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  • Anyway, our death metal word of the day is defenestrate, which means: I received a Meshuggah CD for Christmas, but before long the thing had been defenestrated. — “Death Metal Word of the Day: Defenestrate - Associated”,
  • Most of Defenestrated Studios' current or actively evolving projects may consist of an independent or a collaboration of effort(s) to create, in a variety of mediums--including but not in any way limited to--artifacts of writing, photography, video, theatre and music. — “Defenestrated Studios”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Defenestrate - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • A 2004 police investigation into his death concluded that, contrary to the initial ruling, he did not commit suicide, but was defenestrated, most likely by Czechoslovak Communists and their Soviet NKVD advisers for opposing the February 1948 Communist putsch. — “Defenestration - Wikipedia”,
  • You've just been defenestrated, and there aint *** you can do about it. — “GET DEFENESTRATED!”,
  • Definition of defenestrated in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of defenestrated. Pronunciation of defenestrated. Translations of defenestrated. defenestrated synonyms, defenestrated antonyms. Information about defenestrated in the free online. — “defenestrated - definition of defenestrated by the Free”,
  • A delicate blend of government technology, grants management, cool gadgets, Britain, and the arts, with a dusting of random weirdness Defenestrated. A delicate blend of government technology, grants management, cool gadgets, Britain, and the arts, with a dusting of random weirdness. — “Defenestrated”,
  • Pictures and overview of the 1997 circus-inspired street event in San Francisco for Brian Goggin's Defenestration installation. — “Defenestration”,
  • defenestrated. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search Verb. defenestrated. Simple past tense and past participle of defenestrate. Retrieved from ". — “defenestrated - Wiktionary”,
  • First Defenestrated Records Release! New Cassette from L.R. Padgett under the alias Adrian Harrison, 30 minutes of droning field recordings gathered from sounds of metal, giant tuning forks, improvised sampling of records with razors, creating chant like, ritualistic atmospheres. — “Defenestrated Records | Experimental Netreleases and Tapes”,
  • defenestrate - to throw through or out of a window In the descriptive sense to be defenestrated is to describe a person or thing as having been thrown out of a window. — “defenestrate”, definition-
  • Defenestrated: Coming soon. — “Defenestrated - thrown out of Windows?”,
  • After, Alborg, Alpha, Bined, Bleakly, Cables, Calculate, Called, Cancelled, Categories, Champ, Change, Country, Dad, Dag, Dal, Das, Dat, Dbs, Defenestrated Defenestrated Defenestratedthrow through or out of the window; "the rebels stormed the palace and defenestrated the president" - throw through or. — “DBRAD Glossary - ”,
  • A 2004 police investigation into his death concluded that, contrary to the initial ruling, he did not commit suicide, but was defenestrated, most likely by Czechoslovak Communists and their Soviet NKVD advisers for opposing the February 1948 Communist putsch. — “defenestration: Definition from ”,
  • So this is why the economy's in the tank! An employee is defenestrated by his colleagues when he suggests they cut costs by no longer buying Bud Light for every meeting. I say alcohol in the office. — “Bud Light, "Meeting" - The Best and Worst Super Bowl”,
  • Defenestrated - Define Defenestrated at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Defenestrated. Look it up now!. — “Defenestrated | Define Defenestrated at ”,
  • Defenestrated Minds - Movie Production, Music Production, and Actor Services. Content Managed by Joomla. — “Defenestrated Minds”,
  • SALT LAKE CITY — Republican Sen. Bob Bennett was thrown out of office Saturday by delegates at the Utah GOP convention in a stunning defeat for a once-popular three-term incumbent who fell victim to a growing conservative movement. — “Senator Bob Bennett Ousted At Utah GOP Convention”,
  • Defenestrated Productions. The Home Grown Internet Game Show Production Company! Tags: vote, Sonic, hedgehog, NeedleMouse, AJ Pinkerton, Nathan Morse. My friends, A.J. Pinkerton and Nathan Morse, are currently in the middle of a contest of their own!. — “Defenestrated Productions”,

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  • Praised and Confused This was my team's entry for the 2nd Annual Trinity University 24 Hour Film Race. The conditions were, aside from having no more than 24 hours to plan, shoot and edit the thing: 1. Incorporation of a script given to us (called Autopilot). 2. Something must be defenestrated. 3. A scene must be filmed at a church (or other place of worship). 4. Two props must be included: An "ultra realistic arm tattoo" and a cat. 5. The film's music soundtrack must be from a selection of songs given to us. 6. The film had to be between six and four*** minutes long. This is our final result. Our team consisted of: Elizabeth Flagge Allison Ford Nik Gilmore Arno Kristel And one other who requested his name be removed.
