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  • Defensibility is the quality factor representing the degree to which valuable assets are defended from accidental and malicious harm. — “Defensibility - OPEN Process Framework (OPF) Repository”,
  • Definition of defensibility in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is defensibility? Meaning of defensibility as a legal term. What does defensibility mean in law?. — “defensibility legal definition of defensibility”, legal-
  • Three of my buddies who are patent attorneys disagreed with my diatribe against patents as a key component of a startup's defensibility. Being the open-minded Guy that I am, I offered to publish their counterpoint so that you can obtain. — “How to Change the World: Counterpoint: Patents and Defensibility”,
  • some within the fitness industry dealing with the so-called "legal defensibility" of Legal defensibility assures that a particular testing or certification process. — “Comments on the "Legal Defensibility" of Certification”,
  • Definition of defensibility from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of defensibility. Pronunciation of defensibility. Definition of the word defensibility. Origin of the word defensibility. — “defensibility - Definition of defensibility at ”,
  • Defensibility is core to a wide range of processes that may ultimately come under As we begin our journey to understand defensibility in the context of electronic. — “E-Discovery Defensibility”,
  • De·fen·si·bil·i·ty n. Capability of being defended. — “defensibility: Information from ”,
  • Historically the defensibility of information technology companies has been based on intellectual property - usually patents, sometimes copyrights. As the technology infrastructure business matures, however, the nature of defensibility changes. — “Defensibility - Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture”,
  • Defensibility Engineering. Safety Engineering. the systems engineering discipline concerned with lowering the risk of unintentional Has defensibility risks that are acceptably low to its stakeholders. — “Engineering Safety- and Security-Related Requirements for”, 8800028094116856509-a-firesmith-net-s-
  • When making decisions about E-Discovery, a key consideration is defensibility. Defensibility comes down to ensuring that the processes and technologies used, the people who choose and employ them, and the results of their efforts all meet the. — “Zelle Hofmann: Our Litigation Technology Commitment”,
  • In the post, E-Discovery 911: Reducing E-Discovery Costs in a Recession, we ***yzed the question: which electronic discovery activities are the most costly For example, some techniques may have a greater risk of raising defensibility issues from the court or opposing side than others. — “How To Reduce Electronic Discovery Costs | e-discovery 2.0”,
  • defensibility (uncountable) The state or quality of being defensible. 2008, April 1, Carolina Sartorio, "Moral inertia", Philosophical Studies, volume 140, number 1: However, there is a particular objection to the rational defensibility of moral. — “defensibility - Wiktionary”,
  • The ISSA Journal was recently kind enough to provide me with the opportunity to publish an article entitled "The Legal Defensibility Era" (t. — “The Legal Defensibility Era is Upon Us : Info Law Group”,
  • How will entrepreneurs wanting to build value in software startups, and venture funders requiring both defensibility and eventual liquidity, respond to the rise of open standards, open source, and offshoring? As I've written before, these are all. — “Tim Oren's Due Diligence: New Model Software Startups: Two”, due-
  • Defensibility of Caveon's Statistics (view PDF) By Dennis Maynes, Chief Scientist, Caveon Caveon has followed the general approach that all statistics are based in probability distributions with a specification of the. — “Caveon :: Data Forensics Defensibility”,
  • Kazeon promotes ediscovery best practices and provides ideal in-house eDiscovery solutions that are defensible, accurate and responsive. Companies also face defensibility challenges within the eDiscovery process, which if handled improperly can result in court imposed fines, as well as. — “ediscovery Best Practices: Scalable, Cost-effective Solutions”,
  • USDA enhances integrity, defensibility of farm programs. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Dec. 31 announced that U.S. Department of Agriculture is partnering with the Internal Revenue Service to reduce fraud in farm programs and streamlining payment limits for family farmers. — “USDA enhances integrity, defensibility of farm programs”,
  • In August 2009 I wrote about "Defensibility and Recoverability", in which I started developing the notion of using a legal basis for building a defensible position. Legal defensibility is defined as follows: An organization must proactively build a case. — “Legal Defensibility Doctrine (The Falcon's View)”,
  • USDA Enhances Integrity And Defensibility Of Farm Programs And The actions are intended to strengthen the integrity and defensibility of USDA farm safety net programs and help the agricultural industry to meet requirements included. — “USDA Enhances Integrity And Defensibility Of Farm Programs”,
  • Translations of Defensibility. Defensibility synonyms, Defensibility antonyms. Information about Defensibility in the free online defensibility - capability of being defended; "they built their castles with an eye to their defensibility"; "client complaints create a felt need for the defensibility. — “Defensibility - definition of Defensibility by the Free”,
  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Defensibility) Jump to: navigation, search "Defender" redirects here. For Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (March 2008) A defender, second player from front in the foreground, wearing a white shirt,. — “Defender (association football) - Wikipedia, the free”,

