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  • Looking for digital transcription equipment? For an Olympus voice recorder, a Sony digital voice recorder or traditional Dictaphone equipment, come to Dictation Depot. — “Need Digital Transcription Equipment or a Voice Activated”,
  • Learn English - English dictation tests for beginner and intermediate ESL learners - quick dictation and dictation texts and spelling tests. — “English Dictation - Learn English Free”,
  • Learn more, read reviews, and download Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications on the iTunes App Store. — “Dragon Dictation for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the”,
  • Voice Recorder Home : Digital Voice Recorder - Dictation - Microcassette Recorder. Olympus digital recorders provide an affordable and easy-to-use professional dictation solution. — “Voice Recorder Home : Digital Voice Recorder - Dictation”,
  • Dictation definition, the act or manner of dictating for reproduction in writing. See more. — “Dictation | Define Dictation at ”,
  • Definition of dictation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dictation. Pronunciation of dictation. Translations of dictation. dictation synonyms, dictation antonyms. Information about dictation in the free online English dictionary and. — “dictation - definition of dictation by the Free Online”,
  • Your Digital Dictation, Transcription and Speech Recognition Experts You can do that with the right digital dictation or transcription solutions from American Dictation. — “Welcome | American Dictation: Digital Dictation”,
  • Dictation and Transcription Software, download free software for computer dictation, Palm OS or Pocket PC dictation, Foot pedal controlled transcribers, court and conference recorders, dictation management and much more. — “Free Downloads for Dictation and Transcription Software”, .au
  • Selling dictation equipment,transcription equipment, digital dictation, transcription headsets, dictation software and voice recognition software as well as court recording equipment and name brand digital dictation equipment such as Philips,. — “Dictation Equipment | Transcription Equipment - Transcription”,
  • Digital Transcription Foot Pedals and Digital Dictation Products for your PC with WAV players for MP3, DSS, VOX, Real Audio. — “Start Stop Universal Digital Transcription Foot Pedals and”, ds2300.com
  • DialDictate is a call in dictation server for recording and sending dictation from a telephone system. edition can support unlimited users and can send dictations via FTP, email and LAN.This system is ideal. — “dictation Software - Free Download dictation - Top 4 Download”, top4
  • A dictation machine, a device used to record speech for transcription. Digital dictation, the use of digital electronic media for this purpose, and often computerized speech recognition. — “Dictation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of dictation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of dictation. Pronunciation of dictation. Definition of the word dictation. Origin of the word dictation. — “dictation - Definition of dictation at ”,
  • Medical Transcription Machines and Digital Legal Dictation Machines by Dictation Warehouse - a leading Medical Transcription Company offering Transcription Headsets and other Digital Dictation Equipment and Accessories. — “Medical Transcription and Digital Legal Transcription”,
  • Free download dictation. Buy dictation. EF Talk Scriber, KeyBlaze Typing Tutor and more dictation download. Free Downloads at FileHungry (English) The EF Talk Scriber is a combination from text editor program and audio file player, designated to emulate a dictation. — “Download Dictation - Free Downloads - FileHungry (English)”,
  • When Thomas Edison introduced the phonograph he didn't think people would use it primarily for entertainment, he believed its primary use would be in business as a dictation machine. Throughout most of the 20th century, dictation machines were used by business people to record "voice letters. — “Dictation Machines - GHN: IEEE Global History Network”,
  • dictation n. The act or process of dictating material to another for transcription. The material so dictated. — “dictation: Definition from ”,
  • Digital Dictation Equipment - Office Products and Supplies. We offer Dragon voice recognition software that integrates perfectly with our dictation software. — “All Makes - The Premier Source For Your Digital Dictation Needs”, all-
  • Buy DICTATION, Business Industrial items on eBay. Find great deals on Books, Electronics items and get what you want now!. — “DICTATION items - Get great deals on Business Industrial”,
  • Philips Dictation Systems - Simply working smarter We invite you to discover our comprehensive range of high-end dictation products and learn more about how to increase competitiveness by using dictation technology from Philips. FAQs. Tap into our collection of common questions. — “Dictation Systems Home”,

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  • Fluent Dictation into Omnia in Czech with translation into English Fluent Voice Dictation into Samsung Omnia, Language: Czech, Lexicon size: 370.000 words, Client-server recognition engine, Translation over Google Translate service, Developed by SpeechLab, Technical
  • JOHN F. KENNEDY TAPES: Memoirs Dictation (w/ His Children) & Diem JFK, Jr., Caroline Kennedy, & JFK Dictabelt M 52.1 November 4, 1963 Dictation Tape Eigh*** days before his assassination in Dallas, President John F. Kennedy dictates an entry for his planned memoirs about the coup and assassination of South Vietnam's leader Diem. During the dictation, he talks with his two young children John John and Caroline. He also discusses problems with the East Germans. (Photo: President Kennedy, his wife First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and his children John F. Kennedy, Jr. ("John John") and Caroline Kennedy.)
