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  • I dadded a new theme to my alltel razr v3m and now there is no text in the menus or anything. please help me. i think i need to flash a new text file to it but i dont know how. also p2ktools freezes up when i plug my phone in and so does. — “RAZR THEMES HAVE NO TEXT! HELP? I dadded a new theme to my”,
  • I thoroughly enjoyed bidding up a neatly beaded and doo-dadded straw cowboy hat to $41, the highest bid of the evening, and a price second only to the pickup truck, which received no competitive bids. top. Only about fifty people attended the auction. — “Chase A Jinx Away - The Texas Kid Auction”,
  • Words starting with d containing a: da,daal,daals,dab,dabbed,dabber,dabbers,dabbing,dabbities,dabbity,dabble,dabbled,dabbler,dabblers,dabbles,dabbling,dabblingly,dabblings,dabchick,dabchicks,daboia,daboias,dabs,dabster,dabsters,dace,dac dadded. — “Words starting with d containing a”,
  • r_user_info.Fields("dAdded").Value = Date() ' r_user_info.Fields("OrderCode").Value r_user_info.Fields("dAdded").Value = Date() ' r_user_info.Fields("OrderCode").Value. — “PowerASP Code Help Area: need code to prevent duplicate data”,
  • - a professional mature men and admirers community where friends are made and thoughts are shared. — “ - A Professional Mature Men and Admirers Community”,
  • Real estate land listings in Bucuresti for sale lands offers and investment opportunity Sales land in Bucuresti county, estate agency Casa Pitas based in Bucuresti offers Sales lands and investments. — “Lands for sale offer in Bucuresti city, real estate listings”,
  • Create and share an online goal list and learn how to get each item accomplished. We help you answer the question: What do you want to do with your life? [ My Dadded ;[[ 3 years ago. — “BbyLeah on 43 Things”, 43
  • Watch Youre About To Be Bat-Dadded video clip. Randy and Bat Dad get into a fist fight at the Little League Championship. — “Youre About To Be Bat-Dadded (Season 9, Episode 5) - Video”,
  • free mp3 download, -, mp3, mp3s, free, mp3 download, mp3 dowload, free Mp3 downloads, mp3 music download, music search, mp3 search,mp3 music By dAdded 23, Nov, 2010. — “Rio - Shine On Spencer And Hill Rmx: Free MP3 Download”,
  • is a leader in LIVE broadcasting, and is a new and popular web location where viewers from all over the world can come share their personal talents and opinions LIVE For callin meh a fake lol =Dadded. — “bk1989 - bk1989 Live - blogTV”,
  • Query = "SELECT * FROM cnews ORDER BY dadded DESC;" Set glass = Cn.Execute(Query) %>. — “Cardiff Bay Yacht Club”,
  • The Carlyle Letters Online "Dadded abreed" "daud yourself abreed" (coterie speech) "Dadded abreed" [shaken to pieces] (coterie speech) "Daft Jamie" See: Wilson James. Daft Sally. Dag of rain heavy shower. Dagleish Provost. Dagon of the Philistines. Dagon Priest. — “The Carlyle Letters Online”,
  • Our extensive research venture to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the molecular structure of water has resulted in what we have termed Double-Helix Water™ Dr. Shui Yin Lo, Ph.DAdded August 15th 2010. — “Double Helix Water | USA”,
  • They ship there car here to have it all doo-dadded out. BMW like? The Pontiac attributes above is why a Pontiac will never be BMW They ship there car here to have it all doo-dadded out. BMW like? The Pontiac attributes above is why a Pontiac will never be BMW like, or Infiniti like, or Audi like,. — “Posts — Autoblog”,
  • The Vin Sanity of Wrestling - You're about to be Bat-Dadded! Two boxers can dance, run, and clinch for 10 rounds before one wins a split-decision on points, with no dramatic, Rocky Balboa-like flurry or big knockout blow. — “: The Vin Sanity of Wrestling - You're”,
  • An ingenious little kit that gives you all the upside of parenthood, without the pesky downside of feeding, cleaning and clothing an actual child Every once in a while, you've looked over at the dad who is all dadded up in the office next door and felt a little jealous. — “The Office Kid | Parenthood, Minus the Kid | National | NTL”,
  • Klauscondicihttp:///my_videos_edit2?ns=1&video­_id=SfXFtvtSFS0&next=%2Fmy_videos2%3Fpi%3D0%26ps%3D20%26sf%3­Dadded%26sa%3D0%26s. — “YouTube - Epifani:Eventuale fallimento Goldman Sachs?Potrebbe”,