  • Defenestrated Necrosis VS Gruul Defenestrated Necrosis downs Gruul Song: Suliman-Infected Mushroom
  • How the Grinch Stole the Dignity of Every Non-Christian - CVA Vlog 40 mr dan brings you a bit of rhyming fiction: How the Grinch Stole the Dignity of Every Non-Christian. Don't call me a Grinch, just pour some egg nog and sit back to watch this week's CVA Vlog. And remember, if you like it, don't just sit there and stare, 'Tis the season to share, share, share!
  • Win What's in Craig Reid's Left Pocket - Episode 41 On this, the 41st edition of "Win What's in Craig Reid's Left Pocket", another contestant will try their luck with one of the simplest games in the rotation - A Simple Trivia Question. Watch as Medge chills out in the Brooklyn cold, and tries not to have a brain freeze thinking about the wordplay in today's game. And maybe you won't have a brain freeze playing along with this game either! It'll be fun to see if Medge will walk away with the jackpot prize of $27...or anything at all, on this episode of "Win What's in Craig Reid's Left Pocket"!!
  • Win What's in Craig Reid's Left Pocket - Episode 40 On this episode of "Win What's in Craig Reid's Left Pocket", Shawneen gets to play the Title Me! game for a chance at the $25 back pocket jackpot prize. Question is, does she know her George Clooney movies? Or at least enough to fill in the blanks on this game? Do you know your George Clooney movies? See how well you do when you play along with today's episode of "Win What's in Craig Reid's Left Pocket"!
  • Testing my new US144 Tascam USB interface! First day I got it! Gear being used here: A Line6 POD 2.0, Tascam US144 USB, HP Netbook (1.6ghz, 1G DDR2 ram, Windows XP 32bit). Ibanez RG2228 8 String, D'ddario regular lights, with a low .60 and an even lower .71. Tuned to F# standard. Lastly, my favorite picks: Peavey 1.4mm! Just me messing around with a couple Petrucci solos and some sweep arps I have been working on. For wicked crazy drum videos: Check out
  • Chevy What do you drive? S-10 stuntman (advertisement, 1997) This 1997 commercial begins with a man flirting with a woman at a bar, a brawl rapidly breaks out during which the man is defenestrated using a barstool. As he falls from the window in a high up floor of LA's Wilshire Tower a voice over tells us he is Sean Graham, a veteran stuntman and this is how he lives. We see him fall on his back into a giant stunt fall air cushion next to his Chevy S-10 pickup. What else would he drive? we are asked. Chevy's Like a Rock tagline is used at the end. The cut from the fall and pickup to him holding a picture of the scene you just were watching move was a very sophisticated special effect for 1997 nowadays you can do it on your own computer with readily available (cheap or free) video compositing software. This 30 second local insert spot aired on FOX on October 27th, 1997, during the premiere of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VIII.
