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  • Diagrammatic Representation and Inference: Second International Conference, Diagrams 2002, Callaway Gardens, Ga, Usa, April 18-20, 2002 : Proceedings by Diagrams 2002 (Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Ga.); Meyer, Bernd E.; Narayanan, N. Hari. — “Diagrammatic Representation and Inference: Second”,
  • Definition of diagrammatic in the Medical Dictionary. diagrammatic explanation. Information about diagrammatic in Free online English dictionary. What is diagrammatic? Meaning of diagrammatic medical term. What does diagrammatic mean?. — “diagrammatic - definition of diagrammatic in the Medical”, medical-
  • Diagrammatic reasoning is a type of reasoning in which the focal point of the problem solving is a picture. Diagrammatic reasoning is common in human problem-solving behavior, especially when the. — “Research in Diagrammatic Reasoning”, stanford.edu
  • Prepare for diagrammatic reasoning tests with our expert advice and free downloadable practice tests. — “Diagrammatic reasoning tests free downloads”, psychometric-
  • Diagrammatic reasoning questions are designed to assess your logical reasoning ability. These questions may either be integrated into a test along with verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning questions, or they may be presented as a separate diagrammatic reasoning test paper. — “Diagrammatic Reasoning | WikiJob”,
  • In the first part of this paper, I delineate Peirce's general concept of diagrammatic The concept of diagrammatic reasoning' was first introduced, as far as I can see, by. John Venn in his article On the Diagrammatic and Mechanical Representations of. — “COGNITIVE CONDITIONS OF DIAGRAMMATIC REASONING”, spp.gatech.edu
  • "Diagrammatic Reasoning," [5] I often puzzled. over the fact that rather different sorts of were dubbed diagrammatic reasoning by. different authors. I then spent sometime trying to. — “Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning: Some Distinctions”, cse.ohio-state.edu
  • posted by: sidhefaer in diagrammatic. chimeric. chimeric. chimeric. CHECK posted by: sidhefaer in diagrammatic. Right, let's kickstart this journal with something, at least. Here's something to tide you. — “Graphic Schematics; A Graphics Journal”,
  • We utilize a diagrammatic notation for invariant tensors to construct the Young projection operators. for the irreducible representations of the unitary group U (n), prove their uniqueness, idempotency, and orthogonality, and rederive the formula for their dimensions. — “Diagrammatic Young Projection Operators for U (n)”, cns.gatech.edu
  • diagrammatic. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search diagrammatic (comparative more diagrammatic, superlative most diagrammatic). — “diagrammatic - Wiktionary”,
  • 5. DIAGRAMMATIC PAPER AIDS. 5.1 The diagrammatic aid is illustrative, employing simplified figures or symbols where possible, and containing no extraneous information. There may be a few words or numerals shown but their meaning in the context will not be obvious. — “Diagrammatic aids”, www-personal.edfac.usyd.edu.au
  • We will look at application of this diagrammatic framework by Diagrammatic calculus has a broad range of application. Higher-categories provide a unifying framework for understanding. — “Diagrammatic Algebra”, math.columbia.edu
  • Definition of diagrammatic in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is diagrammatic? Meaning of diagrammatic as a legal term. What does diagrammatic mean in law?. — “diagrammatic legal definition of diagrammatic. diagrammatic”, legal-
  • Diagrammatic reasoning is reasoning by means of visual representations. Leibniz's diagrammatic reasoning. Since the characteristica universalis is diagrammatic and employs pictograms (below left), the diagrams in Leibniz's work warrant close. — “Diagrammatic reasoning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective diagrammatic has one meaning: Meaning #1 : shown or. — “diagrammatic: Information from ”,
  • diagrammatic: the elegant and the abject mess, the profound and the b***, the conventional and the inventive - diagrams for your consideration. Readers/viewers are invited to submit their own diagrams or suggest other ones (via dilettanteventures [at] gmail). — “diagrammatic”,
  • Definition of diagrammatic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of diagrammatic. Pronunciation of diagrammatic. Definition of the word diagrammatic. Origin of the word diagrammatic. — “diagrammatic - Definition of diagrammatic at ”,
  • The difference between textual programming and diagrammatic programming is the difference between a description and a mug shot, between a list of directions and a map, between a formula and a graph. In diagrammatic programming, the ideal is the real; the documentation is the program. — “EDN Access -- 01.06.94 Diagrammatic Programming”,
