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  • deterioration ( di′tirēə′rāshən ) ( engineering ) Decline in the quality of equipment or structures over a period of time due to the chemical or. — “deterioration: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • deterioration (countable and uncountable; plural deteriorations) The process of growing worse, or the state of having grown worse. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/deterioration". — “deterioration - Wiktionary”,
  • study shows an increase in the regression rate of benthic primary producers, a deterioration in ecological status and the appearance of eutrophication processes in many coastal lagoons. New Tel Aviv University research links diabetes to cognitive deterioration. — “Learn more about deterioration | e! Science News”,
  • Definition of deterioration in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of deterioration. Pronunciation of deterioration. Translations of deterioration. deterioration synonyms, deterioration antonyms. Information about deterioration in the free online. — “deterioration - definition of deterioration by the Free”,
  • Deterioration - Minnesota Grindcore. — “Deterioration”,
  • The basic indications of stained glass deterioration occur in three primary stages: The siphoned water is usually observed internally as a damp band around each piece of glass and when dry, often leaves a white calcium deposit on the inside surface of the glass. — “Deterioration”,
  • There's no cure for muscular dystrophy (MD), a genetic disorder that gradually weakens muscles, but there are ways to improve muscle and joint function and slow deterioration so that kids with MD can stay as active as possible. — “Muscular Dystrophy”,
  • deterioration, degeneration, decadence, decline mean the falling from a higher to a lower level in quality, character, or vitality. deterioration implies generally the impairment of value or usefulness. — “Deterioration - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Find deterioration synonyms and deterioration antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Deterioration Synonyms, Deterioration Antonyms | ”,
  • Definition of deterioration from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of deterioration. Pronunciation of deterioration. Definition of the word deterioration. Origin of the word deterioration. — “deterioration - Definition of deterioration at ”,
  • Aspects of the topic deterioration are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Two processes are active during this period: a dimensional thinning and a deterioration of the ice crystal grains at their boundaries. — “deterioration (physics) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Deterioration is a term now commonly used in health care, to describe worsening of a It is often used as a shortened form of 'deterioration not recognised or not acted upon'. — “Deterioration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • List of 24 disease causes of Mental deterioration in children, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Mental deterioration in children. — “Mental deterioration in children - ”,
  • Synonyms for deterioration. Other words for deterioration. Different words for deterioration. Antonyms of deterioration. — “deterioration - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and”,
  • When the debate should have been about the deterioration of our cities and the lack of action by government, he sent in his idiot to make an outrageous statement about Murphy Brown. Tim Robbins. All those vitamins aren't to keep death at bay, they're to keep deterioration at bay. Jeanne Moreau. — “Definition of Deterioration”,
  • Definition of deterioration in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is deterioration? Meaning of deterioration as a legal term. What does deterioration mean in law?. — “deterioration legal definition of deterioration”, legal-
  • deterioration - definition of deterioration from : Downgrading of the effectiveness or physical characteristics (color, consistency, odor, etc.) of a substance due to faulty packaging or abnormal storage conditions. — “deterioration definition”,
  • Mental Deterioration. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Mental Deterioration. Common Chinese Herbs, Hispanic Diabetic Folk Remedies, What Causes Huntington's Disease?, CJD Disease Sym. — “Mental Deterioration | ”,
  • Deterioration definition, the act or process of deteriorating. See more. the action or process of deteriorating : the state of having deteriorated. — “Deterioration | Define Deterioration at ”,
  • deterioration: Definition and Pronunciation. — “deterioration: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • The bone structure underlying the span of missing teeth will undergo deterioration (only the anchoring teeth continue to provide important bone stimulation. Controlling or Stopping Jawbone Deterioration - Resorption. Using the format outlined above describing different cause and effect. — “Bone Loss Mandibular Maxillary Jawbone Resorption Edentulous”, dental--