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  • Clearwell Processing Is processing the lifeblood of e-discovery but not something you've thought a lot about? Learn how Clearwell can help you avoid the pitfalls of slow and inaccurate processing and ensure the defensibility of your e-discovery workflow.
  • Prevent Worker Injury and Reduce Claims Cost Are you hiring your next injury? Preventing injuries and managing the cost of injuries/disabilities and workers comp is a critical part of a productive workforce and a healthy bottom line. BTE Technologies helps employers find the best suited employees for jobs, and expedites return to work programs. BTE solutions include pre-employment functional testing that reduces injuries in the workplace, dynamic measuring of real jobs, evidence-based protocol, and objective systems for quantifying an individual's functional capabilities and deficits. BTE's clients find our programs result in reduced lost time, reduced disability claims and a corporate return on investment in direct cost savings. Visit us at to learn more.
  • Seth On Survival - The Great Zombie Debate - Ep 4 Seth delves into the age-old debate about the safety and defensibility of malls in the event of a zombie invasion. Meanwhile Graham uncovers the truth about his home spa treatment and Sam starts to see things. More videos and valuable survival info at Scan Your Friends! Download the Monstrometer for free to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. http Follow Seth on Twitter:
  • Clearwell Review Has reviewing millions of documents for every case become routine? Learn how Clearwell enables you to review documents faster, and effectively manage large review teams.
  • Libya - Putin said English translation: PM of the government of Russia Vladimir Putin, being with a working trip to Udmurtiyas, during conversation with workers of Votkinsk factory has commented on a situation round Libya: "Even on one of parametres the Libyan regime does not approach under criterion of the democratic country - is an obvious fact. Here again there is nothing to add. "It is the complicated country. At the heart of it are relations between tribes. Certainly, it demands special regulation. The internal political situation has got character of the armed struggle. But it, of course, does not mean that it is allowed to someone to interfere with the internal political conflict even armed, from the outside, protecting one of the parties. It is the first part. "The second part concerns the Security Council resolution on which basis there is today an intervention, first of all armed intervention. This resolution of Security Council, certainly, is defective and depraved. Just look at that is written on there, at once it becomes clear that it allows everyone to undertake all, any actions concerning the sovereign state. In general, all it reminds me a medieval appeal to a crusade when someone urged someone else to go to a certain place to release something. It is the second part. "Now concerning an essence of events. Clearly that this armed intervention from the outside. But I am disturbed by even not fact of armed intervention itself (much of confrontations, they always occurred and ...
  • В.Путин.Выступление на церемонии вручения.23.03.06.Part 1 Speech at the National Awards Ceremony.Part 1 March 23,2006 The Kremlin, Moscow Выступление на церемонии вручения государственных наград 23 марта 2006 года Москва, Кремль PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon, dear friends! Gathered here in the Kremlin today, in Catherine Hall, are people who have influenced and continue to influence national science, production, culture and education. People who have made a great contribution towards strengthening Russia's security and defensibility. It is far from everyone who manages to attain such creative and professional heights. Achieving these heights requires - along with talent and competences beyond the norm - regular work and a high degree of civic responsibility, Both society and the state recognize your personal victories. They act as examples for many people and inspire them in their creation, in their creative quest. Today the highest rank of Russia, that of Hero of the Russian Federation, is being awarded to the test pilot Colonel Radik Bariev. He has risked his life more than once but his personal courage and high-level of professionalism helped him find the only safe exit from the most difficult situations. Gathered here are people from the submarine fleet that is celebrating its 100th year anniversary this year. I am referring to first rank Captain Sergei Nikolaevich Klizhenko as well as Aleksei Ivanovich Malkin, Viacheslav Ignatevich Kanetskii and Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kuznetsov, who are all involved in building ...
  • Clearwell Legal Hold Do you face a high risk of preservation-related sanctions? Learn how Clearwell can minimize your risk and satisfy the duty to preserve with the highest level of defensibility.
  • Ask Tim Berry - The Elevator Pitch - Business planning expert Tim Berry talks about the business pitch, how to craft your pitch, what your goals should be, and what investors want to hear. For more free advice and resources, visit .
  • Ask Tim Berry - Tips for Business Plan Competitions - Fresh off of reading dozens of business plans for venture competitions, business planning expert (and competition judge) Tim Berry shares his insight on what entrepreneurs get right and wrong in their business plans.
  • Clearwell ***ysis Have you ever manually re-constructed your case's chain of events only to find you missed something? Learn how Clearwell enables you to easily ***yze key facts within the context of your case so you can effectively perform early case assessments.
  • Clearwell Transparent Search Is your approach to e-discovery search defensible? Learn how Clearwell's Transparent Search can help you defensibly sample, test, and refine searches and follow Sedona Conference Best Practices.
