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  • Large deformation is typically defined as anything greater 3 to 5% strain. Most soft tissues, including tendons, ligaments, skin and blood vessels fall into the category of large deformation. — “Large Deformation Mechanics”,
  • As the shear deformation becomes greater, the foliation becomes but with little igneous activity, faulting, metamorphism, or intense deformation. — “Crustal Deformation”,
  • Description of deformation studies by AVO. These movements, referred to as ground deformation, can arise from many sources, including plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanic activity. — “Alaska Volcano Observatory - About AVO - Deformation”,
  • Deformation, Mountain Building, and The Evolution of Continents Such deformation is not restricted to the past, however; seismic activity and continuing. — “Deformation, Mountain Building, and The Evolution of Continents”, blank005
  • Deformations caused by drifting icebergs or freezing/thawing of dead ice (including Deformation occurs in both frozen and thawed material under either low or high confining. — “ES 331/767 Lecture 5”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Deformation. Information about Deformation in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Deformation definition of Deformation in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Deformation is often described in terms of strain. In the figure it can be seen that the Deformation may be temporary, as a spring returns to its original length when tension is. — “”,
  • Definition of deformation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of deformation. Pronunciation of deformation. Translations of deformation. deformation synonyms, deformation antonyms. Information about deformation in the free online English. — “deformation - definition of deformation by the Free Online”,
  • Of concern here are the irrecoverable, inelastic aspects of deformation. Fracture is deformation with complete loss of cohesion and is characterized by a physical. — “ROCK DEFORMATION, EXPERIMENTAL”,
  • USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards. — “Parkfield Monitoring: Deformation”,
  • Crustal Deformation. Enormous stress is imposed on the crust at the boundaries of the The relationship between stress and deformation is shown in stress-strain diagrams like. — “Deformation”,
  • Deformation of Rock. Within the Earth rocks are continually being subjected to forces that The forces that cause deformation of rock are referred to as stresses. — “Deformation of Rock”,
  • Deformation is the rate of change of shape of fluid bodies Meteorologically this quantity In engineering mechanics, deformation is a change in shape due to an applied force. — “Deformation (engineering) - Citizendia”,
  • Liquefaction-induced ground deformation is a potential source of major damage to gas and probabilistic models of liquefaction-induced ground deformation are based on measured. — “Liquefaction-induced Ground Deformation and Failure”,
  • Monitoring Deformation in Yellowstone National Park. Continous recording and temporary GPS Deformation Data (from the University of Utah) GPS stations and time-series data for. — “Monitoring Deformation in Yellowstone National Park”,
  • deformation (plural deformations) The act of deforming, or state of being deformed. A Retrieved from "http:///wiki/deformation". — “deformation - Wiktionary”,
  • Ice-Push Deformation In Northeastern Kansas. by Louis F. Dellwig and A. Dwight Baldwin Evidence of superficial deformation of both lithified and nonlithified sediments ascribed. — “KGS--Bull. 175, Pt. 2--Ice-Push Deformation In Northeastern”,
  • Earthquake and Volcano Deformation. Subsurface Magamtic Processes in the Western Galapagos While these volcanoes are among the most active in the world, prior to our study there had been virtually no deformation measurements there. — “Crustal Deformation and Fault Mechanics - Galapagos volcanoes”,
  • Deformation Manufacturers & Deformation Suppliers Directory - Find a Deformation Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Deformation Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Deformation-Deformation Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • Deformation (mechanics), where deformation is treated as the displacement of a continuum Plastic deformation in solids, scientific treatment of an object's internal properties. — “Deformation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • deformation n. The act or process of deforming. The condition of being deformed. An alteration of form for the worse. — “deformation: Definition from ”,

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  • Deformation of the Crust - Lesson 10 - Part 5 of 6 Part 5 Deformation of the crust 10-Part5 •Movement and displacement of a fault can be identified by collecting rock samples at various location on a fault and matching them at various locations away. •Observing rock during the elastic deformation •Japanese scientists use; water in a tube monitors elasticity of rock •Japanese use foreshocks for the prediction in quakes •Japan Sept 6 1966 -- actual footage of an earthquake •Underground nuclear explosion footage/images •Releasing earthquakes -- Denver area, US Army pumping, contaminated waste 150 million gallons down a 3 mile deep hole experiments.
  • Spin tire- havok physics & deformation Yes its called spin tire. Its not so much worth a download unless u want to use the tech behind it with havok.
