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  • decommissioned. Simple past tense and past participle of decommission. /wiki/decommissioned" Categories: English simple past forms | English past participles. Personal. — “decommissioned - Wiktionary”,
  • Decommissioned definition, to remove or retire (a ship, airplane, etc.) from active service. See more. — “Decommissioned | Define Decommissioned at ”,
  • Decommissioned Ships. Where is my ship? That's a common question former Sailors ask. It's important that you know more than 15,000 ships have served the United States and the Navy since 1776. The Navy's web site, with certain exceptions, lists only those that are on active duty. — “The US Navy”,
  • In this September 2008 file photo, the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) is seen entering Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in preparation for its decommissioning. Kitty Hawk decommissioned May 12, completing more than 48 years of active service. — “THE TENSION: USS Kitty Hawk Decommissioned”,
  • The 1,050-foot-long aircraft carrier named for President John F. Kennedy will be decommissioned on March 23 after nearly 40 years of patrols and battles, from scrapes with Libyan fighter jets in the Mediterranean Sea to the current war in Iraq. — “Navy sets decommissioning date for USS John F. Kennedy”,
  • Ship History Reports for Decommissioned Ships. A Chief of Naval Operations' instruction (OPNAVINST 5750.12) required all commissioned ships in the Navy to submit an annual Command History Report. This report covers the operational and administrative actions of the command for each calendar year. — “Decommissioned Ship Histories”,
  • Knox Class Ocean Escort Destroyers. Photos and history of the Knox Class destroyers, including USS Knox, USS Roark, USS Gray, USS Hepburn, USS Connole, USS Rathburne, USS Meyerkord, USS W S Sims, USS Lang, USS Patterson, USS Whipple, USS Decommissioned 26th September 1991. — “Knox Class Destroyer”, battleships-
  • Two Osprey-class coastal mine hunters were decommissioned June 15 in formal ceremonies at Naval Station Ingleside, Texas. in the Osprey-class, was decommissioned during a ceremony beginning at 10 a.m. USS Robin (MHC 54), was decommissioned during a ceremony beginning at. — “Two Coastal Mine Hunters Decommissioned”,
  • DECOMMISSIONED. next. Roy. Kevin. Tim. Phil. Lucas. Stan. Ryan. Jim. Hank. Scott German Anti-Tank Rifle Set-1. German Anti-Tank Rifle Set-2. MG34 w/ Accessories. MG42 w. — “Decommissioned”, dragon-
  • Crew members and guest salute as the colors are paraded at the decommissioning ceremony of the salvage and rescue ship Grasp. [edit] Ship decommissioning in the United States Navy. In the United States Navy, various directives pertaining to these events are issued periodically,. — “Ship decommissioning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of decommissioned in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of decommissioned. Pronunciation of decommissioned. Translations of decommissioned. decommissioned synonyms, decommissioned antonyms. Information about decommissioned in the free. — “decommissioned - definition of decommissioned by the Free”,
  • Decommmissioned 18 July 1893, recommissioned 2 April 1894, refitted 1895, decommissioned 1895. Decommissioned 23 March 1912, stricken 24 April 1912, sold 10 June. — “US Cruisers List: Miscellaneous Cruisers”,
  • Watch Decommissioned videos from all over the internet. — “Decommissioned - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • Regional: North America: United States: Government: Military: Navy: Ships: Decommissioned (2) "Decommissioned" search on: AltaVista - A9 - AOL - Ask - Clusty - Gigablast - Google - Lycos - MSN - Yahoo. — “Open Directory - Regional: North America: United States”,
  • decommissioned. JOHN MARSHALL. SSBN / SSN 611. decommissioned. THOMAS JEFFERSON. SSBN / SSN decommissioned. Lafayette SSBN 616 - class. Ship's Name. Hull Number. Homeport / Status. LAFAYETTE. SSBN 616. — “US NAVY - FLEET BALLISTIC MISSILE SUBMARINES”,
  • Type: 24-Gun Corvette / Sloop-of-War || Launched: 1854 || Commissioned: 1855 || Decommissioned: ca.1950 Type: Iowa Class Battleship || Launched: 1943 || Commissioned: 1944 || Decommissioned: 1948, 1958, 1991 || Recommissioned: 1951, 1988. After an. — “Historic Naval Ships”,
  • Highway guides for former Interstate highways that were either cancelled, renumbered, or decommissioned. — “Interstate-Guide: Decommissioned Interstates”, interstate-
