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  • Definition of Diallel in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Diallel. Pronunciation of Diallel. Translations of Diallel. Diallel synonyms, Diallel antonyms. Information about Diallel in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Diallel - definition of Diallel by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A diallel cross is a mating scheme used by plant and animal breeders, as well as geneticists, to investigate the genetic underpinnings of quantitative traits.[1][2] In a full diallel, all parents are crossed to make hybrids in all possible combinations. — “Diallel cross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Diallel ***ysis of grain iron and zinc density in southern African-adapted maize inbreds Four*** southern African-adapted white-grained maize inbred lines were crossed in a diallel. — “Diallel ***ysis of grain iron and zinc density in southern”, vivo.library.cornell.edu
  • Diallel. A mating design comprising a balanced series of all pairwise combinations of crosses (e.g. AxB, AxC, and BxC). — “Diallel”, .lb
  • Abstract: The half-diallel mating design, particularly a series of disconnected half-diallel mating design has been widely Published special computer programs for diallel ***yses do not provide an adequate. — “***ysis of Diallels Compilation of Responses (updated 03/25/2004)”, fs.fed.us
  • Multi-trait selection in a diallel crossing scheme of cocoa. Auteur(s) This selection method was applied in a 6 x 6 diallel scheme in Cameroon. — “Multi-trait selection in a diallel crossing scheme of cocoa”, cat.inist.fr
  • diallel definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “diallel - Definition”,
  • 4. Develop a half-diallel set of crosses between diverse maize inbred 5. Begin multiple-location yield trials to evaluate the 351 hybrids of the 27 × 26 half-diallel population for traits of agronomic interest and characteristics of hybrid vigor;. — “ARS Project: ENHANCING THE GENETIC BASE OF CORN WITH GENOMICS”, ars.usda.gov
  • New gravity model by David W. Allan introduces an energy density component and diallel, gravitational-field lines as part of new Unified Field Theory. — “Gravity Theory -- Introducing Energy-Density Component”,
  • Key Words: Maize, diallel ***ysis, combining ability, het*** effect Özet: Dokuz kendilenmifl m"s"r hatt" ve bunlar"n yar"m diallel melezlenmesi sonucu oluflturulan populasyonda dane verimine iliflkin. — “Inheritance of Grain Yield in a Half-Diallel Maize Population”, journals.tubitak.gov.tr
  • Title: Quantitative Trait Inheritance in a Forty-Year-Old Longleaf Pine Partial Diallel Test 13 parent partial diallel field experiment was established at two locations on the Harrison Experimental Forest in 1960. — “Quantitative Trait Inheritance in a Forty-Year-Old Longleaf”, treesearch.fs.fed.us
  • Diallel ***ysis of anther culture response in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. Key words: Triticum aestivum L., anther culture, cultivars, diallel ***ysis. — “Dagustu. Diallel ***ysis of anther culture response in wheat”,
  • Diallel designs provide good evaluation of parents and full-sib families, BOX 1: Causal variance components and heritabilities from a diallel mating design. — “***ysis of Diallel Mating Designs”, www4.ncsu.edu
  • Heterosis and combining ability in a half-diallel cross of Sesbania pachycarpa DC. were crossed in a half-diallel mating scheme, and the parents and F1's were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with three replications. — “Heterosis and combining ability in a half-diallel cross of”, agronomy-
  • in the design of diallel cross experiments has been made, see e.g. Gupta and Kageyama (1994) appropriate for diallel crosses is quite different from the set-up of designs for varietal trials and. — “A-optimal diallel crosses for test versus control comparisons”, isid.ac.in
  • ***YSIS OF VARIANCE OF PARTIAL DIALLEL TABLES. José Marcelo Soriano Viana1, Cosme Damião Cruz1, Antonio Américo Cardoso2 and Adair José Regazzi3 The theory of variance ***ysis of partial diallel tables, following Hayman's proposal of 1954, is presented. — “Genetics and Molecular Biology - ***ysis of variance of”, scielo.br
  • Diallel definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Diallel | Define Diallel at ”,
  • Diallel ***ysis of sooty stripe resistance in sorghum. Authors: Haussmann B.I.G.1; Hess D.E.2; Sissoko I.2; Kayentao M.3; Reddy of sooty stripe resistance in a 9 × 9 sorghum F_2-population diallel grown together with parent lines and checks in 1996 under natural disease pressure at two locations. — “ingentaconnect Diallel ***ysis of sooty stripe resistance in”,
  • Di·al·lel a. Meeting and intersecting, as lines; not parallel; -- opposed to parallel. — “diallel: Information from ”,
  • Definition of DIALLEL : relating to or being the crossing of each of several individuals with two or more others in order to determine the relative genetic contribution of each parent to specific characters in the offspring. Origin of DIALLEL. — “Diallel - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • Diallel Line Demonstration After reading Sterling Allan's article* discussing Diallel lines, and seeing his Fathers pictures, I was visiting with researcher Randy Silks who has developed an intuition for feeling spatial lines which he has discovered can have radii of near 15 meters. This prompted me to ask him to try and see if he could do what Sterlings father was able to do. Success! We kept rolling, and he demonstrates it uncut. Within 15 minutes, he had helped my wife learn the technique and she too was able to balance another egg nearby. * 'The "Magic" of the egg explained' by David W. Allan Here is a link to a documented experiment by someone unfamiliar with Diallel lines: www.phy.cmich.edu It is interesting that many people have been able to balance eggs on end throughout the year without understanding all the details behind it. It is understandable that many experiments have been skewed by non smooth surfaces, on the egg or the surface it is balanced on. To test this theory, I moved the shelf top to another location a few inches away to see if the same spot on the surface with the same egg would work or fail away from the diallel line. It was found (but not documented) that the egg prefers the geographic location. IOW, it was harder to balance in the same spot on the moved surface, but easier to balance at a new spot located over the same geographical location. The diallel line does not seem to be altered by moving the wooden shelf.
  • Perpetual Motion - ***yzing the Finsrud GMD (IPMM 6). The Finsrud Gravito Magnetic Device (GMD) ***yzed: This is Reidar Finsrud from Norway. He was born 5 march 1946. He is a painter and a sculptor. One day he wanted to make an ashtray... floating on a magnetic field. It didn't work, he got angry and said: 'Not stable? Then I'll make it move!. that was in 1984. he thought and tried for many years. He studied the magnetic restlessness and what the best arrangement would be. He discovered that adding a normal pendulum, to the chaos pendulum, prolonged its activity. He used three pendulums to control it and made a track, He attached it to the chaos pendulum. Horseshoe magnets fixed to the pendulums were to control the movements of the setup, with on it a steel ball of 0.82 kg, 2,7''. The ball Passed a lever to drive the pendulums, but the unrest ended after a while, the ball stopped on the track. So he placed the setup on a column and created a vibrating connection. It took him many years to figure out the design of the vibratory unit between the ball and the top. This is the final building plan. In 1996 the ball finally kept moving! This newspaper picture was shot when the machine ran for 6 weeks. And so is it running ever since, with some maintenance now and then. Maintenance: 1) cleaning the track. 2) Redo the resin fix of the magnet array in the base. It is the first working perpetuum mobile in human history! Now, how must we explain this? The device suggests this: If we repel or expand from a diallel - towards the center ...

