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  • Great Dad provides advice for dad - new, divorced, stay at home dads and single dads on parenting, pregnancy care, adoption, child care, bringing up kids and ***s. Join the community of dads for exchanging fathering info and newsletter. — “”,
  • A GRIEVING woman has told how she missed saying goodbye to her dying dad after she was carjacked. Sarah Jane Field was leaving work to see her father in his care home when the thief struck. — “Carjacked woman lost out on saying farewell to her dying”,
  • Christian focused commercial site, using sports metaphors and star athletes as role models for fathering network. Family First, All Pro Dad, iMOM, and Family Minute with Mark Merrill are registered trademarks. — “All Pro Dad”,
  • A 'Dad' does not always have to be a child's biological father. DI Dad - social/legal father of children produced via Donor Insemination (where a donor's sperm were used to impregnate the DI Dad's spouse). — “Father - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 10:19 Add to Added to queue De Pere After Dark (DAD) - Episode 1by DePereAfterDark151 views 1:30 Add to Added to queue Ms. Brace Segment from DAD Episode 1by DePereAfterDark12 views. — “YouTube - De Pere After Dark (DAD) - Episode 3”,
  • "My dad's one of the best fishermen around," says Track. "My dad's one of the best fishermen around," says Track. " I got big shoes to fill." The family also gets to see their cousin Matthew, a boy with Downs Syndrome who gives Sarah a lot of hope about her own son Trig. "Sarah Palin's. — “'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Track wants to captain his dad's boat”, blog.zap2
  • Abhishek Bachchan denies he was asked to take on his dad's iconic role in the remake of Agneepath. — “Bollywood - News - Bachchan 'wasn't asked to do dad's role”,
  • Find RICH DAD POOR DAD SERIES OF 4 BOOKS (INVESTING,FINANCE) in the Books, Magazines, Nonfiction Books category on eBay Australia. — “RICH DAD POOR DAD SERIES OF 4 BOOKS (INVESTING,FINANCE) (eBay”, .au
  • Oh baby: Dad-to-be after surviving testicular cancer TWICE - A CANCER survivor is to become a dad after his sperm was stored 16 years ago when he was first diagnosed with the disease. — “Oh baby: Dad-to-be after surviving testicular cancer TWICE”,
  • World news: Daughter claims rapist dad fathered her ten children - An Argentine woman has accused her father of ***ually abusing her for 30 years and having 10 children with her, including one who killed himself after learning the truth about. — “World news: Daughter claims rapist dad fathered her ten”,
  • Woman accuses dad of 30 years of *** abuse. She says the man, who's being held in an Argentine woman says her dad fathered her 10 children. DNA tests reported this week. — “Argentine woman says her dad fathered her 10 children | World”,
  • The Rich Dad mission is one of education and empowerment. Knowledge is, indeed, power and Rich Dad is committed to improving the awareness of and opportunities for improved financial literacy for adults and children around the world. — “”,
  • Read about the My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad TV show and game show featuring the plot and synopsis of the comedy game show. A brief introduction to the My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad TV show and comedy game show with host Dennis Miller. — “My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad - TV Show Plot & Synopsis”,
  • It's commonplace for young boys to dream of cars – for many, their first love sits on four wheels and drinks gas. For Blake Williams, it's almost been mandatory. "My dad raced, so I grew up around race cars," the 15-year-old from West Valley High explained. — “Dad's career puts son on similar track - - Nov”,
  • Theirs was a complex relationship. But as the son of the late humorist Alan Coren is about to have his first child, the truth is dawning: he's becoming a carbon copy of his dad. — “Giles Coren: 'Oh my God, I'm turning into my father' | Mail”,
  • SPRINGFIELD – A father and son were both arrested on Thanksgiving Day after a fight and booked at the Clark County Jail. Thanksgiving fray leads to charges against dad, son. — “Thanksgiving fray leads to charges against dad, son”,