  • Dragon Dictation Review Get Dragon Dictation for your iPhone now: lx.im A review on Dragon Dictation This video has been sponsored via MyLikes -
  • Dictation Exercise #1 - Buying Things In my classroom I regularly use dictation as a way of helping students develop listening and writing skills. This is in a question and answer format. You can try this at home. Tell me if it helps you.
  • Prepared Dictation Explained Sonya Shafer explains the Charlotte Mason method of prepared dictation and how you can use it in your homeschool. Charlotte used this effective method to teach spelling and to reinforce grammar and composition skills with her students.
  • Dictation Clean-up An unexpected opportunity for melodic dictation can happen when cleaning up musical alphabet and do re mi games.
  • Dragon Dictation 2.0 for iPhone iPad and iPod touch 2010 Nuance Dragon Dictation 2.0 Now Live in iTunes App Store Multilingual Capabilities and New Pop-Up Toolbar Make Speaking Texts, Emails and Status Updates Easier Than Ever; Dragon Search Now iOS4-Compatible BURLINGTON, MA -- July 23, 2010 -- Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced the availability of Dragon Dictation 2.0, currently free on the Apple App Store. Dragon Dictation 2.0 is iOS4-compatible, and delivers multilingual support and a new easy-to-use interface for speaking text messages, emails and social media status updates without ever having to leave the application itself. First introduced in December 2009, the popular Dragon Dictation App has been downloaded by millions and ranks as a number one business productivity application that enables iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to speak text content for everything from email messages to blog posts. Dragon Dictation 2.0 features a fun-yet-convenient pop-up toolbar with app icons that allow people to speak a status update and send it directly to Facebook or Twitter, or speak any text and send it directly to the text messaging client or clipboard -- all without leaving the Dragon Dictation app client. Dragon Dictation 2.0 also features an Auto Save function that automatically saves your dictated text when interrupted by an incoming phone call. Nuance also announced today that Dragon Dictation supports both US and UK English, with additional language support to be added soon, beginning with German ...
  • nFlow Digital Dictation The nFlow digital dictation website. Offering workflow software for the legal and accountancy markets.
  • Dragon Dictation iPad Application Review In this video I review Dragon Dictation for the iPad. Dragon Dictation is a speech-to-text application which translates speech very accurately. Dragon Dictation is for both the iPad and iPhone. Social Links: http
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking iPhone App -- My first test of the Dragon Naturally Speaking iPhone App. The dictation is nearly perfect! I can see easily using this to respond to emails and to Facebook messages. You can get the app by clicking on the link above.
  • I have a secret! Secretary! Go Daddy Contest Info here: bit.ly The origin of the word secretary.
  • Dragon Dictation App Now Available for the iPhone It's finally here - the Dragon Dictation App for the iPhone! The Dragon Dictation App is based on Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance, the desktop dictation software trusted by millions, allows iPhone users to speak their emails and text messages instead of typing them! Dragon Dictation also works with the iPhone clipboard, allowing users to easily paste it into their other apps, including Facebook and Twitter. Download it today in the Apple App Store and visit to learn more.
  • NIXON TAPES: Diary Dictation 2 (Kissinger, Vietnam, the Press) TRANSCRIPT: [Undoubtedly, I've made some mistakes in this. I more than welcome suggestions on how to improve this transcript.] The morning papers were predictable with regard to the handling of the announcement. Most of them put the emphasis on the bombing halt after trying to indicate that it was not really clear as to whether or not the turn in negotiations was a result of bombing, or whether on the other hand the bombing halt was the result of [... (?)] negotiations. Here again, as Colson pointed out when I talked to him, it's too bad we can't make this point from a political standpoint in this country. He said, we'll have to trust the judgments of the people to see. Certainly the people in the press are not going to make the point for us. I hit hard on the point that Scali and all should emphasize that they're serious the next time they [didn't agree (?)], because this recent business, the talks broke down in recent weeks, and we had to go back to our May 8th policy. [... (?)] we're going to call a halt to the bombing north of the twentieth, because the enemy agreed to come back to serious negotiations. And time will tell whether we're right or not [for the entire thing, pointing to exercises, plus emphasizing the line which we have gotten through here (?)]. I'm going to be working at the White House a lot harder, a lot more over these next few, [four (?)] weeks. I cannot allow this kind of shocking attack coming from someone within our party [... (?)], in terms of ...