  • Deformation Effect This video is looks like deformation effect and mirror effect. Please Watch That all
  • Glass transition: deformation of a rubber ball well above Tg. Bounce close up Part of a series of videos showing the glass transition in polymers, and the resulting change in energy dissipation on impact: Close up video at one tenth actual speed of ball bouncing well above Tg (ie when rubbery). The conformation of the polymer chains changes, and the deformation of the ball can clearly be seen. From TLP: The Glass Transition in Polymers, Courtesy of DoITPoMS, The University of Cambridge. Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike licence
  • Surly Pugsley 3.7 Deformation Over Obstacle Some clips showing the deformation of a Surly 3.7 front tire and a Schwalbe RR 2.4 rear tire
  • Kewlers - A Significant Deformation Near The Cranium Quoted readme: " - begin ----------------------------------------- ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||''||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| -----| ------------------------. \|||||||||||||| |||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||\ \ \||||||||||||| |||' | | |''||||||||||||||||||\ '-------------- --| | | | |--------------. \||||||||||||||||| ||| | | | ||||||||||||||\ \ \|||||||||||||||| |||\ /||[ keWlers ]||\ '----------------- ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ------------------------------------------------- A Significant Deformation Near The Cranium for Assembly 2003, 7.-10.08.2003 ------------------------------------------------- The work of the great surrealist Salvador Dali has greatly inspired us while making this demo. Two dimensional graphics are made by a visiting star, DashNo, aka Salvador Dali of demoscene. If you have a ATI Radeon or a similar card, that doesn't support glCopyTexSubImage2D-function in hardware, use the "***ty Radeon" -mode (tm). ------------------------------------------------- Credits: * Curly Brace : Coding, modelling, design * DashNo : 2d graphics, design * Little ***ard : Music ------------------------------------------------- Greetings and respect: * aardbei * and * black maiden * calodox * coral * exceed * farb-rausch * flo * halcyon * haujobb * komplex * kooma * kosmoplovci * mass * mfx * orange * pwp ...
  • MotorStorm PS3 Mud deformation...
  • Lecture - 28 Platic Deformation Lecture Series on Materials Science by Prof.SK. Gupta, Department of Applied Mechanics ,IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • 3D Modeling - Part III: Deformation in Wings 3D (Cont.) Part III picks up where Part II left off, covering the rest of the main deformation commands in Wings 3D. Part of a series of video tutorials geared towards Wings 3D and the eventual creation of a 3D video game character. Music: Led Zepplin - The Rain Song The Clash - Stand By Me / Train in Vain
  • bonzai3d Deformations See how to use the Deformation tools to Twist, Bend, Taper, and Bulge any object allowing you to explore and derive even more complex forms in bonzai3d. www.bonzai3
  • Deformations against Islam : How Muslims should Respond? Dr Zakir Naik Part 1/3 In the program 'Dare to Ask' of Peace TV, Dr Zakir Naik gives his guideline to the Muslims how to respond to deformation against Islam specially against ALLAH (subhanatallah) and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The case of Denmark's Cartoon were answer in this session comprehensively.
  • Baby - Most Famous Deformed Cat at Kitty Motel at Best Friends Animal Society Baby is tiny. Baby is cute and feisty. And Baby is very special to many people. Weighing just over 3 lbs, this little girl was born deformed, her back legs were crossed. A family brought her to a clinic and told their vet the infamous quote, "if you can't fix this (deformation), we don't want her, put her down." Looking at this tiny adorable crossed leg kitten, the vet knew he couldn't fix her but he also did not have a heart to put her down. Instead, the vet called Best Friends. Baby is going to be 8 years old this June. She is now fighting with anemia but she's having so much appetite lately, I'm wondering if she's eating more than her weight! She was scratching the wall when I started taping this video but then she started... Well, you'll see... If you'd like to find out more about Baby and our other adorable kids, please visit our Kitty Motel Facebook Page at:
  • CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project - soft_story-deformation This video is of a 3D animation that shows the Soft Story Deformation of a Large House Index Building Design. The animation was created by Doron Serban as part of the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project. For more information and to find the original animation, visit: html
  • Deformation of the Crust - Lesson 10 - Part 2 of 6 Part 2 Deformation of the crust 10-Part2 •Normal faults •Reverse fault •Thrust fault •Graben/Horst (Graben -- Yellowknife example) •Illustrated images of folds •Illustrated images of faults •Strike and dip
  • Information Deformation This video takes a look at data, information, knowledge and wisdom. What are we doing with the information that we get? Is it helping us make better decisions and live better lives?
  • Sega Rally Revo Tech Demo - Surface Deformation and Graphics SEGA Rally Revo is the new benchmark in next-gen off-road racing, turning every lap into a new experience. Experience truly deformable tracks for the first time, using proprietary GeoDeformation technology. Bumper-to-bumper races in single-player and multiplayer modes on a constantly changing track surface, using fully customizable licensed cars. The genre-defining SEGA Rally arcade brand sets a new off-road racing benchmark with SEGA Rally Revo, made possible by the processing power of next-generation platforms.