  • VORTAC decommissioned. Posted 6/9/2010 Updated 6/9/2010 Email story Print story The VORTAC was recently decommissioned as a new system was installed and control was turned over to the. — “VORTAC decommissioned”,
  • The 37 year old Navy ship is now back at its homeport in Norfolk, Virginia, and will be formally decommissioned September 28, 2007. We had some Kenyan generals out here that said, Why would you decommission a ship like this?. — “USS Shreveport Decommissioned”,
  • Nearly every developed nation in world history has a rich maritime history. Decommissioned naval vessels, maritime military museums and other maritime military historical sites dot the United States coastlines. Many other countries throughout. — “Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned) - A Waymarking”,

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  • 116 Year Old Fire Station Is Decommissioned In Springfield MA A horse drawn hose wagon leads a procession away from the Oakland Street Fire Station. It was the last active station to have housed horse drawn apparatus.It also marked the end for the SFD's last tiller, or rear driven, hook and ladder truck. Engine 3 and Ladder 3 have moved to a new fire station on White Street less than a mile from the now closed Oakland Street Fire Station.
  • Evidence of Libya torture emerges As opposition groups in Libya take over areas outside of the capital, state prisons and military buildings are being searched. In Benghazi, the opposition says they have unearthed equipment used by the government to torture dissidents, while more and more allegations of cruelty towards political prisoners are emerging. Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports from Benghazi, Libya.
  • Explosive demolition of K East Reactor Stack Using $420000 in Recovery Act funds, the Department of Energy and contractor CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company topped off four months of preparations when they safely demolished the exhaust stack at the K East Reactor and equipment inside the reactor building on July 23, 2010.
  • USS Kitty Hawk Decommissioned The USS Kitty Hawk is decommissioned after nearly 50 years of service. See more DoD videos at
  • Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton decommissioning ceremony San Diego - The US Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton, a 378-foot, high endurance cutter homeported in San Diego, was decommissioned after 44-years of service in a ceremony presided over by Vice Adm. Manson K. Brown, commander, Coast Guard Pacific Area, Monday, March 28. US Coast Guard video by Petty Officer Henry C. Dunphy
  • USS Nashville (LPD 13) is decommissioned NORFOLK (Sept. 30, 2009) After 39 years of faithful service, USS Nashville (LPD 13) was decommissioned during a ceremony Sept. 30 at Norfolk Naval Station on Pier 4 following more than 39 years of faithful service to the fleet. Decommissioning ceremonies mark the conclusion of a ships active service. During Nashvilles decommissioning ceremony, it lost its lifeblood when the crew disembarked, the watch was secured and the colors were struck for the last time. Its time for those of us who knew her to say goodbye, said keynote speaker, retired Vice Adm. Frank Donovan, Commanding Officer of the Nashville from 1982-1983. (US Navy video/Released)
  • USS Nashville Decommissioned The Navy decommissioned the USS Nashville in a ceremony at Naval Station Norfolk. See more DoD videos at
  • Admiral James Stavridis Nominated, CNO, USS Kitty Hawk Decommissioned, ARG/MEU (Daily News Update) Headlines from around the Fleet for May 13, 2009. (Admiral James Stavridis Nominated, CNO, USS Kitty Hawk Decommissioned, ARG/MEU). See more related videos for this day at
  • Ensuring the Safety of Decommissioned Buildings The downturn in the economy has left buildings vacant on the Las Vegas Strip and elsewhere. It's up to Clark County's Development Services Department to inspect those structures to ensure they are safe, secure and compliant with County codes.
  • Blast For The Past - The Stories Of Ireland's Decommissioned Fog Signals
  • Well decommissioning goal met CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company achieved its goal to use Recovery Act funding to decommissioning 175 wells by the end of fiscal year 2010. The wells were no longer of service and were closed, or decommissioned to support reduction of the Hanford Site cleanup footprint.
