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  • Words that end with NESS : Words ending in NESS defeasibleness. defectiveness. defencelessness. defenselessness. defensibleness. defensiveness. defiantness. deficientness. definiteness. definitiveness. deformedness. deftness. defunctness. degenerateness. degradedness. dejectedness. delectableness. deleteriousness. — “Word ness meaning. Word ness definition. Free crossword”,
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  • defeasibleness. Dictionary terms for defeasibleness, definition for defeasibleness, Thesaurus and Translations of defeasibleness to English. — “defeasibleness in - dictionary and translation”,
  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries. Words and phrases matching 14. defeasibleness. 15. defeasibly. 16. defeasing. 17. defeat. 18. defeat him! the pirate. — “Words that match the pattern "defe*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
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