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  • England are winning, but the worry remains that the toughest mission Down Under will separate too many boys from men, writes Tim Ellis. - Cricket365 brings you the latest Cricket news from around the World. View live scores, read experts blogs Is England's A-Team defendable?. — “Is England's A-Team defendable? | Cricket365 | Cricket News”,
  • Yes Charles a "defendable thesis" always means you are defending a topic as something that was good NOT. Anyway we are going to have to do some literature review on this topic or what they call "research" in high school to get a good. — “Holocaust paper topic-need help coming up with!!!?”,
  • Close the browser window to return to the site. Quality Systems for a Defendable Position. With construction defect lawsuits all too common, home builders may be challenged to demonstrate that every reasonable effort was made to ensure construction quality. — “Quality Systems for a Defendable Position”,
  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Defendable) Jump to: navigation, search "Defender" redirects here. For Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (March 2008) A defender, in the foreground in white, positioned to prevent the. — “Defender (association football) - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Forest insectivores - food supply is scattered, unpredictable (but not ephemeral), & not superabundant (food is 'economically defendable' species - ephemeral & locally superabundant food supply (not 'economically defendable') plus individuals may benefit by following others to good. — “BIO 555-755 Behavioral Ecology Lecture Notes 1”,
  • Look here for sales management articles that provide insightful commentary on how to put an effective sales strategy into practice. Before sales management puts their sales force in place they must implement coherent sales strategy. Without an objective, defendable answer to the question, "How much. — “Measuring Sales Potential | Sales Strategies - ”,
  • The definition of marriage should not be altered as it is defined by natural law, which is based on human reason, said Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison in an open letter to the people of Wisconsin. Marriage is defendable on human reason alone, says bishop. — “Marriage is defendable on human reason alone, says bishop”,
  • NOTICE: This domain name expired on 08/20/2010 and is pending renewal . Learn how to succeed—in life and online—with straight. — “”
  • Defendable definition, to ward off attack from; guard against assault or injury (usually fol. by from or against): See more. — “Defendable | Define Defendable at ”,
  • There is a fundamental flaw in the thinking process of many entrepreneurs out there in the midst of building their companies and seeking angel or venture capitalist investment: simply put, their market projections cannot be defended. The total. — “The "Defendable Swag" -- How to Realistically Estimate Your”,
  • There is no sure fire guarantee for avoiding an audit. Whenever you file a long form, you are opening up the possibility for an audit. The more This is not all that difficult, and of all the deductions you can claim, this is the most defendable, as well as the most believable with the IRS. — “Lower Your Chances For Being Audited by the IRS - Some”,
  • defendable , defensible capable of being defended. — “defendable, defensible: Information from ”,
  • Definition of defendable in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is defendable? Meaning of defendable as a legal term. What does defendable mean in law?. — “defendable legal definition of defendable. defendable”, legal-
  • Definition of Defendable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Defendable. Pronunciation of Defendable. Translations of Defendable. Defendable synonyms, Defendable antonyms. Information about Defendable in the free online English dictionary and. — “Defendable - definition of Defendable by the Free Online”,
  • Hospital Bill Review is hired to find solutions to high cost Medical Bills and Hospital Bills; we have proven methods to reduce your medical bill. — “Hospital Bill Review - Home”,
  • Margaret Abbey from the Shire of Nillumbik on the Melbourne's north-eastern fringe told the inquiry councils had "no pro-active system" for checking home owners complied with permit conditions mandating a certain amount of defendable space around houses. — “No enforcement of defendable spaces around homes - ABC”, .au
  • To ensure legally defendable results, J3 Resources utilizes transmission electron, polarized light and phase contrast microscopy in conjunction with J3's mission is to provide consistent, high quality, and independent ***ytical services while ensuring legally defendable results. — “J3 RESOURCES, INC. - Specializing in the Testing of Asbestos”, j3
  • By Telford Vice DURBAN, South Africa, Feb 1 (Reuters) - A career-best 43 off 21 balls from Jerome Taylor boosted West Indies to a defendable total of 263 for nine in the fourth one-day international against. — “Cricket-Tail-end Taylor rescues West Indies innings | Reuters”,