  • 6 letter words beginning with D: dabbed, dabber, dabble dadded. daddle. dadgum. dadoed. dadoes. daedal. daeing. daemon. daffed. daftar. dafter. daftie. daftly. dagaba. daggas. dagged. dagger. daggle. dagoba. dagoes. dahlia. dahoon. daidle. daiker. daikon. daimen. daimio. — “6 letter D words : 6 letter words beginning with D”,
  • Select e.CategoryID, d.eBayCatDesc from eBayCategory1 as e INNER JOIN eBayCatDesc as d SELECT Date(U.dAdded), count(Date(U.dAdded)) FROM UserSearch U LEFT JOIN User UD on UD. — “SQLQueryInfo < Main < TWiki”,
  • dadded's coupons from Taylor, favorite businesses in Taylor, and reviews in Taylor. — “MerchantCircle | dadded's coupon book, favorite businesses”,
  • Definition of Rattens with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. santal, dadded, myrobalan, koftas, mangifera_indica, coveralled,. — “Rattens: Definition with Rattens Pictures and Photos”,

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  • The Wizard of Oz 4-D Experience This beloved classic becomes an exciting modern adventure in The Wizard of Oz 4-D Experience. Be swept along with Dorothy as a powerful tornado transports you to the magical Land of Oz. Newly restored in digital 3-D, added special effects heighten the magical spell of this landmark film. THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Turner Entertainment Co. Judy Garland as Dorothy from THE WIZARD OF OZ. (s10)
  • MGM's Spiffy Edits MysteryGuitarMan invited people to comment with a guess on how he made his "Wanted" video. After I had loaded the video into iMovie to examine it, I figured I might as well add some freeze frames and titles and upload it. I suppose it would have been more useful if I'd added some commentary. Oh well. MGM's video:
  • VOCALOID Song Downloads [53] -News- nothin special... got not much requests at the mom :D added songs: Hanayurikago (Hatsune Miku) Atoms (Hatsune Miku) Tanabata (Gumi, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka) Dragonheart (Megurine Luka) Why dont you call me yet? (Kagamine Rin) Million Miles (Megurine Luka) VOCALOID Folder:
  • FSX - AirAsia takeoff KLIA runway 32R PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! :D Added real sounds to this one!! Sit back and enjoy the flight.. info: Airline: AirAsia Model by: Overland Scenery: Custom from AVSIM ( REX (Real Environment Xtreme) tools: FSRecorder Fraps Sony Vegas Link to more Malaysia Airports scenery.
  • Bad Dad "Who's really to blame? (The kid, duh.)" -- Recorded live on -
  • Rammstein - Mein Teil I play two guitars in this video, or it's the same guitar but I'd added playing to it. this is one of the songs to the great German band Rammstein. this is figured out by ear not tabs and my guitar has Death Metal Tuning so it's ofcourse not played were it should be but where it has to with this tuning. some mistakes ofcourse, nobody's perfect.
  • Massive Attack-Teardrop completely rerecorded on Guitar (Cover) High Quality(highly recommended, recording uses Stereo!): Original Song by: Massive Attack Arrangement/Instruments by: Me Intro,Outro Solo, Guitar Bridges by: Me Note: The video was recorded after the actual recording for pure fun and youtube purposes ;), it therefore isn't 1:1 correct with the sound, but close enough. This is Massive Attack's song Teardrop covered by me in hours of work heh :D. Added some parts like solo etc, and cut the song short, every sound except that of the beats/percussion is guitar in this cover, recorded in several takes. Wanted to make it somehow different from the original, I hope you like it. Comment please! MP3 on request! My tuning is D-standard, if you'd like to play it from this video.No tabs (yet) because I did it by ear directly.If anybody needs them, just ask, I might do tablature for this. Special Thanks to Dustin O. for the drumbeat. PS: Just recognized the credits being too fast in the end lol,press stop if you really want to read that:D.
  • Chief Greenbud - Its Only A Weed Googled the pics in like 10 mins, don't expect anything special. Its just something to compliment the song. Though, I wish I'd added some police brutality pics to it. Bah, oh well.