  • BARNES & NOBLE: How to Pass Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests by Mike Bryon - Save with New Lower Prices on Millions of Books. FREE Shipping on $25 orders!. — “How to Pass Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests, Testing Series”,
  • Personalized Business Name Pin Gold or Silver Jewelry. Seller: janycet Feedback: 2313 MY DAD'S 40 40th Birthday iron-on shirt transfer decal. Seller: kustomdesignzbyk Feedback:. — “Custom Clothing and Jewelry”,
  • Diagrammatic reasoning—the understanding of concepts and ideas by the Diagrammatic Reasoning brings together recent investigations into the cognitive, the logical, and particularly the computational characteristics of diagrammatic representations and the reasoning that can be done with them. — “Diagrammatic Reasoning - The MIT Press”, mitpress.mit.edu
  • It's been a while since I last updated. For my recent work, have a look over at Mixtape Check out new music video for Yeasayer's "Wait for the Summer" over at Mixtape Club. — “Jesse Casey: Design, Animation, & Compositing”,

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  • Royal Robertson at SUNDAY GALLERY James Kalm, while cruising through the Lower Eastside, is attracted by the sight of strange diagrammatic drawings and stops to investigate. Royal Robertson (1936-1997) was a professional sign painter from Louisiana who began to make drawing inspired by his messianic visions and utopian ideals. Working with cheesy materials like ballpoint pen and magic-markers on poster-board, he infused his love of comics, calendrical systems, and science fiction into a graphic language that both haunting and attractive. Sean Horton delivers an insightful introduction into Robertson's work.
  • Line Crew Boss - Recording/Data Acquisition A Line Crew Boss: • Is responsible for all aspects of health, safety and environmental concerns in particular work area • Must operate and maintain various types of specialized seismic vehicles used in transporting personnel and equipment in the acquisition of seismic data. • Assists in the general transportation of the crew. • Provides labor in deploying, retrieving, installing and maintaining of seismic equipment. • Assists in ensuring quality of line layout (properly spaced and level geophones). • Should be capable of moving and transporting equipment up to 75 lbs over uneven terrain, walking distances of up to 10 kilometers, working outdoors with varying temperatures and adverse weather conditions for extended periods of time. • Should be able to comprehend a variety of rules or instructions furnished in a written, oral, and diagrammatic or schedule form. • Must have the ability and the willingness to help ensure all aspects of quality, safety and production. • Communicates hazards and potential hazards. • Attends technical, Safety and Quality Training as required by management. • Is required to assist as needed in any capacity on the crew, at the discretion of the Observer. Thanks Datum!
  • BP Continues Chemical Injections 10-22-10 after Wellhead Considered DEAD?! COREXIT 9500 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET! Abiotic Oil AC Griffith Updates on The BP Well Cap 15 July 2010- Toxic Rains reaching Canada BP Oil Spill: Interview with AC Griffith 7/15/2010 BP oil spill update with Captain Kelly Sweeny and Richard C. Hoagland Crisis by Design Watch BP live ROV feeds here any time Diagrammatic Illustration of BP's Deepwater Horizon Blowout Agenda 21 (UN's depopulation manual) Attention: Planned Training Being Conducted for Disaster Level Events! THIS ONE IS A WOWZER!
  • Canibus - Rap City The Basement 1998 Yo I bust it, the blood in my brain super conducted A supreme intelligent being you dont wanna scuff with Cassette tapes encassed in a chemical substance That'll cause it to explode if you try to dub it Tight rhymes, I sent Pete Rock to another lifetime Keep Erica all to myself, cause I like dimes Radiation from the bright shine, metling MC's with hype lines Im very selfish with my mic time When I recite mines, my rhymes explode like a pipe bomb Nobody in they right, -OR-, they left mind could test my Power to weight ratio, makes it capable for me to carry 1000lb BOS radios Messin with the CANI, is like steppin on a live land mine Behind enemy lines Military paratroops in camouflage parachutes With flight suits and boots landing on ya roof Eliminate the target is the prime objective I create psychic walls harder then cemeters Nobody enters, Nobody exits I wreck this with methods, electric like the Pentagons fences MC's with the hype-nitis disease, is like crack thieves with the Hepatitis B vaccine Navy seal team making chicks scream Make him suffer dipped in vaginal cream Cause you wack suckas aint worth the earth that you walk on You aint worth the paper plates prisoners eat pork on The devolution I bring is a diagrammatic enigma Im on that, aint the stimula' Tigga pass my diadem You prolly thinkin this Incubus cause im an inimical epiphany This is an epistolary symphony Seriously, the Canibus illuminates with logic What I speak is more than just deep, its ...