  • Definition of defendable from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of defendable. Pronunciation of defendable. Definition of the word defendable. Origin of the word defendable. — “defendable - Definition of defendable at ”,
  • Vol. 24, No. 1, Defendable But Undefended, CORPORATIVI NUCLEA POWER, NUCLEA WASTELANDS?, FERTILITREES, GLOBA COOLING, AMERICA CIVI DEFEN ASSOCIATION, ACCES ENERGCOPYRIGHT, STA RAVI MAD, GO READI In 1994, in a low security building at the. — “Vol. 24, No. 1 - Access to Energy Newsletter”,
  • Synonyms for defendable. Other words for defendable. Different words for defendable. Antonyms of defendable. — “defendable - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Is the privatisation of state education defendable? Did the public sector ever provide a fair education for all learners? This work provides a comprehensive, ***ytic and empirical account of the privatisation of education. It is aimed at those. — “Education Plc: Understanding Private Sector Participation in”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Defendable - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • Aus vs Ind, 3rd Test, Sydney 1981 - Ind 2nd innings The Indians needed 205 just to make Australia bat again, but wilted in the face of hostile bowling from Lillee, Hogg and Pascoe, as well as aggressive field placements by home captain Greg Chappell. The early loss of Gavaskar, caught behind off Hogg, was a telling blow. India slipped to 3/92, but any hope of setting a defendable target was dashed when Viswanath fell - the victim of a slick but rare legside stumping by Rodney Marsh. A fighting, if somewhat lucky 43 not out from 'keeper Syed Kirmani gave the Indian score some respectability. Lillee picked up three wickets, but legspinner Jim Higgs bowled well to record the best figures of 4/45 from 18 overs. Match scorecard: Yours in cricket, The Third Ump
  • L4D2 - Outpost2_V3 This is an update for my Outpost2 map, which is now a l4d2 map. It is designed as a small defendable outpost, with an upgrade system for the defenses. Download here: www.l4
  • Warner Pasture 37 lots not defendable
  • Dark Tranquillity - My negation (subtitulos en español HD) Dark Tranquillity es una banda que no necesita presentación. Del albúm Character, una gran canción de uno de los fundadores del Death Metal Melódico. Letra: It's all this reeking ego craves The sun to never set Why do threads of anger never linger? Why does the ember turn to stone? To where the longing goes In with the sins of old A face of nothing, to never see As blind as free Everything I want Is in the end of this Everything I need Will be the end of me My negation Will you know my name And sense the danger coming? My negation Can you see my face? What's to become of me? The art of reduction Stripped down through What seems defendable Scaled to bare revisions To stop making sense Levelling pillars of towering fear Rational instincts and insight to spare End of falseness, end of grace Everything I fear Is in this failing Nothing of what I am Is in this end My negation Will you know my name And sense the danger coming? My negation Can you see my face? What's to become of me? Will you know my name?
  • Backyard Monsters - Introduction to Backyard Monsters - This time around Fear describes all of the buildings currently in Back Yard Monsters and what purpose they serve. Base layout is also a very defendable fortress for those who want to copy.
  • Beeler brush clearing hillside Brush clearing on hillside with excavator mounted bursh mower
  • "The Mycenians" Msu's photos around Mycenae, Greece (compare mycenaean tholos tombs to pyramids) Preview of Msu's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Mycenae, Greece Entry Title: "The Mycenians" Entry: "Today we turned the clock back further and set out to get to know the Mycenians. They lived somewhere around 15th century BC and set up two major cities: Mycenae and Tyrins. We visited Tyrins first, which basically was the remains of a huge wall and smaller walls that rose up to our waist that used to define rooms. A few of us were able to find a corridor, which still had the roof intact. We then headed off to Mycenae and visited the Citadel and the Tholos Tomb. The Citadel was set in yet another gorgeous mountainside in an easily defendable position. The highlight is at the entrance, where the Lion's Gate still stands proud and well defined (I am very surprised that they haven't replaced it with a replica, but I am glad that they have not). Great stuff to look at, to walk around and experience. The coolest part of the day was the Tholos Tomb. This tomb was dug into a hillside and hollowed out, then masonry was built up to create a beehive shape that still supported the hill, yet hollowed it out with stonework. The tomb was probably 50-60 feet high and in great condition, complete with haunting acoustics. I asked our tour guide if the Mycenians got any tips from the Egyptians and she said they were allies, which I had never heard before ...