  • DadDVD 2 Part 2
  • Tutorial: How to do a rainbow eye effect on GIMP Hello youtube :) another eye tutorial (i do like doing eyes!) :D added on is how to make your photos black and white in certain areas which really makes this effect way cooler. enjoy :D have a look at my other videos if you wish.
  • My fake preggy belly I made this vid a while ago as you can see the timestamp. Here I've used two bin liners (one inside the other) and filled it up with water inside my swim costume. It made me look pregnant :) I love the feeling of being preggy :D Added note: All comments will be approved by me - I don't care about any negative comment and they won't be approved, they will simply be deleted.
  • Dad (ded) (poem) My ded loves me vry muche He hts mi bekas I ned to die I lave him bekase he is always ritghe
  • Rock Steady Crew - Uprock - Original Video - Virgin - 1984 Rock Steady Crew - Uprock Label: Virgin Catalog#: RSC 2-12 Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: UK Released: 1984 Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop Style: Electro Credits: Engineer - Walter Turbitt Producer - B. Soldier* , Stephen Hague Notes: Taken from the album "Ready For Battle" Tracklisting: A: Uprock (Extended Version) B1: Uprock (Instrumental Version) B2: Uprock (7" Version) Rock Steady Crew Profile: The original founders were Jimmy D and Jojo, two early popularizers of breakdancing. Although breakdancing has since become a well-known subculture, in the late 1970s it was little known outside of New York, as such their early rivals were from the other boroughs of New York. In the beginning, membership in the crew was only granted by battling with another Rock Steady member; it was a competition few people won. In 1979 Jimmy D added Crazy Legs, Lenny Len and Muter (Not much known about him) to the crew. This fresh talent came at a critical time for the crew; if it had not been for these fresh new faces Rock Steady quite possibly would have ended then. Crazy Legs then was living in Manhattan and would return to the Bronx on the weekends but that eventually became too expensive. At that point Crazy Legs began to explore the hip hop scene in Manhattan, this meant losing contact with some of the other members of Rock Steady. Crazy Legs wanted to start a crew of his own and went back to the Bronx to get Jimmy D's permission to start a new Rock Steady chapter in Manhattan. Unable to find ...
  • SHINee - Ring Ding Dong mirrored no-mics fancam copyright of SM Entertainment & co. for dance learning purposes only! not the best quality and a little shaky but no mics yay! :D added a perf in the beginning and end cuz the fancam wasnt 100% complete. also changed the audio and did some anti-shake up-down movement when the fancam zoomed out and i zoomed in to make it 16:9... download: other mirrored versions of RDD Taemin fancam version: HD not shaky single camera perf:
  • Farewell (original collab aleishar & heleneaustin) I wrote these lyrics as a special gift to Byron a few days before I left the UK. I left it as a surprise for him and planned to find my artist and then cut the video together. When I heard Helen E Austin sing, I knew she was the one and I asked her to do the collab with me. She accepted. I sent her the lyrics and (I kid you not) two days later she sent me the song even though I'd added one more verse two hours before she sent me the mp3. She's amazing and I hope you'll visit her channel and sub. We've made this song downloadable and free on her website under Gallery and then click on video. :D ...and if you don't know the story of Byron and me, then check out my UK vids and Byron's channel & our "youtube love playlist" http and watch our original love song "There With You." Farewell Lyrics by Aleisha Russell You trembled in my arms as you leaned in for my kiss then whispered the words I will never forget and my tears ran down your face as we took our last embrace and we left each other's side to say our last goodbye farewell farewell I don't want to leave you like this farewell farewell My heart is in my last kiss farewell farewell How will our hearts ever mend? I want to freeze this moment in time but time is freezing me I've always been taught that change is good but it hurts to leave as I should. Wrestling with my thoughts and the things that keep pulling me back home. Where my heart is landed I don't know. Farewell farewell You hate ...
  • Legends of Eriador v 2.5!!! Java rpg game! Follow me: Credits goto 1tactic23, with help of Thetiprogrammer for making tuts and hending out the sprites. And also thanks to runescape (LOL) for the sprites, i will change them later i just need to find better ones :) Also thanks to marcen96 for making a part of the sprites! Please subscribe for more! -== Add list (not all) ==- Started on an ingame chat box :D Started on shops (almost 100% perfect) Added loads of new items! Added hp and mana bar! Added stamina and mana bonusses :D Added item level Added a first working quest (more to come!) Made the playing area BIGGER! :P Cleaned up the system so it looked a bit nicer xD -====- Still LOOAADDDSSS more to come!!