  • Stretching Silly Putty My friends and I made Silly Putty from Elmer's glue and liquid starch, then added food coloring. It stretched pretty darn good!
  • Deformation of the Crust - Lesson 10 - Part 1 of 6 Part 1 Deformation of the crust 10-Part1 •What is stress? •What is directed stress and elastic deformation •What is confining stress and plastic behaviour •Plastic behaviour of folds (anticline/syncline) •Description of folds ie limbs
  • Deformation of the Crust - Lesson 10 - Part 4 of 6 Part 4 Deformation of the crust 10-Part4 •San Andreas Fault description and identification continued •Dr John Crowell University of California describing fault San Andreas Fault - •Dr John Crowell University of California describing fault zone -- fossil screed •Rock reaching its plastic limit of San Andreas fault •Laboratory of rock reaching its elastic and plastic phase •Heating / breaking of foreshocks of rocks prior to an earthquake
  • A Fast Multigrid Algorithm for Mesh Deformation In this paper, we present a multigrid technique for efficiently deforming large surface and volume meshes. We show that a previous least-squares formulation for distortion minimization reduces to a Laplacian system on a general graph structure for which we derive an ***ytic expression. We then describe an efficient multigrid algorithm for solving the relevant equations. Here we develop novel prolongation and restriction operators used in the multigrid cycles. Combined with a simple but effective graph coarsening strategy, our multigrid algorithm outperforms other direct and multigrid solvers in both time and memory cost. While direct factorization methods have frequently been applied to related problems, it is demonstrated that even for modestly sized meshes, our multigrid solver surpasses the most sophisticated factorization codes. Moreover, since our multigrid solver does not rely on extensive precomputation, it is particularly well suited for integration with a general mesh editing environment where unpredictable combinations of different operations will invalidate the results of any such precomputation. Experimental evidence of these advantages is provided on a number of meshes with a wide range of size.
  • Charity Providing Reconstructive Surgery to Deformed Deformity Surgical Friends Foundation is an organization that is working to provide reconstructive surgery and improve access to quality medical care by uniting patients, physicians and philanthropists. There are millions of people in this country and around the world that do not have access to affordable and quality healthcare. The US Census Bureau reported that in America, the country that spends the most on healthcare, there are 45.7 million people without health insurance. Health insurance costs are rising faster than wages and inflation, and medical causes is cited as the reason for bankruptcy in about half of filers. Healthcare in the developing world is usually non-existent or highly limited and under resourced. Disease affects not only individuals but families and entire communities.
  • Lecture - 29 Plastic Deformation Lecture Series on Materials Science by Prof.SK. Gupta, Department of Applied Mechanics ,IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • The Super-Deformation of Pink Mermaid! TURN UP THE VOLUME B4 WATCHING! Elli McFarlane and Kendra Mara star in Peter Bernard's Power People's latest spin-off comedy short. Music by WORMSMEAT and BELLYBRAIN This cartoon is dedicated to all the guys George Steinbrenner is going to fire this coming offseason. It was nice knowing ya!!! (I'm from The Bronx, born and raised, and I'm the most loyal person on the planet).
  • Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor Tutorial - Terrain Deformation In this tutorial I show you guys how to do terrain deformation in the Starcraft 2 galaxy editor. HatiStarcraft: Written tutorial by HatiStarcraft: forums.sc2 Map FIle: www.file- Website: Forum Twitter:
  • 3DS Max 2010 - Paint deformation tutorial Using 3ds max Paint Deformation tool to create landscapes and a face. I am currently working on a new project. It is a website called keyboard-and-. Take a look and let me know what you think.
  • Video interface using paper deformation and stiffness : DigInfo DigInfo TV - 22 Keio University Paper Computing: Interface Design with Material Metamorphoses
  • Kajza BMW M3 E36 - tire deformation under hard cornering... In this movie you can view how tire "work" on wheel under hard cornering. Tires Eagle F1 GSD3, Canon G7 camera, two behringer mics connected to hp notebook for recording sound.
  • Fracture Terrain Deformation Trailer This is the first and newest video game trailer of Fracture by Day 1 Studios and LucasArts.
