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  • If you want to sell more detectors than your competitors, contact us for info on sponsoring this web page! A crystal radio is the original example of a detector; here a crude point-contact diode was used to rectify a AM modulated signal back to baseband so. — “Detectors- Microwave Encyclopedia -”,
  • Detector Manufacturers & Detector Suppliers Directory - Find a Detector Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Detector Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Detector-Detector Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Metal Detector Headphones help cut out outside noise and make it easy for you to hear those faint noises that are important when hunting for underground treasures. — “Metal Detector Headphones - Find The Best Deals On Metal”,
  • A detector is a device that recovers information of interest contained in a modulated wave. A product detector is a type of demodulator used for AM and SSB signals. Rather than. — “Detector (radio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Detector definition, a person or thing that detects. See more. — “Detector | Define Detector at ”,
  • Kellyco Metal Detectors - 240 results like the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector, Kellyco Metal Detectors Coin Recovery Kit, Golden King DPS Plus Metal Detector, Garrett Metal Detectors PROformance Imaging Coil, 12.5", Bounty Hunter Fast. — “Kellyco Metal Detectors - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at”,
  • detector n. One that detects, especially a mechanical, electrical, or chemical device that automatically identifies and records or registers a. — “detector: Definition from ”,
  • Fisher metal detector - 916 results from 87 stores, including Fisher CZ-3D Target ID Metal Detector All Purpose, Fisher F5 Metal Detector Combo, Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector, Fisher XLT-30 B Industrial Metal Detector With Multi Sensor,. — “Fisher metal detector - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Scene Detector is a very advanced addon application to the Final Cut programme for detection of scenes for Mac OS X. — “Scene Detector - Utility to Detect scenes for Final Cut”, scene-
  • Translations of detector. detector synonyms, detector antonyms. Information about detector in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. One that detects, especially a mechanical, electrical, or chemical device that automatically identifies and records or registers a stimulus, such. — “detector - definition of detector by the Free Online”,
  • Professional tool shop for detector, screwdriver, adhesive, metal detector, thermometer and more, buy best tools, free shipping for all orders. — “Professional Tool Shop: Detector, Screwdriver, Adhesive”,
  • Learn about c o Detector Installation on . Find info and videos including: How to Install a Smoke Detector, How to Install a Radar Detector, How to Have a Radar Detector Installed and much more. — “c o Detector Installation - ”,
  • NW Detector Sales offers online, Secure web ordering of coin, relic and gold detectors and accessories. And adding more prospecting supplies ever month. — “NW Detector Sales - Northwest Detector Sales”,
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  • Welcome to Metal Detector Auctions, the best source of discounted metal detectors and accessories on the Internet! From great handheld models to digging tools and everything in between, you will find it here at Metal Detector Auctions!. — “Metal Detector Auctions”, metal-detector-
  • detector (plural detectors) A device capable of registering a specific substance or Smoke detectors are mandatory in public buildings. [edit] Derived. — “detector - Wiktionary”,
  • Distributor offering metal detectors and related supplies including videos, books, tools, and information. — “Kellyco Metal Detectors”,
  • Minelab,Tesoro, and Fisher Metal Detectors & Metal Detector Accessories Metal Detectors and Metal Detector Supplies for everyone from beginners, to long time Metal Detector enthusiasts. — “Minelab Metal Detectors Tesoro Metal Detectors Fisher Metal”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Detector. Information about Detector in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. metal detector. — “Detector definition of Detector in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Metal Detector and hobby metaldetector equipment for treasure hunting. We carry metal detector products from bountyhunter, bounty hunter, tesoro, garrett, fisher, jw fishers, minelab, depthmaster, detector pro, treasure products, vibra probe and. — “Metal Detector products from Detector Electronics Corp”,

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  • Bob Lazar passes the lie detector test on UFOs ufo-video- http Bob Lazar Robert Scott Lazar (January 26, 1959), or Bob Lazar, claims to have worked from 1988 until 1989 as a physicist at an area called S-4 (Sector Four), located near Groom Lake, Nevada, next to Area 51. According to Lazar, S-4 served as a hidden military location for the study of extraterrestrial flying saucers. Lazar says he saw nine different discs there and provides details on their mode of propulsion. His credibility has been questioned.