  • Dad Daily is the only social network exclusively for dads. — “Dad Daily - The bond of fatherhood”,
  • Dad held in rape rampage. Friday, November 26, 2010. A 62-year-old man has been arrested and charged with raping his daughter over more than 30 years in Argentina. He fathered 10 children with her, in a case "even worse" than that of Austria's Josef Fritzl in 2008, a judge said. — “Dad held in rape rampage - The Standard”, .hk
  • Baked from original recipes. Varieties include Scotch oatmeal, chocolate chip, and peanut butter. Dad's Cookies are available by the pound or in handy gift boxes for yourself or to share with someone special. — “Dad's Cookie Company”,
  • Dad (1989) 117 min - Drama | Comedy - 27 October 1989 (USA) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.9/10 X. Users: 5.9/10 (2,262 votes) 29 reviews | Critics: 10 reviews. A busy, "always-on-the-run" executive learns during a meeting that his mother may be dying and rushes home to her side. — “Dad (1989) - IMDb”,
  • Dear Amy: My daughter "Nancy's" biological father abandoned her (along with her mom) when she was a toddler. When I was 13, they divorced, and my siblings and I spent a lot of time at dad's house. — “Ask Amy: Let daughter decide on dad | Life | Idaho Statesman”,
  • Rice had 19 points and 11 rebounds to lead Georgia Tech to a 71-61 win over UTEP on Friday night in the semifinals of the Legends Classic. Rice's thunderous dunk early in the second half helped put Georgia Tech ahead and his dad stood in. — “Georgia Tech tops UTEP 71-61 in Legends semis - NewsTimes”,

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  • COTM - Dad Life HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I am a tad late but not late enough to put this up! :P I have no affiliation with this video, other than it is a friend's group of friends. LEAVE A COMMENT! (Lyrics) Ha ha This is dad life It's how we live 24/7, 365 Check me Gas station glasses Don't care what the masses Think about me wit my sweet goatee I'm rockin' my Dockers With a cuff and a crease I got that St. John's Bay And a clip for my piece I look nice I got dozens of dollars And that's right It goes straight to my daughters and my wife I'm a miracle dad Makin' magic with the checkbook is a talent I have I roll hard in the yard With a 60-inch cut Zero turn radius My neighbors say what? They be drivin' by Peepin' my landscape Yo, these greens got nothin' on my manscape Hydrangeas (what), Begonias (naw) Crape Myrtle (tight), ornamental turtle! Hold up Is that a weed in my fescue? Aw naw, Round Up to the rescue It's the dad life, it's the dad life Take my daughty to the party, it's the dad life (bringin' home the bacon) It's the dad life, it's the dad life Shootin' vids of the kids, it's the dad life Roll up to the splash pad, 10 AM My whole entourage Hops out the minivan We splishy splashy for an hour or two Then it's back to the house Preppin' for the barbeque Brats, dogs, rack of ribs, whateva (tight) Get me on the Weber Man, nobody does it betta Call me lord of the grill I'm king of the coals Nana's secret recipe, you know how I roll 1080p, 16x9 I'm rockin' man cave status With a ...
  • DAD - Laugh'n A Half
  • The strongest Dad in the world Can the world strongest Dad
  • Dad STOP Dancing! (Ep. 21) My dad dances like no one's watching, Too bad people will be watching this. KevJumba: CHEDDAR EXPLOSION'S YT Channel: More Explosive Stuff on Nick : /KaboomRoom Music by: Follow me on Twitter: Join my Facebook: Thanks for watching and subscribing to JumbaFund, every view on this video raises money toward charity
  • Asian Dad: B+ Again!? (you die) LOL the good ol' English / B plus joke Thought this joke would be funny in a little skit Hope you enjoy it. PEACE Check these out ! Mychonny wristbands: I CHOP YOU t-shirts: twitter: facebook: TAKE CARE! subscribe if you duh ***y
  • K's Choice - Dad K's Choice with the song Dad
  • DAD RIPS GIRLS ARM OFF! (2/23/10-356) Part 1 You can find almost EVERYTHING we do on our Website! Shay's Twitter http Katilette's Twitter Follow us on Dailybooth
  • Fallout 3 - Dad's Secret Hobby Dad... I am disappoint.