  • Lets play BFME 2 ROTWK PT 21 Assault on Fornost Morgomir takes up the sword against fornost where the men faction is attempting to hold on to a defendable position against the iron crowns advance, but they do not expect to be fighting both angmar and the goblin forces.
  • Easily defendable airsoft fort update An update to one of my existing forts. I replaced the pallet with a ladder so now it is easier to get up to the top level. My neighbor had also stopped by on Friday and asked me if I was running low on wood. At his work there is always scrap wood, so he said he would bring some back for me and drop it off by the woods! It was very nice of him and now I get to make more updates to existing forts :) As always please subscribe if you want to see more videos like these on a regular basis. i try to upload at least every other day (sometimes even every day or more than once per day if it's an update like this) Fort before this update:
  • Sentencing - Boys Night Out The smell of her perfume Struggles to cover everything, Inside this ringing room Though once subdued, the silence seems to sing Whoa-oh, I told you so! Whoa-oh, I told you so! My name is evidence My role is undeniable Unless I've become inadmissable In crimes of consequence, I'm only as reliable as the defendant's defense is defendable I am the kill though I'm unwilling to be still and accept evil as my own personal - and sentient will Nothing makes sense anymore When murder's just a smistake that you have made Nothing makees sense anymore So a sick and guilty man will be born again with conscience saved Judicial precendent will see to that I'll see to that He'll see to that It's impossible given the incident, Given his catatonic state, to imagine it playing out any other way He was admitted on that day As the doctor read his case, There were implausibilities he couldn't place It was obvious that there was something more to this patient Something had been missed It's this hole I can see in each of his eyes where all the events that happen in this real world kind of just fall through. It's loneliness, it's loneliness Nothing makes sense anymore When murder's just a mistake that you have made Nothing makes sense anymore So a sick and guilty man will be born again with conscience saved
  • Dark Tranquillity - My Negation [Where Death Is Most Alive] It's all this reeking ego craves the sun to never set why do threads of anger never linger, why does the ember turn to stone? To where the longing goes in with the sins of old a face of nothing, to never see as blind as free everything I want is in the end of this everything I need will be the end of me My negation Will you know my name? And sense the danger coming My negation Can you see my face? What's to become of me? The art of reduction Stripped down through what seems defendable scaled to bare revisions to stop making sense levelling pillars of towering fear rational instincts and insight to spare end of falseness end of grace everything I fear is in this failing nothing of what I am is in this end
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood-Manhunt Gameplay in HD This vid is of some members of my clan, AoA, playing some of COJ's Manhunt gamemode. Basically its like a TDM where one member of the team is "wanted" and in order to score points you have to either keep him alive (if the wanted is on your team) or kill him (if he is on the other team). I can be fun on some maps but on others the spawn points make it hard to play, and some buildings are to easily defendable to make the game mode playable. This vid was encoded yusing MeGUI which is a different process than what i noramaly use, so i am interested to see how it turns out on Youtube.
  • My rant on Bill Kaulitz haters/crazy Tokio Hotel fans. Okay. I am gonna allow comments on this one cuz' nothing I am saying in controversal- it's all true and completely defendable. But still, as I said before, if you don't like it, simply don't watch it. Thanks.