  • Let's Play Treasures of the Deep - Part #17: You're Decommissioned! I have no idea where the OGRE went.
  • Franz Josef Land: Environmental Remediation in the Area of Decommissioned Military Bases A film from the National Protected Areas of the Arctic Large Marine Ecosystem GEF International Waters project, implemented by UNEP. A film by Serge Tambiev, and the NPA-Arctic Project Polar Foundation. With subtitles.
  • MFD Truck 10 Decommissioned - Part 1.MPG
  • Riverwest Ladder Truck To Be Decommissioned
  • Stargate decommissioned, disassembled, and moved to park Colorado Springs, CO: In a recent move to save money because of an ever shrinking budget, the Earth Stargate (found at a dig site near Giza in 1928) once housed in the top-secret US military base known as the SGC (Stargate Command) underneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs has now been completely decommissioned and disassembled. Government officials have moved the device and placed it in a local Colorado Springs park not far from its original home, deep within the under-mountain complex. The original Stargate configuration has been modified, with much of the decorative elements smoothed to reflect a flat surface. Now resembling a sculpture/fountain, the device once able to transport beings from one point to another between worlds and galaxies, is now only able to turn on an axis and dispense a curtain of water. The official dedication of this new "sculpture/fountain" was held on Thursday, June 7th 2007 in America the Beautiful Park. It is unknown if this newly configured "Stargate" has retained any of its original transport capabilities.
  • Coast Guard LORANSTA Attu Decommissioning Ceremony ATTU ISLAND, Alaska - Coast Guard Loran Station Attu was decommissioned on Aug. 27, 2010, after 66 years of service. Attu was the last of six Alaska-based Loran stations to be closed. US Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis.
  • US SUBMARINES DECOMMISSIONED [ETC.] US SUBMARINES DECOMMISSIONED [ETC.] - National Archives and Records Administration 1946 - ARC 39100, LI 208-UN-193 - DVD Copied by J. Williams. Series: Motion Picture Films from "United News" Newsreels, compiled 1942 - 1945. Part 1, sailors at the San Francisco Navy Yard clean and lubricate parts and equipment prior to storage. Part 2, Army radar equipment is used to contact the moon. Part 3, Gen. McNarney rides across two new bridges across the Rhine. Part 4, Chinese troops are deloused and then board ships at Shanghai en route to Manchuria. Part 5, men and women race on ice skates in Minnesota. Girls race on snow-shoes at Lewiston, Maine. Men race and pole vault at Madison Square Garden. Part 6, British war brides board the liner Argentina, sail to New York, and are greeted by their husbands.
  • Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton decommissioning ceremony SAN DIEGO -- Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton, a 378-foot high endurance cutter homeported at Naval Base San Diego, is decommissioned during a ceremony March 28, 2011. The Hamilton was decommissioned after 44-years of service in a ceremony presided over by Vice Adm. Manson K. Brown, commander, Coast Guard Pacific Area. US Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 2nd Class Henry G. Dunphy.
  • Admiral Keating Decommissioning USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) Admiral Timothy J. Keating recounts the story of PeeWee at the Decommissioning Ceremony of the USS Kitty Hawk, (CV-63). For more Photo's & Videos about the Deactiving / Decommissioning Ceremony of the USS Kitty Hawk at Bremerton, WA go to:
  • Defence to axe, decommission naval vessels The Federal Government has announced that Navy transport ships HMAS Manoora and Kanimbla are unfit for service and will be decommissioned.
  • Spooks (MI5): Tom's Decommissioned Another gripping clip from the action series about the British security service, MI5. Watch more Spooks (MI5) from BBC Worldwide here:
  • Decommission of the BP Chip Programmer for UPEW.mp4 Parallax's BP-4100 chip programmer was taken offline and decommissioned today. The parts will be available for our guests at the Unofficial Propeller Expo 2010 in June.
  • World War 2 Replicas and Decommissioned Weapons Name them if you can! Some replicas,decommisioned and airsoft weapons possibly including MP40.Parabellum Pistole 08/ Luger,MG42,stick grenade, M16,SLR,SA80,Bren gun, Thompson, PPSh, Browning Pistol, Hand grenades, Helmets, Respirator,Ammo.