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  • “This theory makes use of the energy density component and diallel gravitational field lines. Evidence of Diallel-Field Lines. Fifth Dimension. reply posted on 1-10-2003 @ 09:31 AM by AlnilamOmega. well well well theyre”
    — New Unified Field Theory, page 1,

  • “Rose Hybridizers Association Forum ( I think "diallel inheritance" was the incorrect phrase, wasn't it?) The only thing that can be deduced for sure in this population is, that juvenile recurrence is inherrited by more than one simple mendelian gene. I promise to keep you updated on the population”
    — RHA Forum - Message and Follow Ups,

  • “Garlic (lahasuna) benefit. Also Check out whatelse is under dinar rahmat's Blog Among other compounds in diallel sulphide or oxidized form called alisin, which have antioxidant, anticancer, antirombotik, anti-inflammatory, decrease blood pressure, and lower blood cholesterol”
    — dinar rahmat's Blog - Garlic (lahasuna) benefit,

  • “红花论文摘要(十九) Abstracts on Safflower No.19,黎大爵的博客,黎大爵的中国网专家博客 and correlations is derived from data on seed yield, its components and oil content from 45 F1s and F2s from a 10 parent diallel without reciprocals”
    — 红花论文摘要(十九) Abstracts on Safflower No.19 - 黎大爵 - lidajue - 专家,

  • “Forum. Index FAQ Search News Feed. Log in Register. Author. Message < ASReml ~ GXE Terms in Diallel ***ysis forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum”
    — View topic - GXE Terms in Diallel ***ysis | Forum | VSN,

  • “Answers to all your Biology Questions. Search. forum | site wide. Search. forum | site wide. Board index " General Biology " Genetics 6 generations of crosses and 2)complete diallel cross .which in better or should i use”
    — inheritance study - Biology-Online, biology-

  • “2001 National Fusarium Head Blight Forum. 227. Variety Development and Uniform Nurseries severity in a 9x9 diallel cross of. SRWW screened in the greenhouse. at”

  • “Professor R.C. Bose had a long association with the Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics and served on On Constructions of Optimal Complete Diallel Crosses. Kuey Chung Choi* and Sudhir Gupta, *Chosun University,”
    — Schedule of Sessions OPENING ACTIVITIES, math.louisville.edu

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