  • KISS DAD'S BEARD! Check out our new shaycarl video! I do all my own stunts. Go check me out on TheStation2 video TRYING to beatbox. TODAYS INTRO BY! OUR WEBSITE Be my Book Facer friend! http Subscribe to my iPhone channel for quick live updates. OUR TWEETS Shay Katilette
  • My Dad is NOT a DILF You girls are gross. BLOOPERS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Other Channel: Website: Music: MOOSE /moosethecoolest David Choi /davidchoimusic James Bond girl voiceover:
  • Darth Vader - The Best Dad In The Galaxy Those Star Wars films give him a really bad press. The truth is, after a long day at the Death Star, Darth Vader loves coming home to his adoring kids. Why do they love their father so much? Because he is the best dad in the galaxy. Here's how Darth Vader does it... To become a fan of VideoJug on Facebook, click here
  • "My Dad" - Paul Petersen from The Donna Reed Show... I always liked the song, and even if nobody cares, I've still uploaded it!
  • Dad's home!!! Watch it!
  • DAD - Monster Philosophy The new single from DAD - Monster Philosophy Lyrics: Harmony Is a bit of you And a lot of me Tranquility When rule number one Is how I feel A warm embrace With instincts set On human prey I've overdosed on peace What I wanna hear Is honesty Underneath the rules of liberty You've got a monster philosophy YOU'VE GOT A MONSTER PHILOSOPHY A fountain of life The ticking bomb Of a reptile mind A mutual trust A face on fire With brutal lust The allknowing heart I'd rather be lucky Than wise and smart A mystery The monster is barking Up the wrong tree
  • That's What Dad's are For! Let Dad know how special he is with this adorable Father's Day song. This will touch the heart of even the roughtest and toughest Dad.
  • Your Dad Asks iPhone Questions: SuperNews! Darren's dad just doesn't understand technology. Watch more SuperNews! VIEW more SuperNews! clips & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here...
  • Stay At Home Dad A song by Jon Lajoie.
  • Dad, Thanks For Not Pulling Out! (A Father's Day Tribute) A musical tribute to dads who went all the way!
  • DAD - Sleeping my day away lyrics Mumbling goodmorning & raising my head A bad breath kiss to my pillow pet I take a look at the day turns & stay in bed Open my eyes when the day have died I turned the world and I slept allright Now my daymare is over I zip my jeans tight Oh lord won't you bless this night... From the pale lips of a youth who lay I'm sleeping my day away And when the night comes to the city I say: I'm sleeping my day away Yeah! With my pale lips in the pillow I say: I'm sleeping my day away After dark is the game I play I'm sleeping my day away I'm sleeping my day away When my dreams begin I'd be proud to be letting you in With a smile on my face I guide our dreamboat in So if you wanna travel along with me You better sleep tight the rest of the day You see I could be a sleeper it's not rest I lack 'Coz I hit the sack when the suns coming back From the pale lips of a youth who lay I'm sleeping my day away And when the night comes to the city I say: I'm sleeping my day away Yeah! With my pale lips in the pillow I say: I'm sleeping my day away That after dark - is the game I play I'm sleeping my day, I'm sleeping my day, I'm sleeping my day I'm sleeping my day away I'm sleeping my day away Yeah! Now I've turned the world around yeah! I did it again I'm sleeping my day away And now I have to wear my shades down sleepers lane I'm sleeping my day away Yeah! All the good people have gone to bed again I'm sleeping my day away 'Coz the devil's at work inside my brain I'm sleeping my day away I'm ...
  • Fred's Dad Returns Before WWE champ John Cena stole the role for the Nick movie, Nalts played Fred's dad in this vintage video. Fred (/fred) is a 6-year-old with anger-management issues, and lives with his mama. In this episode, Fred's father escapes from prison to return to his son. No bashin' Fred here, folks. He annoyed me too until I watched him with my kids and nephew, and saw them crack up. Now it's a guilty pleasure watching the series. Oh- I didn't get invited to be his papa. I just felt like it when I saw a jailbird costume at the Halloween store yesterday. You know those fake leg balls don't stay on very easily. kevsmellmyfart
  • I Love My Dad Turns out my dad's even funnier than I am, haha. I've never had this much fun making a video. Thanks for the great questions/suggestions to ask my dad! I also want to thank OM Records for some of the songs used Come One Come All - Zeph & Azeem Trains & Planes - Zion I
  • My Dad is Asian My dad loves being in my videos, I decided to make a little show for him. *Yes, I know this videos different from what you're used to. Don't worry you will see all types of videos from me in the future, doesn't hurt to try something new right? Website: My Second Channel Tweet: Add me on facebook: Thanks to: Derrick Lee for the intro and transitions David Choi for the Music
  • Dad at Comedy Barn This is my father. Yes, that is his real laugh. Enjoy :) Get my father's iPhone APP to continue laughing:
  • American Dad - Psycho Kitty Steve's abusive relationship with an injured cat continues. S4:Ep4.