  • Decommissioned vessels are key to ADF operations Dr Andrew Davies from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute tells Lateline the Navy has had problems with seaworthiness before.
  • Reducing Our Carbon Footprint "No one program" but more than two dozen initiatives help Verizon reduce the environmental impact of its operations. This video contains a sampling of the some of the more effective and lesser-known programs that make big difference. In 2008 alone, Verizons conservation efforts reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 303000 metric tons, the equivalent of taking more than 55500 cars off the road. Overall, Verizons carbon intensity is approximately nine times below the US average, as reported by the US Energy Information Administration.
  • Decommissioned Now - Ethan Howard (Original) Note: Song is a bit choppy, I know. We were rushed a bit in recording it. But overall, its not bad. Ethan Howard - Lyrics, Rhythm Guitar Nate McLaughlan - Lead Guitar Andrew Stevens - Bass Chris Hatton - Drums Lyrics: Why Can't We Go Back and See? Why Are You Always Criticizing Me? Why Can't We Just Go Back To Before? In the days before reform! Why don't ya know? Why don't ya see? Why don't ya know? Cause Your Decommissioned Now. Why don't we just go back to yesterday? Why don't we kill the poor on the way? Why can't ya just stop scratchin' that itch? You reactionary son of a.... Why don't ya know? Why don't ya see? Why don't ya know? Cause Your Decommissioned Now Why can't ya work? Why can't ya play? Why don't ya know? Cause your decommissioned now *Guitar Soloz* Why don't ya know? Why don't ya see? Why don't ya know? Cause Your Decommissioned Now Why can't ya feel? Why can't ya work? Why don't ya know? Cause your decommissioned now! Why don't ya know? Why don't ya feel? Why don't ya know? Cause your decommissioned now.
  • HMS Caroline Decommissioning 01.04.11 It's the end of an era in for the Royal Navy in Northern Ireland. HMS Caroline has been moored in Alexandra Dock in Belfast for nearly 90 years. But, as Fiona Weir reports, she's now been decommissioned as a reserve training base.
  • Albatross IV decommissioned in Woods Hole Scene from decommissioning ceremony of NOAA research vessel Albatross IV in Woods Hole, MA on 11/20/08.
  • MFD Truck 10 Decommissioned - Part 5.MPG HEO and Local 215 Exec Board member Mark Pegelow drives Truck 10 out the door for the last time, as the MFD Honor Guard and Greater Milwaukee Fire and Police Pipes and Drums honor its memory
  • USCGC Acushnet Decommissioning Ceremony The "Queen of the Fleet" is a long, proud tradition honoring the Coast Guard's oldest ship. Four years ago, this title was given to Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet and after a long and adventurous 67 years of service, the time had come for the 213-foot cutter to be decommissioned. US Coast Guard video. To read more about the decommissioning, click the link below: VIRIN: 110311 G 5176S 42
  • TEPCO Fukushima - Chairman apologizes, says reactors will be decommissioned
  • ASC "Purple" Supercomputing Platform Decommissioned In November 2010, NNSA announced that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has decommissioned Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Program's Purple, the first supercomputer capable of producing the reliable three-dimensional simulations of nuclear weapons performance critical to NNSA's program to ensure the safety, security and effectiveness of the nuclear stockpile without having to conduct testing. NNSA Director of Advanced Simulation and Computing Bob Meisner discusses the decommisioning milestone in this video.
  • The Weakerthans:"Left and Leaving"-Spooks-Tom's Decommissioned Spooks, Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Quinn Music : " Left and Leaving " by The Weakerthans My city's still breathing (but barely it's true) through buildings gone missing like teeth. The sidewalks are watching me think about you, all sparkled with broken glass. I'm back with scars to show. Back with the streets I know. They never take me anywhere but here. Those stains in the carpet, this drink in my hand, these strangers whose faces I know. We meet here for our dress-rehearsal to say I wanted it this way and wait for the year to drown. Spring forward, fall back down. I'm trying not to wonder where you are. All this time lingers, undefined. Someone choose who's left and who's leaving. Memory will rust and erode into lists of all that you gave me: a blanket, some matches, this pain in my chest, the best parts of Lonely, duct-tape and soldered wires, new words for old desires, and every birthday card I threw away. I wait in 4/4 time. Count yellow highway lines that you're relying on to lead you home Beautiful poetic lyrics .