  • The temple of Garni (Arménie/Armenia) Garrni (also Romanized as Garni; until 1936, Bash Gyarni) is a village in the Armenian province of Kotayk', situated approx. 32 km southeast from Yerevan, notable for its fortress complex. As it lies on the road to the well known monastery of Geghard (further 7 km southeast) it receives a large number of visitors. In the 3rd millennium BC the first fortification was constructed on an easily defendable terrain at one of the bends of the Azat river. It was conquered in the 8th century BC by the Urartian king Argishti I and the site became a military base and the king's summer residence. Several additional buildings were constructed since then, such as the king's palace, baths and the site's most famous and best preserved building, a Parthenon like temple. Of particular interest is the bathhouse, located in the northern part of the site which has a preserved heating reservoir. The interior floor is decorated with a colour mosaic with depictions of Greek mythological figures, such as Tethys. One of the intact inscriptions in Koine Greek reads: ΜΗΔΕΝ ΛΑΒΟΝΤΕΣ ΗΡΓΑΣΑΜΕΘΑ (Without receiving anything we toiled). The temple was constructed in the 1st century AD by the King Tiridates I of Armenia and probably funded with money the king received from emperor Nero during his visit to Rome. The temple, resting on an elevated podium, was most likely dedicated to the god Mithras. The roof is supported by 24 Ionic columns on Attic bases. Unlike other Greco-Roman temples, it is made of ...
  • Bruce Niswander Niswander is an entrepreneur and consultant with 20+ years of experience driving profitable growth in challenging and competitive business markets. Bruce currently serves as the Director of the Office of Innovation Development, Technology Transfer at the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY and is also the Director of the Brooklyn Enterprise on Science & Technology Business Incubator at the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. Bruce founded Synergetic Solutions to provide court certified expertise on business valuations, damage valuations, computer forensics and intellectual property right infringements. Collaborated with lawyers and clients to collect all applicable information relating to specific cases, ***yze information as it relates to case facts, prepare expert opinions/reports and testify as expert witness in court proceedings. Provided detailed recommendations for the court to establish implementation of recommendations, work requiring disciplined ***ytical processes and the assembly of accurate and defendable information. Provided expert witness services in ~ 35 separate court cases involving $200M+ in damage claims. Bruce also Founded and directed a joint venture between Objective Financial Solutions and Bank One to create an expert computer application capable of generating personal financial strategies and investment portfolios. Developed original business plan, actual business entity and commercial product offering. Guided funding and revenue sharing ...
  • Easily defendable airsoft fort Here's yet another one of my airsoft forts. It sits on the corner of our property which is at the highest point giving the defenders the uphill advantage. Hopefully soon i will and more to the walls on the main part of the fort so that they are taller and more filled in. Link to small bunker video: update to this fort: Link to larger elaborate fort (the one in the distance that's on stilts):
  • Gab reviews The Expendables Gab's commendable Expendables review. Was the film defendable, or untenable?
  • Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Downward Knife Slash Defense As seen in the movies, the downward knife slash is defendable in many ways. Prepare for the worst with these tips from a black belt kung fu instructor in this free self defense video. Expert: Dan Schmidt Bio: Sifu Dan Schmidt is a National Kung Fu Champion who has trained since childhood under master Nick Scrima, master instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts Centers in Pinellas County, Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Premier John Brumby launches CFA Bushfire Assessment Tool The Premier John Brumby launching a new Household Bushfire Self-Assessment tool which will help Victorians to assess the defendability of their homes. Transcript [footage of Premier John Brumby in a press conference] Brumby: Today what we are launching is the new CFA Household Bushfire Assessment Tool. And as you know, as part of Fire Action Week and as part of the new ratings, we have provided more information to householders and to Victorians about the risk that they face during this fire season. Premier Launches CFA Bushfire Assessment Tool 12 October 2009 [footage of Premier John Brumby in a press conference and some footage Household Bushfire Self Assessment Tool in use] Brumby: But one of the key issues obviously is about preparation. Prepare, Act and Survive. And in terms of preparation, one of the most important things is understanding the defendability of your home. And so the CFA has developed the self assessment tool. This is online from today, so that you can put in all of the details of your own property and get an idea as to whether or not, in a certain set of conditions, your home will be defendable. The other message, of course, that we are reinforcing throughout this week, in Fire Action Week, is the importance of householders across the state making sure they get their properties in a fire ready state. and that means all of the basics, some of the jobs, some of the chores that we often don't like doing like cleaning spouts, are really important, cleaning ...