  • bitpict-IDR #7 of 8 (Figure-12): FILTER-LT2 BITPICT implementation of InterDiagrammatic Reasoning -- the FILTER function, filtering a set of 5 diagrams based on a pre-defined "LessThanTwo" predicate. This is a video version of Figure 12 in the Anderson&Furnas submission for the Diagrams 2010 conference. Contact [email protected] for details.
  • Josh Keyes & Oliver Vernon Limited Addiction Gallery is proud to present the work of Josh Keyes and Oliver Vernon. Both artists have come together to share their unique perspective and narrative of the world in which we live. Like an archeologist, Josh Keyes isolates narrative scraps from the world and places them in the void of the canvas to see what they might become. The images are meant to have a diagrammatic quality that arises from his desire to see things more clearly. Though often steeped in satire, Josh's drawings and paintings are also suffused with a sincere admiration of our planet. His altered landscapes reveal both the intricacy of the earth as a system and the complexity of our response to the natural world, while retaining a sense of specificity and intimacy. Keyes is interested in creating psychological narratives set in closed systems that express the behavior of and the interaction between humans and animals. The dystopian model creates a dynamic playing field where he can experiment with these ideas and forms. Keyes has drawn upon a number of recent life experiences for this body of work. The artist views this subject matter as a positive turning point in the wake of his past few exhibitions, which have touched upon darker underlying themes. Oliver Vernon's imagery stems from his imagination through a process of spontaneous composition. The artist's layered environments infuse concepts of space, motion and form with unique architechtural vision. He depicts the simultaneity of ...
  • Acoustic Guitar Building Master Class DVD Collection 10 Disc DVD - A Master Class in Acoustic Guitar Making - Snippets from our DVD Collection! (Uploaded in lower quality video) .au Learn how to build an acoustic guitar in your own workshop with Australian Luthier Chris Wynne - Founder of Thomas Lloyd Guitars School Of Acoustic Guitar Making, Melbourne, Australia Included with our DVD Collection is a 60 page diagrammatic Luthiers Handbook with on-screen references to help you get the job done. Plus an exclusive online Luthiers Forum! This DVD is professionally filmed in High Definition. Suitable for the novice to intermediate builder! Chris Wynne - Copyright ©2010
  • bitpict-IDR #4 of 8 (Figure-9b): Overlay-NOT-AND BITPICT implementation of InterDiagrammatic Reasoning -- the expression OVERLAY(NOT(D1), AND(D2,D3)), applied to 1x10 "diagrams", D1, D2, and D3. This is a video version of Figure 9b in the Anderson&Furnas submission for the Diagrams 2010 conference. Contact [email protected] for details.
  • Diagrammatic explanation of BIOS operation Interview with Sridharan Mani, Director & CEO, American Megatrends India Private Limited (AMI India) www.amiindia.co.in, March 10, 2009, 4 pm
  • Diagrammatic Illustration BBQ fat system as seen on dragons den, I created the visuals for their advert to promote the product
  • GREAT EGYPTIAN MUSEUM - Concept Diagrammatic conceptual development for the Great Egyptian Museum Competition Cairo, by award winning architects, soundspacedesign, Cape Town, Durban
  • A diagrammatic representation of the complexity of time... A diagrammatic representation of the complexity of time and its relationship to culture. Done in a pseudo science education video 1980/70s style.