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  • NOAA Titanic Expedition 2004: Breathtaking Wreck Footage Breathtaking... Nearly 20 years after first finding the sunken remains of the RMS Titanic, marine explorer Robert Ballard returned in June 2004 helped by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Ocean Exploration to study the ship's rapid deterioration. The RMS Titanic team worked aboard the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown from May 30 through June 9 spending 11 days at the wreck site, mapping the ship and conducting scientific ***ysis of its deterioration. Using the Institute for Exploration (IFE) remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) Hercules and Argus, to conduct a sophisticated documentation of the state of Titanic was not possible in the 1980's. This "Look, don't touch" mission utilized high-definition video and stereoscopic still images to provide an updated assessment of the wreck site at an enormous depth of 3840 meters (12600 feet). As the nation's ocean agency, NOAA has a vested interest in the scientific and cultural aspects of the Titanic, and in its appropriate treatment and preservation. NOAA's focus is to build a baseline of scientific information from which we can measure the shipwreck's processes and deterioration, and then apply the knowledge we gain to other deep-water shipwrecks and submerged cultural resources. Video courtesy of the RMS Titanic Expedition Team 2004, ROI, IFE, NOAA-OE. Please visit source:
  • Demon Hunter - Deteriorate (Fan Video) The feel of this song is very introspective, about reaching the bottom and self deterioration, how it affects every part of life and not realizing that life itself is fragile. But this is not a depressing song, rather a song speaking of hope and redemption despite all failures. The idea for the video was conceived, directed and edited by Maritza Swanepoel for a multimedia project.
  • Noothgrush - Deterioration One of the greatest bands ever. Buy their stuff!
  • Joo's Combo Collection - CT - Flying Screen Deterioration This is the FSD (Flying Screen Deterioration) chapter of the Common Techniquesection. This is a chapter from Joo's Marvel vs. Capcom 2. All of the videos were achieved by using programmable controllers in order to bypass the manual execution barrier. As such, the combo ideas are the centerpiece of the videos. Combo videos are an expression of what the person thinks is interesting in the game. Programmable controllers enable the combo creator to program inputs at 1/60th of a second when making combos. This enables the combo creator to push the game to its limits. No game altering devices were used in the making of any of these combos. The combos are a very thorough demonstration of what's possible in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 when both an exhaustive scientific approach and programmable controllers are employed. This is a video presentation of all that data that was amassed by method of systematically reverse-engineering MvC2's engine and thoroughly exploring every character's possibilities. It is highly recommended that the Common Technique/Engine Mechanic section be watched before the Combo Explanation section as the latter uses notation from the Common Technique/Engine Mechanic section. There are 3 sections: *Combos *Common Technique/Engine Mechanics Explanation *Combo Explanations The Common Technique section is ordered as follows: Basic Air Mechanics Dummy Information SJGC (Super Jump Guard Cancel) Y-Boost Unfly OTG (Off The Ground) FS (Flying Screen) FSD (Flying Screen ...
  • BNP - Deterioration of our culture (part 2) Another great speech from Richard Edmonds speaking at a recent meeting in Rossendale.
  • Aluminum Clad, Vinyl Clad, Window Deterioration THE TRUTH Pella Andersen Video explains how aluminum clad and vinyl clad casement, awing, double hung, and single hung windows and slicing exterior doors deteriorate. The video shows four different ways these windows and doors fail. These windows and doors can deteriorate from, poor design, poor manufacturing, poor installation, and high indoor humidity. These windows and doors have an aluminum and vinyl exterior adhered window skin. This exterior window skin acts like an exterior vapor barrier which traps moisture and does not permit the drying to the exterior. When it is cold outside, which occurs in cold weather climate zones, which is roughly 60% of the USA, a dew point forms on the interior side of the vinyl and aluminum skin resulting in condensation, rot, deterioration and failure. Homes with moisture generators such as ventless heaters, poor dryer vents, furnace humidifiers, vented crawl spaces, foundation leaks, and sump pumps that do not have 100% sealed lids create high indoor humidity which augments and accelerated the deterioration process of these types of windows. . The video will teach the observer about building science, vapor diffusion, high indoor humidity, high indoor vapor pressure, condensation and residential window forensics. Additionally, the video will show examples of Marvin, Pella, and Andersen and other manufacturer windows that are experiencing window failure problems, homeowner complaints and class action lawsuits. ASHI certified Home inspector Marko Vovk from www ...
  • Naruto AMV - Sasori's and Garra's Deterioration PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!! This is my twelvth amv based on Naruto. This is my first attempt at a sad amv and I think I did a pretty good job with it. I showed the sad relationship between Garra and Sasori, and what horrible childhoods they had. This might be my last WMM amv so yea. Enjoy, and if you like it favrioate it. I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME OR THE SONG DETERIORATE. I GIVE CREDIT TO THOSE WHO MADE THE ANIME AND THE MUSIC, SO PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE. I AM ADVERTISING BOTH THINGS TO PEOPLE SO YEA LATER.
