)
  • Aimee B- Breaking Free(Digitalis Dreamscape Remix) PERFECT Trance Uplifting Song. From 4:22 minutes,this song is GOD.
  • Waterspark - Fairway (Digitalis Remix) [HQ] Ch00n! What an awesome tune... Epic Trance 4 Life!
  • 'Digitalis' - Zombi Some footage I cut together for 'Digitalis' by Zombi
  • Rescue 911-Episode 208 "Digitalis Kid OD" A toddler swallows her great grandmother's heart medication. This segment of episode 208 aired on November 13, 1990 on CBS. This particular version was from a 30-minute syndicated episode, with small segments probably cut for commercial time. Vote for Rescue 911 on TV/DVD releases at the links following the video.
  • 30 Seconds to Mars Digital Summit 2009 The Summit was an "experiment" that 30 Seconds to Mars decided to do so their fans can be part of the record the were recording (later named "This is war"). It took place in Los Angees, California. Many fan aruond the globe attened to it, as many other didn't made it. As result of that the band decided to make Global Summits in diferent parts of the world so all the fans near by these cities could record their voices and be part of the album as well. Still, many didn't make it to these ones, so the Digital Summit came aruond the corner so everyone who wanted to be part of the album could record their voices and sounds via internet and no one could be left out. This is a compilation of the videos on the Digital Summit. I DO NOT HOLD ANY RIGHTS FOR THESE IMAGES.
  • Digitalis - Noodles album: Relaxed Journeys All Rights Go To Chill Tribe Records
  • homo digitalis The homo digitalis, the man of the century, received the freedom of space and time in the possession of digital convenience. Retained the ability to communicate, but change the way . His habitat are innovation, information, and the immediacy.

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  • “Warning: file(/home/michaelgodard/www/www/blog/rel/digitalis-drug) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/michaelgodard/www/www/blog/index.php on line 1. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/michaelgodard/www/www/blog/index.php on line 1”
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  • “Following stellar releases on Digitalis, Students of Decay, Stunned Foxy contributor and Digitalis Ltd artist Peter Taylor releases his”
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  • “blog index page. 28 April, 2010. De Stijl on the radio. Free Form Freakout, a weekly radio show on KMSU in Mankato, recently aired a v> v> v> v> Foxy contributor and Digitalis Ltd artist Peter Taylor releases his third”
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  • “DIGITALIS in philly 6/11/04”
    DIGITALIS in philly 6/11/04,

  • “Forum: 9/15 :: Sinister Presents Melting Pot Radio w/ Digitalis His other projects such as Angel Tears, Kaya Project, Digitalis & Foxglove have all garnered him an international reputation and a busy touring and recording schedule”
    — RA Forum: 9/15 :: Sinister Presents Melting Pot Radio w,

  • “Prep for USMLE Forum " USMLE Step 1 Forum " Pharmacology Forum " digitalis " digitalis Similar forum topics. q4-11 digitalis. digitalis. digitalis. Related resources. Advertise”
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  • “Digitalis. About. Tour. Blog. Ecosystem. Tools. Help. Developers. Home. DevBlog. Forum diverse digital services provider and digital Digitalis is a drug that strengthens the”
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  • “Digitalis Photography's Blog. Edit. Delete. Autopost. Fif*** Classic Prints by Eugène Atget and Weston/Modotti Digitalis Photography. Digitalis are a small team of photographers who specialise in producing high quality bespoke images for our”
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