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  • Definition of deixis from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of deixis. Pronunciation of deixis. Definition of the word deixis. Origin of the word deixis. — “deixis - Definition of deixis at ”,
  • DEIXIS: Computational Science at the National Labs is the frequently updated online companion to the eponymous annual publication of the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. The Krell Institute manages the program for the U.S. Department of Energy. — “Featured – Deixis Online”,
  • Winning in a Complex World Deixis blog Not sending e-mails. An Interesting Possibility – Mandarin classes destroy confidence "I'm nodding, but I have NO idea" – English Skills in China Based Multi. — “Deixis”,
  • Temporale Deixis, Temporale Frage: zum Propositionalen Gehalt Deklarativer und Interrogativer Sätze. Déixis, Aspect et Modalité: les Particules Ha- et Ra- en Arabe. — “Project on the Bibliography of”,
  • Deixis is reference by means of an expression whose interpretation is relative to the (usually) extralinguistic context of the utterance , such as. — “What is deixis?”,
  • A word that points to the time, place, or situation in which the speaker is speaking. "The term deixis applies to the use of expressions in which the meaning can be traced directly to features of the act of utterance--when and where it takes place, and who is involved as speaker and as addressee. — “deictic word - definition and examples of deictic words - deixis”,
  • This is the website for Blencarn. The Hills of Britain: topographic views of the main hills in England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. Note that it may take up to a minute for the server to generate images: please be patient. Contact © 2004. — “Blencarn”,
  • From Ancient Greek δείξις (deixis, "pointing," "indicating," "reference") < δείκνυμι (deiknumi, "I show" deixis (plural deixes) (linguistics) A reference within a sentence that relies on the context being known. — “deixis - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of DEIXIS : the pointing or specifying function of some words (as definite articles and demonstrative pronouns) whose denotation changes from one discourse to. — “Deixis - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Primary deixis is used to point a situation outside a text (situational deixis) or to the speaker's Contextual use of deictic expressions is known as secondary deixis, textual deixis or endophoric deixis. — “Linguistics & Semantics - free Suite101 course”,
  • Definition of deixis in the Dictionary. Meaning of deixis. What does deixis mean? Proper usage of the word deixis. Information about deixis in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. — “What does deixis mean? definition and meaning (Free English”,
  • Deixis definition, the operation or function of deictic elements. See more. — “Deixis | Define Deixis at ”,
  • Deixis is a type of reference constituted by the meaning of a linguistic sign being. relativized to the extra-linguistic context in which the sign is used. The semiotic. nature of this kind of reference, its exact communicative prerequisites and. — “Deixis”,
  • Deixis. In linguistics, deixis refers to the phenomenon wherein understanding the meaning of certain words and phrases in an utterance requires contextual information. Deixis is closely related to both indexicality and anaphora, as will be further explained below. — “Deixis”,
  • Definition of deixis in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of deixis. Pronunciation of deixis. Translations of deixis. deixis synonyms, deixis antonyms. Information about deixis in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “deixis - definition of deixis by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Proceedings of the Workshop on Deixis, Demonstration and Deictic Belief, ESSLLI '99, Utrecht University. The evolution of binary spatial deixis: Frecnh voilà et voici", in S. Chang et. al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 25th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society,. — “Electronic Bibliography on Discourse ***ysis | Deixis 1999”, discourse-***
  • Deixis summary with 5 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Deixis Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Deixis - Definition of 'Deixis' from our glossary of English linguistic and grammatical terms containing explanations and cross-references to other relevant English grammar terms. — “Deixis - Glossary Definition - ”,
  • Bibliography listing for Deixis See only SIL publications on Deixis available online or from our bookstore. General works. Follingstad, Carl Martin. 2001. Deictic viewpoint in Biblical Hebrew text: a syntagmatic and paradigmatic ***ysis of the particle kî. — “SIL Bibliography: Deixis”,
  • In pragmatics and linguistics, deixis (Greek: Î'ειξιÏ_ display, demonstration, or reference, the meaning "point of reference" in contemporary linguistics having been taken over from Chrysippus, Stoica 2,65) is a process whereby words or. — “Deixis | ”,
  • This web page contains a sample version of answers to the questionnaire for Aone van Engelenhoven's workshop on deixis and location at the 2000 East Nusantara Linguistics Workshop. This sample was prepared by Aone van Engelenhoven and relates to Leti, spoken in South-West Maluku. — “Deixis - Leti”,
  • deixis the function of pointing or specifying from the perspective of a participant in an act of speech or writing; aspects of a communication whose. — “deixis: Information from ”,
  • Deixis is closely related to both indexicality and anaphora, as will be further explained below. Although this article deals primarily with deixis in spoken language, the concepts can apply to written language, gestures, and communication media as well. — “Deixis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • How Language Works: the Cognitive Science of Linguistics. Edition 3.0. An introductory course in linguistics. Freely available for downloading and mirroring. Author: Michael Gasser, Indiana University. Perhaps deixis is hard for a child because it requires switching perspective. — “HLW: Word Meanings: Deixis and Person”,

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  • Deixis Demo Company 2011 Deixis Pragmatic Communication, Company Overview, Brief presentation. Deixis as a communication agency wants its client's messages to go beyond the written and spoken word; Deixis uses the philosophy of language to build truly effective communications that bring the right message to the right audience.
