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  • More than a week after an Indianapolis mother told police she tossed her newborn baby in the trash, police are not giving up hope of finding the baby's body. They have to come out and be hydrated, fed, deconned. — “Search resumes for baby remains”,
  • About the: Guardian Hydration. I'd just like to say how much I like my Guardian Hydration Just wanted to let you know what a great job that bag did in New Orleans after Katrina The bag has been deconned and is back in service. — “True North Gear | Testimonials | Fire Fighting Equipment”,
  • All ambulatory people should be able to self-deliver to the decon area and first responders can focus on getting non-ambulatory people to be deconned. Mass transit buses can be summoned to the site to transport deconned people away from the facility. — “David Peterson”,
  • The azure twilight is a tactical teamwork planetside outfit Armor vehicles should be deconned to prevent enemies from hacking them. If the base is an LLU, drivers should remain in their. — “ - A Tactical Teamwork Planetside & Welkin”,
  • Dog being deconned by firemen in yellow zone. — “Nev6”, k9
  • We work closely with the three other township companies and Gloucester County EMS to provide an integrated response to types of emergencies in West Deptford Township. The male patient was deconned by awaiting personnel from 663 and. — “Thorofare Volunteer Fire Company, 61 Firehouse Lane West”,
  • Military Clothing, Army Navy Online Store, Army Online Store, Army Navy Surplus, Army Surplus Online Store, Army Surplus Store, and Army Navy Outfitters, specializing in Military Surplus clothing for over 35 years. Once deconned the 0.007in thick tactile gloves may be re-used. — “- Uncle Sams Army Navy Outfitters”,
  • The two acre parcel, located next to General Motors Powertrain Division (GM) is a list Class 2 site in the New York State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites. Building was deconned and dismantled and taken off site for disposal. Concrete pad was deconned and will remain in place, be. — “St. Regis Mohawk Tribe - Environmental Division”,
  • News for Albany, Valdosta, Thomasville, weather, sports, investigators, troubleshooter, Albany jobs, Albany cars and more. "Your hot zone is where your victims will actually come in to be deconned," said Tammy Griffin, Memorial Hospital of Adel Chief Nursing Officer. — “Adel community participates in chemical spill drill - Live”,
  • If the driver is contaminated he must not be removed from the hot zone until he is deconned. If need be, expand the hot zone so the driver or effected persons can be safe from an unstable spill situation. DO NOT allow contaminated persons to wander about the scene. — “Haz-Mat”,
  • Most jobs are fairly predictable. You know what you`re going to do when you get there each day. Then there And then when you`re all done, we have to clean you off and undress you so that you`re deconned before we can move you. — “Try My Job: Emergency Management on KFYR-TV North Dakota's”,
  • we just got deconned by no computer 5:07 Pacific time, UTCS. Got deconned again, by no computer at 5:19PM Pacific time, would it be possible to maybe, make vote kicks a. — “Just got deconned”, beer-
  • While reduction in response time was the thrust behind increasing the number of EMS stations, there were other important factors: Time saved when ambulances must be re-stocked, refueled or deconned It becomes clear that the new stations are a win for both the Department and the. — “FDNY 1997/1998: EMS Program & Service Highlights”,
  • Few students will have been deconned at the scene before arrival at the hospitals The high school students must be dry deconned – they cannot get wet. — “INTRODUCTION”,
  • Materials Deconned: The TridentOne can be used anywhere that water is accessible. Radiation Deconned: Not applicable. Decon Solutions: ALL types of active solutions and neutralizing agents are compatible with the TridentOne. Capacity. — “Responder Knowledge Base - TridentOne”,
  • A dirty bomb. Real nukes are expensive and terribly expensive to build. A dirty bomb is cheap and while there is no impressive mushroom cloud can leave a large area uninhabitable for decades until the area is deconned. For terrorist group to. — “Which is the greates terrorist nuclear threat: nuke, dirty”,
  • The Jamaica Star covers Jamaican New, Entertainment and Sports with the latest in Reggae, Dancehall and on the Party scene. Features Dear Pastor, Aaron Dumas, to answer questions. — “The Jamaica Star - Get the latest on Jamaica Entertainment”, jamaica-
  • The two people who entered the building to deal with the spill were deconned by washing with water before their breathers were removed. Setauket, NY Early in the afternoon Setauket Fire Department as toned out for a hazmat spill at Stony Brook. — “1st Responder Broadcast Network is the definitive source of”, 1
  • Stanardsville Volunteer Fire Department Chief Hoover looks on as we prepare to get "deconned." View by Category. View All | 2010 Greene County Fair | Greene County Fair 2008 | Hazmat Ops. — “Stanardsville Volunteer Fire Department - Picture Gallery”, sv1
  • determined that the insulation on fire contained asbestos, a known carcinogen. Six construction workers and nine firefighters were ultimately deconned and assessed by EMS on the scene. — “ 1730 M St. NW 11/21/03”,
  • deconned. deconned ) patients ) patients. Joint Commission requires deconned. deconned. at scene? at scene? What should the receiving facility do. What should. — “Challenges in Challenges in Decontamination and Disaster”,
  • I am in no way affiliated with or acting as any kind of spokesperson for any product. When performing a decon, Tria leaves the decon dialog window open on top of the final deconned image results. — “TRIA Image Processing Software from Quarktet - Review”,