  • UC Berkeley Police "Oak Grove-Mania" Berkeley CA September 7, 2009 This week marks the first anniversary of UC's destruction of Berkeley's Memorial Stadium oak grove. One year ago university police initiated the final push to remove the tree-sit lodgers and ground support. For more than 600 days our local, nonviolent, community had rallied around the preservation of the stadium oaks despite facing an escalation of violence by the campus police. By the end of the tree-sit, UCPD's actions had created within its own troops an obsession to strike out at anyone who actively supported the grove. The video clip "Oak Grove-Mania" is more evidence of the needless aggression that had become commonplace at the site. . First to be viewed in the video is Ayr, a ground support spokesperson and one of the organizers of this free speech action. The police transgressions against him were quite obviously personal. The same can be said for the unnecessary brutalization and arrest of Midnight Matt (second to be viewed). Matt's moniker, Midnight comes from his nighttime copwatch activities of videotaping police and providing security at the tree-sit. Recently the Alameda County DA's office had opportunity to view this video relating to Matt's arrest last year. The DA must have surmised that the officers' behavior was not defendable. It comes as no surprise that last week the university finally dropped all charges against him, the last of the pending court cases lodged against the tree sit participants. Berkeley Internet News www ...
  • NZ v England - ODI 3 - 2008 Played on the 15th February in Auckland. England won by 6 wickets. The series took a turn as England this time taught a NZ a cricketing lesson. NZ lost early wickets to be at one stage 95/5. The three pronged pace attack was accurate and threatening. After the loss of the New Zealand top order Oram and Vettori set about building a more substantial total. Vettori made 42 and Oram hit 88. NZ finished their overs at 234/9 a defendable total. England faltered at the start being 31/2 but from then on the game was theirs. Bell made it into the 70s hitting 10 fours. Pieterson was slow and looked uncomfortable as he made it into the 40s. Vettori stemmed the runs and claimed 2 wickets but it was never enough as collingwood belted an impressive 70 odd to win the match and make the series 2-1 with 2 matches remaining. Sorry about the poor video. Technical difficulties and time meant I could not make much out of what I had.
  • Run to the Hills!! Now!! Just Run!! Aparently that's what a survival expert is saying. My opinion? Unless there's a real threat to you, leaving your safe, stocked, defendable home, where you know your neighbors, where you have a job and means to support yourself in a complicated economic time, lets say its not the smartest thing to do. When to bug out? 1) Imminent threat (fire, tsunami, some other disaster forcing you out) If there's a natural desaster or man made one you may have no other choice but to leave. Maybe the authorities have no power over it due to war/invasion or the decision was made for some reason to abandon the area. In that case its better to play it safe and leave. 2)Political decision being made to go after a group of people based on ethnicality or religion. If you happen to belong to that group, you might want to play it it safe and avoid being a genocide victim. These things have happened before several times and will continue happening unfortunately. In this case a retreat in the hills will do you little good. When these things happen you're better off leaving the country entirely. Learn from REAL event's folks! Not some guy´s wet dream! As a real "run for you life" scenario, I mention the siege of Sarajevo by the Serbian army, the longest siege in modern history that went on for years, the city being shelled almost daily at times and constant sniper fire killing civilians. Many chapters of the Sarajevo Survival Guide can be read on line at : My own book ...