  • North Wales: Caernarfon Castle Caernarfon was the most expensive castle an English king ever built, and one of few to achieve architecture, art and defensibility at the same time. For more information on the Rick Steves' Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit .
  • E-Discovery on Location: Defensibility at The Masters Conference 2009 Dean Gonsowski (VP of E-Discovery Services, Clearwell Systems) and John Loveland (Managing Director, Navigant Consulting) discuss defensibility at The Masters Conference 2009.
  • The Formal Business Plan Document, Part 2 In this section we focus on the relatively standard outline of the formal business plan document, taking it chapter by chapter and discussing the contents.
  • Occupational Questionnaire Original air date was October 22, 2009. Assessment Training Part 2.
  • Assessment Training Part One Assessment Training Part One. Original Air date was October 8, 2009
  • В.Путин.Телевизионное обращениек гражданам.29.11.07. Televised Address to Russian Citizens in Connection with the Forthcoming State Duma Elections. November 29, 2007 Moscow Телевизионное обращение к гражданам России в связи с предстоящими выборами в Государственную Думу 29 ноября 2007 года Москва, Кремль VLADIMIR PUTIN: Very soon now, on December 2nd, the State Duma elections will take place. The preelectoral campaign is already coming to an end. During the campaign there were many calls to action and useful proposals put forward but, as often happens in such cases, many of them were demagogic statements and empty promises. One can evaluate the methods used to try and win votes in different ways. I wont make any such assessments here. Today I want to talk about something else. We have done a lot of work together. The economy is growing steadily. Poverty is in retreat, albeit slowly. We are going to step up the fight against crime and corruption. We will never forget the harsh and sometimes irreparable losses we have incurred in the fight against terrorism. Yes, this fight is still ongoing, but nonetheless we have administered some crushing blows, and we have mastered the situation. Dear friends, of course our work was not always easy: it was not faultless and neither was it flawless. And the authorities still owe the citizens a great deal. Of course we would all like to see the life in Russia improve faster. But lets remember what we started with 8 years ago, the kind of pit we had to drag the country out of. And we still ...
  • Georgia, US to sign partnership charter on January 4th 2009 Please also add comments to our blog: united- See also our web pages : dimitri- 26.12.08 10:48 Georgia and the United States will sign the bilateral partnership charter on January 4. The sides have already agreed on the terms of the document, Georgian officials make no comments about the details of the agreement, however, they say that the charter will imply partnership in the defensibility, development of democracy and the economic sector. They assert the document is based on the national values of Georgian and the American people. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze will sign the historic document on January 4.
  • Mu Online PK (from Moldova) my character ArtemoN from one of the best players... The items FO +13 set +3sockets |blades+3sockets Featuring sockets : set (1:water:defensibility accuracy+10 2:water:damage reduct 4% 3:wind:automatic life recovery+8%) Blades (1:fire: attack/wizardy increase +20 2:excellent damage rate increase+15 3:lightning: critical damage+30) so strong
  • Outside In Helps eDiscovery Application Oracle Outside In delivers reliable, scalable solutions to Clearwell Systems
  • Using a Competency Dictionary for Selecting Talent Using a Competency Dictionary for Selecting Talent . Let's talk about using a Competency Dictionary for selecting, developing and assessing employees. When you have a structured process that uses a team of job experts to collaboratively identify competencies most important for success in their job, you establish defensibility.
  • В.Путин.Интернет-конференция.06.07.06.Part 10 Interactive Webcast with the President of Russia July 6, 2006. Part 10 The Kremlin, Moscow Интернет-конференция Президента России 6 июля 2006 года VLADIMIR PUTIN: We must fight against bribes everywhere, including in the army. And the Defense Ministry said recently that we are decreasing the number of military registration offices and taking measures in this respect. As to paying your way out of military service, I think that this is linked to increasing social inequality since it means that whoever has money can buy his way out and whoever doesnt cant. And we cant consider this to be fair. But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing lies elsewhere. It consists in the fact that if we look at our territory and our economic possibilities then it is clear that in the next few years we cannot abolish obligatory military service. We cannot do this for economic reasons. But this is not all. I consider that those who believe that the number of young people called into service should decrease are right. This is correct. All of this is being done and will be done according to the plans for the reform of the military. As of 1 January 2007 military service will decrease from two years to a year and a half, and from 1 January 2008 to 12 months. Weapons specialists consider that it is impossible to conscript young people for any shorter time, I am referring to the fact that military equipment is becoming more complex and during a shorter time period it is simply ...
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  • “Union Square Ventures' Charlie O'Donnell was having trouble explaining how some of his investments had defensible businesses. It This is the blog of Adam Kalsey. Unusual depth and complexity. Rich, full body with a hint of nutty earthiness. End of defensibility. Freshness Warning. This article is”
    — End of defensibility :: Adam Kalsey,