  • anterior cervical fusion surgery The hospitals where anterior cervical fusion surgery in India is performed has got finest team of surgeons and physicians that provide excellent and comfortable treatment to its patients. The endeavor of the surgeons performing anterior cervical fusion surgery in India is to go beyond the expected and deliver the most enriching positive experience to each of our patients. Today with the use of modern technology by the hospitals in India the cure rate of spine disorders has increased. Anterior cervical fusion is removal of disc or bone through an approach through the front of the neck and then filling the cavity formed with bone from the hip and possibly placing screws and plates to hold the whole construct into place. The anterior cervical fusion is because of spinal cord dysfunctioning, termed as myelopathy. Compression of nerves or spinal cord is typically caused by disc material or bony spurs. The main reason this form of anterior cervical fusion surgery is performed is to try and reduce the risk of deterioration in spinal cord function. The extreme form of spinal deterioration is myelopathy. The patients with little symptoms spinal cord injury are at the risk of myelopathy. Myelopathy is caused when the space for the spinal cord is reduced due to a accident narrowing the space between the ligaments buckling, injuring the cord. Consequently anterior cervical fusion surgery is primarily performed as a prophylactic procedure to stop deterioration in the future. Hospitals ...
  • Deterioration on The Border Hits Real All-TIme Terrorist Threat Level High!! - Alex Jones Tv Alex breaks down the incredible out of control situation of the border that Obama is still ignoring, but yet at the same time is more concerned with the Iraqi Border!
  • Grindcore Drum Cam (Joe Kahmann of Deterioration) Joe Kahmann of in Odessa, TX 03/21/2009
  • tntrampage | Deterioration A failtage (if that's what the kids call it these days) that features games such as Assassin's Creed dos, Call of Duty Black Ops, and Far Cry 2. If you have a better suggestion to name this video then shoot it out shooter, and if others like your idea aswell I will possibly change the title to that. PSN is still down and I felt like throwing this together. First song is a remix by Tizwarz. Mt Eden Dubstep facebook group:
  • (HD) FEAR 2: Project Origin Interval 06 pt.2 Fear 2 Project Origin Interval 06 Deterioration walkthrough. Becket has arrived at Still Island, but Keegan suddenly loses his mind! SUBSCRIBE!
  • China's Press Freedom Continues to Deteriorate Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: In China, live reporting of emergencies is often blocked by authorities. Thursday, Foreign Correspondents Club of China issued a report, which showed that the international news reporting situation in China is deteriorating. The annual report incorporated 108 survey responses from its 225 news agency members. According to the report, 94% of responses believe the situation is deteriorating. An email of Foreign Correspondents Club of China says 70% of survey responses state that over the past year, their work has been subjected to harassment or even physical interference. Mr. Wei, a Spanish reporter, told NTDTV there has always been government harassment of reporters. It wasn't because of the recent slew of emergencies. The difference is now the CCP is not as polite and is telling foreign reporters directly what they can and cannot do in China. Mr. Wei: I have been in China 9 years. I have been threatened by police. I have been taken to the police station. I have been harassed by ruffians and triads. I have been followed even by multiple cars. This is not new, it has always happened. Freelance writer Zan Aizong, former reporter and news editor, says that government with rule of law, a civil society, must protect freedom of the press and human rights. He said that only rule by law could protect people's basic rights and universal values. Zan Aizong (former reporter of China Ocean News): "I believe many ...
  • Deterioration of Security Situation in Afghanistan 29 12 2010 TOLOnews com
  • Bates - Austin, Oregon MOVIE - By: Dale Heaton - Pt 1 of 9 Dale Heaton put together a video some years back of photos with his personal commentary of the old Bates - Austin, Oregon area. Billie Jo (Raines) George, bless her heart, sent a copy of a copy of the old video to Norm Rasmussen (in Michigan) to upload onto the Internet, for all to see if they never had a chance to see the video. Because the copy was indeed a copy of the original video Dale produced, there is deterioration of quality do to that factor alone. In addition, there is deterioration quality simply because VHS tapes deteriorate simply from aging and places they have been stored. So - do to the not-so-great quality of the video Norm had to work with, you'll notice obvious glitches on the different video clips. However, until someone would download a BETTER QUALITY video Dale produced, we'll have to settle with what we have, fair enough? Special thanks goes out to Dale Heaton for allowing Norm to put this video out on the Internet for all to enjoy over the years to come.
  • Recognize Relationship Problems & Causes : Signs of Failing Relationships: Annoyances When little things begin to annoy a partner that were once cute, the relationship may be beginning to deteriorate. Learn to recognize signs a relationship is failing, like annoyances, from a communications expert in this free relationship video. Expert: Tracy Goodwin Bio: Tracy Goodwin has a masters in corporate communication and 10 years experience in professional speaking. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
  • Infernal Deterioration you can find me on [email protected] don't just look at it rate it and comment! lol