  • Trauma - Cortex Deformation "Archetype of Chaos" available at: Polish death metal band Trauma http --Cortex deformation MP3-- Album: Trauma - Archetype of Chaos - 2010 Track List: 01. Intro (White Architect) 02. --Cortex Deformation-- 03. A Dying World 04. War Machine 05. The Slime 06. The Truth Murder 07. Tabula Rasa 08. Portrait Of The Lies 09. Destruction Of The Demented World
  • 3D Modeling - Part II: Deformation in Wings 3D Part II of a series of tutorials geared towards Wings 3D and the creation of a game character. Wings 3D is a powerful, free, open source modeling package available from www.wings3. Song: Orbital - Hylcon & On & On
  • Plastic Deformation During the Expansion of a Stent Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty with stenting is a widely used method for the treatment of atherosclerosis. During this procedure, a stent is deployed in to the blood vessel by means of a balloon. The expanded stent acts as a scaffold that keeps the blood vessel open. This model studies the deformation of a stent subjected to the radial outward pressure using an elasto-plastic material model with linear hardening. The animation shows the total displacement and illustrates both the non-uniform expansion and foreshortening of the stent.
  • Deformation of the Crust - Lesson 10 - Part 3 of 6 Part 3 Deformation of the crust 10-Part3 •Strike and Dip continued •Obtaining strike and dip on strata •Northern Ontario and Arctic •Dr Ridler from Geological Survey of Canada; describing folds •Segment on diamond drilling and extracted core from the barrel •Interpreting rock layering from core •Rock fracture/fault San Andreas Fault -- Transform Fault (slide horizontal) •San Andreas Fault description and identification
  • Facial Performance Synthesis using Deformation-Driven Polynomial Displacement Maps Learn more at and
  • Chernobyl Decay and Deformed Please read information below: WARNING: Video contains graphic images. Music: This music used for this video is by Craig Armstrong. The title of the track is 'Escape' and it is from the Plunkett and Macleane OST. Photography: Most of the photos are by Robert Knoth and are used with permission. The remaining photos are by Paul Fusco. Music © Warner Music Group/Craig Armstrong Photography © Robert Knoth/Paul Fusco Not all photos are related to this accident, some are added for effect. If you would like to help some of the victims of this terrible event, please visit: (Registered UK Charity)
  • ADMET Tennis Ball Deformation Test The Tennis Ball Deformation Test measures the forward and return deformation of a tennis ball under a load of 18 pounds. Similar tests can be used on other items such as basketballs, golf balls, or dog toys. For more info about this test ready the story at:
  • Knock Off .KO Supreme ROTF Devastator review / Deformation 2 a video review of a knock off or bootleg toy from the Revenge of the Fallen line, this is Supreme class devatator. Smaller in height compared to the original hasbro/takara, this figure has no lights and sounds. Soft plastic on the flaps that cover mixmaster's /devastator's head, and loose octagon connectors from scavenger to scrapper. very tight ratchet joints on elbows, shoulders, thighs, this figure is also very solid yet sturdy. highly recommended if you want a smaller and a budget conscious ROTF Devastator. Good Shelf figure. thanks guys for the views. As of Dec 25, this video is: #66 - Most Discussed (Today) - Education As of December 26: #54 - Most Discussed (Today) - Education As of December 27: #48 - Most Discussed (Today) - Education #72 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Czech Republic taken on a Torque es5 HD digi camera.
  • JTLF Operation Smile Deformation
  • Sketch Based Mesh Deformation Sketch Based Mesh Deformation by Jeonggyu Lee([email protected]) MAGIC Lab College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Digital Deformation- DIVINE Concept video for the song DIVINE by Digital Deformation Vox Keyboards programming production-MJPowell Download the song here
  • Deformation microstructures in different strain rate domains and post-deformational changes (SUNY) In this movie, a strain rate gradient in the vertical direction can be seen. Differences in microstructures such as foliation intensity, orientation and subgrain boundary density can be seen along the direction of strain rate gradient. In the second half of this movie shows how the rates of grain growth - strain energy driven or surface energy driven, are different for the strain rate domains of the first half. At the beginning, the process of grain growth in the high strain rate domain seems to be faster than that of the low strain rate domain. However, with time, the rate of grain growth seems to be faster in the low strain rate domain, resulting in coarser grained texture in this domain in the end. Observed at the same temperature as the preceding deformation. This is one of 15 time-lapse movies linked to this page ( which show the experimental deformation or post-deformation behaviour of octachloropropane (C3Cl8). Most of the experiments in this group were performed during December 1995, when JHR was visiting Albany. Feel free to download these movies for teaching. University of New York, movies by Youngdo Park, Jin-Han Ree & Win Means
  • Deformed Baby (16+) A baby with very rare face deformation. ! Not recommended for people with weak hearts !
  • The Face Machine - Part 7 Auto Deformation The Face Machine is a facial rigging plug-in for Maya. The Face Machine's rig gives you control over fine-tuning every aspect of your character's face. Auto deformation values can be easily adjusted to allow for even MORE detailed control of your poses.

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