  • Gamla Stan - Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden - Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisor™ company) Gamla Stan Stockholm Historic area of Stockholm. Read more at: Travel blogs from Gamla Stan: - "... I head down to Gamla Stan and meet up with Kerri in a square where we sit down for lunch at an outdoor terrace ..." - "... Gamla Stan is the historical and modern centre of the city - a tiny island that was no doubt easily defendable in ..." - "... I find myself lost in the alleys of the old city of Gamla Stan and love the architecture and small cobble stone roads ..." - "... aiming for a particular sight but kept getting distracted by things - oh look a pretty bridge and so found myself wandering around Gamla Stan (old town) which is on a little island, all linked by bridges and wandered back off the island towards my hostel ..." - "... We left Lars' flat and walked to the Gamla Stan area again ..." Read these blogs and more at: Photos from: - Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden - Vaxholm, Stockholm, Sweden Photos in this video: - "View of Gamla Stan as we head there" by Chunhin from a blog titled "Sthlm culture festival!" - "View of Gamla Stan from city hall" by Mcphailc from a blog titled "Stockholm- Goodbyes and town hall" - "Just a plain alley in Gamla Stan" by Dhrycun from a blog titled "Pass the Meatballs and Cheap Furniture,Ya" - "Looking towards Gamla Stan again" by Chunhin from a blog titled "Uni time =( Party time =D and free time ...
  • Let's play: X-Com - UFO Defense: How to build up your starting Base Part 1/2 Well i will show how i usually build up a good defendable starting base and how i equip my first squad of soldiers to get started with. I messed up integrating my voicestream around 1 sec. My first time i am doing so plz be patient. :)
  • Evil Belkan Laser Mk. 2 It's a Laser made by the Evil Belkans. If you don't know who the Belkans are, play Ace Combat 5 or Zero. They like lasers. Anyway, the "Mk.1" Laser was a replica of the Excaliber Tower from Ace Combat Zero, but the save blew up. So I made a low budget version to minimise losses. The result is a more defendable Anti-Everything Laser weapon used to annoy fellow Spacebuild players on your Server. Features Epic Music.
  • OBGYN Oral Case List Prep - INDUCTIONS - For Oral Boards Exampro "Tackles The Tough Cases" with expert Dr. Alvin Schamroth in order to help candidates create the best, defendable Case List. Complicated cases is an opportunity for the examiner to ask lots of questions and for the candidate to show his knowledge. These questions are easy to address if you know the right techniques. They help you score highly on the exam. Remember the Oral Board Exam is 50% of your grade. OBGYN Oral Board Prep is not as stressful as you think. Exampro provides Case List Construction Software to help document the case list in the correct format. When you are prepared with the information and understanding of what the examiner is requesting of you, the Oral Board Exam is easy to pass and then you have secured your license. Dr. Schamroth has been coaching candidates for over 20 years and people who attend his Oral Board Review course find the Oral Board Exam much easier to take. He teaches people techniques and tests their comprehension through MOC Oral Exams. Practicing live in front of your colleagues is the best way to be comfortable wth your examiner. Exampro requests candidates to submit their most challenging cases so Dr. Schamroth can "Tackle The Tough Cases" with you.
  • Can your house survive bushfire? An animation that should be viewed in conjunction with the CFA Online Bushfire Household Assessment Tool available on the CFA website ( to help assess whether or not your home is defendable in the event of a bushfire.