  • Hello! is it me you looking for Lionel Brockman Richie, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and record producer who has sold (solo or as group member) more than 100 million records. "Hello" is a song by Lionel Richie. Taken as the third single from Richie's multi-platinum album Can't Slow Down, the song was released in 1984 and reached number one on three Billboard music charts: the pop chart (for two weeks), the R&B chart (for three weeks), and the adult contemporary chart (for six weeks). The song also went to number one on the UK Singles Chart. It is considered by some to be Richie's signature song. The song is particularly memorable for the line "Hello, is it me you're looking for?". In an interview broadcast in the UK on Channel 4's Top 100 Number One Hits, Richie said he had been thanked by a large number of normally tongue-tied men who had proposed marriage after a slow dance to the song. Richie's version of "Hello" has been featured in the films Bitter Moon (1992), The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005), Are We Done Yet? (2007), and Shrek Forever After (2010). The line "Hello, is it me you're looking for?" is sung by a male penguin in the film Happy Feet (2006). The line is also included with Richie's face on a t-shirt sold at kiosks in shopping malls. It was heard in a 2010 TV commercial for Yahoo!. Argentine-born Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi was named after Richie.[20] Lionel Richie has amassed quite a cult following, with his face and excerpts of his songs being ...
  • 3rd Annual Christmas Tree Chuckin' In honor of the first Christmas tree chucked out of 8th Street Apartments in 2000 at Georgia Tech, I humbly recreate the splendor of pine needles glistening in the sunlight as 15-20 lbs of tree carcass is defenestrated from a high perch.
  • The Defenestrated Preview The Preview For The New Video, "The Defenestrated"
  • Defenestrated A response to EasyRaouls video
  • Defenestration by Defenestrated Band from Orange County New York. recorded @ Sweeney's Pub, Walden NY 3/14/09
  • Defenestrated Came by to visit my brothers and learned how to edit gta videos. This is my first video, whaddya think?
  • Christmas Caroling with the Ryans For those of you who don't manage to catch all the lyrics (sorry about the ambient noise), the new version is as follows: Twelve Santas creeping Eleven PLIATLs prancing Ten snipers sniping Nine drummers who are really, really dumb and couldn't rhyme with anything Eight drunks a-belching Seven gardeners trimming Six donkeys braying Five shiny things Four things absurd Three fine silver pens Two other loves And a cartridge and an aught-three! I love my friends.
  • SIRENS LIVE PROTEST live in a parking garage on the 6th story emitting strange pitch variations and voltage
  • Pokemon Fire Red: Epic Sighting Made this quickly. For anyone who cares, it evolves into BOOT. THIS IS FAKE! I'M NOT TRYING TO FOOL ANYONE! If you leave a message that says, "FAKE!" or any variation, you will be pwnd, dismembered, and defenestrated. It is a h4ckz of the game. It was made off of a Pidgey. When I caught it, I could have changed it's description, but I liked the thought of a shoe lurking in the grass and eating small bugs. In case you want to know why it took so long, I wanted shoe to show off all of its moves before the video was over, so I just kept using growl.
  • words this sketch is actually two sketches! that's right, two for the price of one, meaning free of charge. what a bargain!