  • DadDVD 1 Vacation part 1
  • Butterfly Fly Away Before The Storm (Medley by J-Me) Hey. I've decided to try to combine these two songs. Sounds combine-able. =D Added some effects to it. Anywayz enjoy. haha. Miley Cyrus - Butterfly Fly Away Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus - Before the Storm Original Arrangement by me. Pictures - not mine. =)
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Lucky Fails & Failed Luck 2 This time around, mostly all if not all of the clips are from versus games. I learned that Expert on L4D2 is nigh impossible; versus is more gratifying :D. Added 7/3/10: Because I get comments about stealing karma charger, look at the upload of this video, and look at say, L4D2 MoGO1 ( This video was made 2 weeks earlier. I even have a video from the L4D2 demo that references Karma Charger even earlier than this. Hopefully, this will get rid of any cries of "Zomg stealer!". I attempted more editing than I usually do in this one (hey, it took a lot of work to get the screen to change colors :P (not really...)). I usually stay away from editing, as I do not know what would be the best way to edit (like in this case, what color to make the screen turn, how long to make it last, the format of the title, when the title appears, etc...) and I try to make my videos as the purest gameplay they can be. I really like how this one turned out. Well, I like everything except the win chargers to the end, since that part feels a little hastily created to me (I created it on a whim, whereas I normally take time thinking about the content of my videos). I admit, I might have gone music happy in this video, but I needed to sometime... Hope you don't mind the music ;) If you're wondering about the scene at 8:38 , all you have to do is use the "demoui" command on a demo recorded file. Hit drive, hold left click, and use the movement keys to move (or wasd keys). I also use ...
  • Until the End of Time - Westlife - With Lyrics + westlife + until the end of time + with lyrics + please rate and leave a comment!
  • Finistère - slow air on Low Whistle I wrote this tune in praise of the lovely landscape this video was recorded in - well, almost: the region of Finistère, Brittany. Played on a Goldie Overton Low D. ADDED: The dots for the tune can be found here: www.ceol-/sounds/Finistere_score.jpg. PLEASE NOTE: In the link there's a blank space in front of the .jpg because YT doesn't allow for links. Delete this blank and there you go!
  • VOCALOID Song Downloads [54] -News- I have new internet now so I just can upload 5 GB per month.... that means less videos D; added songs: Dive into Blue (SF-A2Miki) Undying Love (SFA2Miki) Scene Zero (Hatsune Miku) One Love(Kaito) Scissorhands (Hatsune Miku) A thousand-year Solo (Kaito) VOCALOID Folder:
  • Christmas 2010 Special: MMBN6: Cybeast Falzar - Timaeus Patch v21.1! Hey, guys! Merry Christmas! Here's the latest patch to celebrate! =D - Remastered the new title screen! So much better. =D - Changed DustCross's chargeshot from AuraHead to PanelShot! - Fixed KillerMan's AI so that he doesn't freeze battles anymore. Turns out I pasted his faster AI one byte off. - Changed the NaviCust Megaman sprite to Timaeus(I finally found the right offset for that)! - Added a new drums instrument. - Added a new song: BN2 Gospel Battle, battle hacking value is 26. Imported WITHOUT Sappy! =D - Added a new song: MMZ3 Omega Zero Battle, battle hacking value is 27. Imported WITHOUT Sappy! =D - Added a new song: Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland King DeDeDe Battle, battle hacking value is 28. Imported WITHOUT Sappy! =D - Added a new song: MMBN2 Hero Theme, battle hacking value is 29. Imported WITHOUT Sappy! =D - Changed the Crisis Theme to BN1's Crisis Theme! - Changed the palette of the start menu screens! - Changed the palette of the folder screens! - Improved the AI's of the link navis! - Improved the AI's of Colonel and Protoman! - Changed the REWARD DATA for DeathBlade MX and GX! - Changed the REWARD DATA for JackCorvus MX and GX! - Changed the REWARD DATA for Timaeus MX and GX! - Changed the REWARD DATA for ProtoMan FZ and DX! - Changed the REWARD DATA for DarkMega V1, EX, SP, MX, and GX! - Changed the REWARD DATA for FBeast V1, EX, SP, RV, and MX! - Changed the REWARD DATA for Bass BX, DX, and XX! - Changed the Compressed and Uncompressed sizes of ...