  • MythBusters lie detector grant and tory on a lie detector... Hillarious!
  • Smoke Detector Unboxing Every home and business has a smoke detector. That's why no one will ever suspect that your smoke detector is actually recording covert video footage. The Smoke Detector Hidden Camera DVR records all footage to a built-in video recorder (DVR) that houses a removable SD card, so you can easily transfer and view your footage on a TV or computer without dismantling the camera. The system is perfect for monitoring your home or business when you're not around, keeping an eye on your kids, or watching your property. The smoke detector hidden camera boasts a full color SONY CCD camera hidden deep within, perfect for capturing high quality full color video. Even though the smoke detector camera doesn't actually detect smoke or fire, it does beep if you press the "test" button, which will help keep your surveillance system's identity hidden. What makes this camera special is the fact that it records in full light or low light situations, which means you'll be able to capture crisp video even at night or dimly lit rooms. The other feature that makes the Smoke Detector Hidden Camera DVR stand out is that it has a motion-activation setting, so even when you're not around, the camera will start recording the moment motion is detected for 24/7 protection. For more information about this product, click here: BrickHouse Security
  • Finding Gold XV - Metal Detectors For Gold & Gold Nuggets Metal detecting tips. Finding Gold with metal detectors - where to look, what to do. Find gold by viewing the other films in this series for all the methods (from simple hand tools to metal detectors) plus even more valuable gems. Gold and platinum are 15-19 times...
  • FINDING GOLD VIII Metal Detecting Gold - Metal Detector Tips Metal detector tips. Location guides & tools. Metal Detecting for gold. Extensive book and map section at: metal detectors for gold. Metal detectors for finding gold. Metal detecting metal detecting metal detecting metal detecting metal detecting...
  • Westlife - Lie Detector Test Westlife Lie Detector Test
  • Radar Detector Laws - Radar Roy discusses the laws concerning radar detectors and other speed counter measure devices. For more radar detector tips be sure to visit Roy on his radar detector review website at http
  • darwin deez - radar detector (official video) directed by ace norton girl: charlene deguzman single to be released in uk/us april 5th: lyrics: you and i buy star maps and drive my car around los angeles you and i buy star maps and ding dong ditch a televangelist it's only been a week but i know that you are mine to keep you are a radar detector i drive 1000 miles an hour i won't go on and on but you are always looking out for me you and i go shopping and find exactly what we're looking for you and i go shopping and fall asleep inside the mattress store. we cruise the neighborhood but it's not supposed to feel this good (chorus) you are a radar detector (chorus) when i'm driving around, you are a radar detector
  • Man With Metal Detector Finds Biggest Haul Of Anglo-Saxon Gold Ever Discovered September 24, 2009 BBC World
  • SMBC Theater - Dating Solutions Tired of first date stupidity, Sandy decides to bring technology to the table. www.smbc- Executive Producers James Ashby, Zach Weiner, Marty Weiner Written by: Zach Weiner and James Ashby Director: James Ashby Producer: Angel Askins Color: Chason Chaffin Guy - JP Nickel Girl - Kelly Smith
  • Housewife finds £250000 treasure with metal detector CORRECTION: The valuation was wrong! The bidding started at £30000 and went up to £38000. The minimum was not met. The more of these objects that are found the less value is placed as they no longer become so rare and that is why the British Museum offered such a low price as the Museum will hopefully be around for many more decades whereupon more of these rare finds will be common. Info found paul- A housewife has discovered a 15th-century gold treasure valued at £250000 with a metal detector. The find is thought to be part of a high-quality reliquary or pendant, and depicts the Holy Trinity. It is the first item of any real worth that Mary Hannaby has found in seven years of combing fields and beaches. Mrs Hannaby, 57, from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, made the discovery while out on one of her regular six-hour Sunday detecting walks with her son Michael, a 33 year-old wood carver. Under the Treasure Act of 1996, finders must report potential treasure such as gold and silver objects more than 300 years old. Finders are offered the market value for their discoveries which museums have first option to buy. Roger Bland, head of treasure at the British Museum, describes the item - which at 2.8cm by 2.3cm, is barely larger than a postage stamp - as an "important find", and said he regrets that the museum does not currently have the funds to buy it. As one of only three of its kind to have survived, the find could be worth even more than £250000, and ...