  • Economic Predictions Based on Ron Paul, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Roger|Helmut Flasch Talks
  • Inside the old Odeon cinema, Cambridge Street, Aylesbury *** Having playing problems? Try *** In March 2008 I investigated this long closed and fast deteriorating cinema building with my brother. This is a small documentary of what we found, as shot on my digital stills camera when the battery on my camcorder proved flat.
  • Canada affected by US economy deterioration A major Canadian bank has warned that the country's economy could go into a recession if the US economy continues to deteriorate. Press TV's Hamed Mousavi reports from Ottawa.
  • J Michael Bone, PhD: Deterioration in the Relationships This clip describes how visitation blocking and false accusations cause a deterioration in the relationship between the child and the targeted parent.
  • Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration (Electro Mix) ARTIST - Ozone Layer SONG - Planetary Deterioration (Electro Mix) YEAR - 1990
  • Nationwide Insurance Particle Deterioration — World's Greatest Spokesperson Watch me defy the wimpy laws of physics to demonstrate Vanishing Deductible® from Nationwide Insurance®. First you'll be all like, "That's weird!" followed quickly by, "but awesome!" The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World®. Visit to learn more.
  • Deterioration of the Pakistan Railways compels many to use buses The Sindh High Court issued notices to the federal government, railways ministry, provincial government, Pakistan Railways Cooperative Society and other respondents to appear in court on August 10 for hearing of a petition filed against the privatisation of Pakistan Railways. .pk
  • Magnetrition, Pineal Gland A perpetually worsening deterioration of cells starts in all warm-blooded animals, at a certain age, due to the pineal gland not stimulating our movement as previously. Crib death of infants, what we call death by old age, deterioration in astronauts, and the deterioration in all lab animals, these conditions are brought about due to insufficient reorienting in a magnetic field.
  • Deterioration gravity blastin chicken grindin! This is a video of Deterioration ripping it up in NC at Somewhere Else Tavern. We talked the drummer into wearing his chicken suit for the first song, and he did! Good times for sure! If you wanna see a great band throwin down some great grind, check these dudes out!
  • Aker***e - Leprosy (Death Cover) Aker***e - Leprosy (Death Cover) from their 2007 album "Antichrist" bonus disk 2. Lyrics: Bodies deformed way beyond belief Cast out from their concerned society Flesh contorting day after day Freak of the dark world is what the people say Their lives decay before their eyes There is no hope of cure Among their own kind they live A life that's so obscure First an arm and then a leg Deterioration grows Rotting while they breathe - Death comes slow Leprosy will take control and bring you to your death No chance of a normal life to live just like the rest Leprosy will spread with time, your body soon to change Appearance becomes hideous a sight too much to take Tuberculoid the most severe Decay of the nerves comes fast Sense of feeling soon to be gone Life will never last No hope of recovery after the nerves are eaten away Damage is done you feel no more pain Bones decay deterioration grows Origin of this horrid disease nobody knows Their lives decay before their eyes There is no hope of cure Among their own kind they live A life that's so obscure First an arm and then a leg Deterioration grows Rotting while they breathe - Death comes slow Leprosy will take control and bring you to your death No chance of a normal life to live just like the rest Leprosy will spread with time, your body soon to changel Appearance becomes hideous a sight too much to take.
  • Obama and Cameron to blame for Bahrain violence and now torture of innocent people The political connections between Cameron and the Conservatives and the Obama administration with Bahrain and their obvious silence is now responsible for Bahrain activists who are being tortured. PressTV Title - 'West media forced to cover Bahrain' Western media outlets are forced by non-traditional agencies to report on the situation in Bahrain, says an ***yst, as the Persian Gulf country continues to be engulfed by conflict. In an interview with Press TV, historian and political ***yst Peter Rushton elaborates on the balancing act by Western governments in manipulating the news as non-traditional news channels force the exposition of dictatorship regimes in the Middle East and the governments that built them up. Press TV: The [Bahraini] situation, it seems everyday we're talking about the deterioration of it. However, it seems more information is coming out in the international media as a couple of the mainstream television stations now seem to be covering Bahrain a little bit more. Do you see that as a sign that things have deteriorated so much that things have no choice but to let some of this information out? Rushton: I think it's a sign of two things. First of all, it's a sign of the deterioration of the situation on the ground in Bahrain. It's also a sign of the fact that over the last few years the international media situation has changed so much. It's no longer possible for the Western media to keep a lid on the situation in the way that they might have done ...
  • Ravi Zacharias - Deterioration of Western Culture Ravi Zacharias Q&A session where he talks about the deterioration of Western culture; collapse of commitment.
  • Deterioration in Europe may spark financial crisis-economist Aug. 8 - Former Federal Reserve Governor Frederic Mishkin says the deterioration in Europe may spark a financial crisis in the US
