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  • Debian New Maintainer - Maintainers List. The following are applicants that have successfully passed through Kanru Chen Tommi Vainikainen. — “Debian -- Debian New Maintainer - Maintainers List”,
  • Debian is a free, open source operating system composed of entirely free software. Debian is the basis of many of the current Operating System's, such as Ubuntu. Debian has over 26,000 software packages available for download and the operating. — “Debian”,
  • Aggregation of blogs of a number of Debian developers. This assumption is actually not true for debian as all essential packages should always be installed. — “Planet Debian”,
  • (debian-) Example: Mount a Debian guest on the host using FUSE and libguestfs http:///yzo9d5e 12:46 AM Nov 5th from twitterfeed (Debian News) Work-needing and prospective packages from the 28th Oct. — “Debian Project (debian) on Twitter”,
  • Debian GNU/Linux is the basis for several other distributions, including Knoppix, Linspire, MEPIS, Xandros, and the Ubuntu family. Debian is also known for its package management system (especially APT), for its strict policies regarding its packages and the quality of its releases. — “Debian - CryptoDox”,
  • The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create This operating system is called Debian GNU/Linux, or simply Debian for short. — “: Debian GNU/Linux”,
  • The dinifti tool was one of the first to appear in Debian and ever since it's inclusion in the distribution, I have received invaluable feedback from the Debian community. —– Valerio Lucio [2010-09-01] Manager Information Systems, Center for Brain Imaging, New York University, New York City, USA. — “Welcome to the Debian Neuroscience Repository — Debian”,
  • User contributed/edited documentation. This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the Debian project. It is editable by everyone and we need your contributions to make it better. — “FrontPage - Debian Wiki”,
  • Debian is a universal operating system used on many other embedded devices, and also on home computers. For an existing Debian/Ubuntu user, choosing Debian for Neo FreeRunner makes phone a very familiar, trustworthy and flexible place to hack in. — “Debian - Openmoko”,
  • Packages overview for Neil Williams Display configuration: (click to collapse) You need to allow cookies if you want the configuration to be stored. If not, remember/bookmark the right URL that will be provided after submitting changes. — “Debian Developer's Packages Overview -- Debian Quality Assurance”,
  • Debian ( DEB ra IAN ) A Linux-based operating system developed by Ian Murdock in 1993 and named after his future wife and himself. — “Debian: Information from ”,
  • Debian is especially well-known for its package management system, based on .deb packages handled by the dpkg and APT programs, which allows relatively painless upgrades from older versions of Debian, nearly effortless installs of new packages, and clean removal of old ones. — “Debian - Wikinfo”,
  • Debian/NSLU2 is the name given to the official Debian distribution for ARM that runs on the NSLU2, thanks to the efforts of the nslu2-linux developers to get the necessary kernel patches and utilities accepted upstream by the kernel maintainers and by the Debian Project. Goals. — “NSLU2-Linux - Debian / HomePage browse”, nslu2-
  • Debian GNU/Linux uses the Linux kernel (the core of an operating system), but most of the basic OS tools come from the GNU project; hence the name GNU/Linux. Although it's a non-commercial project Debian is one of the most popular and well-respected Linux distributions. — “Debian - LQWiki”,
  • Debian is a free operating system which is the Linux kernel (the core of Linux itself) and application software run on its kernel. Much of the application and utility software was done by the GNU project, so Debian Linux is more correctly called "Debian GNU/Linux". — “Debian - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ugh, back to work tomorrow #google #android #ubuntu #firefox #debian #adobe #seo #fsf #linux #ogg #debian In Las Vegas, Synchronized Swimming as a Show #foss #waiaria #rdfa. — “Notices tagged with debian -”,
  • Debian (ˈdɛbiən) is a computer operating system composed of software packages released as The primary form, Debian GNU/Linux , which uses the Linux kernel and. — “Debian”,
  • Debian GNU/Linux is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their time and effort. — “Debian”,
  • The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system: a complete set of programs and utilities that make your computer run, plus applications to run on it. Debian and its derivatives together make up the most popular Linux. — “Debian's SoC Home Page”,
  • Debian (pronounced /ˈdɛbiən/) is a computer operating system composed of software Debian is known for relatively strict adherence to the Unix and free software. — “Debian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Debian is possibly the largest free software distribution, with well over 4,500 source in the latest stable release (Debian 3.0) and more than 8,000 source packages in the. — “Measuring Woody: The Size of Debian 3.0”,
  • Debian tips releases mysql debian-lenny site CPanel Centos amazon aws Tools WordPress apache-tips-and-tricks Squeeze has been frozen for some time now, and hopefully will be released by the end of the year, and today the Debian team has revealed the name of the next Debian release 7.0: Wheezy. — “Debian | MDLog:/sysadmin”,
  • This book is free; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License of any version compliant to the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG). — “Debian Reference”,