  • Hardwiring a Beltronics STi Radar Detector to a 2007 Civic Hardwiring and mounting a Beltronics Driver STi radar detector to a 2007 Honda Civic DX-G Sedan (Sorry, in the video I ment screw instead of bolt)
  • Jeremy Kyle - Funniest Lie Detector Ever The best one I've seen. Everything about this clip is TV gold.
  • Weekend Project: USB Motion Detector Turn your PC into an ambush multimedia presenter. Get the schematic here:
  • Radar Roy's Radar Detector Buyer's Guide - Segment from my interview on radar detectors aired on the Mojo Network discussng radar detectors and jammers.
  • Metal Detectors Find Cocaine Those cute little treasure hunters!
  • NLP Lie Detector Eye Accessing Cues Explained NLP Lie Detector Eye Accessing Cues Explained. This technique is used by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center FLETC
  • How to Hard Wire Your Radar Detector - Do you want the look of a professional install of your radar detector by clearing your dash and cigarette lighter? Radar Roy demonstrates the ease of direct wiring your Escort 9500ix or Bel GX65 radar detector to your fuse box in just less than ten minutes. For more info visit http
  • Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. How to pinpoint a target. I'll show you how to pinpoint a target by detuning.
  • Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Instructional Video Part I Learn how to use garrett Ace 250 the world's most popular metal detector. This metal detector is manufactured in USA and in this video you learn how to use it. It is for coins, jewlery, gold prospecting, treasure hunting, relics, beach, parks, old ghost-towns and many other applications.
  • How To Make a Metal Detector Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Kipkay and more videos in the Science & Technology Projects category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Like looking for lost treasure? There's no need to break the bank for a high-end metal detector — just dig through your junk drawer! To complete this How-To you will need: An AM or AM/FM radio A calculator A standard CD case Some Velcro Step 1: Disassemble the CD case Carefully disassemble the CD case by removing the insert that holds the CD in place. Step 2: Cut Velcro pieces On your radio, measure out an area centered on the back of the radio. Then cut a hook and loop piece of Velcro the same size. Step 3: Mount the radio Stick one side of the Velcro to the back of the radio, and stick the other piece of Velcro to one side of the CD case. Then mount the radio. Step 4: Mount the calculator Repeat the same process with the calculator, and apply the Velcro to the other side of the CD case. Then mount the calculator. Step 5: Set radio Make sure the radio is set to the AM band and turn it on. Now tune it on to the highest end of the AM band, but not directly at a broadcast station. Turn the volume up and all you should hear is static. Tip: If there is a broadcast station at the very high end of the AM band, get as close ...
  • Stalker Radar VS Valentine 1 Radar Detector ---- video 1 Stalker Radar Vs V1 Detector
  • Spy Clock Security Hidden DVR Camera Motion Detector DV Visit my BlogSpot for more info on this video. Be fore-warned that both units I got from eBay had defects and had to be sent back, the replacements work great tho! Things to check when you get your unit: 1. Charge fully and make sure the battery holds a charge. Red light will turn off when charged, make sure camera is switched to "OFF" when charging. 2. Make sure your remote is working properly, if it breaks the unit can never be used again, unless you order an extra remote, most sellers do not offer them willingly. 3. Make sure your "Motion Detection" works at a decent range. Your unit should detect motion up to approximately 10 feet, or when a light is turned on in a dark room. The motion activated mode is VERY dependent on how much light is in the room, not enough light and it won't activate at all! Get drivers here:
  • Arduino EMF detector Use an Arduino microcontroller to sense invisible electromagnetic fields using wire, a resistor, and an LED. Aaron ALAI's EMF detector project is awesomely simple to make and fun to use. An upgraded version can be built using an LED bargraph for more 'meter-like' functionality. original project can be found here - additional info, and Arduino sketch - audio/video by Collin Cunningham
  • Johnny Carson Lie Detector Politician Johnny Carson is hooked up to a lie detector and asked questions by the press. One of his best skits. Check out my channel for more comedy videos.
