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  • News section. News release. 18,214. Back to main news page. — “SeedQuest - Central information website for the global seed”,
  • Deskilling is the central feature of Harry Braverman 's account of the social impact of technological change (Labor and Monopoly Capital, 1974 ), which was part of a major sociological debate in the 1960s and 1970s over the changing character of modern capitalism. — “deskilling - Labor and Monopoly Capital - Labor, Level”,
  • Deskilling is the process by which division of labor and technological development has led to the reduction Particular attention is given to the application of the deskilling thesis to contemporary trends in the computerization of clerical work, as a way of. — “Deskilling is the process by which division of labor and”,
  • Deskilling. With recent economic transformations, many people with special skills can no longer use these skills because the market simply does not need them. Therefore, employment and livelihoods are affected. In Hong Kong, many skilled workers. — “Oxfam CyberSchool”, .hk
  • Definition of deskilling in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of deskilling. Pronunciation of deskilling. Translations of deskilling. deskilling synonyms, deskilling antonyms. Information about deskilling in the free online English dictionary and. — “deskilling - definition of deskilling by the Free Online”,
  • GMW: New Ag Technologies Deskilling Farmers NOTE: 2007 saw the publication of the Washington University researcher Glenn Stone's multiyear study of the behaviour of cotton farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India, which found that seed fads underlay. — “GMW: New Ag Technologies Deskilling Farmers”,
  • Taken to its logical extreme, deskilling leads to the modern assembly line where one person designs the plant In the Industrial Revolution, the deskilling of craft workers allowed management to. — “Is Teaching A Profession?”,
  • At his blog Serendipity Book, Lee McEwan of Leo IQ in London asks, "Is [advertising account] planning deskilling creative? is that, yes, we are deskilling creative crafts and, yes, there will. — “Creative Generalist”,
  • Many researchers have identified a process they call 'deskilling', which they use to describe the daily experience of teachers who have be. — “Control and professional development: are teachers being”,
  • Deskilling is the process by which skilled labor within an industry or economy is In an application to the arts, Benjamin Buchloh defines deskilling as "a concept of considerable importance in describing numerous artistic endeavors throughout the twentieth century with relative precision. — “Deskilling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Deskilling occurs in both the. world of the labourer and the consumer and this paper will focus initially on examples of The paper will commence with a history of deskilling, and the gendered dimension of the. — “IS THAT THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES? CONSUMER DESKILLING IN”,
  • Deskilling. Public Group active 1 month, 1 week ago. This is a discussion forum to accompany the Center for Humanities seminar series Deskilling: The Lindsay Caplan started the forum topic Deskilling, or the Aesthetics of Amateurism: Session 1 in the group Deskilling: 1 month, 1 week ago · View. — “CUNY Academic Commons | Groups | Deskilling | Home”,
  • Although L. Grossman ( 1998 ) questions the assumption that contract farming necessarily brings about deskilling, Hendrickson and Heffernan ( 2002 ) Sociologia Ruralis 42 claim that the deskilling of farmers is well advanced in parts of the USA. Epp in R. Epp and D. Whitson , eds. — “deskilling - Antipode, Women's Studs & Int. Forum, Sociologia”,
  • The deskilling of ethnographic labor: an emerging predicament and a possible solution An oft-stated rule in the world of design has been, "Good, fast, cheap: pick two". The success of ethnography as a support to design, branding and marketing. — “Gerald Lombardi at IIT Design Research Conference 2010 on Vimeo”,
  • Athabasca University Technological Resources DESKILLING. The process by which division of labour and technological development has led to the reduction of the scope of an individual's work to one,. — “Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences”,
  • A blog about UK politics and the information society. Deskilling Britain - the accelerating UK ICT Skills Crisis. By Philip Virgo Mark Benson on Deskilling Britain - the : Having graduated in 2000 with an. — “Deskilling Britain - the accelerating UK ICT Skills Crisis”,
  • Deskilling summary with 1 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Deskilling Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • deskilling - definition of deskilling from : Decrease in the quality and range of the practical knowledge of individuals, organizations, or societies due to attrition, automation, computerization, downsizing, lack of. — “deskilling definition”,
  • deskilling The breaking down of jobs into smaller units, each to be tackled separately, so that low levels of skill are required for restricted tasks. — “deskilling: Definition from ”,
  • Deskilling definition, to remove any need of skill, judgment, or initiative in: See more. — “Deskilling | Define Deskilling at ”,
  • Deskilling the Mortgage Industry; Mortgage Specialists are depreciating. August 25, 2010 - By Top Home Loans. A house is the biggest purchase that you will make in your entire life. The decision will have a serious impact on all your decisions and will effect the rest of your life. — “Deskilling the Mortgage Industry; Mortgage Specialists are”,
  • New agricultural technologies lead to progress, deskilling. It's an indisputable fact that technological New agricultural technologies lead to progress, deskilling. It's an indisputable fact that technological advances have led to phenomenal increases in. — “Beef Production | Southeast Farm Press - content about Beef”,