  • GTAIV - Symphony Of Screams! This one turned out incredibly well! In this video we examine hurling drivers through their windshields, and try a little Niko Pinball while we're at it! Set to a really swinging soundtrack and timed to provide maximum laughs, we're sure you'll enjoy what we think is our best one yet! Simple Native Trainer: GTAForums' GTAIV Theater:
  • Church the Gumby Part one of a long PXL2000 video of Gumby blow-up toy abuse. Ultimately the great green one was defenestrated and burst. Pretty much Gumby snuff film. Created by Brown Cuts Neighbors
  • Eutychus song Lyrics: Through the night St Paul orated. Eutychus, he hibernated. Thus he got defenestrated, Hit the ground; absquatulated! All the crowd vociferated. Paul felt quite incriminated. Earnestly he supplicated, 'til he was reanimated Oh Eutychus, how could you do this to us? While Paul was preaching through the night You gave us such a fright Oh Eutychus, were you seeking for attention, were you trying to get a mention in the book of Acts Oh Eutychus, why did you interrupt our training Just as Paul began explaining Why women should wear hats Oh Eutychus, it was anything but boring but still you started snoring And then we heard a splat Oh Eutychus, that was such a nasty fall And I'm so grateful to St Paul That you lived to tell the tale Oh Eutychus, I'm so glad that you're not dead, I really am so sorry, I only meant to wake you I didn't mean to push you I hope that you'll forgive me Eutychus, O Eutychus
  • Variable: Defenestrated and Window Aug 2010(1).wmv Defenestrated and Window Marquis Performance August 2010
  • Conversations With History - Philip Bobbitt "Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-First Century" Philip Bobbitt, Herbert Wechsler Professor of Law, Columbia University Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Philip Bobbitt, Herbert Wechsler Professor of Jurisprudence, Columbia University. Focusing on the transformation of the state and warfare, Professor Bobbitt offers a new interpretation of terrorism. He explains the emergence of the market state, compares it to the nation state, ***yzes the unique features of warfare in the new century, and brings into focus the distinctive qualities of today's terrorism. Professor Bobbitt also describes the challenges posed for national security and offers an agenda for changes that integrate strategy and law.
  • Do Your Homework a wise teacher once told me... if you dont do your homework, u will be defenestrated
  • Population Control -work on manifesto net-release
  • Bad Printer. Meet Thy Doom. When we inquired about the possibility of getting our malfunctioning unnamed office printer fixed, we were told by an associate at an unnamed office supply chain that sells said unnamed office printer that you can't fix it, it's basically a disposable product. So we disposed of it. Or at least, we defenestrated it.
  • IC Match '06 - Episode 6 Just a heads up to our regular viewers--don't worry, you all know who you are. This is "The Dirty Episode", subtitled "The Episode You Don't Want Your Mother Watching". It involves jest that's not normally featured on a regular episode of IC Match, and be warned that the rules...have gone out the window for this episode. [Or, we defenestrated the rules for this episode] So remember, if you found the George Carlin skit about the "Dirty Words" offensive, or you really don't like hearing dirty words/terms on a repetitive basis, then this is NOT the episode for you to watch. Aside from all of the warnings mentioned above, this episode features Dave v. Craig R. Will Craig be the first contestant to win three games straight? And do you get the inside jokes on this episode? If you don't...don't worry about it--I know all of these people.
  • Part-Time Mobster Defenestrated films' only (decent) finished product.
  • THANKS JOON. a lotta people say i have such an amazing roommate and i have to agree that it must be fate because its no mistake our lives have become intertwined ever since when we met in 2009 ill always remember your asking me to let you help me out and me protesting—telling you it was something it was something i could do without but without a doubt, your consideration and your kindness are my inspiration and your dedication compels me to say (without reservation) that you are appreciated like the time that you made me dinner cause i had to study. otherwise, id have eaten nothing and gotten thinner. so what im trying to say is that i can really see your foundation that deeply and truly you see Gods graces manifest in having Christs humility as your basis working so powerfully in you, Joon which is why, to be trite, im really blessed that we could share the same room. and hello, those who still read my xanga feed i think the point is that though joons done so much for me its not to show what hes done for me but really what God has done for him cause theres a change in him when he talks about the ways Gods provisioned him see, this is love of Someone Else, not of himself, that leads him to feel so blessed especially when he makes himself less when hes serving others which is much like the love for children we see from deserving mothers. could you imagine or begin to fathom as they begin to contemplate the ride ahead of them are they going to be defenestrated (that rhyme was wasted) by ...