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  • Debian GNU/Linux 7.1 install and overview | Debian solid as a rock [HD] Debian solid as a rock http:/// The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating syste...
  • Linux Mint Debian 2013(03) REVIEW lol I gotta try and start doing reviews in under 10 mins... but by the time I verbalize everything I want to say... it is 20mins + !! sorry bout that :D Sorr...
  • Raspberry Pi pico PC e Debian Linux (ITA) Prova del pico PC Raspberry Pi, un computer completo di tutto in soli 35 euro, 45 grammi e dalle dime...
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  • Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" + GNOME 3 This review is for BEGINNERS who are considering DEBIAN for it's stability. If you want FULL details on this distribution, please see the links below. Thanks...
  • Debian 7 : Kurz ausprobiert http:// Mein Video vom 14.6.13 das es ursprünglich nur über Twitter zu sehen gab ;-)
  • Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" Review: Stable Stable Stable! Overview of the latest Debian Release - Code name Wheezy!
  • RIS - oh cazzo, un Debian! I nostri RIS danno sfoggio di tecniche sofisticatissime per combattere il cybercrime. Hacking alla 128° potenza.
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  • Solutions Libres et Open Source 2013 - News Debian News Debian par Raphaël Hertzog ( Debian France ) A l'heure où le ministère annonce être en faveur du logiciel libre et déclare que le logiciel libre est « a...

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  • “If you are able to provide fixes for those sorts of breakages, that would be really useful, and also, as the Debian forum has only a handful of helpful posters, the higher level of traffic on the Mint forum would make it a better place to go for problem solving. Fewt Says:”
    — The Linux Mint Blog " Blog Archive " A system based on Debian,

  • “Debian XSF News. Since people seem to like it, I'll be trying to publish some news about Possibly none, even though it was recently reworked so that http:/// and http:/// are distinct”
    — debian,

  • “Recently in Debian Category. Debian work. By. Joerg Jaspert. on 9.09.10 It has been a pretty exhausting time since my last blog post in my area of "Debian land"”
    — Ganneff's Little Blog: Debian Archives,

  • “Myon's Blog/ tag/ Myon's Debian Blog. RecentChanges. History. This feed contains pages in the "debian" category. Unfortunately, the wording of many translations in Debian often drives me nuts. This applies mostly to web”
    — Myon's Debian Blog, df7

  • “: Your resource for Debian Forum, Clie Forum Sony, Clinical Psychology Forum, Pocket Bike Forum, Rv”
    Debian Forum,

  • “Providing a fallback for older debian releases would be the better way. prospective Developers. I'm writing this blog entry as a reaction of”
    — debian, der-

  • “Enrique Monge debian, iptables, squid 6 comments. Autor: Carlos Torrento. Objetivo: Tener un servidor dhcp que filtre contenido web Subscribe. Subscribe Debian El Salvador Blog. Recent Entries. Touchpad”
    Debian El Salvador Blog " squid, .sv

  • “Blog. Projects. Misc docs. This feed contains pages in the "debian" 13 00:04:02 2009 Tags: debian. Configuring split DNS. Since I enabled comments in this blog, I finally needed to configure a split”
    — debian,

  • “This tag is for blog posts that are about the Debian Project. feature 2009-06-20 11:58:10 +0300. Debian Developers per capita 2009-06-20 11:58:10 +0300”
    debian -,

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