  • Experience Design Project Christopher Post, Masters of Architecture _Experience Design Project. This project was to create experiences for a work, enterpriser, and client with out actually designing a building. The designs started as diagrammatic section and evolved with further exporeation into diagrammatic plans. The result was a presentation of 5 keyframe experiences for each group of users (worker, enterpriser, client) More is available at
  • The Revelation to John - Diagrammatic Illustration Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written therein, for the time is near. Revelation 1:3
  • Value & Line in Two-Dimensional Design : Two-Dimensional Design: Diagrammatic & Calligraphic Lines Diagrammatic lines in 2-D design create configurations and calligraphic, gestural lines are expressive. Try diagrammatic and calligraphic lines intwo-dimensional design with an artist in this free video art lesson. Expert: Gretchen Kibbe Bio: Gretchen Kibbe is an artist and part-time faculty member at Appalachian State University. She worked as a scenic artist on the Spike Lee movie School Daze. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • A diagrammatic explanation how best Beethoven was
  • Introducing PHILOSOPHICAL TRUTH I created this video using my Logitech QuickCam software in order to introduce a supernotational (loosely aphoristic) philosophy project of mine over an excerpt from EKI_042 (electronic keyboard instrumentals volume forty-two). The apparent simplicity if not b***ity of the title owes not a little to the fact that this project contains many T-like diagrams as supplementary explanatory material to the text, so that the 'truth' of the title can be regarded as reflecting this particular approach to diagrammatic structure. This project is also virtually unique, among my e-scroll presentations, in that it is in an italic-printerly rather than an italic-writerly mode of textural presentation - something that would not be the case, I feel, were there less diagrams requiring textural explanation. But I would still argue, as a purist, that this kind of italic presentation is less than metaphysical and therefore beneath the standard of my other e-scrolls in that respect, irrespective of any diagrammatic justification. Such a claim would not, however, detract from the content itself, which is of the standard one would expect from my philosophy.
  • 10-10-10 BP Agenda 21 Depopulation Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico Update Links crashing so here they are: as best I can remember: UN Depopulation (Sustainable Development) Agenda 21: 1st extinction event: Leaked CERN documents state LHC has 70% chances to produce 'ice-9′ strangelets on 11/9: jimbonumber9 at youtube (awesome sources!) Diagrammatic Illustration of BP's Deepwater Horizon Blowout: BP Rehearsed Oil Spill in 2000 CONFIDENTIAL EXPERIMENT EXPOSED! Vibrio Vulnificus: Virus that Killed Many After Hurricane Katrina : The Methane Apocalypse: how many times have you seen them "jetting hydrates" at the wellhead?! Methane Hydrates! Gulf of Mexico Subsea Structures May Be in Seismic Danger Zone: Facts About Benzene : www.bt.cdc.gov Our 'man on the oil rig' explains (almost) all: "LET THESE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES BE TO AN AGE OF REASON": AND FREEMAN TAKES YOU ON A TOUR! Earths crust split cant stop oil: AC Griffith Updates on The BP Well Cap 15 July 2010- Toxic Rains reaching Canada BP Oil Spill: Interview with AC Griffith 7/15/2010 : Crisis by Design : 10 Year Documentary To Follow Bluebrain Project (Video): Abiotic Oil: Jail the Banksters: Alert: Obama Warns World Leaders 'Millions Could Die' From ...
  • DIY Cheap Steadicam w/ animation This is my steadicam attempt. The design still has some flaws but it is an improvement over using my hand. I am also testing diagrammatic animations and rendering techniques. Please comment if you found this helpful or if you have tips.
  • bitpict-IDR #6 of 8 (Figure-11): Accumulate-Overlay BITPICT implementation of InterDiagrammatic Reasoning -- the ACCUMULATE function applying the OVERLAY operator repeatedly to a set of 5 1x10 diagrams. This is a video version of Figure 11 in the Anderson&Furnas submission for the Diagrams 2010 conference. Contact [email protected] for details.
  • bitpict-IDR #1 of 8 (Figure-8a): NOT BITPICT implementation of InterDiagrammatic Reasoning -- the NOT operator. Bitpict rules for each case leave the result where the red NOT-operator color was, and light yellow emptyspace behind. This is a video version of Figure 8 (first part) in the Anderson&Furnas submission for the Diagrams 2010 conference. Contact [email protected] for details.
  • A diagrammatic representation of the problem of time... A diagrammatic representation of the problem of time in relation to consciousness. Done in a pseudo science education video 1980/70s style.