  • Bad Company 2: Guide for Survival - Laguna Alta songs: Linkin park - The Requiem Linkin park - The Radiance this is a soldier which is completely new so no trolling xD are you a camper? i bet you are. well here's some neat camping/easy defendable places around Laguna Alta, if this video get alot of positive response, then i'll make it a series, and since there's only 2 places in this video, i will also make a part 2 for this new video i need intro just for this, the one i use at the moment is pretty lame.. so if you can/want to make a new intro for me, then you are more than welcome, and will of course be adressed in every video i use it in :)
  • John Brumby - Victorians urged to be on fire alert as fire season starts John Brumby today called on all Victorians to be prepared and on alert as the state enters a bushfire season experts predict will be as bad, or worse, than the last season in which 173 people tragically lost their lives and more than 2000 properties were destroyed. Transcript [footage of Premier John Brumby during a press conference at the CFA State Logistics Centre and footage inside the centre] Brumby: Great to be here today to look through the CFA State Logistics Centre really on what is the first day of our fire season. And of course, as you know, across the state different regions experience their period of high fire danger at different times. But today is the start of the fire season. Victorians urged to be on fire alert as fire season starts 28 October 2009 [footage of Premier John Brumby during a press conference at the CFA State Logistics Centre and footage inside the Centre] John Brumby Premier of Victoria Brumby: We are going to see a return to warm weather, to windier weather, to fire danger weather literally as it comes up this Friday and this weekend. And that means that all of the preparation that weve put in place is so important. It means the message that we've been getting out across the Victorian community Prepare Act Survive it just so important. And I think it means all of the steps that we have put in place, as a government, as a community are going to be so important as we work through this year's fire season. It is so important that we make our ...
  • Science, Agronomy, and Defendable Data - Ross McKenzie Southern Alberta Conservation Association
  • Mini Ninjas Suzume trailer GC2009 eDome - http Suzume is the master of the flute, and perhaps one of the most agile and swift of all the ninjas in the tribe. She is sweet and innocent on the outside, but if angered, capable of delivering a fearsome frenzy of attacks. Above all else, Suzume prides herself on being stealthy and only using force when absolutely necessary (or when she gets really angry). Weapon: Flute Special Ability: Suzume has learned a special melody which, in the heat of battle, will force her foes to dance, effectively disabling them, allowing her to follow up with a series of un-defendable attacks. Trivia: Suzume is in love with music - it's everything to her. The flute she wields in combat was left for her by her mother, whom she knows nothing about. eDome -
  • Ben vs. Columbian Competitor Ben uses his patented deadly martial arts style of ben-jutsu to subdue the competition. Notice the amazing un-defendable takedowns and the confounding tomfoolery. Also, the farting helped. More About Ben-Jutsu: Ben-jutsu was created in the late 2007 by Ben Jutsu. It uses principles like "Beer Strength" and "Rugby Anger" to overcome and subdue opponents. Entering a state called "Buzzed Aldrin", the Ben-jutsu practitioner drains as much ethanol as possible before engaging in combat, therefore bringing him to the 6th level of conscienceness and rendering him master of the world. While some tout Ben-jutsu to be ineffective, i have been on the receiving end of some of the techniques such as "Deer in the Headlights" and "Fingers in the Face" and now i'm crippled. Even now i have to type with my left nut because that's the only appendage i still have some control over.
  • Bound To You - Christina Aguilera cover - Kate Holdaway In spite of my non defendable pitchy-ness in parts, I have recently come to love this song. Another big up to Christina Aguilera and her beautiful vocal on the original of this track. This is my interpretation of the Burlesque motion picture song 'Bound to You'. This is my first live video upload so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Kate Holdaway x
  • Channel 4 UK - CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN SRI LANKA EXPOSED-dead bodies , women ***ually abused Channel4 - WAR CRIMES - Concentration Camps in Sri Lanka Exposed -dead bodies left where they have fallen, women separated from their families, and even ***ually abused -5th May 2009 COMMICAL ALI's of Sri lankan Government trying to defend the Un-defendable-
  • Tasmania Fire Service | Create a defendable space (Prepare to Survive 2010-11 DVD) Are YOU bushfire ready? Prepare • Act • Survive For more information go to or 1800 000 699
  • Field Sobriety Test Problems - Drunk Driving Lawyers in Mass Jones, Milligan & Geraghty Massachusetts OUI Lawyers The lawyers of Jones, Milligan & Geraghty are dedicated to the defense of persons charged with OUI in Massachusetts (OUI, DWI, DUI). This firm successfully defends individuals accused of OUI in all counties within Massachusetts. While concentrating in defending OUI cases in Massachusetts, we also help people with other criminal matters, including motor vehicle homicides. Additionally, we are Handle Registry of Motor Vehicle appeals and hearings that are related to Massachusetts OUI cases. Our lawyers handle over 150 drunk driving OUI cases a year in Massachusetts. The firms lawyers successfully resolve a very high percentage of their Massachusetts OUI cases. Jones, Milligan & Geraghty Massachusetts OUI Lawyers 80 Washington Sq., Building K Norwell, MA. 02061 Telephone: (781) 871-7600 Facsimile: (781) 871-7220
  • Eight Marbles - Choko Gameplay A female magician perhaps... She can lay traps on the whole field, and she can shoot fireballs from her wand. She also has this very cheap special, which Death will just appear and hit you, and it's not defendable. But overall, she's weak. So, it balances out.
  • SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs - PS3 - E3 2010 official video game preview trailer HD Building on the success of the multimillion-selling franchise, SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs delivers a next-gen combat experience blending rich cinematics, PlayStation Move integration, a robust singleplayer campaign and outstanding competitive multiplayer exclusively for the PlayStation 3. For the first time, players will be able to utilize both the PlayStation Move and DUALSHOCK controllers to enable precise, tactical control over their AI teammates. The new cover mode enables players to take defendable firing positions and allows cover barriers to be destroyed with heavy weapon fire and explosions. Plus, the nationality of your character and teammates changes depending on your region. Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to - Rapid firing the latest game news, trailers, screens and art that true players don't wanna miss out on.
  • Island War 2.0 Island War 2.0 (aka Island War RC8) is a completely built-from-scratch mission in which you, the player must assist the US forces as they invade and capture the Island of Skira. To Win this mission, the US forces must capture and hold all 93 locations across the Island, starting from the boat-based invasion on the west side of the island. I recorded this video on my first drive accross the island after successfully getting the spawning/ordering/road system working without crashing (due to programming error) This version is leaps and bounds more dynamic than the older versions, with much better random-ness to unit placement and numbers. each location has a set maximum number of units that can be spawned there, and a table of defendable points in and around that location. A table is created of all locations within range of the player, and units are spawned randomly between these locations until the unit cap for that side is reached, or the max number of units for location is spawned. The end result is sometimes only a handful of infantry will be at a location, and at other times it will packed to the rafters. Each unit that is spawned can follow one of 4 basic behaviours : defend : the unit moves to a defendable position at the location and holds it patrol : the unit moves randomly between all defendable locations, defending each for a short period roam : the unit moves away from the town, searching the surrounding area travel : the unit will use vehicles if available to ...
  • Halo: Reach Forge Map, Fort Stanwix: invasion TheArkangel94 Map Review: Forge map: Fort Stanwix: Invasion Intended gametype(s): Invasion Infection infection Slayer Oh COME ON!!! How can I call myself a reviewer if I can`t criticize anything? :`( You see what I did there? Critic,criticize.) Just kidding. That aside,you really have a promising future as a level designer.You make such amazing things when all you have are these simple pieces. So where do I start? Let`s go with gameplay. Gameplay here is phenomenal,multiple gametypes will appeal to a larger audience of players. Also,the Invasion story was well planned,and well incorporated into the map. Structure wise,I only spotted 2 flickering objects,but nothing else was wrong.A defendable yet stylish base,and an awesome spaceship made your aesthetic score skyrocket.(You see what I did there? Spaceship,skyrocket...........Ahhh never mind.) There were no mobility issues,and the base layout wasn`t so complex as to have Spartans wandering around trying to get outside. Last but not least,weapon placement. Because the map has multiple combat zones,both indoor and outdoor,no one weapon has to large an advantage.This insures that victory will be determined by the skill(or the lack of skill)of the players. You have,once again,done an amazing job. I don`t know what else to say at this point,so we`ll go to the mapscore. Playability:10/10 Placement:10/10 Appearance:9/10 Aesthetics:10/10 Smoothness:10/10 Overall mapscore:9.8/10 ...

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