  • “Defensibility in online software is dead. Long live defensibility! As both an advisor and entrepreneur, I'm living both sides of common questions/concerns that come up when sizing up an early stage web company is the defensibility question”
    — 2007 November | The NVA Blog,

  • “Here at the Redspin Blog, we write about all things concerning network security. We focus on nothing but your safety and security. Our blog contains research, education, & training from the industries leading technical experts and thinkers”
    — Legal Defensibility | Redspin Security Blog,

  • “Defend your photography business against competition and economic downturns. So, as a marketer, ask yourself how you can create defensibility. What can you do better than anyone else? What's your specialty?”
    — Photography Marketing | Create: Defensibility - Rock Solid,

  • “my name is ali asaria — this is my blog. I am the founder of I live in Guelph, Thinking about defensibility is is core part of strategy and, in my experience, is likely”
    — a canadian startup " Blog Archive " More on Defensibility,

  • “Here's some great information from Premier's drug testing partner - EDPM Author Jason Dailey In an effort to explore ten critical factors in develop”
    — So You Think You Can Drug Test? Factor #1: Legal Defensibility, hire4

  • “Blog reader Curtis Thompson asked me a very good question a few days ago: What should an entrepreneur say when she's asked what makes her company defensible? This question is more and more common as more and more entrepreneurs start”
    — How to Change the World: How to Change the World: Defensibility,

  • “Suppose you just started your own company and you are looking for some funding or venture capital. One of the first questions you will be asked is "What does make your company defensible"”
    — How to prove defensibility?,

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