  • Super Marisa World - Yukari Yakumo 100SS Oh my god... I can't believe I pulled this off. Anyway, here is a 100SS replay of me completing the Yukari Yakumo stage and battle while collecting all 100 stars, and not dying in the process. This is an absolutely brutal battle to pull off. First, being able to collect all 100 stars in the stage portion reliably took me over an hour. Just beating the battle took me another 2 hours, and then figuring out how to dodge the imitation of danmaku bounded field, as well as doing the first part of the battle with enough hits to spare, took at least another 6 hours. I'd added some annotations. They were made in HD mode, but they should look fine if you're not watching in HD.
  • England vs Ireland Highlights World Cup 2011.mp4 Kevin O'Brien stunned England with the fastest hundred in World Cup history as Ireland secured their greatest victory with a monumental three-wicket triumph in Bangalore. O'Brien clubbed a magnificent 113 off 63 deliveries as Ireland earned the highest World Cup run-chase with four balls to spare. After he'd added a match-changing 162 with Alex Cusack, John Mooney joined him to play the innings of his life and help write another famous chapter in Irish sport.
  • The songs I immediately wish I'd added to my top 50 list lot's of em. Whoops, Sweet Jane wasn't on The VU & Nico ... human error
  • Food Storage Country Cream Milk Country Cream Real Instant Non-Fat Powdered Milk is 100% milk with Vitamins A & D added. This milk will store for up to 20 years in the sealed #10 can if stored in a cool, dry place. This milk mixes up easily with a spoon, in hot or COLD water. This powdered milk is perfect for long-term food storage. This milk tastes like fresh milk because it is real milk processed under low heat with no additives and is very finely powdered.
  • Celest's 24/02/07 gathering video This is a video done specially for Celest n her fans for the 24/02/07 Celest's Xiao Xiao Xing Fu Gathering! Plz note that this is not the video that was shown that day. This is another extended version of it, it is becoz there's some problems with the 1st 1 n I'm not very happy abt it. So I'd added more clips in the "something Celestial" section! Hope u all will enjoy it! *Under Music* Shu Yu Ji Zi 17 Dec 2001 Celest Zhang Yu Hua 20 Dec 2002 Xue Hua Piao 10 Dec 2004 Xiao Xiao Xing Fu 8 Dec 2006 *Under Films* Ru He Dui Ni Shuo 2001 Hua Tian Xi Shi 2001 Feel 100% & Feel 100% 2 2002 Tian Lun 2003 Sheng Kong Gao Fei 2004 Xiao Yu Er Yu Hua Wu Que 2004 Ling Lou 2004 Ai Shang Xiao Nan Ren 2006 *Background Songs* Ru Guo Mei Ni Xiao Xiao Xing Fu Sheng Dan Jie More Of Me *Jingwen on the bottom right hand side is to protect the video rights* Special thanks to Helen, Zhuan, Dolphin & Adeline!
  • Legend of Link-Recut Trailer (Epic Version) This is a recut (IE, taking a movie and making a trailer for it in a way that presents it differently then it actually is) of the popular Zelda Fan Movie, "Legend of Link", a parody by Obsession Studios. I decided to make the movie look like an epic movie. I think it would be better if I'd added some sound effects, but for some reason WMM is acting up again and I can't even hear them wen I add them. I need a new editing software. ONCE AGAIN, THIS MOVIE IS ACTUALLY A COMEDY. Music used: "Spirit's Sadness"-Twilight Princess Soundtrack "Sforzend's Great War" -Violinist of Hamelin Soundtrack "Temple of Time" -From Newgrounds audio I'm considering making another one of these soon, a Horror version. :D Please visit our website at:
  • Reaction of a BAD report card This are some of the things that ASIAN parents react, when we get bad grades. & there are consequences. *2.22.11--I'd added annotations to cover my PE shorts, b/c I don't want anyone knowing where I live. (I know some people made guesses before, but still--just for safety) Julie as Cassie Lan as the Mom enjoy(:
  • Rocketeer - Far East Movement Piano Duet One of Grace's favorite songs recently, so we decided to create a piano arrangement from the chords Em CG D. Added a bit of ukulele just because! We would've used a guitar but one of the strings on Grace's broke :/ Isn't the San Francisco night pretty? Rate, comment, subscribe! :]
  • Omerta Lamb of God Cover. A really old song. Probably actually the first song I could play start to finish, or thought I could :D Added extra pinch harmonics to make it more fun to play... Haven't played log in a long time so it is a little off time but w/e it's all for fun. Pod x3 live Seymour duncan blackout pickups.