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  • LEPC D4 - HazMat Training - 8hr. Operational Refresher - 5 Video of a HazMat Training course where a class of volunteer firefighters receives an 8hr. Ops Refresher on Decontamination and dressing out in Level B PPEs. The training was conducted at the Clay County Agricultural Center near Green Cove Springs, FL on June 27th, 2009. The instructor was Lt. Jonathan Lamm of Clay County Fire Rescue. Once the Level B PPE has been deconned, the firefighter can then proceed to the final station where they are helped out of their suit
  • More Time With The Girls The new plants are Anacharis. I deconned them before introducing them to the tank to rid them of any nasties they may have had. And, pulled off the dead bits. So, yeah. Fat, happy Molly fishes.
  • Decon Strike Team in Bradford Township.wmv The Northwest Central Regional Decon Strike Team #1 is called into to Bradford Township (PA) to assist with an acrolein leak. The video shows the team deconning a member of the Elk County HazMat Response Team as he exits the "hot zone".
  • Tremulous - ATCS Secret Area This video will show you (as a granger) how to gain access to this secret area in S3. What you do when you get there is up to you. You may decide to build an egg to bring your teammates there;) If the overmind is deconned or destroyed by humans, you can build it down there and it will be relatively safe. I've discovered that if humans use lucifer cannons on the slanted panels to the side of the box, then they can damage the OM and anything else you've built near it. I think that if you build the eggs and OM far enough back that they won't be able to damage it; they certainly can't damage the OM from the top. Once you're in there and you want to be a pain, then use up all the BP and keep using it up as stuff gets destroyed. That way the base is more likely to fall to frustrated humans in the end! If you were feeling particulary malicious and if there are no admins then you could decon all but one egg before you go in. Aliens would lose pretty quickly and then you could build an overmind and eggs and resurrect your teammates to a draw ;) The last thing you can do is go in through the hovel and build stuff (ie eggs) and then go back into the hovel and decon it *while you're still in it* to get back out (this doesn't work on all servers) :) If you have some success then post a comment! Enjoy ;)
  • Istaria : TW Epic Hunts : Epic Updations Soggy and Gruk kill basically, I didnt have ALL of Gruk because I deconned through the middle -.- had to speed up soggy vid, lag was IMMENSE, and i hate laggy videos, so enjoy sped up galewind headbang XD Like A G6 - Far East Movement ©

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  • “What Coast Guard cutter became known as the Coast Guard submarine when she sank in March of 1963 while in drydock at Bushey's Red Hook, Brooklyn?Trey S.     Helping the post at a time”
    — Submarine? - United States Coast Guard Forums and Information,

  • “First thing, watch your language on the forum Respect the admins here, please. Second, maybe someone just said "DECONNER" and he saw that the reactor was deconned, even it was just wanted to move it, you deconned, didnt you? maybe wasnt just”
    — Banned without warning, beer-

  • “Anyway, that's my blog fer now. Roommate finally lets up when she realizes I got the It'll be down til tomorrow evening, and this computer'll be deconned til then, too”
    — AtariAge Forums -> Domestic problems,

  • “100% Free Online Dating, Personal Ads, and Matchmaking Service for Singles at . Stop wasting money at other dating sites. yeah I deconned. Almost an hour and a half in shower. Lead, mercury, zinc, chromium, chromate, and 36 other heavy metals. They kindof stay stable”
    — 100% Free Online Dating Service & Dating Site,

  • “Yes, I'm the one in the tin foil body suit. [edit on 08/12/71 by Esoteric Teacher] Do you left the hose we used on the aircraft there on scene, until it was washed down/deconned”
    — F/A-22 Raptor crash ***ysis : flight control system,

  • “Have to plow through 18 months of E-mails though. Waiting for IT to reset my password ' Already deconned and allowed to play with sharp objects and sissors”
    — Forums - Back to work,

  • “As well as badmouthing ghostshell, th!nk, and admitting to having deconned Dretch*Storm earlier under the name DS*Sucks (or something similar) Forum Hero. Posts: 791. Re: HellzAngels " Reply #4 on: November 25, 2009, 02:39:04 AM " dude all this is a”
    — HellsAngelz,

  • “I have deconned the air box a while ago and that made things alot better. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Powered by Web Wiz Forums”
    — Alfa Romeo forum: Hesitating throught the revs,

  • “PEMTeam Lead Response Specialist Buck McKibben at Pier 96 decon for This was the first boat to be deconned at Pier 96 from the cleanup. posted by Pemteam at”
    — Checking Decon @ Pier 96,

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