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  • Dactylics. End. Iambics – de DAH. A line of iambic pentameter, read straight, "sing-song", split (to highlight Dactylics "Thou on whose stream like the steep sky's commotion." A line from Shelley's poem treated in various ways to stress. — “Meter and rhythm Iambics Trochaics”,
  • Tactylics profile page with biographies, interviews, and Tactylics album reviews. Be recommended similar artists like Tactylics A fusion of the words "tactile" and "dactylics", Tactylics is a New York-based, funk-rock band dedicated to making music people can feel--combining. — “Tactylics Profile Page: Biography, Interview and Album Reviews”,
  • Dactylics definition, of, containing, or characterized by dactyls: See more. — “Dactylics | Define Dactylics at ”,
  • Did you mean: dactylic | dactyliology | dactylology | diastolic To make suggestion with your username please Sign in. Don't have a Langtolang ID?. — “dactylics - translate from English to French by Langtolang”,
  • As you might expect, Emily Dickinson's utilization of iambic pentameter and Walt Whitman's use of dactylics, particularly in "Leaves Of Grass" was thoroughly explored. After Whitman wrote "Leaves Of Grass," most of the critics of that day called it "a sort of prose poetry. — “Honored Guest: Bette Wolf Duncan ”,
  • Dac·tyl·ic a. (d ă k*t ĭ l' ĭ k) [L. dactylicus , Gr. daktyliko`s, fr A line consisting chiefly or wholly of dactyls; as, these lines are dactylics. — “dactylic: Information from ”,
  • Download Digitalcamera royalty free stock photos and Digitalcamera vector art from Bigstock™. Search from over 5,400,000 affordable high quality stock photos and vector illustrations. Did you mean: Guadalajara dactylics dactylic. — “Digitalcamera Stock Photos & Vector Art : Bigstock™ - Royalty”,
  • /76052060 /whiteskies how dreadful it is to love and not be loved in return. torturous is the only thought leaking from my breath, a long drawn out uttering, slippery and rough, fumbling its way from my throat. — “all that's left”,
  • Henry Kirk White's Poem: The Prostitute. Read online DACTYLICS. Woman of weeping eye, ah! for thy wretched lot, Putting on smiles to lure the lewd passenger, Smiling while anguish gnaws at thy heavy heart; Sad is thy chance, thou daughter of misery, Vice and disease are wearing thee fast away,. — “Henry Kirk White's Poem: The Prostitute”,
  • A web site devoted to reading, ***yzing, and discussing the best in classic and contemporary poetry. Dactylics. Dialogue. Double Sestina. Double Villanelle. Dramatic Poem. Elegy. Heroic Couplets. Heroic Sestets. Heroic Stanzas. Horatian Ode. Hymn. Italian Sonnet. Limerick. Long Hymnal Measure. Ode. — “Poetry X " Poetry Archives " Poem Genres”,
  • Official homepage of the Yakinthia Festival of Music, Art, Theater and Film in Anogia, Crete, Greece, every year in July The Kourites, the Idaeic Dactylics, Amalthia, the Bees, Nymphs und Demons, good and bad ghosts, Minos,. — “Festivals in Greece, Yakinthia Festival 2001 in Anogia, Crete”,
  • The Infoplease spelling checker combines spelling help with our dictionary and thesaurus dactylics. dogleg's. disobliges. doglegs. tableaux. Related Content. Daily Word Quiz: turgid. ***ogy of the Day: Today's ***ogy. — “Suggestions for spelling of d%2525C3%2525A9boul%2525C3%2525A9s”,
  • dactylics. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 15 October 2010, at 17:01. Text is available under the. — “dactylics - Wiktionary”,
  • We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word dactylics: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "dactylics" is defined. — “Definitions of dactylics - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • As is the case with dactylics in epic meter, dactylics in an elegiac couplet may be using only five elements : dactylics, trochaics, extrametricality, catalexis, and quantity. — “The Phonology of Greek Lyric Meter”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. It can be done, but speaking in dactylics, did he mean white?. — “His blacksmith shop was as big as all outdoors / The”,
  • In the history of versification did anyone ever juggle so wildly well with iambics, sapphics, dactylics, anapestics, and all the rest? He fabricated verses most ingeniously, most enthusiastically. His virtuosity is amazing. Almost every line he. — “Ausonius quote-In the history of versification did anyone”,
  • with Wat Tyler), the much ridiculed, and, no doubt, wrongly constructed, sapphics and dactylics, which reflect the same temper. Southey s sentimentalism and his halting accentual sapphics and dactylics were mercilessly imitated and surpassed. — “Search Results for "dactylics"”,
  • The opening words of the hymn for Matins of Corpus Christi and of the Votive Office of the Most Blessed Sacrament, composed by St. Thomas Aquinas The first words suggest by the tonic accents English dactylics:. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Sacris Solemniis”,
  • Tactylics, Bobby will be in Danbury, CT at Hat City Ale House. Ages: 21+ . A fusion of the words "tactile" and "dactylics", Tactylic A fusion of the words "tactile" and "dactylics", Tactylics is a New York-based, funk-rock band dedicated to making music people can feel--combining. — “Tactylics Danbury - Tactylics at Hat City Ale House | Eventful”,
  • dactor. Dactyl. Dactyl Backjack. dactylics. dactylolalia. Dacula. Da***o. dacus. dacuteness dactylics isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their email:. — “Urban Dictionary: dactylics”,

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