  • Maury Show - Woman Fails Lie Detector Woman Fails Lie Detector Note: He is the Father!
  • PS 217/FDC - Radar Detector by Darwin Deez This is a music video for Darwin Deez's song "Radar Detector" staring the 4th graders at PS 217.
  • BBC 3 Bullsh!t detectors exposes three mediums
  • METAL DETECTOR FINDS TREASURE CHEST CACHE HOARD - METAL DETECTOR FINDS TREASURE CHEST CACHE HOARD - Treasure Hunter finds hoard of coins buried beside a creek. Mrs. Swiper finds a buried treasure chest while metal detecting. Mrs. Swiper use the Minelab X-Terra 305 neswiper uses the Minelab Etrac treasure hunting - hoard of treasure, cache of coins, pirate's treasure, treasure map & metal detecting finds.
  • garrett ace 250 metal detector instructional video Part II Instructional Video Part II. Learn how to use garrett Ace 250 the world's most popular metal detector. This metal detector is manufactured in USA and in this video you learn how to use it. It is for coins, jewlery, gold prospecting, treasure hunting, relics, beach, parks, old ghost-towns and many other applications.
  • Escort Redline Radar Detector Review - Radar Roy reviews the new Escort Redline radar detector during a 7000 mile cross country coast to coast, boarder to boarder road trip.
  • Rush - Emotion Detector Album: Power Windows
  • Cobra XRS-9960G Radar Detector The Cobra XRS 9960G provides total protection and peace of mind with Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne™ Technology, detecting all 15 radar/laser bands with its super-fast lock-on detection circuitry. The unit provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest of POP mode radar guns. It comes with a GPS Locator and Lifetime Subscription to AURA™ Database to alert you to verified Speed and Red Light Camera locations, dangerous intersections, and reported Speed Trap locations for entire United States and Canada. Other features include Cobra exclusive full-color ExtremeBright DataGrafix ® II Display, an 8-point electronic compass, Voice Alert™, car battery voltage display/low car battery warning and much more.
  • Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Instructional Video Part I Garrett Ace 150 Part I. Instructional Video, showing how to use this popular metal detector. Ace 150 is used for coins, jewlery, beach, parks, outdoors, relics, and for treasure hunting.
  • The Simpsons - Lie Detector Moe has a difficult time with a lie detector.
  • How smoke detectors work Bill takes apart a smoke detector and shows how it uses a radioactive source to generate a tiny current which is disrupted when smoke flows through the sensor. He describes how a special transistor called a MOSFET can be used to detect the tiny current changes.
  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Control and Tony - Lie Detector Taken from season 2. Enjoy!
  • Weekend Project: Animal Detector Make a varmint detecting webcam that captures rascally rabbits in your backyard.
  • Diamond Detectors for CERN A video by Auckland University NZ regarding the study of using diamonds for radiation detection for the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) at CERN. Full article and more videos- 'The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is under construction at the Centre and Particle and Nuclear Physics (CERN) in Geneva Switzerland. This colossal particle accelerator - 27 kilometers in circumference - is scheduled to produce it's first proton beams in 2007. The LHC will be the most powerful accelerator in the world. Large-scale experiments, such as the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) with over 2000 participating physicists and engineers, are required to detect and ***yze the debris of sub-atomic particles that will be produced when the two LHC proton beams undergo head-on collisions. Such collisions will generate a very harsh radiation environment around the collision point, so a radiation monitoring system must be developed. The system is called the Beam Conditions Monitor (BCM) and will consist of a number of small radiation detectors constructed of Chemical Vapour Deposited (CVD) diamond. Diamond is a novel material for a radiation detector. Diamond was selected for use because it is relatively immune from radiation damage and it requires no cooling elements other than air to operate. At Auckland we are examining the unique properties of diamond detectors that will protect the CMS experiment should the proton beams go astray.'
  • Radar Detector Reviews - Need For Speed - Need For Speed Mojo TV series interviews Radar Roy who is a certified police radar instructor and retired cop and who is a nationally recognized expert regarding radar detector and laser jammer reviews

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  • “We completed our annual radar detector test on June 27, 2010 with Speed Measurement Labs. SML tested as variety of products, but we focus on the products with”
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