  • The Simple Past: Part 1, Forming the Simple Past Forming the Simple Past, sometimes called the Preterite tense, is really pretty easy at least for regular verbs. Take the subject, follow it with the verb ending in ed and there you have it. And, to make it easier, the Simple Past form is invariable that means it doesnt change no matter what subject you use. A couple of things to watch out for: Verbs ending in a consonant + y, like cry and try: drop the y and add ied. Verbs ending in e like receive only need to have the d added received. For the irregular verbs in English it is a bit more difficult and you will need to learn most of the most often used ones. There is a full list of irregular verbs with their past form on english4. In Part 2 we will look at making the Interrogative and Negative of the Simple Past and then in Part 3 we will look at WHEN we use the Simple Past.
  • Work-out with Parizad Kolah Anchor Parizad Kohla was 53 kgs before she got pregnant, by the time she delivered she'd added 20 more kgs to her frame.
  • VOCALOID Song Downloads [57] -News- YEAH! A new Vocaloid came out 2 days ago!!! Her name is Lily just search for her in google ^-^ I like her but why is she yellow like rin and len D; added Songs: Orphan (Kagamine Len) Hide and Seek (Kagamine Len) Madden Sky (Kagamine Rin) Bullet for Prisoner (Megurine Luka) Hateful Wonderland (Hatsune Miku) Starduster (Hatsune Miku) VOCALOID Folder:
  • Balto - Would It Matter I was playing this one in my head for practically a full day before actually getting to assemble & upload it. I've a soft spot for the older animated flicks to begin with, but Balto is by far my favorite. Ever. So despite the wealth of Balto AMVs already out there, the muse simply would not be satisfied until I'd added this contribution to the pile. And to answer the song directly - Yes, of course it matters. :) Music © Skillet Balto © Universal Pictures
  • FTSK ft. Selena Gomez - Whoa Oh - Full (HQ) Starts after 5 seconds. Full song of Whoa Oh (Me vs. Everyone) By FTSK with Selena Gomez. I do NOT own this song. I only made the picture.... :) I like the song but, that's just my opinion. Everyones different. Support FTSK and Selena by buying this on iTunes! Comment, Rate :D ADDED LYRICS: I candy-coat and cover everything but I'm still hiding underneath It's been a long time, It's been a long time A thousand faces looking up at me hands all pointing to the ceiling Oh what a feeling I've got friends in highly low places I'm standing on post, and I'm posted up cant afford to lose them I've got friends and highly low places I'll go inside when I wanna party Grab a girl and dance (don't touch me) Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all, whoa Girl, who taught you how to move like that? (you did) at this pace you're at you're at you're going way too fast (hah) I, I saw you from across the room It's me vs. every guy It's your choice, you choose I've got friends in highly low places it's been a long time it's been a long time and maybe baby you can rise above the rest to meet me Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all, (i can ...
  • Freaking Awesome Vids (Part six) Scary... Un-natural... Milk... Vitamin D Added... OMG BEHIND YOU!!!!
  • YGTV FOLGE 85: Trade binder + wantzzz von markus jo meine wantz sind hamster rykos dandy lions einzelfeuerblüte tytannial dad ded jd lightsworns synchros naturia cherys scrap twin dragon glow up bulb tuning solemn warning solem judgement pot of duality scr pot of averice holo mst super und ur stapels holo chamion und turbo pack holos caius
  • MMV: Five Days *EDIT:* OMG i just realized that there is a mistake in the video T--T daaaaam T----T so sorrryyyyy T----T Another mmv made for DaKimmiej's mmv contest x3. Five Days by Patrick Nuo. Hope you like :D Added a rarfile so you could download the song: or try this new link: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This video is created for entertainment purposes only. All images are copyrighted to Nexon. All audio and third party content in this video belong to the respected owners unless otherwise stated.
  • Miho's Mabi Life The people mentioned at the end were those who I thought were worthy enough to call a friend. Those who weren't mentioned were either forgotten, we're fighting, or some other random reason? :D Added list; Teppi Meiri Kinamori Remy Hellsyng If the video goes by too fast just pause it! = __ = I know I got bored out of my mind watching it go by slowly.

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