  • Anonymous - Economic and ownership justice was violated on unprecedented level By means of deception, intimidation, manipulation, misleading, corruption, and violent methods, and by irresponsibility, corruptness, ignorance and stupidity of political representations, economic and ownership justice was violated on unprecedented level. Capitalistic financial medium no more represents equitable economic and societal value, and entered a state of criminal deceitful appliance. Debt deception mechanism constructed permanent debt of wide set of countries, creating paradoxical permanent debt of financial emitters, and by means of that proliferates economic seizure, theft of ownership, and serious global economic, cultural and societal deterioration. Primitive debt deception mechanism and criminal financial and commodity economic parasitism are culminating. Fraudulent system is near collapse, forasmuch as it deteriorated real economic process and society. False economic ratings, false economic values and false economic ideologies will be exposed. Fraud perpetrators will be calling for justice and order, to mislead the public, and to secure their fraudulent benefits. Political representations failed, and helped to perpetrate economic deception of unprecedented extent. Any proceeding against economic and ownership justice restoration, is deceit preservation and promotion, and serious societal and economic deterioration. It is very important to avoid evidence destruction, and to collect evidence, on any possible level of economic and societal systems. Watch ...
  • 2.26 - "Deterioration of the Fight or..." - Trailer Here is the trailer for the second half of the season finale, "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response/Losing My Religion."
  • BNP - Deterioration of our culture (part 1) Another great speech from Richard Edmonds speaking at a recent meeting in Rossendale.
  • Cha-os vs. Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration THIS IS A COOL VS. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK !!!!!!!
  • Unknown From ME by Marlon Saunders (Theme of Knuckles) Unknown From ME by Marlon Saunders (Theme of Knuckles in Sonic Adventure) Official Blog (Find and Download Soundtracks Here) blackblur7 Lyrics Verse 1 Here I come, rougher than the rest of them the best of them, tougher than leather. You can call me Knuckles, unlike Sonic I don't chuckle I'd rather flex my muscles I'm hard as nails, it ain't hard to tell I break them down whether they're solid or frail Unlike the rest I'm independent It's my first breath, first test Feel the right then the worst's left Verse 2 Born on an island in the heavens The blood of my ancestors flows inside me My duty is to save the flower from evil deterioration I will be the one to set your heart free true Cleanse yourself of evil spirits thats in you Streaking lights, loud sounds, and instinct Are the elements that keep me going I am fighting my own mission Nothing's gonna stand in my way I will be the one to set your heart free true Cleanse yourself of evil spirts thats in you Won't be frightened I'll stand up to all the pain and turmoil Just believe in myself don't rely on others Get this power to wipe out the havoc and anarchy This is my planet gonna fight for my destiny Repeat Verse 1 I have no such things as weak spots Don't approve of him but gotta trust him This alliance has a purpose This partnership is only temporary I will be the one to set your heart free true Cleanse yourself of evil spirts that got in you Won't be frightened I'll stand up to all the pain and turmoil ...
  • (HD) FEAR 2: Project Origin Interval 06 pt.1 Fear 2 Project Origin Interval 06 Deterioration walkthrough. Becket has arrived at Still Island, but Keegan suddenly loses his mind! RATE AND COMMENT PLS! SUBSCRIBE!
  • Soreption - Deterioration of Minds - Contender for Best 2010 Death Metal record 2 samples from the new Soreption record out March 3rd. Amazing stuff specially solo's have a look:
  • 226 Gomez - How We Operate 226 "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response" Song: How We Operate Artist: Gomez Song Plays When: Derek must perform a wake-up test during surgery to check Burke's hand for nerve damage. Dr. Hahn takes Denny off of bypass. No copyright infringement intended.
  • Deterioration of The Black Community A viewer wanted to know what has caused the BC to suffer disproportionately economically, socially and in education as opposed to other races.
  • RE TMOT: My take on the Deterioration of The Black Community
  • Codex Alimentarius pt 1 of 9 - Exposing Their Plans to Use Food as a WEAPON! This is a documentary exposing the intentions of the sinister Codex Alimentarius. Please watch and share as the word needs to reach all you know to have a chance at preventing this. Thank you.
  • Abandoned Madison School in Youngstown, Ohio Urban exploring: Abandoned Madison School in Youngstown, Ohio. UPDATE: December 2009 Thanks to Youtube user stormbirdstudio for a link to a news article that relates to this building. The school was no longer a school as of 2001, and was sold to an individual who made the building into a type of youth help center. He suffered some strokes in 2006 and left town until 2009. He is upset about the deteriorated state of his building, and if he cannot raise the funds to get it renovated, it will most likely be demolished some day. Here is a link to the news article and news video. The building is in a serious state of deterioration, but remains structurally sound. There is a lot of water damage, and paint and light fixtures are falling throughout the building. A detailed exploration was done on September 28, 2008 during the day. Surprisingly, there isn't much vandalism other than a few "tags" and some missing windows. The songs featured in the video are The Patient by Tool, and The Ghostwoman and the Hunter by Lacuna Coil.