  • being qualified to deal with more complex issues, OR is there such a bright line between deskilling 3. Paul Thompson writes about issues of deskilling as well as control in the workplace. — “-1- Discussion Questions for Topic 5, Workplace Relations”,
  • [email protected] is an online resource that offers the latest business insights, information, and research from a variety of sources. The authors refer to this dark side of technology as deskilling: when new technology is associated with reductions in skill, autonomy, and wages. — “Information Technology: How It Affects Work Practices and”,

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  • Branch Plant Britain Dr Stan Maklan looks at the takeover of Cadburys by Kraft & argues that this is another example of deskilling Britain. ?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=web_link&utm_campaign=somyoutubepage http
  • [KLK] video de la team des killing joke
  • Robert Storr on James Castle Speaker Robert Storr discusses the work of James Castle, on exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum through April 25, 2010
  • Leeds NUJ Strike Day 7 (28 02 2009) Day 7 of NUJ Strike at Yorkshire Post Newspapers Leeds (28 Feb 2009)
  • practice - develop ideas practice - develop ideas Recently I saw an advertisement for a new computer game for "super mario brothers". These games first appeared in 1986. I have not played them. I see now that new hardware and new software, we will have a sequence of new games - perhaps in 2030 or 2040 what we have will be close to VR. This suggests that there is work available in this area - building, supporting or selling multiple generations of software - a "generation" might last, say, 10 years. The next generation will run on hardware that is 100 times bigger in memory size and speed. However, most products that get to market have millions of dollars spent on them. This suggests that most of the products being produced have a lot of money behind them - does this mean that quality of design and quality of ideas are much less important?. Given the above scenario, perhaps we can start anywhere. For example, imagine that in 30 years we have software to run VR examples for anything in "encyclopedia brittanica", which is about 10^6 paragraphs of text. Presumably this might provide a lifetime (of the orfder of 10^5 or 10^6 hours) of exploration. Since we expect a 10^6 increase in 30 years, we might only require that a tool build today provide resources for one hour of exploration, and it might provide a minimal machine-user interface, eg similar to the game "eliza". A "next generation" version, built in 10 years time, might have dozens of eliza-like devices chatting, and might offer speech and ...
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  • Barry Schwartz on Practical Wisdom In this lecture, Schwartz presents work from his book m***cript, Practical Wisdom and the Moral Improvisations of Everyday Life, coauthored with Kenneth Sharpe. Schwartz draws on everything from Aristotle to cases of rule-driven bureaucracy run amok to argue that societies are increasingly moving towards a culture of protocols and regulations in which there is less and less room for "moral improvisation" and common sense, resulting in a troubling form of social and moral deskilling. Visit for more lectures: /english
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  • what can we use project management for? A web page asks can we use PM to (help us) write a Ph.D thesis. My question goes further - can we develop a PM system which will generate useful text when it is run. My reason for thinking this should be possible, is that the PMBOK model consists of 44 interacting processes. Even a much simpler model than this would have "general computational power", and hence could presumably be used (if someone knew how to program it) for projects such as "computer-generated Ph.D thesis". Wouldn't we want some kind of pidgin english or programming language, to say what each process does? All a process can do is to take input (from specified inputs) process it in some way, and output it (to specified output documents). We could specify the memory, if there is one, as an input-output storage device such as a table or document. Surely computer system developers are used to working with diagrams of interacting processes. Why have they handed this work over to be done by "project management" experts, most of whom would have no experience in implementing automated systems? Is this "the emperor's clothes mentioned by Hoare in his 1980 Turing Lecture? Is this part of the deskilling of the workforce? ---- This is what someone else thinks about MS Project: I found this in a blog: In order to escape a job where the future is bleak for older programmers due to the rapid depreciation of computer programming knowledge capital, computer programmers face the need to move up to management or likely ...
  • Graydon Parrish Lecture, Part 2, "Deskilling" Second part of Graydon Parrish lecture at Santa Barbara Museum of Art, March 14, 2010.
  • City Hall: Summer Layoffs Continued... Please support Kevin Stark and my effort to report the impact of SF's budget cuts on the various city employees who were given pink slips or "de-skilled." We thank you in advance for your support! Link to Spot Us pitch:
  • Protest against layoffs and "de-skilling" at City Hall 9.15.09 San Francisco plans to layoff up to 340 workers, and "de-skill" up to 290. Unions say the city is balancing its budget on the backs of women and minorities.
  • Ford and Taylor Scientific Management (Edited) This is a 7 min. video on Ford and Taylor Scientific Management.
  • Graydon Parrish Lecture, Part 1, Intro This is the first part of a recent lecture conducted by renowned artist and scholar, Graydon Parrish, at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, March 14, 2010.