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  • [Eng Sub] 【GUMI】 Sorry for Being a Closet Otaku UPDATE: While listening to this on my mp3 player earlier I noticed I made a small deixis mistake in the translation. Correcting it via annotation... Neko Maid Gumi DO WANT. (before someone asks: ) I just realized I forgot a parentheses. Ach, how embarrassing! Also if someone knows the geography of Akihabara and would like to tell me what building exactly Nishikan refers to, I would be much obliged. I've left it as "South building" for now. Romaji: Kakure Otaku de Gomennasai iyo iyo atashi mo kosupure debyuu (nishikan okujou shisen atsumete) "mesen kudasai" to kameko no koe ni furimuitara kurasu no otokonoko de***a "nani yattenda konna tokoro de" sore wa atashi no serifu desho! "shuumatsu wa umi ni randebuu da" tte kimi wa tashika itteta janai no omoikkiri hajikechau yo kyou no atashi wa jichou shinai no wakaru desho? hora kore wa futari dake no himitsu da yo itsudatte konna fuu ni sunao ni furumau yuuki choudai demo yappari... mada kurasu no minna ni wa naisho ni ***e okitai atashi kakure otaku de gomennasai ki wo torinao***e baito ni shukkin (onajimi akiba no meido kissa) "okaerinasai goshujin-sama" tte kao wo agetara atashi no papa de***a "nani yattenda konna tokoro de" sore wa atashi no serifu desho! "konya wa kaigi de osoku naru yo" tte kesa wa mama ni itteta janai no omoikkiri hajikechau yo kyou mo atashi wa zenryoku te settai wakaru desho? nee kore wa futari dake no himitsu da yo itsudatte konna fuu ni jiyuu ni hanaseru jikan wo choudai demo ...
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  • “Forum: [AW-010cd & lp] Various This CD only bonus track introduces Deixis to the label rooster. A complete 12" will follow later this year. The stuff can be best described as a mixture of old B12, Black Dog and Convextion or Maurizio”
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  • “Deixis" is an essay in verse in which lines of poetry are accompanied "transactional" facet of "the strange doubleness of deixis": "Pointing”
    — Forum -- Libbie Rifkin -- HOW2,

  • “0 Response to "Deixis and Gaze in Collaborative Work at a Distance" Feed for this Entry. A " Blog Archive " Deixis and Gaze in The opinions/ideas expressed in this blog are personal and do not necessarily correspond to those of the company I work for. In 2008, I have”
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  • “The Blog of the Rhetoric Society of America This article is probably a bit past its kairos but maybe not its deixis. I just like to see articles on rhetoric in the public sphere. This time, courtesy of Slate: The Hottest Rhetorical Device of Campaign '08, By Juliet Lapidos”
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  • “posted by Deixis at 12:56 0 Comments. Tuesday, 15 December 2009. AFS_00.6 - Louis Haiman - The Formless EP. Forthcoming early 2010, Abstract Forms The Abstract Forms News Blog is an open platform for promotion and info regarding the label. I will occasionally host DJ mixes with track listings”
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  • “Kevin Doran's blog, interesting in itself, also seems to have a really well thought out Article: "Draft 33: Deixis" / Notes on "Deixis" with Rachel Blau”
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