  • Decommissioning of USS MCINERNEY (FFG-8).mpg The USS MCINERNEY (FFG-8) is decommissioned in a ceremony at Naval Station Mayport (just outside Jacksonville, Florida) after a 30-year career with the US Navy. The ship was recommissioned the PNS Alamgir and joined the Pakistani fleet in the same ceremony.
  • USS Hawes decommissioned - 5:30 pm
  • Raw Video: Australia Sinks Decommissioned Ship The Australian Navy sank a decommissioned frigate off the coast of New South Wales. Fireworks and controlled explosions were detonated on the HMAS Adelaide, sending it to the bottom of the ocean in less than a minute. (April 13)
  • P-Cap's Decommissioned Can***s from DIV XIV This journey will take you to Cole's Hill, where P-cap saved four decommissioned Civil War era can***s from their resting place of 145 years. Rusty, mangled, and on the verge of total decay, P-cap rescued these just in the nick of time. Another year, they would have been gone completely. Thanks P-cap for saving these great relics, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to restore these unique relics for you. I hope you all will enjoy the video and Thanks for watching
  • Epic Mickey Walkthrough #27 Lanterns Lit, Dam Decommissioned,Tikis Trove, Digging Daisy
  • Speed Painting Time Lapse: Decommissioned Guardian Machine The song: God is an Astronaut - Zodiac. 70 mins, down to a little under 6. first time trying to complete something so quick. I know there's some flaws, like the composition being a little off. Also, the computer i was using is pretty slow, you can see it locking up once or twice, hahaha. The program is my favorite version of Photoshop: 7.
  • Star Trek: The Experience Decommissioned on 09.01.08
  • Decommissioned B747-400 take off from Las Vegas Intl (KLAS) Decommissioned Boeing 747-400 taking off from Las Vegas Intl for a flight to Iwojima Aero (so she was fully loaded, especially with fuel). Features taxiing to the runway, take off, climb, and cruise. Hope you enjoy, it has been a while since I have uploaded a video!

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  • “BLOG " Posts for tag 'Decommissioned Submarines' Russia's Nuclear broke into the subs waiting to be decommissioned to steal gold used in their construction;”
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  • “Squander Two Blog. Friday, September 24. Decommissioned. Trains cancelled across Northern Ireland this morning due to bomb scares. To have this blog emailed to you, click here. Here are the full”
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  • “ blog. bored & beautiful. I am Deeply Shallow. Decommissioned. This year, NASA retired their Space Shuttle fleet and has announced that they will make three space shuttles – Discovery, Endeavor and Atlantis – available to different institutions throughout the US”
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  • “Old server decommissioned (:8012) | Listener Forum. Old server decommissioned (:8012) " previous next " Pages: [1] Author. Topic: Old server decommissioned (:8012) (Read 3738 times) dave. Site Founder. Administrator. Hero Member. Offline”
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  • “the world World's first guesthouse on a plane opens in Stockholm, Sweden (quote) Up close, a Boeing 747-200 is an impressive sight. Visitors to Stockholm's Arlanda airport can now get a real, close-up view of a mighty bird - in the form of a”
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  • “LCOGT is about to install the new Spectral cameras, offering a wider field of view and faster read out time. During these upgrades, the older Hawkcam cameras, EA01 and EA02, will be decommissioned. According to our database, all current”
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  • “Home > Blogging, Entertainment, media > TV Controller Blog Decommissioned The 6 month old Secret Blog of a TV Controller (aged 33 and 3/4), a”
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  • “InformationWeek writers blog on a range of business technology topics: digital life, personal tech, enterprise mobility, Windows/Microsoft, Google, outsourcing, security, IT careers, IT salaries, leadership/management strategy and more”
    Decommissioned Storage Justifies Encryption - Storage Blog,

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