  • Dictation Dictation machines are used across industrys and professions worldwide. Whilst ***ogue dictation machines & accessories are still available, Digital Dictation machines and Digital Note-Takers are now the most popular dictation solution as they offer many advantages over the older ***ogue models. The main advantages are PC connect-ability, a digital format allows for the e-mailing of voice files, Superior recording quality, mass USB storage, Huge improvements in recording time and a much better reliability as digital dictation machines have virtually no moving parts. Solutions for the office include Transcription bundles with a headset & foot control for controlled playback of voice files in the more traditional manner. High quality digital recording also bring the ability to convert speech to text with the use of Voice recognition software such as Dragon Dictate, see our Software category for further details on the packages available.
  • Free Speech Recognition Tutorial 6 - Dictating To Other Word Processors For this tutorial Works 9, Notepad and WordPad will be used. NotePad is really a text editor but is still used for this tutorial. Some programs like Works 9 has limited function with WSR. Diction must be done in the Correction Dialog Box. It is suggested that dictating and inserting one sentence at a time works best. Also, Works 9 has a problem with calling menu items. To click on menu items use Show Numbers or Mouse Grid. Unfortunately, Writer does not work with WSR. A good work around is to use WordPad for dictation then copy and paste the text into . Some forums have suggested that Dragon Dictate Dragon Naturally Speaking may work with . SchoolFreeware has not tried this out, so we do not have an opinion on any Dragon software.
  • Dragon Dictation and Search iPhone Application Demo Short demo of the new Dragon Dictation and Search iPhone Application. This app is free currently.
  • Dragon Dictation on iPhone by iPhoneItalia
  • Medical Transcription Practice Dictation Downloads transcriptionpractice.plus101.com Medical Transcription Practice Dictation Downloads. Downloadable audio dictation files to practice medical transcription. Real physician dictation. 1000+ minutes of audio. Transcripts included. transcription downloads, medical transcription, medical transcriptio...
  • ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY - DICTATION INDUSTRY (***OG VS DIGITAL) In the ***ogue era, before dictation became a simple data file, recordings often had to go a long way.. With digital technology, sending cassettes is a thing of the past. You can dictate the document in any location you wish and transmit the speech files immediately to the office from your laptop via data or network card. You can also benefit from the enhanced functionality of digital: the means to insert sentences afterwards into existing dictations, the ability to locate dictations easily, archiving capability (for saving space!) and the bonus of no wear on the machine (due to the absence of mechanical parts). Digital dictation systems offer numerous benefits over conventional ***ogue equipment. By going digital, the time required for producing a typed document can be significantly reduced because dictations are stored as a speech file on the PC, in the internal memory of the dictation device or on additional memory cards (DigtaCards) - instead of on audio tape as was the case previously. Other advantages are that extra sentences can be inserted afterwards into existing speech files; dictations can be located quickly; to save space, they can also be archived and sent to an office instantly via electronic means. This allows you to save time and, above all, costs. Because the different stages - dictation, typing, printing and correction - are all brought closer together you'll find you can react more quickly to the needs of your customers, patients or clients. To sum up ...
  • Montessori Language Activities : Montessori Dictation Activity Improve your child's writing skills with a dictation activity. Learn how to teach kids how to write in this free educational video about language Montessori methods. Expert: Tami Elliot Contact: Bio: Tami Elliot is the owner and a teacher at the Northstar Montessori Preschool. Filmmaker: Travis Waack
  • Dictation Exercise #2 - Finding Places This is in a question and answer format. It's all in the present tense. Write what you hear. The answers are at the end. This might help you with your listening skills and with grammar.
  • iPad And Dragon Dictation - Free App Using the iPad With Dragon Dictation, A Free App for the Apple iPad C-NetSystems Tech Videos Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Small Business Server 2008, Exchange 2010, iPad and iPad App Reviews and all sorts of other hardware and software how to Videos. Do you want to see a Video for a specific piece of hardware or software? Subscribe and let us know and if we use your idea we will give you a or iTunes gift certificate. Protect your data with Expert Backup Now's Online Backup Solution http
  • David Pogue demonstrating Dragon Mind Dictation iPhone app at Macworld Expo 2010 David Pogue demonstrates the Dragon Mind Dictation iPhone app during his keynote at Macworld Expo. *Note - not a real app. :)
  • Why Digital Dictation Reasons for using digital dictation
  • Jonah "1st Pool Scene"
  • Winscribe dictation on Blackberry demonstration Document Direct's clients can have Winscribe digital dictation installed on their Blackberry so they can dictate at any time, anywhere and access their outsourced typing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A totally flexible, pay as you use service.