  • Joseph Eger & Dr. Harry Letrner 01-13-11 Original air date Maestro Joseph Eger is Music Director/Conductor of the Symphony for United Nations (SUN) in New York and Florida, and Guest Conductor for Life in Beijing, China. In addition to countless guest conducting engagements around the world, Maestro Eger has been active in the movie industry and in commercial radio and television & (Dr. Harry H. Lerner, CAMDUN's UN Representative and President of the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations (CCC/UN) 301 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017, USA.) The "Dynamics of Democracy--Local to Global" flow-chart below is a diagrammatic description of a permanent process of community-level NGO and CBO (Community-based organization) coordination for cooperative planning and problem-solving via monthly meetings of organizational representatives, computer networking, bio-regional coalition-building and public education on the linkage between local and global issues and strategies. One unifying aim and ongoing project of such community councils is participation in the biennial nomination and popular election of, as well as continuing communication with, delegates to the proposed United Nations Citizens (Peoples') Assembly, each representing their area's residents as global inhabitants, as well as national citizens. The resulting UN body would number under 600 delegates, on a proportionally equitable population basis. This plan involves a minimum of 1 delegate per nation plus the square root of the millions of its population ...
  • Visual literacy Using visuals for intentional communication with others -Visual Literacy- involves the ability to construct and create meaning from visual images. Several controversial elements are described including- competencies and measurement lack of common theory verbal visual divide acquired a priori skill instrumental and substantive and critical theory.
  • Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Does Homology = Relatedness? Paternity tests use inherited DNA markers as a way to determine relatedness. So does phylogenetics. If you want to learn to make your own phylograms: Here's some resources for more info on phylograms. The Wikipedia article on phylogenetic trees Science and Sensibility does a phylogenetic tree of science blogs science_ The Tree of Life web project, based on 16S rDNA sequences Here's a poster you can order if you love phylogenetics as much as I do. A dendrogram is a broad term for the diagrammatic representation of a phylogenetic tree. A cladogram is a tree formed using cladistic methods. This type of tree only represents a branching pattern, ie, its branch lengths do not represent time. A phylogram is a phylogenetic tree that explicitly represents number of character changes through its branch lengths. An ultrametric tree or chronogram is a phylogenetic tree that explicitly represents evolutionary time through its branch lengths.
  • Acute and Chronic Inflammation Diagrammatic Representation Of Inflammation
  • Endorphins: The Brain's Natural Morphine Provides diagrammatic action graphics of neural networks, synaptic junctions, and neurotransmitter sites. Also touches on topics of consciousness, drug addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and nerve functioning.
  • Dj M-box - Diagrammatic
  • Construction Sequence Animation in SketchUp Tutorial How to use scenes and section cuts in SketchUp to create an animation sequence.
  • Innova - Object Collection Innova is an experimental opera about cosmopolitan decay and resonantly colliding languages. Five vocalists maintain an extensive live/work space that becomes an urban grotto of revised and invented topographies. Sifting through a baroque landscape of objects, tools, and scale models of unusual landmarks, the performers transform the stimulus around them into intricate sequences of action, diagrammatic displays, and a vigorous instrumental score. Innova is performed in English as well as Turkish, German, French, Spanish, and Hebrew, with English supertitles. Innova premieres at Abrons Arts Center May 13-22 produced in association with Incubator Arts Project www.objectcollection.us Kara Feely: Writer/Director Travis Just: Composer Peter Ksander: Set Designer Miranda Hardy: Lighting Designer Stacey Berman: Costume Designer Jamie McElhinney: Sound Designer Casey Llewellyn: Assistant Director Nate Lemoine: Production Manager Liz Nielsen: Stage Manager Ed Roman: Sound Mix Performers: Doug Barrett Avi Glickstein Eric Magnus Fulya Peker Deborah Wallace Musicians: Travis Just Taylor Levine Jessie Marino
  • 99_WhetStoneOne.avi Here is a UML primer geared to both the technical and non-technical alike. Unlike most tutorials, you can download the final Open Source Project as designed and created. Diagrammatic introductions in this video include the Use Case, Sequence, and Activity Diagram. Implementation included C# (.NET port), Java, Java Applets, Java Desktop Applications, and PHP. -By RA Nagy and Soft9000.com.