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  • “Hotels: Deterioration Continues-The ongoing recession continues to take its toll on the lodging industry, with weekly operating metrics consistently posting substantial year-over-year declines”
    — Hotels: Deterioration Continues - ,

  • “everything runs fine, then after a few weeks, from a clean install of win7 64, my audio starts to deteriorate. it sounds like the matrix distortion. I do a system restart and everything is fine, then”
    — Sound deterioration - Sound-Cards - CPU-Components,

  • “Over at his blog, designer Khoi Vinh has a post about " it over, marveling at how its very deterioration has been incorporated into the design of”
    — Putting people first " Designing for deterioration,

  • “Active forum topics. Example forum topic. Suggestions and Criticism on the Drupal site. more. Recent blog posts The deterioration of GWB. Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 2006-08-08 05:35. Claire Wolfe - commentary on a short YouTube video”
    — The deterioration of GWB | End the War on Freedom,

  • “A News Headline In addition to physical deterioration, one very common consequence of multiple sclerosis (MS) is brain damage, specifically”
    — Brain Fitness Prevents Cognitive Deterioration in MS Patients,

  • “To those complaining about a deterioration in forum quality:”
    — To those complaining about a deterioration in forum quality:,

  • “Back To The Blog / Posts Tagged hearing deterioration' Why Hearing Loss Occurs. August 4th, 2010 by admin. It is reported that there are over 2 million users of hearing aids in the UK however it is thought that it is closer to 4 million who could benefit from using one”
    — Hearing Deterioration | Digital Hearing Care Hearing Aids Blog,

  • “A recent study by psychologists at the Washington University in St. Louis has found that brain shrinkage among older adults may be linked to certain personality traits. Researchers found an association between the deterioration of grey matter in”
    — Personality Type Linked to Brain Deterioration | AstroNutrition,

  • “Biblio Unbound > On the Shelf: Book Collector\'s Discussion > Book Care and Repair: Adding Value to Your Books > Leather deterioration >”
    — Leather deterioration : Biblio Unbound,

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