  • DAD PUNCHES KID! MY PANTS BAR! SHIRTS AND HATS ARE FINALLY HERE! Here's the link to the movie premiere that we all went to. OUR WEBSITE Be my Book Facer friend! http Subscribe to my iPhone channel for quick live updates. OUR TWEETS Shay Katilette
  • DAD Everything Glows From the album "everything glows"
  • Frat Boy Dad See the newest exclusive CHTV videos at Our videos premiere there first and in widescreen. Watch the original and view credits at Subscribe to CHTV's free iTunes video podcast, and join CollegeHumor's Facebook fan page.
  • Titus:Dad is Dead Titus Pilot
  • 13 Year-Old Dad. Go Buy Your FLuffee Talks Merchandise NOW! Update: I'm not going to be making anymore shirts because the ones I made have not sold enough, so don't worry about shirt ideas anymore. I'm sure by now most of you have heard about this 13 year-old dad from somewhere or another but I couldn't help myself I had to talk about it. Enjoy. Read the story at: Sister: Hoodie:
  • Ky-Mani Marley - Dear Dad
  • Who's Your Daddy? - START HERE! Hey Orphans! Father's Day got you down? Well no need to fret, because now there is the INTERACTIVE DAD! Now you can play fun games, get great advice and know someone will always love you (sorta). SUBSCRIBE: WEBSITE: TWITTER Starring Billy St.John Makeup Jana Winternitz Cinematography Dave Eaton Writer/Director Michael Gallagher © 2009 Totally Sketch, All Rights Reserved.
  • School Bus Bullies Confronted By Dad New TYT Network channels: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews
  • I'm Watching You Dad - For All Parents If you are a parent this is for you. Happy father's day!!
  • DAD - Sleeping my day away
  • Psycho dad and psycho mom All of psycho dad and psycho mom
  • World's Greatest Dad - Official Trailer [HD] Release Date: 21 August 2009 Genre: Comedy Cast: Robin Williams, Constance Best, Breighana Campion, Alexie Gilmore Director: Bobcat Goldthwait Writer: Bobcat Goldthwait Studio: Magnolia Plot: A comedy about a man who learns that the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy, and that being lonely is not necessarily the same as being alone.
  • Dad's At Work Dad's At Work Here's the sequel to Dad's home, very funny. I did not make this animation and am not taking credit for it.
  • American Dad - Injured Kitty Steve tries to help an injured cat and pays the price. S4:Ep4.
  • al bundy - psycho dad first appearance of psycho dad on married with children
  • Five-year-old's 911 call saves dad's life (Audio only) Han*** County - It took a five-year-old girl to save her father's life. She talked to 911 dispatchers when she thought her father was having a heart attack. About 9:30 Monday night, Han*** county dispatcher Jason Bonham got a call. At first, he couldn't understand the person who was on the line. A man was in distress and unable to speak. "You could hear the father hear a little bit where he said tell 'em or take it," said Bonham. That's when Savannah, the man's five-year-old daughter, picked up the phone. "My dad can't hardly breathe," she told Bonham. The call to 911 came from a cell phone, so dispatchers didn't automatically have an address. With her father's help, the little voice clearly repeated their street address, and with time of the essence, gave dispatchers all the information they needed. "Is your Daddy still awake?" "Yeah." "Most people when you talk to them, they're hysterical," said Bonham. Her calm was not nearly as surprising as her tender age. "How old are you?" "I'm five years old." "Every time I've listened to it it's amazing. She's just a little person," said Bonham. For nearly ten minutes she stayed on the line, handling a scary situation with courage and grace. "He looks like he's real shaky," Savannah said. "You're doing a good job, all right, Savannah? They should be there in a few minutes." "How many minutes?" "Okay, you have to stay awake they'll be here in a couple minutes." "It's okay, Dad." "We were able to get 'em there versus four to five ...

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