  • PRINCE2 Process Model Approach: Trigger Map High-Level Overview Trigger Map gives a diagrammatic representation of the entire PRINCE2® framework. This enables you to grasp the concepts better and visualize the structure which in turn improves your ability to understand the PRINCE2® Processes in essence. For more details visit www.tag-india.in
  • Diagrammatic Mapping Example n/a
  • Fractal Zoning Diagram A diagram is an easily transferable container for concepts. Used as a tool, this concept container can describe the relationships of societal elements, and present them in a format that is open to interpretation. A screwdriver can be used as a hammer, and a hammer as a screwdriver, but they each have a mode of operation that suits them. To promote sustainability in a diagrammatic way, the links between elements of peoples daily life need to be incorporated into this diagram, and arranged in a manner that makes traveling between these elements use the least amount of resources possible. Speaking in strict terms of efficient categorization, the different paths a person can take through their day first involve the examination of the nature of a path. The idea of path involves a beginning/end; the space the path occupies; and the space the path moves through. Translating these abstract terms into a framework that relates to a persons day involves applying the actualization of physical application to these conceptual terms. The begining/end can be bonded together into the concept of boundary - this is where the path no longer exists. When one leaves a boundary condition to travel along a path, that path is now in use. A person using a path can continue along that path until the idea of boundary condition is again reached, or they can step from the path into the void space that path traverses in order to gain perspective on the nature of that path. Accessing a vantage point ...
  • 2D Diagrammatic Animation Sample video showing 2D animation in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.
  • bitpict-IDR #2 of 8 (Figure-8b): AND BITPICT implementation of InterDiagrammatic Reasoning -- the AND operator. Bitpict rules for each case leave the result where the blue AND-operator color was, and light yellow emptyspace behind. This is a video version of Figure 8 (second part) in the Anderson&Furnas submission for the Diagrams 2010 conference. Contact [email protected] for details.
  • 497GW A diagrammatic and architectural animation of 497 GW by Archi-Tectonics for the Venice Biennial.
  • Nothing Implied (string quartet) Nothing Implied (2006) Performance Instructions: Each players part compromises 6 groups of text, taken from various UK newspapers on 4 days during August 2006 (the period traditionally known as the silly season). the stories were chosen for their lurid, harrowing or humorous content. Alongside the text is a diagrammatic score, indicating the length of the 6 sections of the piece, punctuated by silence, and some instructions to the players for the selection of their pitch material. The total range of each instrument is divided into three registers: low, medium and high. Within each register the players are free to choose any pitches according to the number specified in the score for each section of the piece (eg violin I in section one chooses any five pitches in the high register. Viola in section two chooses any six pitches from all registers, etc). the players may if they prefer fix the pitches during rehearsal and blank staves are included in the performance material for this purpose. The chosen pitches are then used to chant the texts for each section, in a free speech rhythm. Only single notes are to be chosen ie no double stops. Each performer is then to invest their (purely instrumental) chanting with as much or as little theatricality as they wish. However, the dynamics of the piece will never rise above a general level of p possible, owing to the use of practise mutes. Within each section, each player is free to choose as many or as few of the texts as they wish ...
  • bitpict-IDR #3 of 8 (Figure-9a): MoveDataLeft rules BITPICT implementation of InterDiagrammatic Reasoning -- the MoveDataLeft rules. This is a video version of Figure 9a in the Anderson&Furnas submission for the Diagrams 2010 conference. Contact [email protected] for details.
  • Philadelphia Climate Exchange Diagrammatic beginnings.
  • SerpAssist Review HD gives you the full in-depth details about this fantastic marketing software that allows you to create visual diagrammatic layouts for your backlink building tasks. Even better than this, it then goes on and builds those backlinks and networks completely automated. You don't even need to leave your computer switched on because it is all handled using a main server and several node computers that operate behind the main server. If you need to build on more social bookmarking web 2.0 websites, generate high PR backlinks then this software is going to blow you away. It is almost half the price of SeNuke and with that it has almost a 100% success rate for submissions of your content to article directories, bookmarking websites, feeder blogs etc. You don't even need to create any accounts yourself either because it also automates all of that!
  • bitpict-IDR #5 of 8 (Figure-10): NULL predicate BITPICT implementation of InterDiagrammatic Reasoning -- the NULL predicate. This is a video version of Figure 10 in the Anderson&Furnas submission for the Diagrams 2010 conference. Contact [email protected] for details.

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