  • Halo 3 ODST ViDoc: "Desperate Measures"
  • The Foundations of West. Civ-VIII (Pt 2 of 2) The Wars of Religion - 1523-1648 THE FOUNDATIONS OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION (First Phase/Pt-2) THE WARS OF RELIGION (1523-1648) The European Wars of Religion were a series of wars waged in Europe from circa 1523 to 1648, following the onset of the Protestant Reformation. Although sometimes unconnected, all of these wars were strongly influenced by the religious change of the period, and the conflict and rivalry that it produced. Wars that can be placed in this category took place in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Bohemia, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland and Denmark. - THE THIRTY YEARS WAR: Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. One of the leaders of the Catholic cause. By 1617 Germany was bitterly divided, and it was clear that Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, would die without an heir. His lands would therefore fall to his nearest male relative, his cousin Ferdinand of Styria. Ferdinand, having been educated by the Jesuits, was a staunch Catholic. The rejection of Ferdinand as Crown Prince by primarily Hussite Bohemia, triggered the Thirty Years' War in 1618 when his representatives were defenestrated in Prague. The Thirty Years' War was fought between 1618 and 1648, principally on the territory of today's Germany, and involved most of the major European powers. Beginning as a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics in the Holy Roman Empire, it gradually developed into a general war involving much of Europe, for reasons not necessarily ...
  • 2. Triptyque Tragique: NEDERLANDS BETERLANDS The first one to cry wolf "ENGLISH PLZ.", will be defenestrated. (Juan's YouTube video #429 {400} )
  • The Defenestrated Turophile The tune I wrote partially at Shad. Unfortunately after piping for an hour and a half it gets cuts out a bit at the end.
  • An Inevitable Explosion- I Definistrated a Child Once (preview) They just won't stop will they? A preview of their next song entitled "I defenestrated a child once" All the music is original music from AIE this time! (The different pieces aren't necessarily in order) All art is original too.
  • Project 2 - Profile Piece - A Brief Glimpse of Nick Chase WARNING!!: This video has some loud, high pitched sounds. I recommend against listening with headphones. Be ready to turn the volume down. As you all should know, Nick Chase was the TA for the audio portion of the class. I got a chance to help him set up for an installation in Valley Falls, and this got me interested in his work. I'm also really interested in experimental electronic music, so I thought it would be perfect to do my profile piece on him. He demonstrated for me the new piece he is working on, which involves playing a metal music stand with a violin bow, producing some of the most fascinating and infernal sounds I have ever heard. It gets better after digital processing, however this was live, and the camera got overwhelmed. I tried to equalize to the best of my ability, but it still gets pretty loud at times, so watch your volume.
  • Truth About The Faiths of The World - Comedy satire based on a classic Two Ronnies sketch This suddenly just came to me, and it was all done within half an hour! I had planned on doing something totally different but couldn't resist it! I aim on this channel to try to approach thr religion debate in new ways, as I think it was getting a bit stale last year. I don't know if it means anything to Americans, but a lot of British people grew up with Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie barker, as well of course as John Cleese, of Monty Python/Fawlty Towers fame, who orignally played the tall posh character when the sketch was broadcast on David Frost's show, The Frost Report (Frost as in 'Frost/Nixon'), and later this part was played by Stephen Fry of 'QI' fame. It's just one of those sketches that keeps resurfacing or being reinvented, timeless. I made the puppets myself you know...

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  • “Rizal Almashoor's Blog. Valid use of Null. Defenestration "Yesterday he was defenestrated." Ouch! Sounds Have you defenestrated this blog? It's been a while. Comments: Name”
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  • “Comments on: when you're a woman. By: ClĂ­odhna. By: Katie. By: Katie. By: One Utah " Blog Archive " By: Hawise. By: defenestrated”
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  • “2008 Democratic National Convention member of the State Blog Corps representing Alaska--wife, mother of 11-year-old multi-racial Linda, I have been to your blog and intend to be a regular reader. You are a skilled writer and gifted ***yst, I hope your”
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  • “Discussion among translators, entitled: Have you ever been defenestrated?. Forum name: Off topic”
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  • “I joined the British Blog Directory quite a while ago but, as with many of these things, completely forgot about it. Upon revisiting, I see that the site is now more robust and has a great deal more content, plus”
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