  • Dragon Dictation for iPhone - Speak your emails, Facebook, texts, Twitter iPhone app review for Dragon voice recognition dictation software. Talk to iPhone and paste the dictation to any app on your iPhone with simple double tap.
  • Peace Hill Press Question & Answer Series 4: Dictation Susan discusses dictation in Writing With Ease 3 & 4.
  • Dragon Dictation iPhone App Review -- Review demo of the Dragon Dictation iPhone app. Check out more "She Who Loves Apps" reviews on our website. Reviewer is Erin Blaskie, host of eThusiasm.
  • Chris Barrie - Dictation Saturday Live.
  • Three Melodic Dictation Games Michiko and three students, ages 6 & 7, demonstrate how fun and easy it is for young students to take melodic dictation.
  • Dictation and Transcription Software from NCH Software Everything needed to transform the dictation and transcription process of any office. Record dictations straight into your computer using Express Dictate, dock your portable digital recording device, or for professionals on the go you can record, edit, and send dictations with Pocket Dictate for iPhone and Pocket PC, and Palm PDAs, before you even get back to the office. Then for transcription, Express Scribe is a must-have for any transcriptionist, with variable speed playback for audio and video, foot pedal compatibility, and efficient file management. Learn more about the Dictation and transcription Software solutions available from NCH Software at: .au
  • Running Dictation * Go to for more about this activity. * The song is by Joy Zipper: * Link to blog:
  • Dragon Dictation App Get Dragon Dictation for your iPhone now: lx.im - Dragon Dictation is much faster than typing. It can be used while you're stuck driving in traffic to work on that report you have due in the morning. The app is easy to use anywhere - for any reason. Let Dragon Dictation make your life easier. Review of the new Dragon Dictation iPhone application. This video has been sponsored via MyLikes - http
  • Dictation with Dan: Part 1 Susan and her third son, Daniel, practice dictation skills using Writing With Ease, Workbook 4.
  • Song & Music for Language Teaching : Speed Dictation To download the full video free go to Tim demonstrates ways in which music and song can facilitate language acquisition, healthy living, and positive group dynamics without participants playing instruments or using a lot of technology. Participants also learn ways to write song lyrics using familiar melodies to meet their students' own linguistic and psychological goals. • The copyright owner allows distribution of this video with attribution but prohibits commercial use or derivative works. For more information about this license, please read:
  • DICTATION-jonah taklaua-summer heights high FUNNY VID OF GETTING OUT OF DETENTION!
  • Dragon Dictation & Search for the iPhone - AppJudgment Speech recognition software - that works! Check out this Dragon duo for the iPhone.
  • iPad: Dragon Dictation Review
  • iPhone App Review: Dragon Dictation 2.0 Click here for details: lx.im Review of Dragon Dictation This video has been sponsored via MyLikes - Social Me: Twitter: Facebook profile: Facebook app: David's Photo Blog: My Websites TekSocial: TekSetups Di Franco Media Forum Bytes
  • Dragon Dictation for iPhone Dragon Dictation for iPhone turns your speech into text, and it does it surprisingly well. We test the accuracy of the transcription technology in this video.
  • English Dictation iKnow! I enjoy the diction on the free site named iKnow! The system is very cool. I like dictation and typing. I hope I can get more hearing skill and spelling skill.

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  • “[odeo=22541623]Learn French for free with podcasts.Learn French with daily podcastsCopyright: All rights reserved by creator au audio Beginners Blog Break Coffee day des dictation du Easy French Poetry Podcast en et for French French audio blog French conversations French for Beginners French”
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  • “”
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  • “TechnoLawyer Blog: Dictation/OCR/Speech Recognition. All the legal technology and practice Dictation results without proper set up are amazing, but the gold standard of near-100%”
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  • “Archived from groups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot (More info?) I would like to add a voice recorder/dictation capability to my Treo 600. It would be great if it could record to the device's internal”
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  • “Attorneys often use the backward technology of ***og tape recording for dictation as part of their legal practice. Currently there are many digital alternatives that simplify the tedious and often cumbersome process of transcription. Digital”
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  • “Nuance Dragon Dictation for iPhone Launched The free program for Apple's iPhone is dead easy to use and the accuracy app store, apple, application, consumer electronics, dictation, dragon, gadget, iphone, itunes, nuance, speech recognition,”
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  • “Blog as dictation: Paul Pierce is no Curt Schilling. By adamg - 12/18/09 - 2:54 pm. Does the fact that Paul Pierce's new Katie Couric's blog, which she doesn't actually write herself but does occasionally read? reply. Comment viewing options”
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